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As a very recent expat Aussie I was very curious as to who the 'Aussie comedian' would be. I don't know any self respecting Aussie who'd let themselves be called 'Chad'. Must say I've never seen or heard of him in Oz (& I lived in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane).Then again, he might be from Adelaide - they're a bit weird down there...

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Gee, I'd love to find out what was actually asked in the polls. Data is generally only as good as it's collection methodology...

Well, I don't hate Americans - people are pretty much the same everywhere, wanting security, love & a comfortable lifestyle with the time to pursue their various interests. The American Government and general history of international relations, though, is another thing altogether! While the U.S. of A. has undoubtedly done much good over the years, it also has a hideous record of self interest and bullying to force its view of 'good' and 'right' on the rest of the world. This 'Big Brotherly' concern and attempt at getting other countries to "do what is the best for them" because "we are right & you should do what we say (not what we do)" is why America has been (and will continue to have) image problems around the world. If only as much ingenuity and energy was put into international relations and activity as is put into marketing & sales, what an amazing positive influence America would be!

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just thinking a little, didn't Machiavelli write a great little treatise called "The Prince" on how to run a totalitarian state? If I remember correctly, one of his ideas (based on Roman history as well as his contemporary politics) was that by removing rights & liberties from the citizens of a place that they would accept more & more loss of freedom until the populace become quite willing sheep? It seemed to work okay for Germany in the 30's too... So many things done in the name of the common good...

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