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Posted in: Gay activists in Asia upbeat about impact of U.S. court ruling See in context

I don't care about same-sex marriage is legal or not, but please keep it to themselves. Do not use the public appearance to misdirect the normal kids. Let me remind you, being gay can be from birth or can be sociological. The latter is worrying.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi eyes technological leap, and exports, with armoured vehicle See in context

I am pacifist, but I fully support Japan to rearm herself. Simply because Asia needs Japan to stand up against China, no one else could.

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Posted in: Sony, Panasonic cling to TVs, betting on halo effect of premium sets See in context

Well, Hyundai = Honda.

LOL, wait till Hyundai makes something half as good as an S2000, let alone the NSX

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Posted in: Sony, Panasonic cling to TVs, betting on halo effect of premium sets See in context

get Samsung's LCD screens to rebrand as Sony display panels and TV's.

You just proved that you don't know jacks. Sony bought the panels, but they used their own processing/rendering technologies. That's why while different TV brands source almost the same 3 or 4 LCD panels from original panel manufacturer, but Sony still comes out on top in terms of displaying quality.

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Posted in: Sony, Panasonic cling to TVs, betting on halo effect of premium sets See in context

@smith: Do you homework before discussion please. The Sony-Ericsson P900 series PDAs were popular among professionals long long before crApple or Samsung. They failed to market these devices to ordinary consumers. Apple did a good job to advertise, I give them that, but they didn't bring anything new to the table. Same goes for Samsung, most of their phones prior to 2007 were direct copies of the Japanese counterparts.

Now on to cars. Japan did not invent cars, it improved them. Japanese cars are reliable and inexpensive, that's why they are so popular around the world. Yet there are fun JDM cars as well. No one can argue against an NSX or S2000.

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Posted in: Google self-driving car prototype ready to try road See in context

are you working for Google or another company in self driving technology

Nope, I'm in university, doing computer vision & human-machine interaction. The current tech is not reliable is enough, that's the truth. Don't trust youtube videos, they are only showing best results on some scenarios. DoD has developed autonomous vehicles for a couple of decades and still we haven't seen the fruits, Google can't do anything better.

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Posted in: Google self-driving car prototype ready to try road See in context

^ Google is trying to PR their image as a complete Tech company. But sorry, I'm working in the field myself and I would never trust a fully autonomous vehicle with my life, not with the current tech and how things work.

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Posted in: If The Avengers could have one Japanese superhero, who would it be? See in context

Kekkou Kamen !!!!!

Sorry, let my fantasy go wild a lil bit ~

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Posted in: With WebRTC, the Skype's no longer the limit See in context

Hold on guys,

Skype is working, if you use Microsoft Outlook on a web browser. Skype used to be peer-2-peer, but has switched to centralized model since last year to overcome the drawback of p2p (both sides have to be online) Skype on Windows 8/Windows phone acts as system service so you can receive incoming call regardless of what you are doing, just as a regular phone call. Still don't get the point of this, kind of redundant.

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Posted in: Google Glass future clouded as some early believers lose faith See in context

I'm sure Google glass will one day be looked back at as an idea ahead of it's time.

The idea has been there since the 70s. The realization by Google is not good, that's why it hasn't caught on.

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Posted in: Japan’s weapons-makers now open for business See in context

Let the Eva's and Gundam's out already

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Posted in: Sounds of science: Japan leads push for high-res audio See in context

Does anybody still care to what Sony do or say?

I do!!! All of my headphones, mp3 players, cameras are Sony.

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Posted in: Sony develops 'SmartEyeglass' See in context

Sony glasses are Augmented Reality glasses, while the GooGlasses are HUD-like so there's no comparison. In a sense, Sony glasses are the true smart glasses from sci-fi. Get the facts right people. Go Sony!

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Posted in: Japanese fans already lining up for Sept 19 release of iPhone6 See in context

For those of us with USA based credit cards, Apple Pay is worth it! My number has been stolen twice, just my number! Jerks spent $2,000 in Pennsylvania one time, all over the second time. Cost me nothing but problems, but the merchant lost that money. I won't wait in line that long, but Apple Pay will make me buy my first iPhone.

Let them hack your hard earned money away from you then

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Posted in: Apple seeks old magic with new products See in context

Another row of icons!!!! -- sorry I couldn't help it.

