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In a parliament session, Shigeru Omi, the government's top COVID-19 adviser, said he had not been consulted in advance about the government's policy change. However, Tamura said it was not an issue as the government had made its own judgment.

Not even starting to ponder on how, based on what and who came to that decision, we'll never know.

Essentially meaning: we do what we want, whether you like it or not. LDP governments in a nutshell. Wonder if the plebs get the message this time? It comes from the horse's mouth and can't be clearer: No accountability No responsibility! No apology! No explanations! Zilts! Nada! Nothing! Results: the plebs have to fight it on their own.

On the other side, O-Bon is around the week-end. If people travel all across the country, the fan is not only going to be hit but run through the ceiling!

We're not out of the woods yet.

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Japan's population down by record number to 126.65 mil

I'm no specialist but I am not sure that a decrease in population is actually "bad". What is much more worrisome is that there will be social changes and impacts and what is definitely needed is planning as how to deal with them and we have seen how good the J-government is at planning with the pandemic, did we...

Decades to prepare for a population crunch and nothing done so far. This does not look well for our and this country's future...

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Viruxrex (as usual) is right on the spot.

In a hearing, Omi testified that Medical authorities were not involved in the discussion. Moreover, on this particular news and in Yahoo News under the related articles do a lot of medical staff came out and comment the same: the patient's situation may evolve (in a negative way) very quickly mild - moderate - severe where you would still require hospitalization from moderate onwards. The problem being that patients can not assess how things evolve and how until most likely it is too late.

This government has been up and roaring to not involve medical associations in the management of this crisis and this is the reason it has basically been politicians and public servants with Excel-sheets trying to handle the pandemic from the very beginning onwards. A pandemic has to be fought with medical knowledge and simulation models not with basic Excel formulas.

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Court rules defunct eugenics law unconstitutional, but rejects damages

In short, it was "wrong" but they don't apologize / make up for what they did. VERY Japanese as far as politicians go. The legal verdict / court equivalent of bowing when caught but not going to jail.

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Japan's ruling party policy chief seeks Diet debate on virus lockdown

I call BS. This debate should have been held one year ago. Now it's vaccination-time.

If they want to discuss, they should discuss on whether there are enough vaccines in the country. If not, why not. If yes, why is the vaccine not getting in people's arms?

The only reason the LDP wants to debate this at this stage, is for a possible inclusion in their targeted constitutional revision. Nothing more.

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I definitely agree with them, although once the games started and unless people start to drop dead in the streets the games would not stop.

Still, these people give a face to a faceless opposition expressed in opinion polls. Also, they keep that face in the news circuit. This, is important, because the next battleground is coming soon: the Paralympics.

Yamaguchi, from Komeito fame, has already pushed for public in the stadium on 7/18.

Expect the same circus again.

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Posted in: Athletes from many countries have been the target of hateful messages mainly through their social media accounts during the Tokyo Olympics. Why do you think people post such abusive messages? See in context

First things first, despite at lot of us being extraordinarily angry at the the government, LDP, the JOC, the IOC and, I guess, "not happy" with the athletes going on what is essentially an ego-trip at our expenses, one can not condone this.

As for the question, it already struck me several years ago that despite Japan having no real tradition / history of demonstrations (I mean in the streets), exception made of some rare cases, the level of anger on Social Networks is definitely au par with abroad. Just have a look at comments under the article of Yahoo News to get a feel of where things stand. I would go even as far as saying that these days the Nett Uyo are being marginalized and overtaken by "Yamada Taro".

Why are people abusive on the internet has been / is being extensively researched. The "why" in Japan, I think, is different.

The way the feeling can be expressed can be manyfold: measured, backed up with facts, etc or simply straight-in-yer-face, if not "brutal". Social network allow for "immediate" response. Organizing a demo, lets you cool down, sit down and think: what do you want to say, what slogan will you go for, what will you write on your board, etc. SNS cuts all of this. SNS somehow not only allows you but also force you to be quick, short and "punchy"...sometimes at the expense of something / somebody.

In Japan, there is a cultural element of not disrupting peace / the consensus (or whatever you want to call it). But people have private (and different) opinions, hence they take on the internet to express it anonymously.

Add to this that many people see that news outlets either have their allegiances (fair enough) or are self-restraining (the latter being a bigger problem). As a result, people may feel that their causes are not "challenged" by any champion on their behalf.

