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A recent poll found only 35% of US adults call the national economy good.

And you're not just making that up... (of course!). Link please.


However, I would question why the headline calls it a "solid" 3.2%. Solid by who's and what definition? 

Solid by the definition of any half-qualified economist who has ever walked the planet, regardless of their private political leanings! Educate yourself before posting garbage.

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Okay. I think this is a semantic problem. We have slightly different ideas about what "punching above their weight" means in this context.

For me a team's "weight" implies their size, status etc. A big club is a big club, regardless of their current form (you're talking about form). Chelsea are in a similar boat to Man Utd (a more extreme example). Utd have been rubbish for years, but they're still a big club. If they do okay in the next match against Liverpool, it wouldn't be right to say they were "punching above their weight". They're a big club with talented individuals. They just can't get organized as a team, with a coherent playing style. Same with Chelsea.

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A lot of opinion in there.

Informed opinion, from someone who follows the league very closely. I wonder if you do.

In any case, regardless of how much those on the Chelsea injured list were seriously missed (& only James was, I assure you), you only have to look at the substitutes benches to see that Chelsea was still stocked with experienced players valued at many millions of whatever currency whereas Liverpool were almost entirely down to teenagers from the academy, some with zero minutes of first team football, others with a few minutes (e.g. Danns).

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Nice try Jimizo, but it's easier just to accept you're in the wrong. Only Reece James would have made the starting line-up if he'd been available. Silva is fit but out of favour with Poch at the moment. Cucurella instead of Chilwell? Don't think so. Lavia instead of Enzo or Caicedo? No again. Ugo & Chuk would have been handy subs. Badiashile is a walking disaster area. You're better off without him.

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Delighted for my team, doing what they do. Mentality monsters ride again! With the injury list what it is, and games coming thick and fast in all competitions, it will be tough to win another title this season, let alone 3 more. Won't stop the boys trying though. A couple of odd (let's be honest...ill-informed) comments here so far:

A decent game considering both squads were depleted.

Incorrect. Actually Chelsea were at near full strength. Liverpool massively depleted. Huge difference there.

Chelsea, fighting well above their weight.

Don't like the club at all, but it's ridiculous to suggest that they're not on a similar level to the Reds.

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Posted in: U.S. charges yakuza gang leader with conspiring to sell nuclear material See in context

Man-child with little weenie wants to build some self-esteem by playing with dangerous toys. Remind you of anyone with an orange skin tone and ridiculous, massive comb-over to cover the baldness?

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Posted in: Ukraine PM says his country needs missiles, but expects new U.S. aid to come through See in context

@Quo Primum

One of the world‘s most corrupt governments over the past 3 decades

Oh yeah? How do you prove that? You can't. If you can find an INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED league table for corruption, you will certainly find that Russia is near the top. How many luxury estates do Putin & his cronies have? MANY. Do you care about that, Ruskie troll man?

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California has drug addled zombies and crackheads living in tents.

New York has people on the streets sleeping rough.

News flash. This isn't a problem that has just appeared in the last few years. It's been around and getting worse for many decades. Trump certainly didn't do anything to help about those issues last time. Why would he this time? (Hint: He won't, because he doesn't give a flying whatever about anyone who isn't already rich and powerful, much less the poor. Grow up.)

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Why are MAGA supporters so full of conspiracies?

I think you know the answer to that Wallace. They are empty, gullible vessels waiting to be filled. When the Nazis raged about the scourge of the Jews who had "betrayed" Germany in WW1, there were sad, bewildered people desperate for a way to understand their situation who clutched at an easy answer.

Fast forward to 2024, and right wing misinformation merchants have fine tuned their tactics to target the mentally vulnerable online. The far right is well organized in the dirty tricks department, and possibly underestimated, I'm afraid.

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President to be Donald Trump will restore peace and stop the flow of immigration

A second term for this individual would be a catastrophe not only for his country, but for freedom loving societies around the world, and the future of our planet ("Drill, baby drill" ... Yeah thanks, You are living in a fantasy world.

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hatred towards Trump

Yes Bass, there is a LOT of very real HATRED towards Trump. You get that, you say. And can you give us your thoughts as to why that is, given that there have been other Republican presidents in living memory who weren't "universally loved"? If we go back through Bush Jr. (architect of Iraq/Afghanistan fiasco), Reagan/Bush Snr. (Iran-Contra & much more), as far as tricky Dicky Nixon... Even he was not hated nearly as much.

