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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

So you speak English?

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Posted in: Who makes the best chocolate in the world? See in context


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Posted in: Girls' Generation posters for new album released in Japan See in context

@Matthew: Korean airlines? ^^

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Posted in: 'Otoshidama' KitKat See in context

Did they really had to make it look like a pack a famous cigarette brand? Common now...

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Posted in: Triumphant experience See in context

I know two girls which will have to go on a draconian diet for the next year!

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Posted in: 2 cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni with non-partisan group; S Korea, China protest See in context

No problem people, Japan knows to handle the situation with Korea and China.

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Posted in: LDP chief Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine See in context

YES like that's going to help to ease the situation with Korea and China....

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

Why wouldn't they like it? The genojin on Japanese tv are 500 time more ridiculous than this video.

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Posted in: Japan angered by French TV host's Fukushima joke about goalkeeper Kawashima See in context

It's not France or the French people. It's just one I**ot which made a bad tasteless joke.

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Posted in: Toyota to recall 7.43 mil vehicles globally over fire risk in power-windows See in context

Like the Japanese economie need this...

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Posted in: N Korea says its missiles can strike U.S. mainland See in context

I think that N. Korea is bluffing and that they don't have such a capacity. They failed with their missile test and satellite launch... On the other hand, they might have missile which could reach Tokyo.

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Posted in: Keeping cats away See in context

I always thought that it was to keep dogs of peeing around the house! How would those bottle annoy a cat from walking buy?

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Posted in: Suicide jumpers disrupt train services at Gotanda, Shinjuku See in context

affecting more than 110,000 affecting 36,000 passengers.

Lol!!!! What about... "affecting the family of the of those pour people which jump to their own death..." A teenage girl jumped to her death, who cares about the passengers which had to wait for 40 min...

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Posted in: Fukushima offers free medical care for children under 18 See in context

Is this an other way to say that many children under 18 have been contaminated by the radiation?

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Posted in: Abe visit Fukushima; promises action if LDP returns to power See in context

LDP oh yes you have failed and I have the feeling it is not the end...

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Posted in: Chinese ships enter disputed waters for 2nd day in a row See in context

Anyway, what can Japan do against China?

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Posted in: Japanese tourists share impressions of traveling abroad with limited English ability See in context

The problem in Japan and Kroea is that they study English like a dead language. They only study grammar and vocabulary and never get the chance to actually speak the language. The only Japanese people which speaks good English are the one which had the opportunity to go study abroad.

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Posted in: Law making it illegal to download pirated music, videos goes into effect See in context

Instead of voting a law for downloading illegal music, they should vote a law against all those child pornographic hentai and light novel! Those should be illegal!!

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Posted in: Chinese media in Japan send message home: 'Nothing much to report here' See in context

Robert Dykes still doenst meen that it's ok to do it!

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Posted in: Chinese media in Japan send message home: 'Nothing much to report here' See in context

I agree with callmeB! I was just going to say that. Why would people protest when they know they are wrong? But on the other hand it is truth that Japanese people don't go bezerk braeking everything in the street when you have political issue with an other country. For this China is a bad student!

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Posted in: Japanese firms look at other countries as alternatives to China See in context

No Japan will understand why it is important to have good relations with China!

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Posted in: S Korea: Japan must educate its people about World War II See in context

I totaly agree with Kim Sung-hwan! There lots of ignorant youngsters in Japan which has never heard of Nankin, and about all the horror of what Japan did in S Korea. I don't point the finger at Japan now but I think Japan should do like Germany. Germany admitted all the crimes they did during WII and is teaching in school about it to avoid to do the same mistakes. Germany did everything to repair their mistakes towards the world. Japan did not.

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Posted in: Noda says protests will hurt China's economy See in context

The production of the Japanese company based in china are not ment for consumption in China but Japan. Closing those factorys or companys will not affect China but Japan. Yes you will have some unemployment for a while, but those people will find easily a new job in some foreign companys which will take the place of the Japanese one.

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Posted in: Message for Japan See in context

Using children for this fight is low...

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan set for islands propaganda war See in context

Instead of crying for a little piece of rock in a pound of water, I think Japan should first resolve the problems with Fukushima and all the people which lost their homes, towns in the tsunami. Common now...

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