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Posted in: U.S. experts blame both Japan, S Korea for tensions See in context

AlexNoaburd, They're not.

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Posted in: U.S. experts blame both Japan, S Korea for tensions See in context

I have much experience working in all of the United States, Japan, and South Korea. The attitudes between civilians and government are incoherent within each of these countries. It is difficult to generalize any sort of attitude that a prospective country fosters just because the government had made particular statements or actions.

That being said,

I would like to make a reminder that South Korea is a country with a history of oppression. It is nation that strove to retain traditions and identity as peoples all throughout colonization attempts by the northern China, eastern Japan, and (arguably although most consider it preferable) by the western United States.

I believe asking to seek repentance is certainly acceptable. It is a basic courtesy even between two persons who had undergone certain relationship tensions; better yet this is a conflict between entire nations not just two persons. Facing the mistakes made in history is of utmost necessity for any well thought out future relations. That Japan is unwilling to do so in timely and sincere manner, very relatively in comparison to how much they value social courtesy and respect to one another, is the largest concern for South Korean citizens who believe that the Japanese government is too indifferent about such humanly issues all the while enforcing materialistic issues of politics and economics. It is of virtue to repent, seek forgiveness, and forgive (for both nations) in order to promise any future ties. History is merely evidence that the first step to apology and repentance should be taken by Japan, and is not an obsession that upcoming generations of Korea will always hold on to - if righteous actions are taken.

Sex slavery is one thing. Colonization by Imperialist Japan had been much more brutal... Biological, chemical, moral, and more. We still live in an era where the elderly generation are direct victims of such events, and Japanese attitude today just does not do justice.

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