Why is your golden boy so hated? Have you ever honestly reflected on that?

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Yes, but thanks to Biden, and the fact that he screwed the country so royally with illegals

I thought your stable genius told us all he was going to build a beautiful wall (and get the Mexicans to pay for it... comedy gold!!). Remember that one? If you say the country is flooded with illegals you're admitting that your little genius failed you.

To those who say Haley will drop out now, think again. Watch the video if you have the attention span (skip the vlogger if necessary). She sticks it to the Trump sycophants at Fox who give the orange criminal a free pass, questioning them on whether they will present the truth or not. Let's not forget, the woman is a hard-right piece of work, so I'm not crying for her, but it's pathetic that it's left to her alone on the right to shine the light on the continuing propaganda avalanche by Fox. It's not a news organization. Goebbels would have loved them.

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Sympathy for Tokyo’s pigeons contrasts with sentiment towards its population of crows, which were targeted after complaints that their appetite for rubbish left in the street by restaurants was making a mess of the capital’s streets.

In 2001, the then governor, Shintaro Ishihara, announced he was waging war on the city’s estimated 36,000 crows. Over the two decades that followed, the capital’s crow population fell by around two-thirds, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun.

So, let me get this straight...pigeons are precious, crows must be exterminated? No, sorry, something is not right here.

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Refer to Kaowaiinekochanknaws post for the facts.

The top 5 indigenous seats all voted NO.

There was no indigenous landslide. They were deeply divided on this referendum.

So says Kaowaiinekochanknaw. Only trouble is Kaowaiinekochanknaw is full of you know what. He's tried one of the old disinformation-lover's favourite tricks: throw out an official looking URL and hope people don't bother to check.

Well, is indeed the Electoral Commission's homepage. From there, there are links you can click on for info about percentages from various seats, but nothing I can find that fits with his supposed "Top 5 indigenous seats" claim. If you have any verifiable evidence (which I doubt), provide a correct link!

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The majority of the ‘first Australians’ didn’t want the referendum to succeed.

Ha ha ha. Go ahead. Feel free to say whatever you like as if it were a fact. Only it isn't...

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63% is a huge majority in electoral terms.

Example: The 1984 United States presidential election.

"Incumbent Republican president Ronald Reagan defeated Democratic former vice president Walter Mondale in a landslide victory." (Wikipedia) Percentage of the popular vote to Reagan? 58.8%

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Posted in: Sapporo's 2030 Winter Olympics bid dropped; 2034 or later targeted See in context

Hooray! A glimmer of sense and reason from a local governing body.

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Expo? Who cares? Waste of time. We have this thing called the Internet available, if you want to share your culture, or whatever the point of expos is supposed to be.

If humanity is going to stand a small chance of avoiding really catastrophic climate disaster (well beyond what we're seeing now), we're going to have to STOP wasting vital resources and creating CO2 and other waste just to bring trivial events like this into existence. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

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It's easy to get and should be read by everyone.

That sounds interesting. I gave you a +, because positivity is refreshing. It probably should be read by everyone. Will it? And by any people with any connection to people in power here? ...

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Of course this isn't great news, but with all the problems facing humanity it's hard to get worked up about this one. Every country has it's own story, and naturally we all get to hear a lot about the USA. From what I've read in recent years about the situation over there, my impression is that the figure would be quite a bit higher than 30% for them.

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Why can't the ginko trees be replanted elsewhere?

Answer: They are about 100 years old. Their roots go all over the place, underground. Think about it! These are not little pot plants on your kitchen window sill.

 I've been really upset about it over the years, watching all the destruction of greenery here, but most people just don't seem to care. Well, it's their country, their rubbish future.

Yeah, I've been, and continue to be, upset. You don't seem to understand that their rubbish future is our rubbish future! It's one planet. (duh!) We all share it. Stupidity anywhere on the planet affects us all. It's our rubbish future. The fact that you have to have this pointed out to you makes me doubt that we will get out of the disaster we're all sleepwalking into.

I teach at universities here. It's depressing how often one hears this line come out of students' mouths: "Japanese are great nature lovers." Why depressing? It shows that the brainwashing of the education system is effective. These kids actually believe this nonsense, when in fact Japan is a concrete-loving, anti-nature state.

I don't think they're evil. They just don't understand what they're doing. They're CLUELESS on this topic, in other words. Some individuals escape the net and know what's going on, of course, but they are a tiny minority.

