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Posted in: Kono says local gov'ts need to slow down vaccinations due to supply crunch See in context

Well be happy they aren't handing out jabs of J&J and Astra - those appear to be seriously flawed in their design.

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Posted in: Biden solidifies U.S. election win; Trump says 'time will tell' if he stays in power See in context

I honestly cannot fathom how people can support Trump at this point with how incompetent he has proven to be. Not to mention the lack of class / decency, his vindictive nature, the blatant lies and nepotism. He's also an idiot (just listen to him speak). Someone who has had a silver spoon in his mouth since birth, and somehow he is supposedly working for the common man?

I get voting on issues you care about (taxes, gun control, abortion etc) but at some point you have to draw a line on principle. Is this really how Republicans think a leader should carry himself? I'm a registered republican, and even I was not stupid enough to vote for a reality TV star to run the country. A man with no history of public service and a draft dodger. And after the past 4 years of chaos, I'm firmly in the #nevertrump crowd. He is an absolute disgrace to what the office of the president should stand for. And to those in congress who stood by while he burned everything down, you should be ashamed of yourselves. The GOP is now infected with Trumpism - good luck with that!

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Posted in: Akihabara saying goodbye to landmark as giant Sega arcade announces it’s closing for good See in context

Well, at least we've still got HEY just down the road and Mikado in Takadanobaba, right?

Yea, HEY is great.

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Posted in: The survivor: Last Korean war criminal in Japan wants recognition See in context

Trial records reviewed by Reuters show prisoners remembered Lee, known as the Lizard, as one of the most brutal guards on the railway.

Its a shame he has lived this long - he clearly didn't deserve it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports single-day record of 366 new coronavirus infections See in context

She needs two masks. One for each face. Same for that useless person called PM. Can't remember his name because I haven't seen him for such a long time. Hiding in the bunker too?

LOL, I'm dying of laughter here. Best comment I've read in a long time.

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Posted in: Ghosn says he is helping everyone who stood by him See in context

He needs to man up and face the charges in Japan, France and Holland. His wife needs to be prosecuted over the $7m and his son needs to be extradited from the USA and prosecuted over the $10m.

people who helped him need to be extradited and prosecuted.

crime is crime.

Its not happening. Get over it.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 131 new coronavirus infections on Saturday See in context

Well one upside to this virus is places have been very liberal with the AC and flowing fresh air. My doctors office had the AC blasting and the doors left is usually an inferno!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 124 COVID-19 cases Friday; 70% in their 20s and 30s See in context

Until there is a vaccine, things are going to be rough. I agree with what one poster above mentioned, not looking good for the Olympics.

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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 app reaches 4 million downloads in first week See in context

I even think the abe stimuls package of given everyone in Japan free money is supcisious as they want to know your bank account info for some odd reason in exchange for 10 man yen....

If you believe they don't already have access to this information...maybe you should lay off the oxycodin.

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Posted in: As U.S. seethes over race, Trump calls out 'evil of slavery' See in context

How much more guano can this guy shovel?

As much as his legion of followers can eat, apparently.

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus entry ban disrupting lives of foreign residents See in context

Hearing a lot of accusations of "systemic racism" in Japan.

I hear it too. Generally from bitter folks who came here with the wrong expectations. If it wasn't obvious by the last few weeks, systemic racism is not exclusive to Japan.

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Posted in: How the coronavirus is changing working styles in Japan See in context

I haven't been to the office since mid February, its glorious. I hope the pandemic triggers real change for the working culture here in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan lifts state of emergency for Tokyo, 4 other prefectures See in context

alternatives to products manufactured in China.

Hilarious, you should do stand up.

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Posted in: Japan lifts state of emergency for Tokyo, 4 other prefectures See in context

When will they open up travel to Japan for foreigners?

Hopefully, never.

I'm kidding. Mostly...

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Posted in: Many Japanese defy appeals to stay home to curb virus See in context

The largest chunk of responsibility and blame lies with the businesses in Japan that continue to compel their employees to come to the office to work, failing which, they will either lose their pay or their jobs. A business culture steeped in archaic practices and tunnel-visioned bosses will always opt for the easiest and most risk-free option. Why invest in the health and well-being of employees all of a sudden when these borderline brutal work practices have delivered wealth and success for decades?

Yup, absolute madness. If your job function can be done remote, it should be. Thankfully I work for an American company that was on board with remote work long before covid-19.

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