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Posted in: Towering musical theater master Stephen Sondheim dies at 91 See in context

His music adds sparkle to this life.

Rest in peace, maestro.

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Posted in: It's not just Peng. China is cracking down on MeToo movement See in context

Every nation has control over it's people by governing them

The people vote for leadership. They are not "governed", without consent.

When the government is fraudulently placed in office, the people do not consent.

CCP is trying to push its ways onto the USA, by way of a puppet president,

but "We the people", do not consent.

CCP China is not a democracy, to those who expect it to behave as such,

you'll wait a long time.

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Posted in: Gov't to ease restrictions on events, eateries See in context

Gov't to ease restrictions on events, eateries

Under the new plan approved by the government's COVID-19 task force, full attendance at venues will be allowed under certain conditions, including putting in place a system to check whether visitors have been vaccinated or have tested negative for the virus.

Ease restrictions?

Has the right to personal medical privacy and personal freedom been removed from the Constitution?

I don't see this as anything but the same tyranny that is already worldwide.

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Posted in: TEPCO says impact from release of Fukushima water will be minimal See in context

TEPCO says impact from release of Fukushima water will be minimal

Compared to what?

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Posted in: Japan’s first ‘highest altitude fireworks’ display to be held on slopes of Mt Fuji See in context

This sounds awesome.

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Posted in: Austria orders nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated See in context

The vaccine is not the answer.

Not long ago, Indonesia was overrun with Covid-19, and they chose Ivermectin to treat it, as well as India. They wiped out the problem with its use. I posted the link before, it was overlooked, and taken down.

The virus can be killed in the beginning, at the most crucial time. Waiting is the enemy, that’s when the virus grows and goes on to do more damage.

But if it’s killed early, natural immunity will reside, which is better than any vaccine, with its side effects and yet unknown dangers.

Dr Zelenko’s “Z-pack”: Zinc, with Quercetin or HCQ, (the hcq or quercetin open the cells to allow the zinc in) with high dosage vit C, D-3, can kill the virus. Some even take now as protection, and increase dosage if illness occurs.

There is no need to use vaccines, especially in children. Many brilliant doctors, including Dr Robert Malone, who is the most knowledgeable on mRNA vaccines, have issued many warnings about the repercussions of mass vaccinating. It’s time people start listening more to these doctors, and less to knee-jerk authoritarians, whose agenda is not the health of the world.

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Posted in: What advice would you give to someone who has experienced rejection from someone they like, or who has been told by a partner that he/she wants to end the relationship? See in context

Focus on giving yourself the love,

start a new project, learn something new...

Treat yourself well, keep yourself healthy.

This too shall pass...

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Posted in: Gov't considers ¥100,000 cash handout for children aged 18 or younger See in context

Japan's government and ruling parties are considering providing 100,000 yen each for children aged 18 or younger in an attempt to ease the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, sources close to the matter said Friday.

Government provides bupkis, the tax payers do.

If government is feeling particularly magnanimous, cut taxes, and let the people decide how to spend (or save) their own money.

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Posted in: New anorexic patients up 60% among young people in Japan See in context

People act strangely under strange conditions.

Freedom needs a comeback.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges $10 bil to aid Asia's zero emission path See in context

Kishida pledges $10 bil to aid Asia's zero emission path

I wonder how much China pledged, one of the largest offenders...

Oh wait, they weren't there.

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Posted in: Youngkin wins Virginia governor's race, jolting Democrats See in context

They've got a big pile of mail-in votes to count, overnight.

Maybe by tomorrow the vote will be flipped...

It's not like it hasn't happened before.

In addition to the stinging loss for the Democrats in Virginia, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy was in a close fight as he sought to become the first Democratic governor to win reelection there in more than four decades.

I thought he was being investigated for the covid19 nursing home deaths, now, re-election?

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Posted in: Braves overpower Astros to win World Series See in context

Tomahawk chop. :)

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Posted in: Free speech or hate speech? Netflix at eye of LGBTQ storm See in context

Dave Chappelle is funny.

He shows his humanity with honesty and laughs at it,

and makes us laugh.

If people are offended by his shows, they can do a hard pass.

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Posted in: Unvaccinated tennis players unlikely to get Australian Open visa: state premier See in context

Unvaccinated tennis players unlikely to get Australian Open visa: state premier

Novak Djokovic values his health, along with medical privacy, and freedom,

something in very short supply in Australia.

He will live to play elsewhere.

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Posted in: Frustrated and weary over long pandemic hours, more U.S. workers are striking See in context

Frustrated and weary over long pandemic hours, more U.S. workers are striking

They are are not striking, they are getting all their paid vacation time before being forced out of work, due to vaccine mandates.

This story is a complete propaganda piece.

Biden was paying people to stay home, during this pandemic. There were jobs, but no one wanted to work, as they were better paid not to.

Now there will be shortages of workers everywhere; police, military, healthcare, nurses, doctors, bus drivers, everywhere there is a mandate, is where there will be shortages of workers.