Anyway, people saying MACs are good is just totally bogus. Any Thinkpads pre-2008 will crush any MACs, and VAIO Z-series is on a total other league. Panasonic Toughbooks are of different beast. Buy high-end PCs and compare them to MACs please, don't tell me you bought some cheap $300 laptop then judged PC sucks.

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Posted in: Android grabs more tablet market share See in context

I recommend Dell Venue 8 Pro. It's a great machine and runs everything you throw at it

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Posted in: China food scandal drags in Starbucks, Burger King and McNuggets in Japan See in context

They don't eat at MacDonalds They have developed immunity

Don't you see his sarcasm? Chinese citizens are suffering from food poisoning too.

And who the heck buys meat at Walmart to begin with?

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Posted in: After hybrid success, Toyota gambles on fuel cell See in context

This is old news. Honda FCX Clarity has been running on the roads for 7-8 years I believe. Glad to see one more automaker following the way

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Posted in: 89 killed in suicide blast in Afghanistan See in context

they carry ak47

as rifles go, AK47s are more suitable in harsh environments and easy to maintain, that's why. But if you look further I bet vehicles, rockets etc. are USA made.

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Posted in: 89 killed in suicide blast in Afghanistan See in context

Afghanistan was a safer place when the Taliban was in control

everyone knows, but Bush and the weapon industries. How could they sell their goods otherwise?

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Posted in: Samsung tablets to have richer colors in screens See in context

Seriously, who's foolish enough to buy an overpriced Samsung Android tablet? Find a used Surface Pro or a Vaio Duo/Flip and call it a day.

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Posted in: Psy goes from 'Gangnam' to hip-hop style in new song See in context

Would never watch this stupid MV, but the comment section as usual is hilarious, so here I jump on XD

Girls shaking ass = bad...

good if only there were asses ~

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Posted in: Skeleton crew See in context

Aaaannnnnnnnd terminator future is nigh

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Posted in: Sony strategy See in context

Sony was an incredible innovator in their day and continue to make high quality products, BUT they cannot touch Samsung for innovation today.

I beg to differ. Sony was, is, and will be the driving force of consumer electronics technology.

Samsung is the world’s second-largest recipient of U.S. patents

Ain't they having a law suit with Apple over patents? Admittedly, those patents are as ridiculous as those American officials granted those stupid patents.

Samsung and LG are the leaders in smart home electronics

Like? The first smart TV dated back to some time in early 80s, in Europe. And smart home is not something new. Better ask the Japanese- they are masters in the field.

give credit where credit's due

It's you who never gave up bashing Japanese products. I will say this again, selling more doesn't mean better. It's because of price, marketing and such.

As for me, my family is still using Japanese appliances that we bought 10 years ago or so. They are still working well, no reason to buy new ones.

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Posted in: Sony strategy See in context

centre of TV innovation

Again, what innovations? I don't buy gimmicks

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ten years ago, yes, most definitely. Have another dip into the market it's very different. LG and Samsung are real innovators and now drive the TV industry with high quality

Citation please? what innovations? People bought Samsung and LG because they are cheap.

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Cost, cost ,cost too expensive, and as others have pointed out the same can be bought a lot cheeper. It's not the 80s any more other countries are producing products that are cheeper and if not better on parr with J products.

I'm sorry, comparing Sony/Panasonic to Samsung/LG is just as ridiculous as comparing a BMW to a Kia.

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Posted in: CEO Sony promises return to profit next year See in context

Angry Japanese need to be able to see things as they are

I'm not Japanese FYI. I don't care about JPY or $ or wages. What I care about in this article is that Sony will make a comeback with its superior technology and live up to its spirit. Making wonderful gadgets is what they used to do, and they have been doing now after a decade sleeping. Go Sony!

And leave the economy to Abe and his bureau, as if you have any ideas either.

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If you didn't live in Japan you would be aware there are much better TV's available - Samsung and LG make the best TV's.

Oversaturated, falsely calibrated colors?? Yes, if you prefer inferior products go buy Samsungs or LGs.

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Posted in: CEO Sony promises return to profit next year See in context

I frequently buy Sony products for they are cheap. In the US, Korean products are too expensive. More money printing is needed in Japan, indirectly lowering Japanese wages, so that they can compete with Korean products. Japanese electronic products need to be significantly cheaper than Korean products to overcome inferiority in quality.

I try not to be rude here, but I did throw Samsung junks out of my house. Inferiority? What a laugh.

L to the O to the L!

Right back at you

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