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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for fatally stabbing man on street in Aichi See in context

I agree with Alistair, the victim was in opposition to something someone was trying to do. He was in a position to stop it. The 17 yr old knew about the meeting and also knew who the victim was. I don't believe this was a random stabbing. After the murder, the others in the 'neighborhood association' got the message. I'm pretty sure that whatever was being opposed had lost all opposition at this point.

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Posted in: Sasebo girl who killed classmate sent to reformatory See in context

I think she should be put in a room, and have some deranged bastard do the same thing to her that she did to that poor innocent girl....just tell her a week before and give her the exact time it's gonna happen so she can think about it....right up until the first strike of the hammer.

I've grown weary of these stories...someone murdered for the pleasure of somebody possessed by pure evil. Maybe if we did the ole "eye for an eye", the next satanic-s.o.b wouldn't be so quick to take a life...or better yet, maybe they would just kill themselves and let the innocent live in peace.

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Posted in: Man jumps out of moving car after argument with girlfriend See in context

@CrazyJoe Not to make light of the current state of the young man... but CrazyJoe, your comment is hilarious!!!

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan revamps menu, prices after food scandals See in context

@gogogo I always love your comments. I love the way you think. wish we could be friends :)

About McDonalds....a huge fast-food chain selling it's products world wide is more than likely in bed with Monsato, serving lots of GMO's...oooh, yummy! it's a known fact the fries don't even spoil (because it's not actually food), and pretty much everything is processed beyond belief and filled with food-coloring and preservatives. So, unless they plan to switch to grass-fed beef, free range chicken, organic produce, and remove the chemicals...it's the same ole Mickey-dees with a few new items on the menu. Ho hum. The word "Revamp" doesn't really apply. Like my friend "gogogo" commented earlier, the word is 'Shuffle'.

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Posted in: Fires burn in Ferguson; gunshots heard in streets See in context

Rioting and looting is not the answer by any means...but you know what?? people are tired and frustrated! and they really don't have an outlet to express the anger and rage which has to be constantly suppressed. I really feel bad for everyone involved....everyone is hurting on both sides of the issue, and there are no winners. Just alot of pain and resentment.

I see the word "savages" being thrown around in the comments. very interesting. I get the implication, but then again historically in America, who are the real savages??? What's more savage than the genocide of nearly the entire Native American population?? (The american Indian makes up a mere 1.5% of the entire U.S. population) Or bringing a race of people from another country to serve as beasts of burden?? The Constitution says Blacks were 3/5 human (just 10% more than half), yet after they worked the fields all day, they served as sex-toys and bed-warmers for their captors....Isn't that bestiality (also known as zoophilia)?? ****Only a real savage or a beast would want sex with something only 60% human.

America was born out of violence and savagery. If Blacks are "savages" they learned it through the consciousness of the country where they were born and raised. I guess if your evil is government sanctioned, and you do it wearing a suit, then it's ok?? huh?****

A special note to LAcajun, SimonB, MarkG, Hampy, Ulysses, Texas A&M Aggie, and anyone else who thinks Mike Brown was a thief who bullied the store owner and walked away with a box of cigars... please check this link -> http://countercurrentnews.com/2014/08/ferguson-store-owner-says-he-doesnt-believe-thats-mike-brown-on-surveillance-video/#

The store owner is responding through an attorney about the lie the media has been telling. He says he never said that was Mike Brown on the video. The media got that video and repeated that lie over and over and over.

Most people just don't research, they believe whatever mainstream news tells them. But then again, when someone is kinda prejudiced already, it doesn't take much to get them to believe a lie.

Also, the witnesses on the scene say Mike Brown never tried to grab the officers' gun. Another lie. They say officer Wilson grabbed Mike through the window of the police car and Mike struggled to get away. When Mike broke free, he turned and ran, was then shot twice by officer Wilson, when Mike faced him surrendering with his hands up, he was then shot 4 more times and left dead in the street for 4 hrs. Believe what you want, but this is the testimony of the witnesses who were there.

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Posted in: Germans charged with vandalism in Singapore face flogging See in context

@techall, you are hilarious!!

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for pushing man off train platform See in context

@gogogo I totally agree with you! This kid needs to learn why it's not ok to push a person on to the tracks....if this behavior doesn't stop now, he'll do something really bad later.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for murdering grandparents See in context

I think the mother stood to gain insurance money. She sent her 17 yr old son to do the dirty work, because she figured he wouldn't be tried as an adult...she probably promised him a cut of the money too. The ¥20,000 had little to do with the overall crime. That's just throw everyone off...The mother is at the center of it all.

I've heard of crazy but what 17 yr old boy kills both of his grandparents for a lousy 200 bucks?? There're a lot missing from this story.

And btw, what's up with Saitama???

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Posted in: Details of Roppongi slaying emerge, but raise new questions See in context

This was obviously a gangster situation...10 guys wearing ski-masks (let into the club through the private/emergency exit) beat a Japanese man with pipes??? Honestly, I really don't think they wanted to kill him..maybe put him in the hospital for a few months. But regardless of whether they wanted him dead or not, they definitely wanted to send a message--> "Mess with us (not pay/steal/play games), and this is what happens to you"

Not one other person was harmed at all!...they were obviously after 1 guy. I don't know what he did, but he definitely pissed off the wrong people. Oh, and by the way...I doubt very seriously if foreigners were involved. I could read this one with my eyes closed-

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