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Posted in: Calling the coronavirus the 'Chinese virus' connects label with bias See in context

https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/immunology-and-microbiology/sapporo-virus ?

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Posted in: 'A good day': Trump claims victory with Mueller report out See in context

So now that we know the Russians didn't interfere with the election the real investigations into the American (Obama) interference in the election begins. Watch for the Panic. Grab some popQorn. Guantanamo!

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Posted in: U.S. House panel chairman gives IRS April 23 deadline on Trump taxes See in context

Has the IRS found anything wrong with them? Those about to be found guilty of treason are desperate to find anything on Trump. Pain begins. Prison. The cabal are coup coup!

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Posted in: Democrats to prepare subpoenas for full Mueller report See in context

Flog that dead horse!

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Posted in: DOJ: Trump campaign did not coordinate with Russia in 2016 See in context

Tables have turned. Now to investigate Treasonous acts. Pain begins! Jail!!

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Posted in: Youth strike for climate change movement reaches Japan See in context

I saw a glacier in Switzerland in the 70's. Saw it again in the 90's. It has been melting since the end of the ice age. Don't think people or gassy cows are causing it.

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Posted in: Nissan to cut up to 700 contract workers in Mississippi See in context

Anyone know how KIA and Hundai are doing in Georgia? It seems Korean products are taking over in the States. What gives?

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Posted in: Toyo Tire & Rubber cuts road noise by 75% See in context

On the Autobahn it would make a great difference, but in Japan at 40-60-80Kph it probably won't.

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Posted in: Multi-profile SIM for smartphones and tablets See in context

I thought physical SIMs were something going by the wayside:



"Google added a lot to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but one of its more intriguing upgrades comes from what it's taking away: the need for a SIM card. Both devices still have a nano-SIM slot (contrary to a few rumors), but they also use eSIMs like that on the Apple Watch Series 3. So long as your carrier supports it, you just have to download a virtual SIM during the setup process to activate service. Needless to say, that's a welcome change if you're tired of the usual SIM swapping ritual needed for upgrading handsets."

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Posted in: Clean money See in context

Is there a ratio between how much is washed and the amount of prosperity ?

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Posted in: Japanese status choice among dual nationality holders surges in FY2016 See in context

If you want your dual citizens to stay in Japan then let them stay dual citizens. Isn't the population decreasing ?

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Posted in: Governor tells U.S. envoy bases are 'discrimination' against Okinawa See in context

I wonder if the Ryukyu islands would have been better off the way they were before the handover in 1972. They could be just like Guam and driving on same side as in the U.S. and no whining. Russia kept their Islands...

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Posted in: N Korean soldier, shot and wounded, defects to South See in context

"In front of them all" Good going!

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Posted in: Industry group OKs Tsukiji fish market relocation in Oct 2018 See in context

amid concerns about toxic chemicals at the new site, including benzene up to 100 times the government-set limit detected in groundwater

So suddenly it's all okay now ?...

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Posted in: A century after revolution, some Russians crave return of tsar See in context

Don't the North Koreans have something like this already?

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Posted in: Not at home? Amazon wants to come in and drop off packages See in context

They should come up with an unmovable container which could be large enough to hold reasonably sized packages for every household with outside access and cameras. Then they could use Amazon Key without having to enter one's home. The container could be placed right outside the residence or built into a wall with inside access as well.

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Posted in: Japanese girl says school forced her to dye hair black; sues Osaka gov't See in context

My daughter had to do the same thing. They should have revolted and shaved their heads!

I guess if their eyes aren't dark brown and it were practical they would force them to wear brown contact lenses as well.

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Posted in: Armed forces to be deployed to key sites in Britain after Manchester suicide bombing See in context

Makes one wonder why progressives are against Trump for wanting to vet immigrants and refugees from terror prone regions.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce English road signs ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Why not use the international signs? How fast is "slow"? In Germany 80kph is slow!

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Posted in: Executive order that incarcerated Japanese Americans is 75 See in context

American Japanese were never terrorists. Immigrants from terrorist prone regions should be carefully vetted.

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Posted in: TEPCO delays removal of spent fuel from Fukushima reactor See in context

Send in the drones. There should be many types which can be useful. Would a real hero be someone who is already dying of cancer or something who could go in there for a time?

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Posted in: U.S. tax season begins for Americans and Green Card holders See in context

It would be great if they would switch to a flat tax and abolish most of the IRS.

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Posted in: Koike seeks to reduce crowding on trains during rush hour See in context

More cars would make the trains to long for the stations but you could have double deckers.

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Posted in: Keep secret documents confidential with Security Post See in context

Be sure to sign important papers with the security of a hanko too..

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Posted in: Woman arrested on suspicion of killing 2-month-old daughter See in context

Millennials lack patience.

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Posted in: 26 N Koreans rescued as cargo ship sinks off Japan See in context

Please give them a tour of Seoul before letting them decide to return to paradise.

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Posted in: Climate change film 'An Inconvenient Truth' gets a sequel See in context

It is a delusion. It is what the globalist use to divert funds from and control over the sheep.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji climbing season opens; free Wi-Fi available See in context

Overseas visitors would find this handy to send selfies to their hometown friends from the views from the top. Not to mention in emergencies. Good move, Japan!

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese hotels and ryokan charge by the person instead of the room? See in context

My family wanted to go to Universal Studios. Hotel and transportation was so expensive - it was cheaper and better to go to Singapore and stay at the Marina Bay Sands hotel (yes, the one with the swimming pool on top) and go to Universal Studios Singapore (and everything is in English) than it was to go and stay in Osaka for a family of four.

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Posted in: New law takes aim at Japan's glut of vacant houses See in context

Why doesn't someone invent a Sell-by-Owner website or is there one?

“After calling on about 10 offices, I finally found one willing to list the house,” he says. “He wanted to list it for 80,000 yen. I don’t know what my father paid to build it, but its total floor area is about 100 tsubo (330 square meters), so it would have been 10 million yen at the very least. And the guy says I’d have to pay to demolish the house as he’s only interested in selling the lot.

and leave out these narrow-minded greedy middlemen!

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