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Blacksamurai comments

Posted in: 'Flying car' makes Tokyo debut at international tech event See in context

LOL this aint a flying car - it's a kind of helicopter. For a start a car would have enclosed space. What next - showing robots and saying their human staff?

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Posted in: Tokyo’s beckoning cat temple asks foreign tourists to stop writing on the beckoning cats they buy See in context

A no brainer for the temple staff - have a policy that if the cat statues bought are left at the temple then no writing. If they are taken away then the customer can do whatever they like. They did pay for them after all.

The griping about tourism in Japan is sometimes justified but this latest episode shows the control freak side of Japan. Memo to that temple - if this is all so hard for you, don't be in the business to attract tourist yen.

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Posted in: A new bill currently being discussed in the Diet would give the government the authority to revoke the permanent residency status of foreigners who don't make the required payments into the country’s mandatory pension system. What do you think about this? See in context

Autocorrect strikes again - I originally wrote 'Why the hell should they have snuck in without paying their obligations and continue to do so'.

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Posted in: A new bill currently being discussed in the Diet would give the government the authority to revoke the permanent residency status of foreigners who don't make the required payments into the country’s mandatory pension system. What do you think about this? See in context

A non issue basically. For a while now you have to provide proof of pension payments to be even considered for Japanese PR. What's the big deal?

The noise against it is obviously coming from those who were lucky and got PR when the pension non payment issue was tolerated. Why the hell should they have snuck in with paying their obligations and continue to do so? Pay up or get your PR canceled, sounds fine to me.

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Posted in: Kenyan Olympic marathon medalist referred to prosecutors over assault See in context

Interesting - had 2 upvotes but suddenly they've disappeared. Downvoting doesn't change the original up votes just the score so whoever's tampering needs to get their grown person act up.

LOL at some being threatened by posters pointing out that this foreigner dude assaulted a young woman and then a station worker and he deserves to be penalized for the severity of it. Hopefully the authorities don't believe like some here in the 'Gaijin Pass@.

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Posted in: Kenyan Olympic marathon medalist referred to prosecutors over assault See in context

I don't know why people are excusing this dude by talking about Japanese people doing the same - Wainana assaulted a young woman under 20 and then assaulted a station worker who correctly tried to intervene. The dude is way out of line.

I believe he is also not a citizen of Japan - think he's got PR. He needs to watch his behavior because the Japanese regard PR and other residency as a privilege that can be taken away much more easily than in western countries for criminal behavior. Wainana is a bully regardless of how much he was drinking - people who assault others after drinking or supposedly drinking alcohol are revealing something about their character and it isn't good.

There are harsher penalties now for people in Japan who assault station and other essential service workers and this clown should feel the force of them.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

Japan is not China and it is not Hawaii. I worked in China and there's no comparison with that society nor in Hawaii where I have relatives who were born there. China is not a developed country by the same standards as Japan which developed industrially under Meiji and after WW2 becoming an economic powerhouse. It doesn't have the inequalities that China has - China's tourists and spenders are still an elite there.

Hawaii is very expensive because so much is flown in and its income distribution is different from that in Japan. Japan is a leading world economy with citizens who still manage to travel and spend a lot of money at home and abroad - despite the recent whining about prices and irrelevant comparison of Japanese with tourists who supposedly are 'rich now unlike the poor Japanese' because some foreign currencies are outperforming the yen so it's now cheaper to travel and spend in Japan.

And Japan is not Cambodia or Thailand or Vietnam with the majority of people being genuinely poor compared to foreign tourists. Memo to all the people here justifying the azzhats in Japan who are running the line that the local Japanese need discounts and the foreign tourists need to be exploited because of the poor people of Japan experiencing inflation - Australia's prices are soaring as my friends there tell me yet their hospitality industry aint charging Japanese or other tourists separate prices. As my friends said, anybody justifying this cynical rip off in Japan are wa###s.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

As for people saying that this price discrimination is common everywhere, no it aint. American diners and restaurants don't have a special higher tourist/country of origin price for visitors. Neither do the western European countries in general - you pay a table charge in countries like Italy and France, sometimes a service charge along with it but I have never paid a 'tourist price' in either country. My food and drinks cost what they said on the menu/board above the counter.

If you're paying more as a tourist you're ordering it wrong or not looking around enough. Haven't paid any tourist prices for food and drinks in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Australian and NZ.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

So I'm guessing Shogo Yonemitsu won't mind if when he and other Japanese go travelling they are given Japanese only higher prices at restaurants and it's all spelt out in a menu in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, NZ and those of Europe which Japanese people like to visit.

