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Posted in: Gov't weighs ¥50,000 cash handouts for low-income families' children See in context

Stop sending tax money to protect and perpetuate globalists antics, and use it to help citizens and residents of Japan, as it was intended.

There’s a tax for everything, yet people in Japan suffer.

Japan loves to support every cause but its own!

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Posted in: Record 54% of Japanese students not eager to study due to COVID: survey See in context

Without social interaction, school is drudgery, it’s a normal reaction to be uninspired under such conditions!

Eat in silence?

More “science” at work, just like masking, unsocial distancing, etc.

There is no proof any if that works, none. Yet inflict your own paranoia on kids!

Stop it, stop terrorizing kids,

with all these unnecessary, and unproven restrictions and regulations!

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Posted in: 'Old Enough:' Netflix show sparks global debate on parenting and child safety See in context

Using children for adults entertainment.

I remember "sports day", and how it bothered me- Always hot, sunny, and the little kids train for it for weeks.

On the actual day, these little ones would "perform" in the hot sun for hours, while their parents watched, under tents.

In winter, little kids were escorted to school in uniform shorts, while the parent wears a goose down jacket and boots.

Kids are not toys, or amusing pets.

Sending little ones (2-6) to the streets to perform tasks without an adult to protect them is not cute or adorable, it's parental neglect.

The same as leaving this age group home alone, is.

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Posted in: Russian-language sign at station in Tokyo back on view after being covered up See in context

Cover a sign, and cover your face.


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Posted in: Dental fees to jump as palladium prices surge on Ukraine war See in context

You’d think that with modern technology, that hard, durable plastics as well as porcelain would not be so expensive, so as to make dental work less offensive to the eye.

Maybe now that metal prices are climbing, this will be considered as an option, covered by insurance.

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Posted in: Honda to spend ¥5 tril over next decade on EVs See in context

Mining for the minerals to make these batteries will be a sore point.

China monopoly?

Also it causes unsightly damage to the earth.

Then, there's the cost of the car and the continual cost of charging the battery.

There are problems with electrical power generation in Japan; one good shake, and you're riding a bicycle.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 1st case of Omicron XE variant in airport arrival See in context

So now you are stopped and testing for a virus (with no symptoms),

to promote vaccines for a (virus with no symptoms.)

Drumming up paranoia, for a (virus with no symptoms),

so you won't be able to enjoy your life, because you have no symptoms

and may be "contaminated".

Say it with me people,

Sod. Off.

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Posted in: Tokyo cancels Sumida River fireworks festival for 3rd straight year See in context


Probably cause those things actually matter.

People have to work to get the money to pay for those things.

Work and commuting are opened, yet traditional joyful events, are not.

There is more to life than work and paying bills.

FFS, bars are open, events are taking place, basically life is normal.

Normal except most are wearing a mask, and seeing faces is part of being a human being.

And attending traditional outdoor public events that bring people together is part of the experience.

These cancelations are not about health anymore, they're canceling traditions,

replacing joyful events with fear.

It's dehumanizing and isolating.

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Posted in: Tokyo cancels Sumida River fireworks festival for 3rd straight year See in context

Work schedules, exams, due-date on taxes, rents, and bills are never canceled, for most any reason.

This cancelation is a money-grubbing, joy-sucking, globalist decision, disguised as ‘for your benefit’...

This is not for your health or ‘benefit’.

It is meant to crush traditions, and demoralize all under the guise of ‘health’.

That’s what globalists do.

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Posted in: Trump asks Putin to help dig up dirt on Hunter Biden See in context

Trump asks Putin to help dig up dirt on Hunter Biden

No bias in that headline, nope, none at all...

If a wife of the Mayor of Moscow decided to "gift" one of Trump's sons millions of dollars,

would that not be an open target of curiosity, as to why?

How is asking for that reason in this case, digging for dirt?

This MSM press is so flip, with words, using them to skew, confuse, distort-

Everything but make clear.

Is it any wonder at all, MSM influenced ignorance, is shown in most comments here?

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Posted in: Japan to extend antivirus restrictions in Tokyo and 14 prefectures See in context

Japan to extend antivirus restrictions in Tokyo and 14 prefectures


We will control the vertical

We will control the horizontal

Do not attempt to adjust your tv sets.

