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Posted in: Japan's summer holidays in full swing with lack of COVID restrictions See in context

Such blatant racism. Japanese people can go in and out of the country while foreigners have to jump through all kinds of hoops and bureaucracy. Shame on the government.

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Posted in: Good steak, service in the neighborhood: Renewal of The Steakhouse at ANA InterContinental Tokyo See in context

Very nice, well-written review.

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO tweets Trump move to ban refugees makes him cry See in context

Shameful, shameful publicity stunt.

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Posted in: Japan enters uncharted waters over emperor's abdication See in context

I want to know what will happen to the holiday on December 23rd every year (Emperor's birthday), and if a new holiday will be added to accommodate the new emperor's birthday.

Let's hope we get both!!

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Posted in: Mexican premium fast-food restaurant Guzman y Gomez opens 4th store in Japan See in context

Went and had a free burrito there for lunch. Didn't have to wait in line at all at 1pm. Plus they have free chips and guacamole going around with great staff working there, too. Nothing but good things to say.

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Posted in: ANA to launch Narita-Mexico City flights See in context

"ANA becomes the first airline to operate direct flights daily between Japan and Mexico..."

Wrong. Aero Mexico (SkyTeam) has offered this same route for quite some time now.

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Posted in: Stop-start: Open and shut case of a global e-biz firm See in context

"Strong, smart, and speed." I'm not sure what is to blame for this awkward motto consisting of 2 adjectives and a noun- Rakuten's failed attempt at "Englishnization," or the marketing communications team.

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Posted in: Oct 12 power blackout a reminder of worse things to come See in context

Man, that WOULD totally suck to be stuck in an elevator after a big earthquake. Especially if it was crowded. I would probably lose it.

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Posted in: Baird Brewery: Celebrating beer See in context

Seems like a cool guy. Decent beers (too much hops in the whole product line for me to say "great beers"), but seems like a great company to work for!

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Posted in: Narita's main stumbling block is its indifference toward travelers See in context

Used Terminal 3 last week for the first time for a cheap 3 day weekend in Hong Kong...convenient flight schedule, but wow...it felt like I had found the ghetto of Japan.

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Posted in: New Suntory Japanese beer tells you what time to drink it See in context

This is happoshu, not real beer.

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Posted in: TransferWise gets your money moving worldwide See in context

Shinsei Bank only charges 4000 yen flat...doesn't matter how much the transfer is. Much cheaper than 1% if you are transferring any kind of substantial sum.

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Posted in: You gotta have WAA See in context

Great idea that all companies in Japan should follow. Granted it's my decision to live and work in Japan, the ridiculous inflexibility of Japanese working culture is by far my biggest complaint of life here.

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Posted in: Celebrate Japan’s newest national holiday with a limited-edition Cup Noodle cooker See in context

Mukashi...you're basically asking, "Does it contain salt?" Of course it does, but read any recent study of MSG and you will find the health risks that were reported in the 80s or 90s were completely unfounded.

Finally, do you live in Japan? I guarantee you are consuming MSG every day. MSG is "Ajinomoto" essentially, so good luck avoiding that if you are living here.

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Posted in: How far we're prepared to go medically to prolong life See in context

This issue was covered in detail in "Being Mortal" by Atul Gawande. An excellent read that I can highly recommend.

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