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I feel sad for everyone involved. If she was able to get help, this probably wouldn’t have happened. There needs to be a major overhaul on mental health in this country. It’s not just stigmatized, but also not covered by insurance and a taboo subject to talk about. It’s also expensive to get treatment. There’s no sensitivity or empathy for people who are different. If a mother has depression or is feeling overwhelmed, there is no relief. Especially if the father doesn’t come home until after midnight. So sadly, these women bottle it up until they can’t take it anymore. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a carefree life. So, I think these things will keep happening until society takes mental health seriously.

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Why the divisive stereotyping? He doesn’t speak for all men or women. How can anyone in today’s world still think this way? I agree, some women take a lot of time. However, men can also take a while to decide on things to buy. Especially if it is hobby related.

Since women and men both work, shouldn’t all the responsibilities be shared?

Shouldn’t men care just as much as women about where their money goes? I guess some men are okay wasting their money on crappy products or incorrect items. I guess they could also live on fast food. No matter what, we all have to eat.

Aren’t cooking and shopping for food really life skills that all people should learn.

This is probably one of many reasons why many women prefer to be single. Too many man-children expecting their mommy, I’m sorry wife, to take care of them. It’s all about teamwork. Get with the times or don’t expect women to want to be with you.

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I think Japan needs to take care of the children they have, and improve the social services in this country, before asking people to have more children. If this were to happen in other developed countries, the whole department or organization would be under investigation. The people working there would also be fired if not brought up on charges themselves for negligence.

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