Also, we are in a pandemic, so having a big amounts of people gathering does not sound like a good idea. Hence, people using SNS as a perfect outlet to shout whatever they want to.

Now, why the athletes? Well, it's the Olympics, they are (allegedly) at the center of it, contrary to the LDP/JOC/IOC most of them have SNS accounts and the media puts them even more in the public's face every day in the news. In short, they are the perfect lightning rod for an increasingly frustrated public with no way to express themselves and vent their anger.

When a few months ago, Ikee was put so much on display in the news, I was wondering if there wouldn't be a backlash as the games were hitting record level of unpopularity. BANG, exactly that happened. The way she reacted also just confirmed to me that celebrities in Japan seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that NOT EVERYBODY likes them and have problems dealing with it (the Hana Kimura incident comes to mind). Again, they grew up in a Japanese world were consensus is king and nobody argues (against you). The wake-up call is hard...

My piece of advice to the athletes, if you can't deal with the heat and do not want to throw gas on the fire, de-activate the comments section under you account or de-activate your account completely and possibly refrain from posting, at least over these particular games. Because, this time more than any time in your career, you are on the wrong side of things and things could get pretty nasty pretty quickly.

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The National Governors' Association on Sunday urged people to refrain from making trips across prefectural borders in principle during the summer and Bon holidays, and in cases of making essential trips it asked people to take virus tests.

So, at least a few people did notice the huge pink elephant in the room: O-Bon. If in 2021, people do travel criss-cross across the country like it's 2019, there will be hell to pay by September 1st this year...

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A senior government official, saying that any discussion of expanding the number of successors to the Chrysanthemum Throne, including proposals to open the way for a woman to become emperor, is off the table for now.

Last time (somewhere this current year) I heard about this so-called "panel". Back then, they were leaning towards options such as:

passing the bucket to Akishinomiya's teenage son to save a 2,000-years lineage (no pressure, boy--just effing do it!)

re-instaure...the aristocracy (no, I'm not kidding)

With the latter option they actually did see some issues (2 actually):

the plebs may not support the idea

the former aristocracy themselves may not support the idea

Back to square one.

On a side-note, while I support a female emperor, I do have my doubts that the females of the Imperial Household are themselves really excited about that possibility...

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Question: Japanese nationals resident abroad may have families made of, well, local (read: foreign) nationals; non-Japanese spouse/kids/parents. I assume the family would travel all together to Japan. What about them?

Just asking, as the Japanese nationals and resident foreign nationals in Japan would just love to be told that non-resident non-nationals could jump the queue in which they have been stuck for more than half a year...

On the other hand, if non-resident Japanese come to Japan with their families, they would just love having their beloved one being ignored.

Either way, some people owning Japanese passports are going to be angry, very angry. Me think, the LDP just managed to open (yet) another can of worms...

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Those subject to the inoculations include people living in places that use vaccines not approved by Japan as well as residents of some developing countries where the progress of vaccinations has been slow.

"...not approved by Japan..." makes it sound like Japan is desperately trying to remain relevant, at least to its nationals residing out of the country, as its credibility (and authority) within its borders has been reduced to smithereens due to its own doing...

"...developing countries where the progress of vaccinations has been slow". This sounds like Japan in a nutshell....

More seriously, if they want to take care of the nationals in those countries, they could do that through their embassies which would make more sense than waiting for people to come here or for them to spend the money and time (in quarantine) to come here.

Essentially, it seems that Japan is expecting a lot of the nationals to come to Japan which is something I sincerely doubt.

First, the nationals abroad read and watch the news in Japanese language (you know that "internet"-thingy which has been around since the mid-90's). They should therefore know that (1) the pandemic is no way under control in Japan on the contrary, (2) that the government effed up skyhigh on (a) the pandemic, (b) the vaccination and (c) has an infatuation with the Olympics which did not exactly help with the Paralympics poised to become the next battleground. I doubt that in those conditions many are willing to come. Also, if considering "vaccine shopping/travel", this may work in some countries but as per the above, not for Japan as per the above.

