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Posted in: Knife-resistant shirt presented at anti-terrorist convention See in context

Yeah, can you say awesome for an undercover cop, detective, or gang member for that matter.

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Posted in: It’s never too late to change bad chopsticks-holding habits See in context

So if the same percent of people in their 30s, 40s and 50s are all using chopsticks incorrectly, how does that imply correct usage is declining?

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Posted in: Waking up from the American dream See in context

You guys do realize that the current recession was sparked by a stripping of regulations from wall street investment practices back to what they were before the Great Depression, leading to speculation and crazy trading practices that then reverberated around, destroying tons of lives and ruining the economy of the US.

And I'm not saying that the answer is to tax people into oblivion. Just make it illegal again to do shady trading deals and speculation that ruin the market.

And what would make it even better is if companies had actually chosen to pay decent wages of their own volition, rather than constant raise freezes, downsizing and exporting jobs abroad, maybe the middle class wouldn't have been cored out and we'd still have a robust class of people with not only buying power but also a stable home that could help build for the future rather than tearing down what we already have,

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Posted in: Fujitsu launches Stylistic M532/EA4 Android 4.0 tablet See in context

gogogo, you beat me to the punch. I just visited Hong Kong and saw stacks and stacks of android tablets with similar specs for 1/10th the price. I wanted to go for a 7" instead so I can put it in my bag better, and got a Pipo U1 with a dual core 1.6 Ghz processor and 16gig of memory. It's running android 4.1. Oh and it cost ~12,000 yen. Yes, the battery might not be as good as the Fujitsu but I could smash it 10 times and still not pay as much. And for the record it also runs pretty fast, better in fact than my old iPad (1st gen) did.

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Posted in: China rebukes Japan over plan to nationalize disputed islands See in context

Wow, what a great way to spend 2 billion yen of the taxpayers' money. Has anyone thought to check to see who the "owners" of the island are? This is about as useful a purchase as Ishihara blowing endless amounts of Tokyo's funds in failed bids to get the Olympics.

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Posted in: Gamma rays from Fukushima rubble worse than radioactive cesium coming from plant, say officials See in context

Um... Just a quick correction here. Your skin does not stop beta radiation. You need a thin strip of metal to do that. Yes, it doesn't damage as much as gamma, but it does still hurt.

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Posted in: App takes you through all the various options at Starbucks See in context

Make the app have occasional discounts and links to download the current music playing in the store and you have a real money maker.

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Posted in: Nikon COOLPIX P7700 digital compact camera See in context

I don't know... It's big and bulky. I love the dials, but IMO if you're going to spend this much on a "high-end p&s" you're better off spending a bit more and getting a Canon G1X or Sony RX100, both of which have much bigger sensors that'll show real improvement in picture quality over the 7700, which is still using the small 1/1.7" sensor.

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Posted in: Fukushima caused mutant butterflies, say scientists See in context

No surprise. After Chernobyl many scientific studies have been made in the surrounding areas. It's pure luck which species get affected and how much, but radiation can and does cause serious problems and can lead to loads of birth defects and abnormalities. My guess is we'll first see more and more oddities in the plant and insect world (as we are seeing now), followed by smaller animals and then up and up to the big ones like us, deer and livestock. It's only a matter of time. I don't think we'll ever see huge affects far from the plants, but in Fukushima prefecture itself nothing would surprise me.

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Posted in: Romney hits back at Obama attacks on Bain See in context

It would be better if it was Romney hitting back for Obama's attacks on Bane. I always knew Obama was the real Batman.

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Posted in: Docomo to introduce new flat-rate billing plans for data communication See in context

Putting a 7 Gig cap on the Xi plan doomed it to be less than successful from the get go, and now they introduce new plans capped at 3 Gig? Wow, sounds like a real deal. Don't they remember how little people used phones to go online when they first made iMode? And how it's only unlimited plans that really get people drawn in. Stupidity, plain and simple.

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Posted in: Japan to make illegal downloading of music, videos punishable with jail terms See in context

Ugh, people need to read more before they start freaking out. If you check Japanese news sites there's more details coming out that say while yes, downloading illegally will be punished, watching a streaming video won't fall under the penalty of the law. Right now a lot of English language and some Japanese lang sites are having a field day complaining about the law without really knowing what it does.

Here's a link: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/web_tokushu/0621.html

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Posted in: GACKT reportedly in relationship with ICONIQ See in context

Um, she's of Korean descent but is Japanese, as @Dog said.

And she is very cute, too. Good catch for him, IMO.

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Posted in: Nintendo to start selling 3DS with larger screens See in context

Wait, so does the new bigger screen have a better resolution or no? Would they even be able to play the same games if it upped the res? If not, then I want to buy one so I can watch it for 3 minutes and see my eyes bleed.

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Posted in: Commuters' tolerance tested in face of declining public manners See in context

I don't see why the papers always quote older people complaining about all the darn young-uns, and then declare how manners are getting worse. Yes, a bunch of loud high school kids can be annoying, but IMO the rude old men chomping on phlegm and coughing loudly and the old ladies babbling on endlessly in loud voices have always been more annoying. Methinks if there is a decline in politeness and manners, the kids are just following in their elders' footsteps.

