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Posted in: Dozens of potential jurors at Trump hush money trial dismissed for bias See in context

Dozens of potential jurors at Trump hush money trial dismissed for bias


That ship's done sailed...

There is nothing about this case that's anything more than political theater,

but do, let's not have impartial jury members!

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Posted in: One for the birds See in context

Uguisu bird in beautiful blossoms...

How I miss this sight (and sound)-

They also sing so lovely!

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Posted in: Monday will be 13 years since the March 11, 2011 disaster. If you were in Japan, what are your memories of that day? See in context

Western Tokyo, I was riding my bike to the station, for an early rehearsal for my later jazz concert.

I didn't know why everyone looked drunk so early in the day, hanging on to each other for balance, until I saw the phone/electric wires swinging. When I got off my bike, I could not stand upright. I wanted to cry but didn't want to ruin my makeup. A guy nearby laughed at this. When the shaking finally stopped, he was gone. I was able to reach my son at university, but mobile phone service went out, directly after. Stood online to use a pay phone to try and reach club owner, and all musicians that the gig was all canceled...

Rode bike home, a few paintings fell down, turned on news to see how horrible it was going up north.

More shaking. Shopping for food became like a scavenger hunt, but it was orderly. I was thankful for my friends in area at that time. I remember thinking if I had to be in such a situation, better to be in Japan where people were all trying to help one another, and there was no looting.

A few days before trains were running again...

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for beating up man, leaving him in serious condition See in context

I hope the victim recovers from his injuries.

His life is bound to be affected by this attack; hospital fees,

recuperating and loss of his study time, plus the mental and emotional trauma

of being randomly attacked on the street he felt safe on.

The kid that did this has issues as well.

Sending a prayer for the young man lying unconscious.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby boy found in trash can at Osaka hotel See in context

According to police, a hotel cleaning employee found the infant in a trash can near an elevator on the seventh floor of the hotel in Chuo Ward at around 10:30 a.m., Kyodo News reported. The baby, with its umbilical cord still attached and wrapped in a towel, was inside a plastic bag.

So, this person didn't just drop it on the floor, and leave, she packed it neatly (maybe while it was still alive) into a plastic bag, then a towel, and dumped it in a trash bin, where it would be found.

There is a disproportionate number of 'lynch-mob ' mentality comments here.

It is complete and utter disrespect for human life,

and this so called "lynch mob" are stating that fact.

This person was conscious of neatly disposing of her infant boy,

that lived inside her and she gave birth to, with a coldness and detachment

that is inhuman.

The only thought she gave to this infant,

was how to dispose of it.

This is murder.

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Posted in: SDF to soften hairstyle rules as recruit shortage worsens See in context

In Scotland it's compulsory.

Call it a skirt and you’ll get kilt.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing girlfriend’s young daughter See in context

Good on the neighbor, for calling it in.

I hope the woman changes her priorities, and her locks.

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Posted in: Taylor-mania hits Tokyo as Swift resumes tour before Super Bowl See in context

I heard a song she wrote I liked, for the film

“Where the Crawdads Sing” called “Carolina”:


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Posted in: U.S. conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson says he will interview Putin See in context

Journalism lives, through Tucker Carlson.

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Posted in: Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown after reported affair See in context

In selecting its winners, the contest says it judges candidates based on their inner strength, looks and actions.

The land of passive aggression.

They can't outright say they disagree with her winning,

that would go against the virtue signal they set up-

so sic some rag mag into her personal life until they find (or create) some red meat.

She was probably offered a settlement, for her discretion...

I prefer when the tiaras were from Mikimoto!

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Posted in: Japan trying to send message to Trump: Don't cut a deal with China See in context

One challenge for Japan is determining who will try to placate Trump if he returns to office.

That’s easy- everyone.

But who will succeed?


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Posted in: Foreign-born Miss Japan sparks debate on what it means to be Japanese See in context

She maybe legally Japanese, but she looks completely European.

You mean to say not one beautiful lady of Japan, was up to this? I think not.

I can certainly understand people of Japan feeling slighted.

Non Japanese appearing as Miss Japan, and non woman, as Miss Netherlands.

No globalist agenda here, nope, none at all.

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Posted in: Foreign Minister Kamikawa visits Ukraine; pledges Japan's continued support See in context

You have literal in your face evidence of how govt. acts without taxpayers best interests or consent, to deliver funds to this foreign endless sinkhole, while in local reality some people in Ishikawa still don’t have power or running water.

Imagine what those kinds of funds would do for rebuilding, or aiding the displaced. Or, for any issue that concerns the people of Japan.


When people stop paying taxes en masse, govt. play money dries up, and ‘the employees of the people’ start behaving as such.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after showing up at Saitama police station with dead baby See in context

She did not know what to do. Are there any social services available to educate her on caring for an infant? That was the point of failure, not her actions to a broken system.

She was 27, not 11.

At some point you must take responsibility for yourself and your infant. Working as a sex worker is a choice, having a baby even by default, is a choice.

You have more than 9 mos to figure out a plan, doing nothing, and dropping an infant and leaving it, are choices.

She is not a victim, the innocent baby girl who never got a chance to live, is.


