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Posted in: Barber arrested for attempted murder of colleague See in context

He put his arms up to protect himself, and the blade pierced through to his lung, I'd guess.

They didn't mention what the implement of this stabbing was, scissors, a razor, or what...

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Posted in: Right time to 'get stupid again': Beavis, Butt-Head comeback See in context


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Posted in: Mandatory charging for plastic shopping bags starts in Japan See in context

Usually I carry a cloth bag to shop with.

But during this virus madness, a plastic bag is disposable.

And now, it costs extra.

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Posted in: 1,744 accidents reported at child care facilities in Japan in 2019 See in context

The system of today has made the best option, undesirable and unaffordable.

Stay at home mothers are now called "unemployed".

Mothers go to work and pay a daycare facility to shelve their babies, toddlers,

and children, missing out on their earliest formative years,

so more daycare centers can bring in more tax revenue.

The uniqueness of every child is neither important or cherished,

everyone the same, following the same rules from the beginning.

The time of childhood is no longer a time for nurturing and discovery,

but inconvenience.

What a sad commentary on the progress of humanity.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka called racist after posting meme in response to COVID-19 cases See in context

This girl rides the fence which ever way the wind blows.

That doesn't make her a racist, just an opportunist using all she's got.

She ought not to line herself up too heavily with the victim set, she is not one of them.

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Posted in: NHK to retrain staff after criticism of cartoon about black Americans See in context

I've said this many times about NHK,

they never outsource to equally knowledgeable but outside sources,

as they know it all. The result is thumping mediocrity.

This is the reason their translators are terrible, speaking in muffled,

unprofessional voices, on information that is crucial to those in that language.

They cannot see from outside their own limited vision.

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Posted in: Gov't to promote staggered holidays to curb congestion, virus spread See in context

This article caused me to exhale a short mirthless squeal of incredulity...


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Posted in: Trump says he won't watch NFL, U.S. soccer if players kneel during anthem See in context

The U.S. Soccer Federation last week said it had dropped its requirement that players stand during the anthem, saying the policy was wrong and detracted from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Maybe emptier stadiums will help them to remember they don't live in

The United States of Black Lives Matter.

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Posted in: George Floyd's brother tells U.S. Congress his brother's death was lynching See in context

George Floyd's younger brother took his grief to the U.S. Congress on Wednesday with an impassioned plea that lawmakers not let his brother's death be in vain, lamenting that he "didn't deserve to die over $20" in a what he called a lynching.

Neither did countless of others, mugged, robbed, raped, and murdered for pocket change, or less.

Or cops murdered in the line of duty.

You'd think in this world, that this was the first injustice, ever to happen, to anyone, at anytime!

Look at the headlines, every day!

Parents killing kids, kids killing parents, old people shot while visiting the grave of their son, girl murdered while jogging, someone bombs a marathon...

Viruses killing and limiting our freedom and human rights and behaviors.

Neighbors turned against neighbors as snitches.

I've left race out of this, *because it happens *to everyone.

This was filmed, and posted on social media,

no context, no details, just horror, tack on "r" word, and an already on-edge

population explodes, creating more violence

and all the usual suspects say yeeeeees, let it beeee...

People are manipulated by the one who knows the proper buttons to push.

Please to meet you, hope you guess my name...

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Posted in: How to make a pizza using a pack of ramen noodles See in context

I've seen ramen pizzas on train platforms and sidewalks.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy dies after apparently shooting himself See in context

I don't know why a kid can't just flat out say "My life sucks, school is misery, I want to die, can you help?"

Why does it have to go to end game.

A bullet through the brain, a permanent end to a temporary problem.

I am so sorry for this story.

RIP young man.

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Posted in: Silent but cheerful, mannequins enforce social distancing at Tokyo bar See in context

Great idea!

I need a drink!

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Posted in: Rally against racism, in support of Black Lives Matter held in Tokyo See in context

Social media, the puppet masters...

Protest because it makes you feels good, costs next to nothing,

and it's a good Saturday for it.

Virtue signally, at its finest.

Would you do this if you knew you were risking bodily harm?


Then read a book.

Educated Lives Matter.

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Posted in: 23-year-old mother arrested over 10-month-old daughter’s death See in context

Sounds like severe post-partum depression,

and since she was separated, there was no live-in extra support.

