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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed in front of home in Saitama Pref; acquaintance arrested See in context

Knife crime seems to be on the up.

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Posted in: U.S. military helicopter flies over Okinawa school again See in context

Strangely I never hear many complaints about the JASDF frequently flying over residential areas (including schools).

But it's not because they don't regularly do it.

double standards at best.

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Posted in: Trump rebukes Japan over nontariff barriers against American cars See in context

Nonsense about American cars. Most Japanese simply don't want to buy them.

I don't hear many complaints from European car makers. Plenty of them on the road in Japan.

How about try making cars that people might want to buy instead of bleating.

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Posted in: Man wielding knife shot by Osaka police officer See in context

Seems the cops suspicions were well placed. And why assume aggressive questioning?

For example perhaps simply asking the knife nutter if he worked in the area (i.e. employment status) to gauge the response.

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Posted in: Man arrested for burying body on Ishikawa beach asked acquaintances to dig hole See in context

That's just lazy!

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Posted in: LDP OKs draft to change Constitution's article on election system See in context

I think you need to read it again.

If adopted it would increase rural representation as it would block the merging of rural constituencies which are sparsely populated with older conservative inhabitants. Typical LDP territory.

this proposal is basic gerrymandering 101

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Posted in: Nuclear cleanup of Fukushima town to start around May See in context

Total waste of time and money.

would anyone really choose to live there?

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Posted in: Japanese speedskater suspended after failing doping test See in context

all elite athletes, team management and support staff know the score.

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Posted in: Japanese speedskater suspended after failing doping test See in context

I was drunk and have no knowledge/memory/ explanation regarding this mishap.

i will endevour to better explai.....


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Posted in: Man wanted on suspicion of killing son found dead on expressway See in context

Reckless comment.

Who saved who from what?

simply don't know.

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Posted in: Police find body of pilot in SDF chopper crash See in context

Recent US military flight problems seemed to get a totally different spin on the story despite no loss of life or major damage to civilian areas on the ground.

just thinking.

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Posted in: Kanagawa police eye AI-assisted predictive policing before Olympics See in context


Not only are foreigners statistically much less likely to offend than Japanese (eg. factor of x20 for Brits) but almost half of 'foreign crime' is simply work/visa violations which the Japanese can't do.

But there seems to be endless moral panics about 'gaijin crime waves'

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Posted in: 260 police personnel disciplined in 2017; sexual harassment, camera voyeurism top list See in context

How many were prosecuted? We may never know.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup 2019 mascots See in context

I'll hazard a guess that as there are a pair we will have to add "kun" and "chan"

which is which? Or is it obvious?

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup 2019 mascots See in context


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Posted in: Egyptian sumo wrestler denies driving car that caused accident See in context

Sounds like the Chris Huhne case in the UK.

Ex Tory energy minister and his wife both got 8months jail time for trying the same thing.

he claimed she was driving too.

The driving offence wasnt the issue. It's attempting to pevert the course of justice that puts you in deep sh#t!

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Posted in: Gov't tells NHK not to repeat false missile alert See in context

False alarm or scam alarm?

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Posted in: Quake-hit prefecture launches police training on disaster rescue See in context

While I can applaud the idea I have to wonder why it took 22years to work it out.

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Posted in: 65-year-old woman driver arrested after her car hits 4 children in Saitama See in context

Sun in your eyes and can't see a signal? Common sense suggests slow down. But if you can't even notice 4 people on a pedestrian crossing you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a car.

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Posted in: Winning trust takes a long time, but it can be lost in an instant. That's a big lesson from this. See in context

And this is a big lesson? Who would have guessed?

its a basic business 101!

abandon hope if this is an example of leadership mind set.

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Posted in: Radiation cleanup work begins in Fukushima nuclear plant town See in context


Not just one guy.

thats a guy with a strimmer! Banzai!!!

any decon there is just window dressing.

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Posted in: Prosecutors drop case against actor Keisuke Koide for drinking with under-age girl See in context

I wonder whose idea going to the hotel was.

There is a whiff of honey trap about this story. Can't help but feel this guy got shafted. Who is the mystery acquaintance that got them acquainted?

"Only 13(17) and she knows how to nasty"...Frank Zappa

gotta love(sic) the twisted double standards here sometimes too.

Compensated dating?...ok


delivery health?...ok


porn at kids eye level on the Conbini?...ok

the list is endless.

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Posted in: Japan ready to cooperate with China's Silk Road project See in context

anyone really think China gives a hoot about Japan's cooperation?

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Posted in: Still no clues to whereabouts of missing 3-year-old Fukui boy after one week See in context


i remember that too.

parents put the kid out the car in a remote area and drove away to 'punish' him. He wandered off. So no surprise nothing on cctv.

this was in a built up area.

sounds like they expected to see him.

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Posted in: Still no clues to whereabouts of missing 3-year-old Fukui boy after one week See in context

I remember a case in North London that sounds similar. Dad claimed same kinda story. But police couldn't make any headway. Story then slowly unraveled. Turned out he had killed the kid.

BTW It's illegal in many countries to leave a child unattended in a vehicle but I often see it in Japan. Even seen kids alone in cars with the engine still running. Recipe for trouble.

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers dominate list of top donation recipients in 2016 See in context


would be very interesting indeed. But don't hold your breath waiting for its publication.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 to feed IOC officials food from disaster-hit region See in context

You would think they would at least offer visitors a choice.

Ah, then again...Daren't do that.

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Posted in: Businesses await new era name to follow emperor's abdication See in context

Does anyone else see the irony of the new era being scheduled for starting on May 1st?

May Day being International Workers Day.

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Posted in: Top carbon-fiber maker Toray says tire parts unit falsified inspection data See in context

And apparently they had already decided they were gonna keep it quiet till the story leaked out.

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Posted in: Top carbon-fiber maker Toray says tire parts unit falsified inspection data See in context

"The issues occurred while Sadayuki Sakakibara, current head of the Japan Business Federation, the country's most influential business lobby, served as Toray president and chairman."

the fox now guarding the chicken run?

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