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Posted in: North Korea puts rockets on standby for U.S. strike See in context

ha i told u ww3! nk is going to bomb usa!

LH10, I never thought I would see WWIII in my lifetime. I live in the suburbs of Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. my neighborhood is in NK's line of fire... Looks like America is temporarily screwed.

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Posted in: Roswell UFO was Russian craft: new book See in context

Don't know what a Zeta Reticulan is? Look them up. You'll always find some information on these buggers.

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Posted in: Roswell UFO was Russian craft: new book See in context

The Roswell UFO's was a Russian aircraft? What a bunch of bullsh!t! We don't even have the propulsion technology (Yet)! Also, I'm pretty sure the Russians don't look like Zeta Reticulans. (Zeta Reticulans are the most commonly seen extraterrestrials during abductions. They are mainly responsible for those abductions.)

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Posted in: N Korea threatens U.S. bases in Japan, Guam See in context

This is another reason for Okinawans wanting the US bases off Okinawa.

It makes the place dangerous.

Take away the US bases and there's nothing to attack here.

You may have forgotten, but there is tension between Japan and NK too. That tension is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. May I also add that good ol' Nihon would still be a target?

If NK even LOOK like they are readying missiles for a strike the CIA satellites would spot them, and US bombers would be directed towards them and just carpet-bomb the area.

Hell yeah, we Americans would! (Note: I'm an American.) We won't hesitate either.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens to strike Hawaii, U.S. mainland See in context

If you ask me, North Korea needs to put up or shut up. (If NK were to start a war, the U.S. and its allies would finish it each and every time.)

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Posted in: Woman tries to kill son while husband, 3 kids sleep in same room See in context

Something has to give! Japanese culture is its own worst enemy.

That sounds like something my old martial arts master once said. Though, he said, "You are your own worst enemy.". That mother was letting herself win. She nearly killed that child.

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Posted in: Japan’s first 'cuddle cafe' lets you sleep with a stranger for Y6,000 an hour See in context

I have two things to say about this. "Wow!" and "That's just disgusting!". That's prostitution in itself. Who would pay to stare at someone, pat them on the head, or anything like that?

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Posted in: To dye or not to dye? See in context

I'll never dye my hair any color. I'm keeping my natural reddish orange color.

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Posted in: Japan seeks summit with Chinese leaders See in context

BertieWooster-san, re-militarizing Japan might just be a good thing. Mainly because of China and NK.

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Posted in: White House seized by North Korean terrorists in film thriller See in context

One problem is that N. Korea is a client state of China.

Correction Gokai-san, N. Korea is China's lap dog.

(I hope the events in the movie won't become a reality. D:)

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Posted in: Good boy gone bad? Justin Bieber's adult problems See in context

This sh*t doesn't surprise me. I always thought he was somewhat of a moron. Though, it would suck to see someone with his talent flush his life down the toilet.

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

Back in the 80's, we called people/groups like PSY "one hit wonders".

PSY didn't just do Gangnam Style. He did at least 3 other songs. Look them up on YouTube.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching taxi driver after failing to pay fare See in context

Ochi then allegedly punched the driver and fled the scene without paying the fare.

LOL. What an idiot! :D

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