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Posted in: How would a 'President Trump' deal with Japan? See in context

A lot of the things he has said has made others look at issues at home rather than debating about what to do in other country's all the time. No matter if you like or dislike him, it should be agreed that the mindset of focusing more on issues at home rather than trying to do everything else is needed.

It's time that America starts focusing on itself at home, and a lot of the issues he's talked about are at home.

Since he is not a textbook politician or has experience in that area, if he is smart he will have someone good close by to work on the Diplomacy with other nations, as he himself will need to gain experience in that himself over time.

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Posted in: Police arrest man for brandishing knife at Docomo HQ in Tokyo See in context

Had you ever had to deal with their customer service? Based off of his actions, I say he definitely did.

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Posted in: Nago mayor pleads against U.S. air base See in context

@Bertie, The War did not end in 1945. In fact, the United States didn't even want to be apart of WWII, we ignored Britain and other European countries saying we'd stay out of that war, but, guess who came on over? The awesome Empire of Japan.

Now I don't know the history of the Ryukyuu Kingdom, but, if you all want to be your own country, then do something.

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Posted in: Hundreds rally against Okinawa base move as Kennedy arrives See in context


Thanks for clearing that up in your second post, because, the first post seems as if you hate everyone the American Military. So to sum it up, you just don't want military bases on the Island.

So, you're totally fine with someone like me, in the military, going their for vacation?

And to clear it up, I can't speak for the other branches, but, the amount of 'rapists' per capita is way lower than any average in society, not to say that that's okay, Military should be a step above in standards than regular civilians, but, unfortunately we need to do a better job of getting it to zero.

While I'm in the Military, I'm also getting a degree in Criminal Justice, understanding how the American Criminal Justice system works and the Military Justice System, as a person to see individuals convicted of Rape or Sexual Assault, I would prefer the American system be used. The Military system has loopholes and has decisions made by individuals who are not fully educated in Criminal Law, creating some weird Monarchy Law system.

All I ask, is if you ever see me, or the good people of the military, don't associate us with that hate you have toward whatever reason it is you hate the military, I assume it's because of the land issue and some crime issues.

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Posted in: Documents reveal chaotic U.S. military sex-abuse record in Japan See in context

You know, reading this article, then reading some of your guys' posts, makes me laugh. All of you talk about how this is your country and Americans invade your country, blah blah.

I agree Rape is Bad, there is a few people who do it, yeah, but for you all to comment as if almost every service member is a predator or immoral is pathetic. It is about the same as your society. It's just intensified because a foreigner has done it.

Speaking of the issue of foreigners, how can you expect foreigners to abide by your laws, and expect them to be respectful, when about 60% of comments on here are racist, some being low-key racist, and others calling Americans 'Yanks.'

I don't condone rape, and I hate serving (I'm in the Military) with idiots who do such things, and I hope they get charged to the fullest of the law (Actual American Law, not Military Law), but, I detest impotent comments especially racism.

I know Japan is highly Xenophobic, but, wow seriously, does racism get you far? No, all it does is make you mad, and make me want to respect you less.

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Posted in: Most Japanese want Abe to heed fallout over Yasukuni: poll See in context

Abe desperately wanted Nakaima to okay the plan to build a new superbase for the US military in Henoko.

There is no such thing as a "Super base." Don't know how this story relates to that anyways.

I think he should think about his actions, especially if he wants to build relations with countries who detest that shrine.

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Posted in: Human remains found at U.S. base on Okinawa See in context

Just like the old WWII Bombs, Shells, and Ammunition we find all the time at Yokota. Speculation is wonderful..

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Posted in: Do you think Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has done a good job since his election a year ago? See in context

A Super Base? Wow. Your barrage against the US keeps you away from facts and actual terminology.. There's no such thing as a "Super Base."

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Posted in: Rocket launchers fired near U.S. base at Yokota See in context


So, It's okay for a group of Criminals, we will call them that, to fire Improvised Rocket Launchers at a base where families live, with the intent of harming them, just because they're tired of American Military aggression?

I don't see how that is justifiable in any way.

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Posted in: Obama asks Congress to authorize Syria strike See in context

Make no mistake that MOST of the American people do not want to intervene in Syria. I do understand that people shouldn't use chemical weapons on their own people, but one, the alternative we have, is giving other bad people power, and two, this seems like it's going to turn into another war, and most American's are tired of war. It seems like these are personal agendas of the Administration.

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Posted in: Amid safety fears, U.S. Navy jets train on Iwo Jima See in context


Because using the United States land for simulating exercises is inaccurate, Doesn't make sense. Also, the Land in the United States is being used for training, for protecting the United States... And soon some Japanese Water to Land Assaults in Southern California.

One the US Military is here to protect Japan from Asian aggression, which is one of our interests, contrary to what you may believe. However, your Dad being in the Military gives you no hindsight in what the Military is about.

Also, to clear other peoples confusion, You're not Japanese. You're a foreigner as well as I am. Please don't let your hatred of the United States compel you to make assumptions of what the United States interests are as well as our role in Assisting one of our greatest Allies, if not our most important ally.

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Posted in: U.S. F-15 fighter crashes 115 kms east of Okinawa See in context

BertierWooster, I sincerely apologize for demeaning your educational level. Please accept my apology.

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Posted in: U.S. F-15 fighter crashes 115 kms east of Okinawa See in context

If the plane had crashed in the middle of an Okinawan City, how many people do you think would have been killed? Let's say that's what happened. How many would have died?

You can play the What-If game all day. One, too bad the training takes place in the middle of the ocean.. also, They kind of take into consideration the people on the ground before they randomly crash a plane... But it's okay, can't really argue with your ignorance or total contempt against the United States presence in Japan.

Remember, the American military is not there to protect Japan, the LDP just wants to appease to the American government.

Hmm, maybe the US should just let those happy little Chinese ships come on over and take your happy little paradise island where nothing ever happens. And for the US to be an Offensive force, that requires the US to be attacking other countries.

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