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Posted in: McDonald's admits 1,000 people paid to join queue for Quarter Pounder debut in Osaka See in context

Go MacDonald's. I love Capitalism, so the more money they can creatively make - WHILE paying others to help them - is fantastic. I hope they keep it up. It only helps the economy and makes employees, shareholders, and customers happy. Keep it up for the benefit of all.

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This is Omoede Yokocho, just across the street from Bic Camera, towards Kabuki-cho on Otakibashi-dori. I was just there having Yakitori on Friday about the time this picture was snapped. It is one of the few remaining areas in central Shinjuku that hasn't changed since the war.

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Posted in: What's your recommendation for helping Crown Princess Masako recover fully from whatever is ailing her? See in context

Get smashed, then sleep it off for a few days.

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Posted in: Japan to arrest anti-whaling activists, newspaper reports See in context

"Environmental action groups such as Sea Shepherd have been accused of engaging in piracy and terrorism when they sink ships with mines, scuttle them, or ram them and throw butyric acid on their crews; although they carry firearms, they are not known to have fired them during attacks.[36][37]"

"Since piracy often takes place outside the territorial waters of any state, the prosecution of pirates by sovereign states represents a complex legal situation. The prosecution of pirates on the high seas contravenes the conventional freedom of the high seas. However, because of universal jurisdiction, action can be taken against pirates without objection from the flag state of the pirate vessel. This represents an exception to the principle extra territorium jus dicenti impune non paretur (the judgment of one who is exceeding his territorial jurisdiction may be disobeyed with impunity).[68]" [Wikipedia]

Do with them as you one will have a leg a whine on.

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Posted in: Rays of hope from Obama See in context

Isn't a more proper title for a Barack Obama Presidency, "Tide of Despair"?

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Posted in: Pink Floyd member Richard Wright dies age 65 See in context

This is sad. I've known Pink Floyd for over 25 years and finally saw them in Oakland, CA in 1989. Though I wasn't a huge fan of Wright specifically, losing any member of Pink Floyd is very sad indeed. I haven't been upset about the loss recent loss of a musician since Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon and, recently, Jeff Healey died.

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Posted in: Softbank boosting efforts to shore up sales of Apple Inc.'s iPhone 3G See in context

I believe that the only thing holding people back from buying the iPhone here is that they know Softbank service is poor and would never do business with them. If any other service provider were the reseller, the iPhone would be my next phone upgrade. Apple made a big mistake in going with Softbank.

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Posted in: McCain says Obama wants to forfeit war in Iraq See in context

Barrak Obama is a never-done-anything, never-will-do-nothing, no-experienced puppet of the Democrat party. Fortunately our constitution is strong enough to handle idiots like him. McCain is a RINO Republican, but he does love the country, and is the better choice. How can any liberal vote for a party that hates the country and wants to hand its control over to the liberal courts of Europe? I feel sad for you ignorant liberals that actually enjoy being called liberal, because by the posts I've seen on this forum, you are filled with hate and and anger at anyone that is not as liberal as you, and that is called arrogance and bigotry.

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