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Posted in: Ex-farm minister Yoshikawa indicted without arrest on bribery charge See in context

Keep digging the swamp is deep here too !

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd state of emergency met with public indifference See in context

The whole thing is a mishandled, bumbled, fumbled, stumbled, mumbled, mishmash of stupidity and dumb ideas by this incompetent govt, from the bottom of the local govt to the head of the national govt and all the twits in between.

No one should have been entering the country unless they were a returning resident, everyone should have been tested on arrival and then mandatory quarantined then tested before release from quarantine.

Any one showing signs of the infection should have been isolated completely.

One year on and those in charge still have no clear idea of how to manage or handle this situation, either that or they are just lying to everyone about this whole damn thing.

So is it all a lie, or is it stupidity ?

Meanwhile businesses, livelihoods, lives, sanity, freedoms , relationships and everything else is being squandered , wasted and crushed by these fools in charge.

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Posted in: Japan's Top League rugby on hold over coronavirus outbreak See in context

and the Olymprics is full steam ahead ...............................................laughable if not so real.

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Posted in: WHO team arrives in Wuhan to search for pandemic origins See in context

Masquerade or is a maskarade ?

Nothing going to be found nothing conclusive that's why they were allowed in.

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Posted in: Twitter chief says Trump ban admits 'dangerous' precedent See in context

Double standards, all those riots by black lives matter and antifa were arranged using twitter facebook and those other social media, but this guy hasnt banned those people or shut down their accounts you can pretty much bet on that.

This guy is just another hypocrite showing his double standards .

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Posted in: Twitter chief says Trump ban admits 'dangerous' precedent See in context

Too much censorship is not good for anyone !

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Posted in: Man arrested after injuring, robbing woman in her 90s See in context


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Posted in: Universal basic income proposal by Suga adviser may be hard sell in Japan See in context

Why 70,000yen , why not 700,000yen and then just make working optional ?

C'mon now why not ? ......................................

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,268 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,790 See in context

Fifty-eight coronavirus-related deaths were reported.

So how do they define coronavirus related deaths ?

Died in a car accident on the way to the shop to buy face masks?

Died from some medical complication?

Died because the disease ate away at their vital organs?

Or reported as died from corona because well,............ it makes great headlines ?

Or how do they determine it was corona that killed them?

Just curious is all and questioning everything.

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Posted in: All people entering Japan must submit negative results to COVID-19 test See in context

The whole handling of this virus situation is a flaming joke !

Travelers from a few nations China included have been coming in ?

Quarantine is not required ?

Arrive at the airport catch a cab to your destination ?

The govt plan has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese, we are expected to believe the govt is handling things correctly or they are taking the p!th ?

Mean while others health , well being and incomes are severely being impacted with no regard for the general public !

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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo prefectures to request state of emergency See in context

Pachinko is fine though, there is no problem or mention of the spead through playing pachinko in a stinky smokey crowded noisey venue, seems the virus does not survive that enviroment long enough to cause any infection in those who frequent those places.

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Posted in: Prioritize athletes for vaccine so Tokyo Games can go ahead: IOC member See in context

Shows you all how much of a joke this whole thing really is doesnt it, the olympics, the govt, the mishnalding of the virus, the media whirl wind surrounding it, is all laughable.

There should be no olympics at this time, they should be postponed and held in 2024 in Tokyo if this virus debacle is ever resolved.

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Posted in: Kirin Brewery head questions restrictions on Tokyo bars, restaurants See in context

I see most of you drinking the cheap stuff then lol

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Posted in: Suga to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures on Thursday night until Feb 7 See in context

So its fine to catch rush hour trains and dine in crowded places before 8pm then?

Its fine to push n shove with the masses in a panic at the local super when they all panic buying bog roll and bottled water and ramen noodles. Its fine to carry on all other things amongst the seething masses in this country while the govts are using this virus to slowly take away your basic human rights.

Line up in a orderly fashion and present your arm for the vaccine maxine.....................

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Posted in: 78-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, crashes into car, killing driver See in context

Leave the old guys alone !

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Posted in: Kirin Brewery head questions restrictions on Tokyo bars, restaurants See in context

Kirin, ha, that explains it, now Asahi on the other hand is going down real good.

Number 1 in this country ASAHI Super Dry while this Kirin sticking its neck out with silly statements.