Won't be going to his restaurants anywhere and have already recommended to family and friends in the US who will be visiting later this year, to avoid restaurants run by azz-h###s like Mr Yonemitsu. I also spead the word on social media and recommend others do too.

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Posted in: 1 in 5 people aged 65 or older in Japan predicted to have dementia by 2060 See in context

Again dramatic headlines pulling statistics from somewhere about what experts and think tanks think will happen in Japan. Sounds like the' 1 in 5 adults will develop shingles' campaigns pushed in the west and this 'statistic' is definitely in lala land.

Dementia is different symptoms and diseases lumped under one heading. Some have a gene that predisposes them and hopefully in the near future people will be able to simply test for it and take as many preventive meaures they can like cutting down on poor lifestyle habits like too much alcohol, bad nutrition, smoking and drugs.

I've seen a few elderly J people wandering around who clearly have some form of dementia but more than that I've seen a lot more riding bicyles, walking and being involved in their local communities. A positive factor for Japan is the generations 65 and up tend to have women who never smoked and didn't drink much especially women in their mid 70s and beyond. Smoking and drinking for Japanese women generally was not a thing for many females in these these age groups as social attitudes were different when they were younger.

There is nothing stopping the J Govt at national and prefectural level funding construction of retirement homes to meet the requirements of a growing elderly population. Yes they will cost but as a social necessity the needs of the elderly including those who illnesses including dementia will become a bigger part of the economy.

And people with dementia in Japan are much safer than those in western countries who are far more likely to get assaulted and or robbed by violent strangers especially those on drugs. I'm sure somebody will come in with how dangerous it is for the Japanese elderly with their families but violence and fatalities in this case are still not normal in Japan - they are just reported now whereas not so long ago family violence etc was covered up more by the media.

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Posted in: Japan child population shrinks for 43rd straight year See in context

I'm not sure why so called happiness surveys of countries add any reality to the whole debate going on about population numbers in Japan compared to the world.

Somebody claimed that countries with smaller populations like NZ, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland etc often 'exhibit' greater happiness' based on 'greater social cohesion', 'cultural values priortizing community and life-work balance', and 'effective governance'. But these kind of surveys are usually more PR than anything and don't reflect the non simplistic realities.

New Zealand has been having political conflict for some time between the indigenous Maori population and various national governments including leading Maori organisations challenging the legitimacy of the NZ legal and political system. Maori gangs continue to be an obvious social problem. Economically NZ isn't doing that good with an over reliance on govt spending as there aren't enough private industries providing jobs. Many NZ people seek work in Australia because of that.

The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden have all been involved in divisive public and political debates for years about the impact of constant flows of 'asylum seekers' from the ME and Africa in particular, some of whom are actually drug cartel members, militia members and just plain ol criminals.

Sweden has undergone significant damage to its social cohesion by taking in so called asylum seekers who turned out to be gangs and run drugs and guns in urban areas. Sweden was once known for its proud record of being among the few countries with very low levels of sexual assaults and armed violence but letting in men whose identities were not checked properly for years has resulted in a surge of those crimes for the past decade or so.

Denmark was showing some worrying signs of these developments but has now pushed back and requires more proof of genuine asylum seeking and refugee status, insists on respect for its host culture and has beefed up ways to remove those connected with terror groups and organised crime from its territory.

Luxembourg is an incredibly elitist, wealthy country has has always picked and chosen its citizens and residents with a very high bar. It is 'happy' because it excludes the great majority of the world.

None of these countries are models for Japan - Japan's social cohesion is famous and is based on common and accepted culture and ways of doing things that its people have done for centuries successfully. Most Japanese do not and will not accept a rise in the birth rate if it's coming from single mothers or families who don't have the financial resources to support multiple children and need the much higher welfare payments of western countries yet don't plan to restrict the number of children they have - very common in third world families in the west.

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Posted in: Judge denies bail to teen charged with terror-related offenses after stabbings at Sydney church See in context

Correction - the NSW Premier, Premier is the title for leaders of states, not Prime Minister, in Australia.

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Posted in: Judge denies bail to teen charged with terror-related offenses after stabbings at Sydney church See in context

Way to go. The New South Wales Prime Minister is Labor, a party now swinging to the hard left in the national government and promoting ethnic/racial tribalism and separatism of certain groups who are considered unique although their social dysfunctions are similar to those of any other ethnicity. However, the NSW PM has been very firm in correctly identifying the stabbing attack on an Assyrian priest as an act of religious extremism, a terrorist attack.

