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AntiquesavingToday 11:50 am JST

Big difference one is backed up by science and fact, the other is from rumours spread by anti vaxxers with zero facts, zero science and frankly unbelievable to anyone that can think.

It's pretty common knowledge that the vaccine doesn't prevent infection, but merely weakens any symptoms. That's literally how it is designed to work. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated can get infected and spread the virus.

My point was that quite often unvaccinated and infected get conflated, which is of course nonsense. No person, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, is in a continuous state of infection.

People that want to take the vaccine to feel protected should totally do so. Likewise, those that feel they don't benefit from it should be free to pass. Pretty simple.

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Posted in: Man dies in Japan after receiving dose of recalled Moderna vaccine See in context

AntiquesavingToday 10:24 am JST

And I rest my case!

You actually believe that somehow a Vaccinated person can cause illnesse in others just by being vaccinated.


Not any more outrageous than believing that somehow an unvaccinated person can caulse illness in others just by being unvaccinated, though. Which is something that I see being perpetuated.

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Posted in: Man arrested for torching luxury car in Kitakyushu See in context

Haha, burn the rich. Reminds me of my 20 year old self.

Although, I'd never be stupid enough to actually go through with it..

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Posted in: Osaka request for emergency will include store closures, online school classes See in context

People are continuing to conflate someone not wearing a mask with someone being sick I see..

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Posted in: Fukushima locals criticize government for tone-deaf tritium mascot See in context

Please don't ever change, Japan!

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Posted in: Japanese businesses to reopen automatic hand dryers in public restrooms See in context

Nice! Was getting tired of wiping my hands on my clothes.

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Posted in: Japanese study finds that writing by hand increases brain activity more than electronic memos See in context

Huh, I thought this was already a well-known fact.

When it comes to studying, you absorb things way better when you actually physically write it down, as opposed to typing. At least, that's what I was taught and it certainly rings true for me.

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I mean, I knew this was where we were heading back when this whole nonsense started in early 2020, but it still hurts to see it all slowly being rolled out.

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Posted in: Majority of Nagasaki high schools have white-underwear-only rules, study finds See in context

Wonder if going commando would be against regulations.

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Posted in: Births in Japan hit record low in 2020; deaths down for first time in over a decade See in context

justbcuzisayToday 01:28 pm JST

That was the point.

Ah, my bad! Allow me to "+" your comment then :)

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justbcuzisayToday 10:45 am JST

I wasn't social for a whole year, wore a mask while shopping. I didn't get COVID.

See, it proves social distancing and masks don't work!!!

Seriously, people, your 'logic' hurts my head.

I continued hugging people and didn't wear a mask while shopping. I also didn't get COVID.

Both anecdotal, both not proving anything one way or another.

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Posted in: Putin indicates Russia will not negotiate territorial dispute with Japan See in context

Split em 50/50.

2 islands for Japan, 2 for Russia.

Or split the islands in half, like the Dutch/French island of Saint Martin.


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Samit BasuFeb. 16 09:35 am JST


This is only possible if you don't intend to acquire a Japanese citizenship and stay on as a foreign resident of Japan.

We're both non-Japanese and neither of us are planning to change to Japanese citizenship :)

Also, not sure why my comment got so many downvotes. Curious.

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Posted in: Why a Japanese man proudly took his wife's last name See in context

If me and my girl get married, we'll both keep our own surnames.

That's what my parents did as well. It's about as equal as you can get IMO.

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Posted in: 21-year-old woman arrested for sending hundreds of nude selfies to woman in her 70s See in context

Guess the old lady wasn't tech savvy enough to block the sender. Makes sense considering her advanced age.

Good on her for reporting it to the police!

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context

harkinsFeb. 14 07:00 pm JST

It amuses me how for the last year I kept reading how COVID isn’t serious and those millions who have died would have anyway because they’re old and/or have underlying health conditions. Now suddenly the same people have immediately and directly attributed the deaths of elderly people to the vaccine.

Amusing is the right word indeed.

Much in the same way that every person that tested positive and died last year was attributed to COVID, even if they died from pre-existing conditions. And now that people die after taking a vaccine, of course it has nothing to do with the vaccine and is attributed to underlying health issues instead.

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Posted in: Osaka accidentally mails out funeral service ads to people infected with coronavirus See in context

Bwhahaha that's hilarious!