Shut down the schools and universities they been spreading the virus

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 1,591 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,001 See in context

Young people are the problem lol, notice its the old folks who are not seeming to be getting it, yet 6 months ago it was the old folks.

Shut down the schools the universities and the offices open the pension office and the old folks homes............

of course its all upside down and back wards, the world is these days.

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Posted in: Suga to make decision on state of emergency on Thursday See in context

This virus is very very selective in who it chooses to infect, it doesnt seem to go for children or uni students or those who teach them or come in contact with them, or people travelling by trains to and from work, but it will most likely severely infect those who seek to eat or drink out in the evening, those who want to spend their leisure enjoying them selves , partaking in sports except olympic things, and it will severely be spread during weekend activities and other out of work events.

So go to work , work hard,, lead a dull life with no social gathering or enjoyment and no having any happy feelings while going about your mundane life. The virus is lurking and waiting to pounce.

Listen to your govt they are here to protect and serve you and they would never ever lie or do injustice to you.

Submit and comply, please line up for the vaccine in a orderly manner, no pushing and shoving.

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Posted in: Lewis Hamilton knighted in UK honors list See in context

I thought he hated the system, nothing but a hypocrite !

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Posted in: Chinese court jails 10 Hong Kong democracy activists for up to three years See in context

Sad to bare witness to the oppression in this Modern age, why do these people in this day n age still want to oppress and condemn freedom, expression and the right to democracy ?

Back Taiwan to the hilt it is the last bastian , once that falls next will be every other asian nation the CCP will not stop until it is stopped !!!

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Posted in: Abe apologizes in Diet; corrects statements on funding scandal See in context

D I S G U S T I N G !!

The table cloths are absolutely terrible too!!

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Posted in: 273 teachers in Japan punished in fiscal 2019 for sexual misconduct See in context

Teachers ...they in a class of their own arn't they.

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Posted in: Defense budget rises with funding for stealth fighters, long-range missiles See in context

Japan should have been preparing for war with the CCP 5 years ago not now, NOw is too late, Japan should have already been militarily strong enough so the CCP understood it could not tackle that dog and behaved, but now CCP thinks Japan and its neighbours are easy target and so they push n bully and intimidate, its well past the time that they were shown some force and sat back down and told to shut up or they be getting a beating,

The more Japan arms up the sooner japan arms up and the bigger japan arms up the better show some guts and heart and stand up to the bully confront bluster with a full magazine cocked and loaded aimed directly at the trouble makers forehead,.

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Posted in: Gov't to pull out of ¥60 bil wind power project off Fukushima See in context

Doesn't work does it ?

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Posted in: Cooper Hewitt museum acquires two emoji that symbolize inclusion See in context

So no bad ass, no drunk, no one with long hair, no one with leather jacket, no punk rocker, no rasta, no shaved head, no tattoo, its not inclusive its exclusive just like society , unless you think act and behave the way they want then youre an outsider. You are excluded !! Its B.S.

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Posted in: Lockheed Martin to help Japan build stealth fighter See in context

Good, and every other company with a brain should be backing anyone who understands the threat china is to world freedoms and development. Iif you you support the CCP time to stop, if you continue to buy china time to stop.

When they stop threatening and bullying the region then they can sit down and re negotiate the terms of their involvement in the world until then hard line with them and support any one who opposes their oppression and bullying, well done Lockheed Martin, anyone else going to step up ?

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Posted in: Councilwoman says her ouster shows gender bias in politics See in context

Mari Miura, a Sofia University professor of women's studies, said it so

And John Dow a professor of MENS studies said its not so !

Is there even such a thing as mens studies in university, or would that be showing too much bias and manliness.

She says she was raped he says they didnt even have sex , she needs to prove her case if she can not then she needs to deal with that fact .

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Posted in: Cram school teacher arrested for attempting to film up student’s skirt during class See in context

Another teacher creep, they are in a class of their own arn't they !

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Posted in: Tokyo raises healthcare alert to highest level after virus cases soar to 822 See in context

New set of work jackets wit green shoulders will work, , why not waste billions on those stupid thing, just liek the 2011 disaster , everyone had to have a jacket to show they were taking part in it and were on the team.

But lets not use the wasted money in doing something actually constructive lets just by new jackets so we look cool, you know like a team..............

pathetic mentality is rampart and out of control thats why nothing ever gets done., they spend 9 months deciding on the color of the team jacket,


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