The usual cries of discrimination from the religion the attacker and his mates belong to has failed to move the PM and his state government because they understand that following the norms of European countries that allowed such incidents to be mis-labelled and tiptoed around caused a big increase in such terror attacks.

Responsible Australian politicians do not want these to become normal as in France and Germany where thousands of terrorist attacks have occurred during the last decade or so. The other kind of politicans from the left are too busy making excuses or crying some isms because they want those ethnic groups that terrorists come from to vote for them.

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

'Some Japanese are also unhappy about the INVASION (my caps) of big spending tourists thronging stores and clogging up their favorite restaurants'.....with lines like these in an article about tourism in Japan, the writers who apparently are both foreign and Japanese need to be careful about enabling the xenophobic narrative that legal visitors to Japan are 'invading' it.

Pretty sure those two would never write that about the waves of first Japanese and then Chinese tourists that flocked in milions to other countries, the first group notably starting with the Bubble Economy and the second group with the Chinese Economic Miracle. So why the cheap xenophobic shots here? The rest of us thought the Japnese Govt decides who comes into Japan - Mathias Cena and Hiroshi Hiyama need to learn very basic facts before attempting to write articles again.

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

LOL I've been living in Japan so long I put those euro prices into yen format, sorry for the confusion.

To those claiming Paris is not a cheap city - no, not for tourist hotels, high end restaurants and not before the Paris Olympics. But if you're not prepared to explore and go around and find good supermarkets as in well priced with variety and follow guidebooks and websites to choose your cafes/restaurants then it will be expensive.

The metro is the way to go but you have to do your homework on the tickets/cards to find the value options.

Like Paris, Rome has fees for sitting and eating/drinking but that was about all I paid. All the cafes/restaurants I went to had their prices listed with any surcharges - in Europe you'll pay more for not paying attention to prices or going to places with no prices listed. That's down to you. The cheeses, yogurt and just plain ol milk were cheap and high quality in both Paris and Rome supermarkets, the biscuits and snacks like that too.

The subway in Rome is good value so is the subway in London, so are the buses there - so many tourists don't seem to understand that oyster cards give you cheaper travel the more you do it.

As for my home country the US - any Japanese telling me that Japan is treating tourists royally because burgers and sandwiches are better value and the tourists know, then that's some ol horseshizz. If you can't eat good burgers and sandwiches with better quality and size in the US, you're going to the wrong places.

Chinese food is far superior in the US, the US has more healthy option variety if you want to actually look for it and no it doesn't have to be expensive. Most people who gripe about US food choices don't go and meet real people from all over the world who make great food.

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

Poor Kohakuebisu relies on a Japanese guidebook to find gelato while in Rome and wonders why it wasn't an amazing gastronomic experience with a good price. He also went once thirty years ago and thinks that is the benchmark for judging a world city and its food/beverages culture.

Rome and Paris to name only two cities do have cheap, quality food options that aren't available in Tokyo. Sure there's some good food in Tokyo but J economists and writers plus their non Japanese collaborators in exaggeration have zero cred with their laughable assertions re tourists eating like royalty because of the weak yen.

Went to Rome and Paris in September last year. Had great coffee in Rome with a reasonable size cup for 200 euros, amazing Italian pastries for 200 - 300 euros and pasta fresh from the cafe kitchens for 500 euros. Didn't eat at cafes or restaurants that catered for tourists or didn't give bang for my money. Had quality meals with a coffee or soda at immigrant cafes for 700 euros.

In Paris had set menu meals of 3 courses plus coffee for 12 to 15 euros at different cafes. Had Algerian and Tunisian food that was amazing for under 10 euros, found immigrant places that made great chicken and salad sandwiches or burgers and gave you a cake and coffee or soda as well for 9 euros. Not to mention the fresh Parisian lemon meringue tarts and others of generous size for around 400 euros.

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Posted in: Number of vacant homes in Japan tops record 9 mil See in context

I understand that we hear wrongly applied English in Japan but no need to use Japanese versions of native English. Houses are renovated, not 'reformed'. Next we'll be hearing about 'high tension' need to 'reform' akiya.

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Posted in: Overtourism in Japan and what it means for visitors See in context

Memo to the 'writer' of this article - much of the problems that are being called 'over tourism' is that under Mr Abe the J Govt called for more and more millions of foreigners to visit Japan. I think the stated goal was 20 million within a few years framework.

Well, they got what they asked for but didn't build the necessary infrastructure for a tourism increase of that size. This is behind the problems that many here are whining about. Yet if you believed this article, it all occurs within a vacuum. How about some features that actually sound like features and not like propaganda?

