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Posted in: Warmbier's parents blame N Korea for son's death; Trump says his comments misinterpreted See in context

When I first read POTUS reaction, I knew it would be purposely misconstrued,

by msm.

IMO, Trump knows a lot of people, of all sorts, and is a top negotiator of getting deals


Sometimes you placate rather than instigate.

President Trump knows the real deal, he hasn't changed his mind,

but this summit was not the time to re-hash, or split hairs,

but for getting the present issues, ironed out.

If CNN dedicated more time and energy to thinking things through,

rather than being the constant nit-pick, nay-saying, paper monkey wrench

they continually choose to be,

they might actually become useful.

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Posted in: Mother served fresh warrant over another assault of girl before death See in context

This woman was probably Mia's only hope, instead she sacrificed her own daughter, to stay alive.

If she even has a conscience, that ought to haunt her for the rest of her life.

Appropriate "discipline" in Japan, needs to be retaught / addressed, PDQ.

Inflicting mental, emotional, and physical injuries/scars, is not discipline.

Discipline is dispensed, out of love.

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Posted in: 23-year-old father arrested for abusing 3-month-old daughter See in context

Old habits and ways take time to change.

A lot of abuse is due to ignorance and/or not knowing what is "acceptable".

With more public awareness, less passing the buck, and more education on ways of dealing with stress, maybe child abuse will wane...

Social workers should be vigilant.

There should be parenting classes for soon-to-be parents, for both mothers and fathers.

There can be no excuse for damaging a child.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for burning 5-year-old son with lit end of cigarette See in context

Police said that she pressed the cigarette against the right hand of her oldest boy, causing burns that will take about two or three weeks to her, according to doctors.

This will leave a scar for the rest of his life...

I hope he and his brother find a better life, permanently away from this person.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for smothering 74-year-old husband to death with pillow See in context

How desperate does one become, when the idea of jail

is more bearable than the life you currently lead...

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Posted in: Chicago police seek follow-up interview with Jussie Smollett See in context

IMO, if this was indeed staged, this man needs to sincerely apologize to the people he bore false witness against, POTUS and his supporters, and all others engaged to investigate it.

Then he can do community service, to be of some help to people,

instead of being a nuisance.

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Posted in: Father held over fatal abuse of daughter rearrested for earlier assault See in context

How this doomed child was returned to this abusive home, is a clear picture of what needs to change.

Completely ignorant and indifferent to her abuse, the "social services" agency workers were "intimidated" by this man, yet sent this child back to live there.

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Posted in: Tokyo to ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

Parents who are truly abusive will not be swayed by this.

They wear 2 faces, one for public, and one for home.

Social services need to listen to abused children's stories in schools, 

away from the home, recognize signs of abuse, and act on it.

A parent swatting their kid in public for being a pain in the pinfeather 

is not the target to hit.

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Posted in: Japanese city to use AI to predict seriousness of school bullying See in context

That does not compute!

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Posted in: Ex-policeman gets 22-year prison term for fatally shooting boss See in context

I don't understand Japanese justice.

Bullying, parental murders, train jumpers, suicide, meh.

A 19 year old is not yet an adult, trains with a seasoned police officer

and shoots him due to the abuse/stress, throw the book at him.

Confessions are frequently gotten through brutality,

one can only guess what kind of "training" this kid got...

His lawyer claimed the man was suffering from an adjustment disorder as he was under psychological stress due to undergoing strict training.

Yet the idea is disregarded, because he knew "where to aim his gun"?

Does anyone think this 19 year old would have done this under normal circumstances?

If I were that 20 year old, I would appeal.

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Posted in: Mother of fatally abused 10-year-old girl detained following husband's arrest See in context

Before you go blaming the mother, look at her situation.

Herself, and her 2 kids, 1 year old, and a 10 year old, in an extremely abusive relationship,

probably beyond scared for her life.

Are there safe houses in Japan?

A place to go (in winter) with her 2 kids, to be safe from the abuser,

without worrying about both survival and a furious abusive spouse

out looking for her?

The cops can assume her to be at fault, 

and in normal circumstances, I would agree, but this was no normal situation.

Police, social services, those in charge at schools, need to be educated double quick, 

in handling of abuse victims/perps.

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Posted in: Girl's cry for help in school questionnaire shown to abusive father before her death See in context

Why must a "questionnaire" be necessary?

Why couldn't she talk with someone at school, show her bruises,

and let that be evidence enough?

Why is it that there seems to be nothing but blind eyes & deaf ears, when it comes to bullying?

The whole system in place is so completely feckless.

I reiterate poor Mia, "Can't you do anything about this?"

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Posted in: Japan-EU free trade pact enters into force See in context

Unless these tariffs end now, this means nothing.

The can is kicked farther down the road,

while nothing really changes.

Japan's agriculture has a bad season, instead of importing, with better quality, lower price,

they charge us more for what they actually do grow.

The consumer/customer is GOD, reversed.

