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Posted in: Opposition Labor Party leader Albanese elected Australian PM in complex poll result See in context


Don't know how Albanese will develop, but I'm so glad that I don't have to see ScoMo's smug face.

I couldn't agree more!!

But then again, I said the same about Trump, and now look at USA.

Miracles haven't happened there, but they have a broken system. The party that wins the election isn't allowed to do anything, because the opposition and 1 or 2 treacherous attention seekers (Manchin & ...forget her name now) block nearly all new legislation, just to cause trouble. A break from the Trump years of daily outrages and chaos is better than nothing.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over attempted murder of boyfriend See in context

So if a man’s the victim he must have done something to deserve it. Shame on you.


You seem to have a decent grasp of English, but still don't recognise the meaning of the words "COULD HAVE". Very strange.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over attempted murder of boyfriend See in context

A guy was stabbed. We know nothing else. All possibilities are on the table. So there should be no comments on this at all. Are we all really this bored? I guess so.

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Posted in: Intruder arrested after entering woman’s apartment via balcony See in context

Happy to live in a location where these crimes do not happen.

Love you Zichi, but don't kid yourself. It could happen for the first time in your community this year. Times are changing.

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Posted in: Intruder arrested after entering woman’s apartment via balcony See in context

"Okada managed to flee the scene" while the man who lives there "went to call the police".

Call me old fashioned, but finding a pervert behind the curtains of your apartment when you get home calls for punching his * lights out before you call the police.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over attempted murder of boyfriend See in context

Poor guy?

Yeah, or he could have been trying to rape her (again). Who the hell knows? Why comment on stories with almost zero information?

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Posted in: Australia accelerates missile upgrade due to growing threats See in context

The world is already on the brink of climate disaster, and all most posters can think about is spending insane amounts of money on more missiles. It's one planet. We have to find a way to live together. I don't have any easy answers, but more missiles at the bottom of the world doesn't help anyone.

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This is long overdue. Now punishments can potentially fit the more serious types of crimes that 18-19 year olds have been more or less getting away with for too long. As for vulnerability to scams, they'll just have to grow up a bit quicker (i.e. slightly more on par with other nationalities) now, won't they. That can't be a bad thing either.

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Posted in: Man arrested after attacking 2 men with knife on Osaka street See in context

"Just out for a walk". Brilliant. Is there anything online to beat the J-crime section?

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Last I checked parent’s includes the mother; or does he have a step-mother who shares the house?

Try reading the sentence again.

"Sawada lives with his parents and his mother was out at the time of the incident."

You could argue that a comma would have been useful after "parents", but it's not the kind of massive mistake that would have confused most people.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe wants attempts to alter status quo in Asia quashed See in context


*Pukey2, Ok I respect that opinion.*

And then you make out that it's completely wrong (which it's not... it's spot on.)

You talk about Abe's (relative) longevity. What does that actually mean? I'll tell you. It means he was less incompetent than other Japanese leaders. That's not saying much. And we're talking about what, 8-9 years? Berlusconi was PM of Italy (a country with an equally dismal political culture) for the same amount of time, and was similarly corrupt and laughable.

It sounds like you must have an Abe poster on your wall (imagining him to some kind of "master strategist", as you do). "Faux friendship" with Trump? Trump has very few real friends, because he's a sociopath, but I think those two came as close to friendship as could possibly be achieved, with their shared love of golf, disdain for the concept of gender equality, and so on.

"Abe, almost six sense, knew how to work global events to his favor."

Please, if you love fantasy that much, just rent the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or some Disney garbage, and absorb yourself with that.

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Posted in: Firefighter arrested for stealing ¥200,000 from burning house See in context

Amazing. You couldn't make this stuff up. This is why the J-crime section is the "must read" part of this website.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe wants attempts to alter status quo in Asia quashed See in context

I want lavish payments for speeches by mediocre ex-heads of states quashed. Any payments should automatically be directed to worthy charities in the countries where the speeches take place.

Looking for a definition of "waste of time and space"? Look no further.

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If you're actually interested, you could google it. There's a world of information out there, waiting to be explored. You could also learn why rain falls, where babies come from, and many other things.

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Posted in: Yoon likely to warm up Tokyo-Seoul ties but wartime issues remain See in context

Not "PM"- President

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Posted in: Yoon likely to warm up Tokyo-Seoul ties but wartime issues remain See in context

Notes to new PM:

Do something about that ridiculous haircut.

Resign, because you're a reactionary who sees women as baby-making machines.

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I confess that I missed the backstory on that. It seems that, in fact, you're correct on that point. God help us all. What a mess.

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Posted in: Harris trip to Poland takes a turn over jets for Ukraine See in context


You've been very vocal all along about this not being the US's fight. Now you seem upset that Biden isn't green lighting the transfer of NATO jets to Ukraine. And, let's be perfectly clear about this... Poland was saying "We'll give the planes to the US, and the US can decide what to do with them (i.e. pass them on to Ukraine). So yes, "*give them to Ukraine, but you take the rap, and give us new F-16s in return".* Cute. You can't blame them for trying, I guess (??).