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

LOL the authors off this article must be living in some kind of J ghetto somewhere to think that tourists 'are living like kings' just because the yen is weak so they're paying less for products and services that were always overpriced anyway.

What's a 'slap up meal' anyway? When I've been to countries like France and Italy I've enjoyed great, healthy food for way lower prices than quaity J food. Had pasta and dessert in the UK at places that weren't much more than Pepper Lunch and the pasta certainly didn't taste like it comes out of a can unlike Pepper Lunch and similarly priced places in Japan.

The reporting of tourism in Japan just gets weirder and less credible apart from real issue stories of dumb tourist behavior near the conbini around Mt Fuji, riding go-carts supplied by a Japanese company and annoying the public and some inappropriate behavior in Kyoto.

We have hysteria about 'over tourism' encouraged by the Japanese Govt but made to sound as if foreigners are just coming suddenly to Japan with no official approval and on the other hand we have these dumb stories of foreign tourists who apparently feel like royalty because those compound chocolate kit kats with fake sake and green tea flavors and cardboard cookies in Don Q are now cheaper due to the weak yen.

Oh yea and as an American, believe me I can get bigger, better and cheaper burgers/sandwiches/shakes/fried chicken etc in my home city. Akiko Kohsaka who claims that tourists can't get the same food value in their home countries obviously has never been to the US and countries like Malaysia, Taiwan and even rich Singapore which still do great food cheaply - not to mentiion many places in Paris and Rome. And they're not the only ones. Or maybe this economist expert on tourists spends her time abroad snapping photos of herself and doesn't do the real.

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Posted in: Town to block Mount Fuji view from troublesome tourists See in context

To be fair to the Japanese, the kind of tourism experienced all over the world at the moment has never been ruder, more selfish, more inconsiderate and just plain dumb.

That doesn't mean all tourists or most are like that - it means those who fall into the other category are bringing a negativity way out of proportion and refuse to listen to anybody ask them to observe rules etc because they have made themselves an azz hole bubble of smart phones and social media.

Meiji Jingu has that problem - you're not supposed to take photos of videos, there are signs there saying in languages apart from Japanese and there are security guards saying 'No photos/videos please'. Yet tourists especially ones from South America - Brazilians and others - completely ignore the security and keep snapping/filming with no shame whatsoever. Most of those doing this don't even bother looking at the security guards just like those pedestrians spilling over into the street near that conbini don't give less than a shizz about why they shouldn't do it.

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Posted in: Baby-crying sumo contest See in context

Please, now I've heard it all when people are whining about an old custom of Japan and putting a 2024 twist on it. The babies won't remember it and they're at the age where they often cry over unfamiliar things or new stimuli.

Leave Japan to its customs and cut the reinterpretation and misinterpretation of a harmless, fun custom where strong lungs of a baby signify strenght in the future.

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Posted in: Number of young women to halve in 40% of Japan localities by 2050 See in context

To 'Negative Nancy' - your personal situation says it all. You have a permanent job at a prefectural office, you can work freelance, your salary is great etc etc. In other words you don't lead a typical life for somebody in the regions where most residents don't have those kinds of jobs. That's why many people from the regions come to Tokyo.

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Posted in: Number of young women to halve in 40% of Japan localities by 2050 See in context

Again some chicken little racing around the yard saying the sky is falling. Worried about not enough nurses, care workers etc in Japan? Worried about the Japanese labor shortage in some industries?

Join the other countries - the Uk, Australia and NZ to name only three need foreign workers to fill those kinds of positions. In my home country of the US people forget that Mexicans and people from Central America came to do jobs that mainstream Americans didn't want to do - agricultural, housekeeping, business cleaning, factory work etc. Their employers included politicians and others turning a blind eye to lack of visa complications.

Japanese women are not going to fill fertility quotas to please the state. They and their partners are not going to 'do their duty' of having more children if they don't want to. Just like women and their partners in all developed countries.

Tokyo is the biggest sucker up of shifting populations from rural to urban, from regional to suburban. For obvious reasons. The problem can be solved by focusing on Osaka, Nagoya, Ookayama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Kita Kyushu. These are all cities that are viable alternatives especially Fukuoka which has a great lifestyle.

For a start, corporations in Tokyo can be encouraged through various programs and incentives to shift to those cities. Certain government organisations can move there too. Global business agreements made by the J Government can be implemented in those cities as part of the deal. Set up tech hubs in Osaka and Nagoya and create partnerships with tech hubs around the world.

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Posted in: 'City Hunter' manga hero drops sexism for new live-action film See in context

I doubt the City Hunter protagnist is going to be shown as a weak or needy character. Agree with you and others about screwing around with classics or making movies about a familiar past but making it follow contemporary values of political correctness or changing it because it reflected those times instead of these times.