Not an excuse, but since the healthy children are not

starving, sounds like she gave up on caring for the infant.

It's still a heinous thing, but imo it seems the woman was not in total

control of her faculties.

And what is this constant thing on JT listing a mother as "unemployed"?

Since when is running a household and raising children considered "unemployed"?

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Posted in: Fireworks explode across Japan to cheer up virus-weary public See in context

A few booms, but visibility wasn't good due to rain.

Short, but nice diversion.

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Posted in: Unrest is spreading in many U.S. cities over police brutality. What can be done to ease tensions and improve law enforcement in multiracial communities? See in context

Months of people being pushed around, in fear of losing their security, or dying of a disease they feel little control over, shortages, unemployment, non-stop stress fueled by a constantly vigilant social/media looking to capitalize and manipulate at every step.

Most people abhor injustice and violence.

What happened to George Floyd was an aberration of justice.

I can't help but feel this event was a "last straw" for an already on-edge population, 

exploding like a pressure cooker.

Protesting is an American's right.

But looting, rioting, burning and damaging of property hurts the neighborhoods where it happens.

Those businesses and stores won't soon be returning, and services are lost.

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Posted in: Maybe a few movies more? Clint Eastwood turns 90 See in context

Happy 90th Clint!

You're the greatest!

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Posted in: No screams please: Japanese amusement parks prepare to reopen See in context

If you can't say YEP,

say NOPE. - R. Crumb

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' star Kimura likely took her own life using toxic gas See in context

@ Kobe White Bar Owner

Leave psychological diagnosis to those knowledgeable on the subject.

Why demean a dead girl's memory with speculation?

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Posted in: Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' cast member dies See in context

Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' cast member dies

"Dies" or commits suicide?

Is reporting facts no longer an option?

A healthy 22 year olds' death is not a usual occurrence.

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Posted in: ANA to require all passengers to wear face masks aboard aircraft from June See in context

Imagine wearing a mask on a 18 hour flight? Screw that. I don't fly anymore until all this nonsense is over.


I'm weary of this plastic face visor, plastic curtains, face mask, the lot.

To those that want to wear it, fine, but to insist everyone do it, is OUTRAGEOUS.

This behavior isn't about the virus, it's for everyone's fear of the virus,

and possible litigious passengers!

What's next, parachutes on each passenger?

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Posted in: Popcorn, palm trees and face masks: Cannes rolls out drive-in cinema See in context

E.T. téléphone maison!

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Posted in: Virus trips up U.S. soap opera 'General Hospital' 57 years on See in context

Luke & Laura have aged well...

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Posted in: Japanese pub aims to clean up with disinfectant spray machine See in context

"We wanted to develop a system that is in accordance with the new lifestyle and something that is a high model that could prevent infection,"

accordance with the new lifestyle?

Go to a restaurant/bar to be treated like a germ?

I'll cook, drink, and eat at home, thanks

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Posted in: Oscars may be postponed due to coronavirus: report See in context

Imagine my despair.

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Posted in: Japan mulls ending state of emergency in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo prefectures See in context

Mull and urge

urge and mull.

Repeat as necessary.

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Posted in: Japanese teenager plans lawsuit over gaming limit ordinance See in context


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Posted in: U.S. comedian Fred Willard passes away aged 86 See in context

Godspeed, funny man.

So many great funny roles...

I liked his last role as a goofy neighbor in "The Magic Of Belle Isle".


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Posted in: White House virus trouble is microcosm of what America faces See in context

He was disgraceful toward a reporter of Chinese descent, which may or may not have anything to do with his 'why don't you go ask China' response(it probably did). His follow up questioner was called on by him and his anger mounted inside his feeble mind, and then wouldn't even allow her to ask a question. He stormed away. How juvenile and disrespectful.

Disgraceful? It wasn't a question from a person wanting information. It was a question from a rude woman who wanted attention drawn to herself, for asking it. Too many reporters (of all races) forget they are not the news, as reporters, but there to gather it, with insightful, intelligent inquiry.

Is directing an attack disguised as a question respectful?

If someone spoke to me in that fashion they's be shown the door.

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Posted in: More than 90% of Tokyo hospital beds for COVID-19 patients filled See in context

It's warmer weather now, why not build a temp. pre-fab hospital only for testing/admitting COVID 19 patients.

Direct ambulances there.

Govt. must have some stray tax funds lying around somewhere?

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