So, you don't want the US to get into a lethal conflict (and bring untold catastrophe onto other European countries, and possibly MacDonaldsland itself) ? Fine, I agree with you. For Biden, "between a rock and a hard place" barely begins to describe his position. But openly transferring fighters would be a red rag to an apparently deranged Kremlin bull. Best to tread VERY carefully at the moment. There are currently no good options, but surely you'd agree that making things much worse isn't a great idea.

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So true. You don't want to jinx them, but who knows? Great to see a coherent strategy with signings, planning for the future, too. Diaz has slotted straight in. Jurgen Klopp... absolute legend!!

United have beaten City a couple of times in recent seasons, while still being basically crap, so there's a chance of happy times this weekend. Either way, there are likely to be more twists and turns in the title race.

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Posted in: Manchester clubs face tricky derby as Leeds launch new era See in context

Liverpool are a tidy team but nowhere near good enough or lucky enough to win them all.

"Tidy"?? Are you out of your mind? You seem to be claiming to be an LFC fan in the same breath. Tidy? This is a brilliant team. Wolves and Brighton are tidy. City are clinical and get results, but Liverpool usually gets results while playing absolutely brilliant football. "Tidy", my backside.

No teams wins 4 titles in a season. It's not humanly possible, so forget about that. It's a silly media talking point. But a couple more titles are doable. The Champions League looks very winnable, in particular.

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Posted in: Climate panel flags Great Barrier Reef devastation See in context


Thanks for saving me the trouble of refuting the GreenPiss garbage. It's going to be a terrible loss when the reef goes (along with all the other ones), but the appetite for ignorant and/or malicious lies from the likes of the above just confirms that we're not going to get on top of this. Worse is yet to come.

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Such was non-existent prior to the pandemic.

In your neighbourhood (as far as you know), maybe. But Japan has never been some kind of burglary-free paradise, if that's what you're suggesting.

What gets me is that, in 2021, oldsters are STILL leaving cash lying around in their homes (or not even the place where they live, in this case!). This, and still falling for the old chestnut "ore ore" scam, are things I doubt I'll ever be able to wrap my head around.

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Correct. Putin has already lost. He hoped for a quick victory, with not too much antipathy aroused in the Ukrainians. With each passing day the hatred grows. If and when the Russian military finally takes control, the people have shown that they will never accept occupation. The Russians will finally leave with their tails between their legs (think Iraq, Afghanistan, for comparisons). It's just a question of how many months/years, and how much bloodshed, it will take.

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Posted in: From banking to sports to vodka, Russia's isolation grows See in context


for 2 years of COVID was anything Chinese banned from sale, destroyed or disposed of? Why now?

No, it wasn't, because sane people don't believe China deliberately unleashed Covid on the world. Why now? Because a conscious decision has been taken to invade a country and kill innocent people. It's really not that tricky when you think about it for a millisecond.

Now will anyone looking Russian be attacked or discriminated against?

How do you "look Russian"?

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Posted in: Do you think the surge in authoritarian behavior by governments around the world poses a growing threat to democracy, free speech and other civil rights? See in context

Maybe the question needs to be framed less ambiguously. On reading it, I thought it was talking about serious attacks on voting rights, such as have been happening in Hungary, the USA, and many other places.

But the wording leaves open the possibility for the loony tune brigade to jump on their hobby horse about vaccinations yet again. Strict public health measures are not equivalent to authoritarianism folks. They're called common sense, an example of why we have governments in the first place.

Talking about real, serious, growing efforts to suppress democracy around the world, the answer can only be *yes, of course (and why are you even asking?)** *We should already be at the stage of asking "What the hell are we going to do about it??"

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Posted in: We will uphold the three nonnuclear principles of not possessing or producing nuclear weapons, and not allowing them in Japan's territory as our national policy. See in context


No doubt that's correct, which is all the more reason why Japan doesn't need to paint a giant target on it's "forehead" by basing nuclear weapons on land. That would upping the ante, big time, and is a really stupid idea. Stick to golf, Abe. Keep your sabre rattling to yourself.

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Arteta has shown that he's the right man to manage Arsenal, anyway. He clearly knows what he's doing. When they click, they play some terrific footy. They have some talented youngsters, but still need a quality striker and a proper presence in midfield to partner Partey.

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Posted in: Nick Kyrgios writes about ‘suicidal thoughts,’ depression See in context

Yeah, agreed. I'm liking him more and more these days. This certainly explains some of the strange behaviour we saw from him on the court. Advantage, Kyrgios.

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Are you seriously suggesting that the Russians might think they could release radiation from the reactor and "deal with it", if necessary, on their side? Get real. What's next? Kamikaze bears?

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Posted in: Ukraine crisis to test Japan's democratic principles See in context

There's been some debate in previous posts about whether or not Japan is a "heavy hitter" on the global stage. Having the 3rd biggest economy should have some bearing on it, but let's take a quote from the article:

"Abe prioritized relations with Russia under his "illusions" that Putin was eager in the territorial negotiations" 

With this kind of schoolboy cluelessness from the supposed top talents in the country, how can Japan hope to be taken seriously, let alone considered heavy hitters?

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