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Posted in: Microsoft patches 34 security holes, many critical See in context

Also Macs come with a ton of software and it is all integrated and works beautifully together

no offense, but i just fell it is a bit too much, isn't it? window also come with tons of software and can also integrated and works beautifully together.

many Linux base os does the same.

Did you buy your update for virus scan and system crash and defrag and all that other garbage you need to keep up and running?

in 7 the default come with auto defrag, you will never have to do the defragmentation or even notice when it run. but many pc user will just love find a new tool and do the defragmentation anyway.

what about update or bug fix? mac doesn't do it? google for

"Snow Leopard data loss issue"

"Snow Leopard Finder Error 10810"

"Snow Leopard incompatibilities Issue"

"gone in 2 minutes"

many more ...

like n3312 said

If the number of users were the other way around, Macs would be the target of viruses too.

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Posted in: Global Muslim population hits 1.57 billion See in context

the article didn’t tell the cause of growing. I guess one of the main causes surely comes from high birthrates rate rather than conversion.

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Posted in: White House says Obama will not walk away from Afghanistan See in context

reading Afghanistan's conflict through out its history as far as the history has on record, it would be a truth miracle if the american can bring real peace and true stable state to the people over there.

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Posted in: 8-year-old boy dies after being hit by truck outside home in Yokohama See in context

he was just 8 year's old. how many 8 year's old aware of danger with their own act? many adult here don't even look left-right before cross a road.

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Posted in: 2016 Olympic race too close to call ahead of vote See in context

2014 soccer World Cup will be hosted by Brazil, and they also want olympic too?

can they do that? take a look at Rio hosted the Pan American Games in 2007 and see what Brazil had learned. close to $2 billion had been spend on mainly ... promising.

the 12 stadiums promised for fifa world cup hasn't even been start yet! well! what to say.

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Posted in: American father arrested in Japan had asked Tennessee court for help See in context

what can we expect from a justice system that doesn't do much of justice?

who want to loose custody of their children by divorce?

this kind of injustice and unfair system will only make problem rather than help to prevent or stop the problem.

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Posted in: Microsoft to release free antivirus PC software See in context

if it free i welcome it. market with a lot of competition is good for consumer and the developing of the market itself anyway.

and in anti virus industry, i think nothing can be worse than symantec norton. it act like virus slowdown the system, and sometime hazard when remove too.

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Posted in: Would-be store robber gets yelled at by employee; calls police himself See in context

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

yeah lol

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Posted in: Jackman stops Broadway show over ringing cell phone See in context

hope that wasn't jackman's phone!

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Posted in: Small tsunami hit Japan after Samoa quake See in context

Well. At least we got warning, and I am appreciated for those info.

Look back at 2004 India ocean tsunami. Many country hit hard by the tsunami didn’t have, and many still haven’t had the warning system yet until today.

Even more retard one, like thaksin’s government of Thailand.

That government threatens to sue a meteorological professor in attempt to silent him, and it worked. Because the professor keep telling the government, how important for his country to have a modern tsunami warning system for the southern part of the country because his study show that it had happen before. but people in that government thought that it would hurt the country’s tourist industry!

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Posted in: Student hangs himself in Hokkaido; note hints at being bullied See in context

bamboohat , i couldn't agree more!

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Posted in: Tokyo film festival decides at last minute to include 'The Cove' See in context

my wife for one want to see it. she saw a short killing scene on the new last weekend. she was so outraged.

not every japanese agree with the dolphin and whale slaughter here.

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Posted in: Low-income bachelors victims of widening 'sex gap' See in context

no money...no honey

sound like what hooker in pataya beach would say!

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Posted in: Israelis, Palestinians present peace blueprint See in context

“If you want to resolve the conflict, here is the recipe,”

wishing them well, but i don't have a faith on it... at all.

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Posted in: Iraqi shoe thrower released; says he was tortured See in context

yeah, too bad he missed.

i think, he should run for the next Iraqi president.

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Posted in: France approves Internet piracy bill See in context

if they keep make a good work, good record, people will always want to buy it.

well, at least me!

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Posted in: Japan eyes sending more troops to East China Sea See in context

after election, everyone will just go quiet.

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Posted in: Japan whaling town gets season's first catch See in context

They are resources that the international whaling community agreed ought to be managed cooperatively by those using them.

so you don't want to quit from the community anymore?

and why i can see japanese so angry when the chinese, taiwanese or korean want to manage natural result close to your water? they are also using them.

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Posted in: Japan whaling town gets season's first catch See in context

yeah, you also a nature result too.

So what? Various regions around the world for hundreds of years prior to the reckless actions of 1800's and 1900's whalers have utilised whales for food. Today there's no good reason why this should not continue to be the case.

SO WHAT? if it is not on japanese water, who want to care about your reckless reason? and why people want to care anyway? it isn't on any one case.

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Posted in: Judge overturns conviction in MySpace case See in context

Why someone download a song, an album or a movie can be seen as a criminal and get to pay fine. but an act on internet that lead to somebody suicide has no laws that clearly can define it as criminal!

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Posted in: Japan whaling town gets season's first catch See in context

The international community is not a democracy, it is a collection of sovereign states.

no comment on that, many looser say the same, i can guess!

And it's not like the majority of the world's people would ever vote against the sustainable use of natural resources. This is a principle that has indeed been adopted by the international community on occasion.

it is pointless to say "nature resources", avoid saying "whales". we talk about whale and whaling. majority of the former whaling nations has changed, and they voted to ban the whaling in many part of the world.

whales in southern atmosphere are not japanese natural resources. open a map and look at it for your self where is japan. if you want to hunt, control, sustainable use or whatever you want to claim in the international water, then make sure the international community agree with it.

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