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Posted in: British medical journal calls for global conversation on Tokyo Olympics See in context

Ah, the bastion of medical creedence, The Lancet / BMJ...

They published a paper declaring treatment of covid 19 with HCQ ineffective, months later it was retracted, as its contributors were found to be "unreliable".

Those treatments could have saved lives.

Now, they want a "Global Conversation"...

It seems like a pose.

All these organizations are on the same side of the coin- where money and agenda are concerned, data, science, and scruples often take a hike.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing girlfriend’s 1-year-old son See in context

I hope the infant recovers, without permanent damage.

As hard as I try, I cannot understand a person who does such a thing to a baby.

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Posted in: Suga regrets having to take all the heat for hosting Olympics during pandemic See in context

You regret actions, you regret behavior, you regret decisions-

Do you see a pattern here?

Taking action may earn regret.

To be the recipient of blame is a whole nutha smoke, Suga.

And through your lack of decisive action, you have earned it.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Village considering ban on alcohol See in context

No fun allowed.

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers seek emergency clause for constitution to deal with crises See in context

As a non citizen resident, I have no voting power...

But I hope the people of Japan will vote NO to such ludicrousness.

Under the guise of "safety" another nation changed its constitution...

It made tyranny legal.

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Posted in: Rebuking someone to the point of letting them break down is power harassment. I filed this suit to let it widely be known to society how much such language and actions hurt people, as I think my husband is not the only victim. See in context

You do something illegal, you pay a fine, or serve time.

You make a mistake, you're told so and corrected.

Length-y berating is psychotic; outside basic civility.

Working for a person does not equate with giving up your basic rights.

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Posted in: Japan to prioritize students heading abroad for vaccinations See in context

Any university that requires a student to inject an experimental vaccine as a prerequisite for admission, is breaking the Nuremberg Code.

J-gov is now promoting this, by putting prospective students, to the front of the "vaccine" queue.

The coercion here is unbelievable, dangling admittance to a place of higher education,

for compliance...

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Posted in: More than 10 million in Japan have received COVID-19 vaccinations so far See in context

@FtGuy2017, @mattfuller, @Raw Beer

It is frustrating, to state truth and be ignored and/or down-voted.

But many who are silent, still read.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Yoyogi Park to be used as COVID vaccination site See in context

Does no one else find it noteworthy, all the resources now going to vaccinations, never went to make-shift hospitals?

It was never about the virus, it's about the vaccine.

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Posted in: Over 30% in Japan see rise in exposure to secondhand smoke See in context

And what else do you want, a massage and a cookie? Why should society bend to the whim of people who do nothing but spread cancerous fumes around them, exactly?!

Because like opposite opinions, it’s legal.

I’m not a smoker anymore, I chose to quit long ago. I wouldn’t tolerate it in my home. But in public, it exists.

I hate it in restaurants, I will leave if I smell smoke...

But it is legal, so accommodations for both the smoker and the non-smoker, must be made.

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Posted in: High schools to begin mental health education amid rise in suicides See in context

More attention to mental health is good, but how about more attention to helping to form more centered, well- rounded individuals?

This may sound silly, but I wish there were school dances.

Once a month, in the gymnasium, with music and girls and boys dancing together. It’s a great reliever of stress, a great way for girls and boys to learn how to interact together, and the preparation for them gives the kids something in school to look forward too other than only scholastics and sports.

Music is also a great thing to help release stress.

As a young girl I stood on a stage and stated this same thing, before an audience of students, and teachers,

met with big applause-

It did happen, too.

A simple thing, but a really worthwhile one for young human beings!

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Posted in: Japan plans to extend COVID-19 state of emergency beyond May 31 See in context

Nightclubs, restaurants, going, going, gone out of business, night workers cut off from work.

No mention of assistance for destroying people's livelihoods,

no subsidies for utilities in the heat of Japan, with work cut.

Sod your Olympics, start taking care of the people who pay your salaries.

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Posted in: Wealthy nations, once praised for success against virus, lag in vaccinations See in context

A story about “health” listed under politics.

JT may have inadvertently dropped some truth.

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Posted in: Japan prepares to inoculate adolescents aged 12-15 against COVID See in context

Leave the kids alone!

Parents, say NO!