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Posted in: More details emerge over fatal abuse of 10-year-old girl by father See in context

"The decision to let her return home (from the center) was reasonable but our handling of the case after that was insufficient," said Hitoshi Nihei, head of the center in Chiba's Kashiwa city.

Nihei said the center had determined that the abuse had not been severe and its basic policy after ending protective custody was "watching over her at school."

The abuse happened at home, not at school,

who would watch her there?

The mother left her alone with an abusive father.

What an utter nightmare this poor girl faced-

The adults supposed to look after welfare were either abusive, neglectful, or downright indifferent.

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Posted in: Gladys Knight defends decision to sing U.S. anthem at Super Bowl See in context

'Glad it's Gladys' turn to sing the Anthem.

She will be awesome!

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Posted in: 'Short skirts cause sexual assaults,' according to Japanese school uniform poster See in context

'Short skirts cause sexual assaults,' according to Japanese school uniform poster

This notion puts the culpability on the person wearing the skirt, rather than on the perv

who can't keep his hands to himself...

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for murder of 2 children in 2015 See in context

What was his motive?

Diversion, I'd guess.

He's is not insane, he's a psychopath.

They are self-aware, and cannot be rehabilitated.

If a murderer cannot be rehabilitated he should be kept away from society. But to kill him to teach other potential murderers that killing is wrong? What's the logic in that?

I don't think it's meant to teach anything.

It's justice.

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Posted in: Customer berates convenience store staff after misunderstanding about cigarettes See in context

Everyone should start laughing hysterically at this dolt.

Instead of just watching, start to laugh.

Flat tire in 3-2-1...

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Posted in: Nancy Wilson, Grammy winning jazz singer, dies at 81 See in context

Very nice write-up, for a wonderful vocalist...

"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve" is a seasonal favorite.

R.I.P. Nancy Wilson, elegant lady of song...

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Posted in: Republicans beginning to worry about Trump re-election See in context

Republicans beginning to worry about Trump re-election

Another headline full of blarney...

But this has been the msm's goal since Trump was elected,

to make the voters change their minds...

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Posted in: Embattled Trump struggles to fill key White House post See in context

Embattled Trump struggles to fill key White House post

Does it help to soothe TDS, to mull over such a blatant untruth?

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Posted in: Japanese school explains why it won't let cold schoolgirl wear tights under her skirt See in context

When I first came to this country, boys wore tiny shorts in winter,

there were no bike helmets, Halloween was unheard of,

and girls wore short skirts hiked up even higher, with just knee socks...

Everything changes with time, and this "no tights rule" seems due for a phase-out...

A lot of Japanese public schools do not have proper heating, either.

If I am cold or hungry, my concentration goes towards fixing that, not learning...

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Posted in: Trump proposes 'worldwide network' to counter CNN overseas See in context

It's a good idea.

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Posted in: Women in Tokyo strongly back single-sex transport amid security fears: global poll See in context

Tokyo late night train sucks, no matter.

"Women only" cars suck less.

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Posted in: Pence's wife champions art therapy in Japan See in context

Why not use the cultural art of Japan, for art therapy?

Etegami is a perfect way to incorporate art as therapy.

The Japanese "postcard art" is easily taught

and very theraputic.

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Posted in: CNN sues Trump, demanding return of Acosta to White House See in context

All of this would go away if Trump had thicker skin.

Thicker skin? 

The President and his office are of the highest rank in the land,

and visitors are held to a decorum of respect.

CNN's reporter was derailing the press conference,

and his lack of professional regard for the President, in the WH, was off-putting.

It's not about the president needing to adjust his behavior to accommodate.

Come to the event with respect for the office, the country and the president,

or stay home.

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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

Yes we do - President Trump is a lazy idiot who doesn’t respect the military, the troops or their sacrifices. It’s that simple. Trump and the GOP don’t care about the troops.

President Trump respects the military by funding it and building up its resources.

It is better to show support through actions, than hollow photo-ops, and empty words.

In other words, he suffered a major lapse of judgement in running for the office of President at his advanced age. And he will be even older and unable to fulfill his duties at the time of the next Presidential election.

I challenge any man half his age, to keep up his schedule.

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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit

Some of the perpetually offended, remained so.

I think POTUS is wearing the most attractive shade of blue cashmere.

Keep yourself in top condition, President Trump.

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Posted in: Trump's media relationship frays more: CNN reporter's press pass suspended See in context

CNN reporter's press pass suspended

As he deserved...

He was being disruptive and disrespectful.

Contrary to popular belief, intelligent questions

do get answered.

No mention of the foreign reporters (one japanese) who Trump "couldn't understand" because of their accents.

He complains about other people, but can't help being disrespectful to others.

The reporter was unintelligible.

President Trump was not rude, he was truthful.

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Posted in: Trump says Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars See in context

Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars, Trump says

Trump is a deal maker.

Everything is leverage.

He'll get the deal he wants, one way, or another.

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