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Posted in: Trump says he didn't know his immigration rhetoric echoes Hitler See in context

Trump says he didn't know his immigration rhetoric echoes Hitler

That's because it doesn't.

But that will never stop the MSM from constantly saying it.

Because repeating a false statement over and over, makes it appear true, over time...

That's what the Third Reich did, same as the MSM do now.

That's a similarity I do see.

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Posted in: Japanese women fall prey to host clubs See in context


Knowing what happens, don’t think you’re unique or a special case, no matter how clever or attractive you are- You’re all looked upon as marks, nothing more.

Spend your time and hard earned money bettering yourself, or donating your time where it’s appreciated, not looking for companionship in a den of vipers, no matter how shiny the scales...

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Posted in: Tokyo zoo probes possible mass squirrel poisoning See in context

Injecting squirrels?

That's like trying to give a cat a pill.

All that trouble, and then inject the wrong medicine?

Something stinks in the state of Denmark.

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Posted in: Fundraising scandal in Japan's ruling party turns up heat on embattled PM Kishida See in context

Globalists in charge all behave similarly all over the world.

They are placed, not elected, their agenda is to obey their leaders, and their leaders don’t care about you.

Call it LDP, but it’s globalism.

Get rid of this scourge on humanity, that forever works against us; propelling wars, disease, energy, food and supply shortages to keep you in constant state of anxiety and fear, and in control...

Using your ever rising taxes not for your benefit, but to money launder for various “causes” back to themselves.

Corruption and globalism are one in the same.

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Posted in: Johnny's successor company starts compensating sexual abuse victims See in context

Too late for the man/victim who committed suicide not long ago.

Pay out, and shut down Smile-Up.

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Posted in: Sports Illustrated latest media company damaged by AI experiment gone wrong See in context

I've noticed this in a lot of newer song lyrics.

Wooden, with no soul, or affirmation, just "words".

Like the AI written word, aesthetically pleasing, but empty...

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Posted in: Japanese experimental nuclear fusion reactor inaugurated See in context

The six-story-high machine, in a hangar in Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture, comprises a donut-shaped "tokamak" vessel set to contain swirling plasma heated up 200 million degrees Celsius (360 million degrees Fahrenheit).


What could possibly go wrong?

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Posted in: Crown prince says review of official royal duties required See in context

Prince Hisahito is a handsome young man.

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Posted in: Social media sites have become a phenomenal means of communication for hate groups, conspiracy theorists and deranged individuals and groups. Do you agree with this statement? See in context

Social media sites have become a phenomenal means of communication for hate groups, conspiracy theorists and deranged individuals and groups. Do you agree with this statement?


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Posted in: Good profits from bad news: How Kennedy assassination helped make network TV news wealthy See in context

MSM distracts from bigger things.

Who was behind this, and why, is not commonly known, even today.

Real journalism, is rare.

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Posted in: Woman attacked by 3 hunting dogs in Shiga Prefecture See in context

Do dogs have "buttocks"?

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Posted in: Johnny's sex abuse victim dies in apparent suicide See in context

The victims of this abuse need validation. They need to know what happened to them was not their fault, that the person who used them for their personal gratification was a sick, but well connected person, and that striving and working towards your dream career should not involve being abused. This pedophile is dead, but many that carry this heavy weight with no way to relieve it, still live. This poor soul needed a support group, and some thread to cling to that said he was not at fault,

and his life has value.

And where is this? This despicable agency needs to take a large chunk of its money earned off the backs of its victims, and start counseling for them, immediately. All the minions in media should be made into donors. Not one more person

should be this low without a place to turn. Japan Inc allowed this abuse to flourish, now it should do the right thing.

RIP, tortured soul.

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Posted in: Recent nursery choking accidents spur call for active gov't involvement See in context

When employers and govt conspired to invade into people’s lives and decide motherhood and home making is “unemployed”, this is the result.

instead of loving home care, you have minimum wage uncaring people, doing a “job”.

Raising children is a fundamentally important part of life, and yet people are forced to pay strangers to do it, as a one wage family has all but disappeared.

Being a person who keeps a home running smoothly, cooks, and takes care of children is looked at as “without skills”, and their time (and tax revenue) is far better served working for a boss...

Children are raised as part of the state, as future wage earners, not as human beings.

This mentality has been pushed and prodded into status quo.

Reading this story is evidence of this shift.

Minimum wage to care for infants, children, and old people, and family care givers have minimal support.

And the farmer pulls another cart away...

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Posted in: Concerns mount for elderly as fewer Japanese under 40 donate blood See in context

I wonder if vaccinated blood is kept separate from pure blood, in donations, as well as in use?

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Posted in: Intruder uses stun gun on woman in her 80s, steals cash from apartment See in context

If you don't know who's ringing at your door, especially after 9pm, why answer it?

Not victim blaming, but...

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Posted in: Nursing home worker arrested over death of 81-year-old resident claims he ‘got fed up’ See in context

Working with dementia patients needs special training.

Combine no training and minimum wage,

and then air out the results.

There is training involved in many jobs, why not this one?

Or is it easier to say, what an evil person, he got punched once too often

while trying to do his job, and reacted.

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