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Posted in: Deaths at home in Osaka Prefecture surge amid COVID wave See in context

Make Ivermectin and HCQ available options, for those at home with this virus.

That it isn't, is a crime.

Ivermectin works at any stage of the virus, and HCQ, early on.

If no other option exists, why not allow these drugs!

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Posted in: Government advisor sparks anger with tweet laughing off calls for Olympic cancelation See in context

Either we are being scammed, or we are being scammed.

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

Most of hardship in life is caused by the governments we serve.

Government is supposed to serve its people!

The pressure to lower emissions is a globalist scam.

Remove their influence.

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Posted in: Opposition leader Edano says Olympics cannot be held safely See in context

Edano has been a voice of reason, going back to the 3-11 event.

Maybe it’s time for a change in Japan: Less co-operation with globalist agencies, and more Japan first.

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Posted in: Medical staff on standby See in context

Picture this, at the end of July.

Heatstroke happens easy enough wearing light clothes,

but with plastic gear and masks?

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Posted in: Bill to amend law on Constitution revision referendum likely to pass Diet See in context

A Kyodo News survey released ahead of Constitution Memorial Day on Monday showed 57 percent of the respondents believe Japan needs to amend its Constitution to introduce an emergency clause to give more power to the Cabinet and limit private rights, eclipsing the 42 percent who said such a stipulation is not necessary.

So results of a "survey" are enough to make Constitutional amendment regarding personal rights?

Is this a joke?

Public worries over the prolonged fight against COVID-19 are believed to have fanned calls for stronger anti-virus measures with the introduction of an emergency clause as the current government steps appear to lack teeth.

For example, Japan's state of emergency over the virus does not entail a hard lockdown of the kind some other countries have imposed and largely relies on the cooperation of the public and businesses.

This place is sounding more fascist, by the second.

This article should have been a headline story, instead it's towards the end of the page.

Not like personal freedom is important, or anything!

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Posted in: Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes See in context

If this doesn’t give you pause, you are still sleeping.

Donating a “vaccine”.

I really hope people will research all information on these vaccines, before jumping up and down to get one. They are not what they seem, and not like a flu shot,

the change is permanent.

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Posted in: Japan to expand, extend virus state of emergency See in context

A question for J-Gov:

These SoE hit businesses and people who work at night.

But utilities companies do not stop charging for their services, or landlords for their apartments. If you continue to penalize this section of society, what sort of assistance are you prepared to offer the people put out of work by this?

Asking for a fren.

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Posted in: More young Japanese look to Marx as pandemic, climate crisis magnify economic inequalities See in context

More young Japanese look to Marx as pandemic, climate crisis magnify economic inequalities

Saito is a power-hungry ass, looking to make a buck. Anyone who spews Marxist crap after a pandemic is looking for dollars. Learn from history, not this asshat.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping boiling water on 1-year-old daughter See in context

How did the police find out about this?

If this baby had signs of abuse, why only now is this coming to light?

Japan wants to talk about its lack of children, and then you read this.

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Posted in: Hands off my hijab! Young Muslim women protest proposed French ban See in context

France is pre-dominately a Christian nation.

I think they want to keep it that way, as is their right.

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Posted in: Oscar-winning actress Olympia Dukakis dies at 89 See in context

RIP Olympia.

You were an original!

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Posted in: Do you think Olympic athletes in any country should be allowed to "jump the queue" and be vaccinated before other people? See in context


People should not be coerced to risk their health, by taking this experimental vaccine.

A person's perfectly sufficient immune system should not be permanently altered,

when therapeutics can be made available.

Cancel the Olympics.

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Posted in: Marianne Faithfull turns to poetry as COVID robs her of song See in context

Good for you, Marianne.

Always a trouper.

You'll be great, in whatever way you express yourself!

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Posted in: Not all gloom: World leaders tout success at climate summit See in context

To enhance your reading experience:

"Entry of the Gladiators"

(Julius Fucik)

Merle Evans, cond.

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Posted in: Will Japanese Olympians be vaccinated ahead of the public? See in context

Just curious, do the athletes have a say in wether or not they are injected?

They work for years to get to this point, and then must take an experimental shot,

for an illness that may or may not occur, with a very high recovery rate?

Everyone looks at the athletes as the "lucky" or "priviledged" ones.

What if they choose to decline it, does their Olympic dream end there?

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