Until we figure out the next big thing, consume, conform, and obey...

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Posted in: Japan begins COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 5-11 See in context

The FDA has been required by a judge to supply 10,000 pages of info on the Pfizer jabs by March 1, 2022, 10,000 more by April 1, and more continuing until late summer!

This was ordered, as Pfizer was not planning to release this info, for 75 years.

75 years.

No parent can give informed consent to give their children this jab until they are fully informed of its contents and effects.

For people who lump these jabs in with other vaccinations, they’re not the same thing, at all.

Take Quercetin & zinc, vit C, D, as a precaution, or Ivermectin if possible, at beginning of illness.

This jab is a bad risk, so say many frontline doctors, researchers and actual immunologists, including the doctor who invented the mRna technology, Dr Robert Malone.

The FDA and Pfizer have interchangeable board members, (conflict if interest?) they had to be taken to court to get information made accessible, and still only in dribs and drabs... Do you trust your children’s health with that?

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Posted in: Biden vows 'never again' in marking 80 years since Japanese Americans' internment See in context

Biden is a politician, and a puppet one, at that-

His actions and language are bargaining chips.

He has never, at anytime, been anything more.

Place weight/import accordingly.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,331 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 91,051 See in context

This IS flu season, and many old people succumb to it, every year.

Time to downgrade this thing to common seasonal illness, dispense over the counter cheap, effective meds, and

let’s get ready for hanami season.

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Posted in: Mother gets 8 years in prison for leaving 3-year-old daughter alone at home for week to die See in context

The Tokyo District Court has sentenced a 26-year-old woman to eight years in prison for parental neglect resulting in the death of her three-year-old daughter by leaving her at home alone for a week in 2020.

A convoluted way of describing a premeditated murder.

Anyone knows if you leave a toddler of 3 alone for a week, locked in somewhere with no food or water, they will die.

The careless cruelty she inflicted on her own child, such pain and suffering,

left in solitary confinement with no food or water.

8 years seems light.

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan to consider sanctions on Russia if Ukraine invaded See in context

Watching with “interest” has been officially amended especially for the Biden administration:

Watching with “grave concern”.


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Posted in: Compulsory vaccination rules come into force in Austria See in context

Critics have also questioned the need for compulsion given the far milder nature of the Omicron variant.

Tyranny has no concern for health, logic, or common sense.

I hope these freedom seeking people can get themselves to a country

which stands for human rights.

A real shame it is not their homeland.

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Posted in: Thousands protest COVID mandates and restrictions in Ottawa See in context

A convoy of trucks, cars, and people supporting them all across Canada are converging and now surrounding the capital bldg in the city of Ottawa, where Trudeau & his family have escaped to another location.

He’s afraid to confront “the small fringe” that demand mandates end; and freedom to work, choose medical care, and live, resumes.

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Posted in: Outpatient clinics overstretched by rapid spread of Omicron See in context

The photo is comedic gold.

"Person catches cold, while waiting for covid-19 PCR test result,

outdoors in winter."

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Posted in: Whatever your personal views are about coronavirus vaccines, what advice would you give to an unvaccinated person who was worried about whether or not he/she should get the vaccine? See in context

After 2 years and counting,

I doubt you're going to find someone "worried" at this point.

Those who have chosen to decline it, have made an informed decision.

Pharmaceutical companies sponsor MSM, politicians, govts,

medical institutions, and doctors...

You are your best expert, trust yourself.

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Posted in: Japan's imports hit record highs on surging energy prices See in context

thats not even remotely true, vast majority of containers coming in to CA are sent out by rail

Yeah, you mean the same ones that are robbed as they try to pass?

I'm speaking of the east coast, Canada to Fla.

Truckers are a big part of the supply chain,

and they are now sidelined by vorder restrictions and a mandate.

A lot of the major troubles occurring now are made by

government regulations and mandates,

and it will become pressing as more shortages/ empty shelves occur.

there was never a piple between Canada USA it hasnt even been built yet.

