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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyage See in context

♫ Hallo Spaceboy ♫

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing downstairs neighbor See in context

When a tenant raises a complaint about noise to a rental agency,

if the other tenant ( who is being complained about) is from another rental agency,

they won't give the other tenant this info. The owner plays deaf-mute, leaves it in the rental agencies hands, lather, rinse, repeat.

The noise can get so bad, and the tenant can even call police, but police can do F A,

about it, as most times the offender won't answer the door.

The frustration is REAL.

It is a system of run-around, no one taking responsibility, no communication, and frustration, and to move is very costly = A recipe for disaster.

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Posted in: Man beats fast food worker because one chicken nugget was missing from his combo meal See in context

People everywhere, get crazy where McDonald's is concerned:

Mc 'Scuse me?

The employee should have come to his door with a packet of complimentary nuggets,

bowed, and split the scene.

No reason to send someone over to apologize and make amends, empty handed,

that's asking for trouble.

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Posted in: Mayor to name Paris street after David Bowie See in context

C'est magnifique!

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Posted in: 74-year-old woman killed in hit-and-run in Yokohama See in context

This is so callous it is unfathomable.

The woman can't climb stairs to pedestrian overpass for whatever reason at 74 years old,

tries to cross a street and gets plowed down, left to die.

And people wonder why the elderly want to keep driving?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for helping ex-husband commit suicide See in context

He: May I borrow your curling iron?

Her: But, why...? Oh, ok, whatever, sure, here it is, be careful it gets pretty hot...


Dials 110

General response: * the age difference!*

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Posted in: Criticism of Japan's coal policy raising climate awareness at home: Koizumi See in context

The UN has no sovereignty.

It is a rabble rousing organization designed to steal from Peter

to pay Paul.

Koizumi should speak less, and "watch with interest" more.

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Posted in: Anti-train groper badge design contest announces this year’s winners See in context

The irony. blue in green is blaming the victims for listening to all those who continually blame the victims; and then telling the victims they are to blame for being assaulted.

I'm not victim blaming at all.

I'm saying standing up against these creeps would go a lot further

than pinning on a badge.

A person freezes, in some cases of sexual assault, it is not done in plain view

and usually no one can help.

Not so, in groping, you have the whole train car!

Make a stink, take the stupid masks off and raise your voice.

The whole reason it happens is because these creeps depend

on a pliant victim, so don't be one!

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Posted in: Anti-train groper badge design contest announces this year’s winners See in context

Sexual assault is often viewed as something that is the fault of the victim. 

Being groped, and sexual assault, are not the same thing.

I'm so tired of the excuses you post here.

1 million and one reasons why a woman is conditioned to be a victim.

It comes down to a simple choice, somewhere along the line.

Stand up for yourself, or be trampled.

The rest is badges.

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Posted in: Anti-train groper badge design contest announces this year’s winners See in context

This is the most retarded thing, ever.



The amount of bs that is allowed to happen just so that a person doesn't have to stand up for themselves and deliver a loud STOP NOW, or even better a knee to the groin.

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Posted in: 'Little Miss Period' tackles Japan's menstruation taboos with a punch See in context

Stop hiding behind cartoon characters and speak plainly.

The female body and its functions are a part of life.

Asking a boss to give you a break because you are menstruating?

Guys show up with hangovers and get no coddling.

Stay home, or take pain medication.

This is not the way to gain equality, through victimhood.

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Posted in: 67-year-old man fatally beaten after calling police to report intruder in house See in context

He all but attached a bullseye to his chest.

That said, nobody deserves this.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy dies after being hit by car driven by mother See in context

Oh God, how tragic.

This woman made an error that will haunt her the rest of her life.

RIP baby boy.

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Posted in: Major nations snub calls for climate action as U.N. summit wraps up See in context

It seems the paying customers are coming out from under the ether...

The UN should find new digs.

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Posted in: Actor Danny Aiello of 'Do the Right Thing' dies at 86 See in context

He was great in all his many roles.

I liked him especially in "Moonstruck"...


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Posted in: The number of people arrested by police for abusing children in Japan in 2018 grew for the fifth consecutive year to a record high of 1,419, a white paper by the Justice Ministry shows. What can be done to deal with this problem? See in context

Probably it's getting reported more than in the past,

due to the high-profile, horrific child abuse deaths that have occurred...

Education on what is the difference between abuse and discipline,

promoting secure communication between abused students and councillors in schools,

in tandem with social workers who act, might be helpful.

Anger management classes, and parenthood classes in high school,

might also help.

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Posted in: ‘Benson,’ ‘Star Trek’ actor René Auberjonois dies at 79 See in context

He was also in "The Patriot".

A great character actor.


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Posted in: Anti-high heels campaigner steps up to fight 'glasses ban' See in context

There are presentable options in both eyewear and lower heels, if the argument is about what is presentable in the corporate workplace.

A person should be hired for their ability, their tenacity, and what they add to the company.

This outdated notion of a high heel wearing office servant needs a make-over.

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Posted in: Yamato delivery man kicked and yelled at by older colleague See in context

how would a kick in the leg kill you, old guy kicks you in the leg you kick him in the leg back, kicks you again you kick him again, what do you think his next move would be. Idiots have to realise that violence/ abuse will most likely be met with similar violence/abuse.

If the young man let the old guy get the best of him,

it would have escalated, not stayed at just kicking.

The old guy might've been knocked to the ground, hit his head, possibilities endless,

none of them good.

The old guy lost his mind, but the young guy didn't.

That's my take.

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Posted in: U.S. says it will 'protect its interests' at climate conference See in context

CC is the current pet cause/currency used to rabble rouse

and manipulate the masses.

A woman as wealthy as Pelosi ought to smile more,

lie, less.

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Posted in: Yamato delivery man kicked and yelled at by older colleague See in context

God Bless that young man.

He's got a lot of grit and fortitude to keep quiet

while the old guy loses his g'd mind.

Fighting back would have resulted in the old guy being dead, the young guy out of a job, and his freedom.

It sucks that people act like dicks, but you can only do, what you can do.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy who stabbed girl in Aomori Pref to undergo psychiatric tests for 2 months See in context

A simple MRI brain scan could be telling.

Learning what you can get away with

is a live and learn process, he's young.

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Posted in: Newborn baby girl abandoned in hotel room in Tokyo See in context

I'm thinking the person who gave birth

had a hard time deciding to leave her baby behind,

but did it, for the welfare of the baby.

She stayed right up until check out time,

and wrapped her in a sheet.

It's very sad, but at least the baby is fine and will have a chance

at life.

It seems a sad commentary to say the baby survived, she's lucky.

A birth should be a joyous occasion.

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Posted in: What TV shows have you binge watched and what is the longest amount of time you spent doing that? See in context

Outlander, approx. 6 hours.

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Posted in: Emperor completes secretive key succession ritual See in context

Expensive superstition.

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Posted in: Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen relish roles in ‘The Good Liar’ See in context

Congrats to them both.

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Posted in: University entrance exam to test reading, listening for English See in context

Why bother?

English is still an afterthought here.

Until that changes, people will study, take tests,

and not speak or understand English.

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Posted in: Chauffeur arrested over hit-and-run death of 87-year-old woman See in context

The whole "crosswalk" notion needs a re-think.

People assume they'll be safe to walk, and car drivers assume they have the right of way.

I'm sorry for this poor old lady's demise, she didn't deserve to be plowed down in the street and then just left there.

A terrible callousness, whomever did it.

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