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Posted in: Gossip magazine claims Yuko Asano, Goro Tamiya secretly a couple See in context

Good for her. If she doesn't want to have an interview then they should leave her be. And maybe find some real news to report on.

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Posted in: Apple kicks Google Maps off iPhone, adds Facebook See in context

@Scrote Great post. I agree 100%. When I first saw the retina MacBook I just about ruined a pair of pants, but with no Ethernet port and the price I'm not sure. If they had a retina display in a cheaper model, I'd get it in a heartbeat, tho. To any doubters, just try using a craptacular low res display tablet after reading on the new iPad. Feels like you're working on a machine designed to look like an 80s 8-bit game.

But it's like you said. Mac had awesome hardware but garbage apps. My 3 year old Mac is still fine for nearly everything without ever upgrading memory or anything, except from day 1 until now the slowest, laggiest apps have always been iTunes, iPhoto and Safari.

Tho one thing people are forgetting: the new map app in iOS 6 is by TomTom, I believe. So it may not be able to do some things google maps can, but it should work well enough.

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Posted in: Intercom releases Android app that extends smartphone battery life approximately 64% See in context

Alan, I've got an SII also, and installing a new launcher helps a lot with battery life, so I'd try that if you haven't yet. Something like LauncherPro.

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Posted in: Demonstrators block delivery of tsunami debris in Kitakyushu See in context

Any videos of the protests? I heard it got rough.

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree opens See in context

Methinks if the big one ever hit Tokyo the huge monstrosities like the Sky Tree, Roppongi Hills and other behemoths would be the most likely to survive unscathed.

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Posted in: Swedish translator of Japanese manga appeals child porn fine See in context


I'd rather have someone imagine raping a cartoon drawing than out on the streets actually doing something nasty...

And now that I think about it, how does imagining doing something hurt anyone? I would bet a lot of people imagine telling off their bosses, so should they be fired?

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Posted in: Paralyzed woman drinks coffee with thought-guided robot arm See in context

She commanded a robot arm with her thoughts alone? Heck, my wife has been doing that to me for years.

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Posted in: Software piracy costs record $63.4 billion in 2011: study See in context

Meh, this raving about piracy is just lame, and in fact most piracy is caused by a lack of availability rather than by cheaters wanting a free ride. For example the Game of Thrones. It's now the most pirated tv program of all time, but that's because the only way to watch it is if you have a subscription to a cable company in the US. Imagine if the markers started selling episodes for rent in iTunes in Japan, the UK, etc. Even if only 1% of the piraters in those countries paid to download it off of a safe, legal site, they'd make a killing. The same thing happens again and again and again. Stupid companies want to control the timing of releases so they drive people away.

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Posted in: Parents awarded Y12 mil after child injured smashing milk bottles together at school See in context

Kids do a lot of stupid stuff. Give them something even slightly dangerous and after enough time with enough kids an accident will happen. I remember a kid a few grades older than me who lost an eye when the kid sitting in front of him leaned back with one of those sharp compasses and it went right in his eye. It was terrible, but unfortunately terrible things happen. Will it be fixed by switching to paper milk cartons? Hopefully, tho the kids will surely find ways to injure themselves anyway.

The 12mill payment, however, is atrocious.

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Posted in: World’s first snaggletooth girl group formed See in context

I wonder who they're exactly marketing the group towards. I saw a thing on tv where they were polling different age groups about which AKB member they thought was the cutest, most sexy, and so on, and the older people invariably chose Tomomi Itano as their pick for cutest and she's the one with the obvious yaeba, and IMO is the reason they thought of making this yaeba group.

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Posted in: World’s first snaggletooth girl group formed See in context

Anyone who thinks the standards of beauty around the world are all essentially the same needs to open their eyes.

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Posted in: Mind-controlled cat ears hitting shelves in Japan See in context

Have you seen the video? Imagine, guys, a cute girl looks at you and you see her cat ears perk up. Your day just got better.

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Posted in: White rice linked to Type 2 diabetes, say researchers See in context

Easy answer. Just think about who is doing the eating in each country.

In the US and Australia I'm sure there are very few people who consume much white rice, and the ones that do tend to be more health conscious people who are only eating the white rice because it's a part of the Japanese food they're eating. They may take in a lot of rice but their total calories are low, so no white rice = diabetes in this case.

But in Japan and China most people eat white rice all the time anyway, so naturally the people eating more white rice are also the people just eating more overall and get diabetes.

If the researchers could show their data again, controlled for caloric intake, then they might have something.

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Posted in: Russia averts Chechen plot to assassinate Putin See in context

The Chechen militant leader is named Doku Umarov? Sounds like a good Bond villain name to me.

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Posted in: Faster smartphones spark race for ways out of data crunch See in context

Easy way out of the "data crunch": invest in infrastructure. Personally I'm not that worried about Japan. The carriers have a history of good coverage compared to the big providers in many countries, and tend to keep apace in data bandwidth, which of course is owed to the existence of several big companies competing against each other.

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