It's called the Keystone Pipeline, put out of commission by an executive order signature,

by the resident in chief.

Look it up on your Funk & Wagnals:

On January 20, 2021, United States President Joe Biden revoked the permit for the pipeline on his first day in office

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 See in context

well it seems to me plenty of people here do question the government panel, but the problem is that all of them are unable to comprehend what the panel is discussing about nor the content of the documents they produce. So when you can’t intellectually process facts, a person will rely on what they are most comfortable with: their fears.

Gaslighting is not presenting facts, it's merely a toxic form of pursuasion used to make others believe their thinking is wrong.

Why not research more, gaslight less.

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Posted in: Japan's imports hit record highs on surging energy prices See in context

We can thank the Biden and the Trudeau administrations for high shipping costs from abroad.

Fuel that once flowed freely is now highly regulated and/or pipelines cut.

Unconstitutional mandates on truckers, in USA/Canada a main supply chain, has trucks sitting empty, truckers idle.

Shipping crates sit on ships in harbors, unable to dock at port, for lack of trucks and workers due to regulations and mandates.

Inflation has been present in Japan, with stagnant wages, increasing fuel prices, consumption taxes and “shrinkflation”- Everyone has been made aware they work harder, for less money, that buys less, and is taxed more.

But fear not, Kishida indulges the UN with donations (of your taxes) to go to other countries more in need than you, and pays exorbitant fees to pharmaceutical companies for vaccines for kids, so don’t worry be happy, Japan.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 See in context

This is a mistake of epic proportions.

Parents, your children’s lives are your responsibility, not the states’.

Say no, protect them from this unnecessary invasion of their perfect immune systems, and stand tall in your decision!

Japan Inc is choosing to be dictated to by pharmaceutical companies, putting your children and Japan’s future, at risk.

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Posted in: Remakes are a staple in Hollywood. Which of your all-time favorite movies would you absolutely not like to see remade? See in context

Casablanca, Summertime, The Quiet Man,

It's A Wonderful Life, Roman Holiday.

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Posted in: COVID vaccination requests at work pose worry in Japan's booster push See in context

No, it is not, this is the problem with people that want to misrepresent things thinking nobody knows what actual sources say. Just by using the Nurenberg code (that have nothing to do with medical treatment) you evidence lack of actual information about actual ethical basis of informed consent.

There IS no informed consent, on an experimental medical vaccine/ treatment.

Do you think all the young healthy athletes, who were offered the choice to take a jab or quit sports, were informed they might be dropping on pitches, or all the victims of myocarditis, (which was not even mentioned as a possible side effect, until after it started occurring) or those who had heart attacks or strokes, pregnancy loss, infertility, and the long list of other side effects associated with this jab, were explicitly made known?

Or, all the ingredients, in these jabs, well known and the implications understood?

The insert paper is blank.

Or, your doctor, who may or may not be funded by a pharmaceutical company,

would give this explicit information?

A person cannot give consent, until they are properly informed,

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Posted in: COVID vaccination requests at work pose worry in Japan's booster push See in context

Here cones the bullying and invasion of privacy.

It is against the Nuremberg Code to threaten, coerce, and deny and/or withhold freedoms and rights to those declining ‘medical’ treatment.

If Japan Inc wants to start imposing their will, under the guise that having your own will to choose is selfish, it is a push too far.

It is unconstitutional, and there will be lawsuits. No one should be bullied by a company to comply, period.

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Posted in: Japanese parents weigh pros, cons of having their children vaccinated See in context

Don’t make the mistake of giving this ‘vaccine’ to your child. Can you honestly live with the guilt of their death, because of a vaccine, for a virus that can be treated without one?

How about you, @virusrex?

If a child dies from a heart attack at 13, after double vaccinating, would you say it’s a risk that needs to be taken?

You don’t hear about adverse reactions here- but it doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. How many comments are removed here, just for stating ( with links) these facts. Censorship is keeping truth from you. Research, don’t believe anyone when it comes to your children.

The jabs are not the answer!

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Posted in: Djokovic got no special favors on vaccine exemption: Tiley See in context

Conradulations to him for standing his ground.

Mandates are not laws, I hope he will do well.

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