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Posted in: Kishida deserves credit for passage of Ukraine aid: U.S. diplomat See in context

No he doesn't - the last thing Americans need to do is pay for more weapons, more this and more that to the current Ukrainian Govt which has kleptocrats as members including the arrogant leader who demands more and more foreign aid for the money pit. And whose parents managed to own an 8 million dollar home in Israel since the war started, probably from the flood of 'foreign aid'.

The same government that accused a member of being a Russian spy and shot him shortly after with no due process - absolutely disgusting that the American public's taxes are going to this kind of despotism. The same government that ignores the extremist fascist leaning militias that have bombed residents of Russian speaking cities in their own apartment buildings in the disputed territories of the Ukraine - babies, children, teens and adults.

The west is being played, this Ukraine Govt has more in common with the Russian one than any democracy and the Japanese Govt needs to stop involving itself in this heist.

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Posted in: 'City Hunter' manga hero drops sexism for new live-action film See in context

I know the City Hunter manga and not putting in some of the old fashioned jiji sexism etc won't ruin any movie made now if the script writing is on point. It doesn't matter if the female love interests are updated to have minds of their own and strength of personality - sounds better than the cardboard type females of a lot of manga pre 21st century.

Any good contemporary movie making wants to attract both a male and female audience and a 2022 Japanese City Hunter movie has a lot of potential to be more sophisticated than one keeping to 1980s' norms.

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Posted in: Father of Sydney church attacker says he saw no signs of radicalism See in context

Stabbings aint *happening all the time' in Japan and when they do they aren't motivated by terrorist ideology but more criminal/mentally ill reasons.

And my quote that you used, refers to the fact that the people who the ambulance drivers, nurses, police etc came to help were threatened and actually physically assaulted by those people. Since when do Japanese people riot against and assault these essential responders and officers of the law when they come to help? This is the shameful point.

Just as shameful is they were a potential lynch mob who attacked lawful responders and police officers because the police told them that the alleged attacker would not be handed over to them. And those rampaging would be lynchers think this disgusting behavior is somehow their right.

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Posted in: Father of Sydney church attacker says he saw no signs of radicalism See in context

The muted response of the Police Commissioner Webb that the rioters who attacked those trying to assist the victim of crime such as ambulance personnel, nurses and police, could 'expect a knock on the door' demonstrates why there is a perception among some groups that mob 'justice' is fine in Australia.

The normal language used by police spokespersons in Aus is that those who attack authorities especially emergency personnel and police will feel 'the full force of the law' and that these kinds of violent assaults carry heavier penalties when directed against emergency personnel and police.

Seems the tiptoeing is because the head of the NSW police fears that these people who are refugees will somehow claim 'discrimination' if they are treated with the same harshness as most of the population for such violence. Wake up Australia.

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Posted in: Father of Sydney church attacker says he saw no signs of radicalism See in context

Regardless of their religion, people who think that throwing rocks at police, destroying police cars and and attacking emergency service workers - eg ambulance personnel, nurses etc - is the normal way in Australia to respond to emergencies should not be living there.

An act of religious terrorism takes place and these people harm and attempt to harm some more lawful authorities who are assisting the victim yet are his supporters? Unbelievable.

Mob actions like attempting to seize the Muslim teenager who attacked the Christian priest in order to inflict 'an eye for an eye' 'justice' are not normal in Australia - again people are taking advantage of a western system.

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Posted in: Testimony begins in lawsuit accusing Japanese police of racial profiling See in context

Someone actually wrote something along the lines that courts where he comes from give more weight to the police's point of view. Well damn, and water is wet!

Of course weight is given to the police's point of view in Japan and that other country and other democracies. They're the ones that have the incredibly difficult role of law enforcement especially in multi-cultural societies, their lives are at risk regularly and the vitriol directed against them by politically motivated groups means many in the US have retired early. But of course when police haters get into trouble they scream for.....the police.

Japanese police have far less risk but there are those that have died in the line of duty. Profiling in order to police society and prevent crimes is never easy including for J police and those they do it too but it is a valid strategy of law enforcement.

It can be over-used or misused and these foreign plaintiffs seem to have been targeted unfairly. But when you get into this kind of legal action in Japan, you honestly can't expect to win as the J police are following a lawful strategy whether it's seen as fair or not and they are doing it to Japanese people as well. I doubt the plaintiffs will win because this action is challenging the legitimacy of the Japanese police to do their job without hindrance, like that or not.

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