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Posted in: Gov't to expand state of emergency to cover Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo See in context

YubaruToday 02:00 pm JST

Believe me, if I saw you on a train, with no mask, I would tell you about it, and make sure everyone around you, looks at you with disgust for your "gaijin" ignorance and arrogance!

That would be quite a rude thing to do.

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SandyBeachHeavenToday 08:41 am JST

Maybe herd immunity will occur before the vaccine arrives.

What would they do with the 500,000,000 procured bottles of vaccines?

Maybe they can toss it in the ocean together with the nuclear waste water from Fukushima :P

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zatoizugoodoToday 06:47 am JST

I wish I never came to Japan.

Feel free to leave :)

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Ameila LearyToday 02:35 pm JST

They're all at risk. All around the world, young and elderly people, as well as middle-aged people have died of the infection. Keep as much social distance as possible, use your goggles and wash your hands constantly / use hand sanitizer. Obviously, this will not eliminate the odds of getting it 100%, but it will improve.

Goggles? That's next level!

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@didou because we have our freedom the virus is spreading. you can go to the gym, hairdresser, pachinco, bars.... all these places closed or limited hours in other countries. thats one reason why we cant shake this thing here. too lax.

And yet, they can't seem to shake it in countries where they closed everything down either. Funny that..

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Burning BushToday 09:38 am JST

My body, my choice.

It seems so simple. Incredible that this gets downvoted.

I wonder if all those downvoters are also pro-life..

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StrangerlandToday 01:15 am JST

I’m afraid of living with the after effects of the virus that hit all ages. If I die, I’m gone and my family is set up to be comfortable for the rest of their lives. If I live with permanent lung scarring... that’s what I worry about.

Don't worry :)

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Posted in: Coronavirus vaccination to be made free in Japan See in context

Noooooo thank you

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Posted in: Japanese art student campaigns to eliminate body-shaming ads See in context

proxyToday 10:08 am JST

There are large people, then there are fat people. Obesity should not be celebrated. The fat model trend in North America has just resulted in more obesity, more diabetes, and a huge cost to the health care system. Do not show fat people as some kind of ideal.


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MarkToday 07:30 am JST

Good, and keep him after the 25 years.

Considering his age, I would be surprised if he managed to live that long tbh.

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Posted in: Japanese airline removes passenger refusing to wear face mask See in context

daito_hakToday 11:01 am JST

Asymptomatic transmission is not new at all. Not only it is observed among the four common human coronaviruses which cause 15-30% of common colds but it is observed for basically all sort of virus (including flu actually). We always transport all sort of germs that do not trigger any disease or even can be beneficial. See here an article about bacteriophages:

This asymptomatic transmission thing is overly used recently with the COVID-19 without properly putting it into perspectives as nature is very complicated.

The lingering effects are not so far scientifically established because the number of people affected by this is so low and statiscally not relevant. Again nature is complicated, there are always special cases among such a large amount of people out there. That does not mean that such rare cases are the norm. They aren't so far.

The death rate is actually rather low. This is because there are so much asymptomatic people that have never been tested. In May, the CDC placed the number of asymptomatic cases between 20%-50%, with a "best estimate" of 35%. The range of estimates put the fatality rate for those showing symptoms between 0.2%-1%, with a "best estimate" of 0.4%. By combining the two estimates, the estimated overall fatality rate of those infected with the virus – with and without symptoms – would be 0.26%. More recently, it said that the current estimates of between 0.2 to 1% are better and that 0.65% is the current best estimate. Still not a high death rate in any shape or form.

Great points. And on top of that, even the CDC themselves have recently came out and conceded that only 6% of the registered COVID deaths actually had COVID as the cause of death..

But of course we won't be able to go back to "normal" until after they inject the entire population with a wonder vaccine.

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El RataToday 08:04 am JST

Paranoia is out of control, I honestly do not understand the irrational fear this virus causes, there are other viruses and illnesses way more dangerous and people don't care about them.

Power of the media. All the continuous relentless fearmongering has worked a charm!

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Posted in: COVID-19 scary? Group offers coffins, chainsaws for stress relief See in context

Christopher GlenToday 08:37 am JST

COVID-19 scary? 

Not really

Right? It's only scary on the news. Switch it off and look around...

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