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Burning BushToday 09:38 am JST

My body, my choice.

It seems so simple. Incredible that this gets downvoted.

I wonder if all those downvoters are also pro-life..

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StrangerlandToday 01:15 am JST

I’m afraid of living with the after effects of the virus that hit all ages. If I die, I’m gone and my family is set up to be comfortable for the rest of their lives. If I live with permanent lung scarring... that’s what I worry about.

Don't worry :)

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Noooooo thank you

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proxyToday 10:08 am JST

There are large people, then there are fat people. Obesity should not be celebrated. The fat model trend in North America has just resulted in more obesity, more diabetes, and a huge cost to the health care system. Do not show fat people as some kind of ideal.


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MarkToday 07:30 am JST

Good, and keep him after the 25 years.

Considering his age, I would be surprised if he managed to live that long tbh.

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daito_hakToday 11:01 am JST

Asymptomatic transmission is not new at all. Not only it is observed among the four common human coronaviruses which cause 15-30% of common colds but it is observed for basically all sort of virus (including flu actually). We always transport all sort of germs that do not trigger any disease or even can be beneficial. See here an article about bacteriophages:

This asymptomatic transmission thing is overly used recently with the COVID-19 without properly putting it into perspectives as nature is very complicated.

The lingering effects are not so far scientifically established because the number of people affected by this is so low and statiscally not relevant. Again nature is complicated, there are always special cases among such a large amount of people out there. That does not mean that such rare cases are the norm. They aren't so far.

The death rate is actually rather low. This is because there are so much asymptomatic people that have never been tested. In May, the CDC placed the number of asymptomatic cases between 20%-50%, with a "best estimate" of 35%. The range of estimates put the fatality rate for those showing symptoms between 0.2%-1%, with a "best estimate" of 0.4%. By combining the two estimates, the estimated overall fatality rate of those infected with the virus – with and without symptoms – would be 0.26%. More recently, it said that the current estimates of between 0.2 to 1% are better and that 0.65% is the current best estimate. Still not a high death rate in any shape or form.

Great points. And on top of that, even the CDC themselves have recently came out and conceded that only 6% of the registered COVID deaths actually had COVID as the cause of death..

But of course we won't be able to go back to "normal" until after they inject the entire population with a wonder vaccine.

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El RataToday 08:04 am JST

Paranoia is out of control, I honestly do not understand the irrational fear this virus causes, there are other viruses and illnesses way more dangerous and people don't care about them.

Power of the media. All the continuous relentless fearmongering has worked a charm!

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Christopher GlenToday 08:37 am JST

COVID-19 scary? 

Not really

Right? It's only scary on the news. Switch it off and look around...

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

Good to see people waking up in Japan too..

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Posted in: Japan's daily coronavirus cases top 1,000 for 1st time; Iwate reports first cases See in context

Infections are not relevant. The more you test, the more people you'll find that test positive, the vast majority asymptomatic, meaning they are already immune. Mortality is the only thing that matters, and those numbers are incredibly low. Remember, 99.5% survival rate.

We're already well beyond the peak and this year's coronavirus is on the way out. It behaved exactly like all corona-viruses in the past and lockdowns and mask-wearing have no impact on the pattern. Treatment is available with hydroxychloroquine. Just like for influenza, a successful vaccine will never be made.

Just relax and live your life. If you're scared, stay inside.

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Masks essential? lol..

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the epidemic drove Japan's medical system to the brink of collapse in recent months

Hahaha, sure

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RecklessJune 16 07:01 pm JST

I recommend you use a female babysitter and have a camera in your home or the babysitter area if possible.

This guy obviously cannot use his pork and beans responsibly and they should be removed.

Agreed on the camera. Don't forget, women can be child molesters too.

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Wallace FredToday 08:27 am JST

Oh? No broad testing, isolation and quarantine as stipulated by health professionals in the WHO. But here you go, enjoy the flickering sparks. Are we living in the twilight zone?

Lol. Trusting the "health professionals" in the WHO..

Are we living in the twilight zone? XD

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"Stay home" is bad advice. People should be in the sun, to boost their vitamin D, which is essential for strong immunity.

Go outside and enjoy the sun, while taking all necessary precautions...

So true!

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Do you have any particular reasons or health issues to recluse yourself ?

I live in Chiba, 80km from Tokyo.

I do not stay home, just do my life I usual, keeping cycling and doing long rides. Numbers are have been too low for a population of 130 miilion to really worry. Just taking the usual precautions, especially washing hands. The situation is not catastrophic as some JT readers do suggest. This emergency status do aim at protecting the hospitals first, and the whole medical system.

I do not go anyway to crowded places, so nothing has changed much for me, except I will not move during this Golden Week.

The advantage of this period is that I can do some telework, gaining 4 hours a day on commuting, but still having to go to Tokyo for work 1-2 days per week.

Yes! A sensible reply!

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Rats in the streets of a major city, eh? Who would’ve thought it? I’ve got them in my roof from time to time as well as out the back. They’re vermin, of no ecological use except as an occasional food source for foxes or dogs or raptors, as well as being a health risk to humans. So you can put out bait or traps for them with a clear conscience, being careful of course not to accidentally poison your cat or your dog or your kids or any local native wildlife or yourselves. Or call in the exterminator to do it for you.

Domesticated cats and dogs, who also of course serve no ecological use..

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Posted in: Could the new coronavirus weaken 'anti-vaxxers'? See in context

Lol, nah.

People speaking up against are just being censored is all.

Heaps of people being removed from social media...

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

This is how it starts. Lockdown in 3.. 2.. 1..

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Posted in: Koike urges cooperation to avoid Tokyo lockdown See in context

Lockdown will definitely happen. Japan played it well, they actually have people begging and clamoring for these draconian measures.

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Fail! The drugs were probably what gave him the inspiration for those hit songs in the first place.

No harm (other then perhaps some self-harm) in having people use a bit of self medication. Certainly no worse than the copious amounts of alcohol that are consumed in this country.

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hes deserves nothing less than the death penalty..

Giving him exactly what he wants doesn't seem like much of a penalty to me. Throwing him in jail would certainly be a better punishment.

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