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Hearing a lot of accusations of "systemic racism" in Japan.

I hear it too. Generally from bitter folks who came here with the wrong expectations. If it wasn't obvious by the last few weeks, systemic racism is not exclusive to Japan.

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I haven't been to the office since mid February, its glorious. I hope the pandemic triggers real change for the working culture here in Japan.

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alternatives to products manufactured in China.

Hilarious, you should do stand up.

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When will they open up travel to Japan for foreigners?

Hopefully, never.

I'm kidding. Mostly...

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The largest chunk of responsibility and blame lies with the businesses in Japan that continue to compel their employees to come to the office to work, failing which, they will either lose their pay or their jobs. A business culture steeped in archaic practices and tunnel-visioned bosses will always opt for the easiest and most risk-free option. Why invest in the health and well-being of employees all of a sudden when these borderline brutal work practices have delivered wealth and success for decades?

Yup, absolute madness. If your job function can be done remote, it should be. Thankfully I work for an American company that was on board with remote work long before covid-19.

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