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Posted in: Japan concerned about lack of transparency in China's defense policy See in context

... What does Japan know about transparency ? makes me laugh - after secrecy law they passed -

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Posted in: Meditation offers slight relief from anxiety See in context

that's brilliant

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Posted in: Assange diplomatic row spreads as he prepares to face media See in context

spot on SimondB !

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Posted in: 'Modest' swimwear back in style in U.S. See in context

... and in fact according to what I recall, God got pissed off at Eve/Adam for trying to 'hide' ? ? Hmmmmm

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Posted in: 'Modest' swimwear back in style in U.S. See in context

I thought Adam and Eve were born naked ?

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Posted in: Clinton designates Afghanistan as major U.S. ally See in context

.. a piece of the 1 to 3 trillion USD market value of natural resources in Afghanistan ? and potential access to rest of Caucasus? sure - why not 'special friend' status ?

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Posted in: Music as a weapon of war See in context

what a wishy-washy ridiculous response. I would have sued the US government for using his music without his permission.

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Posted in: Woodford's Olympus court clash looms in London See in context

..one needs serious amounts of stamina and mojo to continue like this... well well

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Posted in: Lady Gaga warned to tone down Philippine show See in context

manila, home to prostitution and pedophelia complaining of lewdness? and what is so lewd about "...a mechanical horse, wearing a black bodysuit and an enormous black metal headpiece." manila should look into its own immediate back yard before claiming 'lewdness' to others..

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Posted in: Japan rejects N Korean invitation to send observers to rocket launch See in context

...remember all the hoohaa about 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq ? - then what happened ?

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Posted in: Red meat boosts risk of dying young: study See in context

...don't mean to sound so cynical - but is it 'optimal' to think of length of years of living ? as opposed to

quality of years 'living' ?

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Posted in: Serbia snubs Jolie's Balkans war film premiere; only 12 show up See in context

I think it is very interesting to read LoveNot's comments. Thank you kindly.

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Posted in: Chinese site hawking Kim Jong-Il T-shirts See in context

i agree with mrsynik

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki to divorce husband of 1 year See in context

well, this actor guy could have been 'famous' a bit longer if he were married to Hamazaki... kind of reminds me of guy ritchie.. no one really cared who he was until he got married to Madonna...

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Posted in: Olympus president, 5 other execs to resign in April over cover-up See in context

yubaru you are right ... prob using remaining time to some how save their bxxxtt

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