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Posted in: Police oppose proposals to liberalize Japan's gun laws See in context

Wo, for once I am on the same side as the npa. dont turn japan into the US. low gun ownership is one of the reasons I love it here.

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Posted in: Playing by ear: Blind tennis, the smash from Japan See in context

what immense courage.

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Posted in: Teeth cleaning said to help reduce risk of heart disease See in context

i dont know about that. the japanese dont go in for scaling and polishing as often as the americans in general. yet the americans suffer more heart attacks. I get my teeth scaled 4 times a year and I'lll probably die of a heart attack. but i do recommend a scaling at least twice a year, especially as you get up in age. that ojiichan/obaachan gingivitis breath is horrible. I'm never getting that. Homie just aint going out like that. i want my wife and i to be able to enjoy wet kisses til we are dead.

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Posted in: Generation that grew up on texting find phone conversations time-wasting See in context

telephone fear syndrome: yes, my wife has that. shes 31 years old and I've been trying to change that since forever. one solution? improv classes. you socially and communicatively inept japanes people need improv classes. i'll keep you posted

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Posted in: Cain sex accuser goes public in New York; he denies it on late-night TV See in context

cain has no chance in the first place. dont drink the cool aid, america will never elect a black president. a half black half white president is as far as they'll go. besides, cain is not presidential, hes not handsome, he looks like mugabe and he sounds like hes from under some rock someplace. maybe little rock? then again, that may not be such a bad place, little rock. america's best president, bill clinton was from there.

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Posted in: Olympus admits hiding losses dating back to 1990s See in context

hope they dont get delisted, would be a good stock to buy

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Posted in: Japanese viewers tuning out, turning off their TVs See in context

its about time. when i first arrived here in 01, I was shocked at how excruciatingly bad television is in japan. ive been validated finally.

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Posted in: Canon makes Hollywood debut with launch of Cinema EOS System See in context

Its about time. I looooooooooove my canon 7d. by the way, o limp piss didnt stand a chance.

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Posted in: Princess Aiko has pneumonia, agency says See in context

poor kid. shes unfortunate enough to be experiencing tripple whammy stressors: being a kid in Japan, being in the Japanese royal family and being a kid in the japanese royal family. hope she gets well soon.

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Posted in: Adopting English as workplace language in Japan has its downside See in context

yeh, i thought that whole "english only in the workplace" in japan was plain stupid. then i remembered this is japan, where the cart is commonly before the horse.

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Posted in: Family restaurant Gusto selling hamburger and soup set for Y390 See in context

Gusto: what a crap famiresu. when i first moved here in 01, i blazed through 180,000 yen in 3 weeks eating there. had no other choice in the countryside. I get a headache after every meal at that restaurant. never thought id say this but, dennys (in japan) is much better.

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Posted in: Olympus ex-CEO pursues the $687 million question See in context

olympus may be a good stock to buy in a few weeks. lets see how far the stock price falls. yippeeee.

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Posted in: Why some mothers 'sell' their children for dirty deals See in context

dude, this is old news, I wrote about this in my book from 2009. this has been going on since forever. just one of the strange aspects about japan.

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Posted in: Why Japanese values and morality confound us so See in context

1% percent christian population in japan: One the reasons I love love love living in Japan. when i first arrived in 2001 there was a .08% xtian population here. that increase is quite troubling. hope it doesnt exceed 1%.

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Posted in: Vietnamese woman cuts off husband's penis See in context

is this whole penis severing thing now becoming a sport? and if so, will it be in the olympics. Why, just a month and a half ago, another asian woman severed her husband's penis and dropped it in the garbage disposal. Are we seeing a resurgence of bobeting? (As in Lorena Bobet, the American woman for whom the act is named)

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Posted in: Protesters in Tokyo join 24-hour global 'Occupy Wall Street' movement See in context

today's occupy wall street protesters are tomorrow's wall street bankers and CEOs. protesters in the 60s became big bankers and CEOs in the 80s. We've all seen it before.

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Posted in: 'Tiger mom' Chua urges Asian parents to go easy on their kids See in context

i agree with this woman 10000%.

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Posted in: New study sees little need for vitamins, cites risks See in context

i knew it. i always wondered about taking vitamin supplements while eating healthily in the first place. I am validated. just eat right and exercise and youll be fine. not rocket science.

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Posted in: 8 killed in California salon shooting See in context

I think and will always think that the second amendment in the american bill or rights, is the dumbest and most assinine idea on the planet. but hey, whatever. I'm only a mere US passport holder.

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Posted in: Man who posed as doctor in tsunami-hit area accused of fraud See in context

that was quite clever

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Posted in: Stringent tests planned to map radiation spread after hotspot found in Setagaya See in context

Hey, im in the US now, so if you guys need a geiger counter let me know. i was expecting to return home to japan this month, but I think im gonna hang out in the west for a bit.

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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

Japan needs to make up its mind: does it want foreigners in or out? oh wait, I just remembered japan's policy. they want foreigners, just as long as they dont decide to take up residence there. I'm in the US now, but I wonder if I could get a free ticket to return home to japan next spring. i'd write a stellar review

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for bludgeoning mother of female friend See in context

Saitama, im not must be something in the water there.

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Posted in: 2 arrested after teenage girl dies in 'exorcism' See in context

Seeeeeee? see how stupid religion is? Education is far more important than religion any day. i rest my case.

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Posted in: Fujitsu begins testing of ICT-enabled mandarin cultivation See in context

Yeahhhhhhh, Arida. the first place I lived when I moved here ten years ago. natsukashiii. In the winter time i ate mikans until my skin was orange........and im a dark skinned Jamaican.

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Posted in: TEPCO dismissed important scientific evidence in planning nuclear plant's defense See in context

TEPCO “absolutely should have known better,” said Dr Costas Synolakis, a leading American expert on tsunami modeling and an engineering professor at the University of Southern California. “Common sense,” he said, should have produced a larger predicted maximum water level at the plant.

Mr Synolakis obviously does not, or maybe has not lived in Japan. For if he had, or did, he'd know that "common sense" to the Japanese if far different from that of the West, often with dangerous consequences.

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Posted in: Beautiful flower See in context


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Posted in: 17-year-old boy falls to death from Tokyo apartment building See in context

Atari mae, this is Japan yo.

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Posted in: 8 graffiti messages pleading for help against bullying found in Shiga See in context

knowing japan, they discover who she is when they find her hanging from a class room ceiling or when she jumps from a third floor window. I think every child especially girl child should know some form of martial art to protect themselves and to increase their self confidence.

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Posted in: Goodbye Yon-sama, hello Girls’ Generation See in context

J-pop, K-pop, its all crap. But K-pop is a little less odorous crap.

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