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Hi folks (& bye folks)... the obvious problem here is that it's a really dumb survey question (unless you're looking to stir up trouble, which I strongly suspect is the real story here).

No context. What is the question supposed to mean? It's so simplistic that many respondents would most likely have not thought to take it at face value (assuming the results are even accurate, which in this day & age is always going to be very doubtful, unless the survey is carried out by a mainstream source... sorry Blackie, mainstream... I said the M word).

Where & when was it asked, and how seriously did people try to understand the question? If you're on your way somewhere, busy, and someone asks you a dumb question that you're not really paying attention to, it could easily register as something like "Are you fine with relations with white people as they stand?"

Conclusion: There are some right wing whiteys who would do anything to keep fear of Afro-Americans at fever pitch, i.e. keep them down.... forever.

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Agreed. No surprise at all, the way the team has been playing. Midfield is arguably a bigger problem than defence. It's been far too easy for opponents to stroll through midfield this season. Any defence would struggle given the amount of times they're exposed. Bajcetic is very promising, but still a kid learning his trade. Henderson is over the hill. Probably Fabinho too (or if not, he's in the worst form of his career). Wijnaldum was never replaced. Lots of fresh blood needed in the summer.

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Posted in: Japan to roll out plans to back Ukraine at 'appropriate time,' U.S. official says See in context

Russia and China are both democratic dictatorships !

That's funny. Too bad you don't mean to be. Look up oxymoron in the dictionary.

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Eddie's "still riding high on the coaching gravy train" because he knows what he's doing. You can only work with the players you have available, so I'm not making any rash predictions (like winning the World Cup). But he's tactically smart, sets high standards in training etc, and doesn't tolerate any stuffing around. I think it's very likely the Wallabies will improve under him, in the short term at least.

The big problem in Australia is at the grassroots of the game (a shallow pool of players), so I'm not sure how you fix that one. Rugby just isn't the first choice winter sport for many boys.

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Putin calling for a "truce" was partly an attempt to give his demoralized troops a breather at the time of a Russian festive holiday, and partly another ham-fisted PR stunt for the consumption of the wider world. Sadly for Mr. P, no one in their right mind believes there was even a trace of sincerity in the offer. The Ukrainians are way too smart to fall for such amateurish stunts. Too bad the same can't be said for some of the posters here.

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Murdoch's spin doctors at The Australian & Sky News have been at work again. Work on your critical thinking skills a bit, hey?

"This 15-minute module, which is ungraded (zero credit points, and zero fees), was developed to provide students with an opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia, and gain an important understanding of the rich and complex histories of First Nations Peoples and the lands on which we study, work and live.

To date, more than 49,000 students have completed the module.

Whilst some students may already have a depth of knowledge of the experiences of Indigenous Australians, if one student doesn’t then this module is worth it.

The University will continue to assess the introduction of compulsory modules. The introduction of compulsory modules follows a thorough process involving multiple areas of the University. The Indigenous Australian Voices module is one of three compulsory modules, including academic integrity and Respect at Monash.

As with all mandatory modules, students who do not complete them by the deadline will lose access to units in Moodle until they are completed. Incompletion of the module will NOT directly impact exam attendance or graduation. Students who complete their academic units will be eligible to sit exams and graduate regardless of the completion status of compulsory modules."

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Fact check: The world is facing a climate crisis.

If you don't recognise that, there's no point talking to you. Political parties that voice genuine concern about that (rather than lip service), and suggest that modern societies take serious steps towards reducing the severity of what we've all got coming aren't lunatics. Winning a number of seats proves they're not a fringe either.

Any questions?

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Posted in: The work involved in carrying dishes to tables is of no value to customers, so robots can do the work instead. See in context

Server interaction is key to the dining experience.

Enjoyment of the food is key to the dining experience. Gushing waiters are the last thing I want.

If you're a tourist, visiting Japan for the first time, I can see how interaction with a server would be helpful. Menus here tend to be fairly well-defined, not packed with wild surprises, unless you're talking about spending major money in the presence of some kind of creative genius chef.

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Posted in: Progressives returned for third term in Australia's Victoria state See in context

The Labor win shows that Victorians can't stomach the lunatic fringe, and their deranged lies (exhibit A: abortion fantasy story above). Liberals failed to distance themselves from the lunatic fringe. If they want to win power, they should call out the nutcases whenever they crawl out from under a rock. Then people might be more receptive.

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