This is intentionally being done.

Between the vaccine mandates, port blockages, and various other obstructions to a stable economy, this is 100% Biden owned.

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Posted in: Tokyo court disrupted by hundreds of maskless anti-vaxxers See in context

Japan plans to widely use vaccine passports for commercial purposes as part of efforts to normalize social and economic activities that have long been stagnant due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And stigmatizing people by way of segregation, keeping people out of businesses,

will help "un-stagnate" the economy?

Better ask restaurants in NYC, Paris, Rome, and many others, how that is working out.

I thought Japan had more common sense.

People have the right to medical and societal freedom and privacy,

when you start fooling with that, expect pushback- it's human nature.

In recent weeks, Tokyo has seen a sharp fall in COVID-19 cases in tandem with stepped-up vaccinations. But people are still urged by the government to wear face masks to prevent the spread of the virus.

Well, to all those who have been wondering about the "miraculous" drop in numbers,

the mystery has been solved.

It wasn't your careful behavior, your sacrifices; loss of freedom, income and mobility, it was a vax, that neither prevents, or eliminates the virus, and has no effect on the "delta" variant.

But it suits the agenda, to have less numbers, and the media complies.

Wake up, suckers.

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Posted in: Some governments are thinking of imposing a carbon tax to curb greenhouse gas emissions. What do you think? See in context

Extortion dressed up as "carbon tax".

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Posted in: 52-year-old woman arrested over mother’s murder See in context

The hospital/doctor responsible for releasing a woman as an outpatient for schizophrenia should have some serious 'splaining to do.

Starting with, why did you release this person, knowing she would also be a caregiver?!

I think they can all concur that the dosage of the meds they gave her, was not sufficient.

RIP elderly mother, you didn't deserve that kind of end.

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Posted in: Japan's largest labor organization Rengo gets 1st female chief See in context

The photo is waaaaaaaay too large.

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Posted in: Japanese businesses to offer benefits using vaccination app See in context

Business & Medicine, who knew?

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Posted in: William Shatner, 90, will fly to space aboard Blue Origin rocket See in context

Go Denny Crane, erm, Captain Kirk!

Live long and prosper!

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Posted in: Governors call for securing medical system as COVID curbs ease See in context

Those "safe and effective treatments" you want to push so much have been already discarded by science, they offer no benefit to the patients and have very real risks for the health.

That's a lie.

Your info is out of date.

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Posted in: After knife attack, New Zealand criminalizes terror plotting See in context

Maybe the govt. immigration should screen incoming immigrants better,

and deport at the hint of terrorist activity.

If NZ's govt. needs to "crack down" on anything, it's their own virtue signaling.

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Posted in: A 'United' Nations, navigating a fractured world See in context

The UN has no power over national sovereignties,

or their people, and should desist in all pantomime that they are the world's government.

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Posted in: Vaccine mandates: Is no jab, no entry into restaurants, cafes, bars, sporting and event venues discrimination? See in context

Will people also have to prove their not carriers of hepatitis A. B, or C, or HIV/AIDS?

How about mandatory TB tests, to enter a restaurant.

And how about Malaria, ZIKA, or West Nile- can't let them go sliding by...

Not interested in those?

Than this is not about health, it is about ****discrimination and coercion by eliminating choice.

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Posted in: Parents praise Chinese rules aimed at kids' 'unhealthy' gaming See in context

Parents praise Chinese rules aimed at kids' 'unhealthy' gaming

Yeah, right.

How far would a parent that said "I think that is for me to decide" get?

Better to virtue signal, than to protest?

So what happens now, double down on chores/homework,

or will these same parents actually spend more time with their kids?

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy will not be prosecuted over 6-year-old sister’s death See in context

The court said child welfare authorities were also made aware of the mother’s absence from the home but took no steps as they judged that the boy was able to look after his sister.

The judge needs a boot in the ass.

It's not the job of a 17 year old boy, to be a guardian to his sister.

It might be different if the mother were out working to support

them, then maybe the boy would feel like he was doing his bit,

but she was just out, leaving all responsibility on him.

Not saying his behavior was justified, or right, but he should've had some support,

from a male relative or friend, and the idiot judge bailed on him.

The mother is disgusting, lacking in anything resembling maternal love, as well as the govt agencies, whose laziness enabled her neglectful behavior.

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Posted in: China, pandemic, energy top Japan's leadership race debate See in context

Noda proposed a nationwide installment of sub-hospitals that offer supplementary oxygen and antibody cocktail infusions for less serious patients, and financial support for those hit by income or job loss, especially women.

All that's great, but then she said vaccinate the under 12's, which cancels everything else she said.

With antibody transfusions, + ivermectin, Vit C, Vit D3 no need for "vaccines"

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Posted in: Noda calls for vaccinating children aged 11 and under See in context

If I had a vote,

it would absolutely not be for this ghoul.

Leave the kids alone!

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Posted in: Japan may start administering 3rd COVID vaccine shots by year-end See in context

Not a good idea, at all!

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