As usual, Japan only sees the "Japan-side" of things. Like the quarantine when coming here: you get your shot, get quarantined (hence; just end up locked in a hotel in Japan, so much for O-Bon), then what: go back and get your second shot on your way out, then...get home and get quarantined again abroad. Also, if I recall, vaccine passports are still being "discussed" in Japan and did not yet go anywhere, especially to outside recognition.

Basically, you come for O-bon, get to see a hotel-room for 2 weeks, have used up your holidays and go home to be locked up again. Great holidays, wished you were here..., eh?

Second, the medical association of Japan has asked the government to declare a national state of emergency. So, forget "O-bon" and travel criss-cross across the country. On the contrary, the government should try to discourage / prevent people to travel around the country at all costs and limit the in-take from the outside (nationals residing abroad and non-national tourists). I understood that over the Olympics the in-take from abroad had already been limited over the Olympics/Paralympics period...

Third, around me (colleagues, friends, etc), I have yet to see anybody willing / planning to travel anywhere since the first SOE back in 2020. Hence, no O-bon, no summer holidays, no autumn leaves, no year-end gathering with family and friends in 2020 and same on the menu for 2021.

Having said that, these are the people I know and from the news, a lot of people I don't know seem to not care about anything (health, life, all of us) any more, so 2021 O-Bon looking like it generally does could lead us to a very bleak place, I mean bleaker than now. The government has no choice, it has to kill off O-Bon for the nationals in-land and out of the country.

Long story short: either this is a PR-stunt (it's Kyodo anyway), or the LDP oyajis are off their rockers again and this will not survive until O-Bon anyway...

Anyway, this is just more non-viable hubris from the LDP.

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Tokyo Olympics CEO says COVID cases at Games 'within expectations'

Well, I understood the "Olympigs" were supposed to be "safe and secure" (安全安心). So, which one was it supposed to be, as obviously one was BS, was it?

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Ammunition shelves bare as U.S. gun sales continue to soar

Wouldn't this result in, like, less ammo to shoot, hence less people being shot at, so less gun-violence related deaths. I wouldn't call this a problem...

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10 days ago, there was a set of interviews about "why" the costs ballooned so much on 報道1930. They interviewed former members of the JOC and the Tokyo Olympics organization team. The main response was the requirements from the International (Sports) Federation, ISF ,IF.

Even though Japan could manufacture the material (and actually does exactly that for their sports local/national/regional events), the ISF/IF demanded that they procure the material abroad (e.g. Italy, Germany, US). The costs were higher to start with, the goods needed to be shipped, import taxes needed to be paid, etc.

But, let's be frank. If the above wasn't the case, I would expect the JOC/LDP to have "bossom friends (腹心の友)" and their companies involved with exactly the same results (less import taxes, of course).

As Noriahojanen said above, the "Olympig" games are all about money being moved from one pocket (the tax payer's) to somebody elses (i.e. some decision-maker's "friend's" pocket).

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This 34-year-old company employee in Kokubunji gets it. (If I had a right to vote) he/she would get my vote in the next election.

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Posted in: Did you watch any of the first week of the Tokyo Olympics on TV? If so, did you find that it helped take your mind off the coronavirus? See in context

I'm not into sports anyway, so never watch anything other than the opening and closing ceremonies to start with. This time, I didn't even do that. I don't think I will ever watch any in the future ceremonies either. I got it this time and am therefore pretty much done with the Olympics for good.

TBH, even with 2024 - 2032 already decided upon, I believe the Olympics are going to die off. From what I understood that the 3 next games ultimately all only had one single (remaining) candidate city and Tokyo 2020 will certainly not lead to any increase in candidacies, on the contrary.

I do read the news around the sports event, and it is of course impossible really separate this mess from the pandemic. So: movies/dramas/books/music/going out for a stroll (with all preventive measures, of course) are my source of solace.

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@John Noun

It's a Kyodo article. Take it with a 1-ton block of salt.

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Posted in: Suga says adequate measures in place to prevent virus cases spreading from Olympic athletes See in context

Addition: either Suga is not watching the news or he is delusional in thinking that we aren't.

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To turn the situation around, the government will aim to have over 40 percent of the public fully vaccinated by late August, Suga added.

Yeah right, with some local and regional authorities saying that their requests for vaccines are not being answered or with much lower supply and some having already run out of vaccines...

I understood that Japan secured enough vaccines last year? If yes, are they just stockpiling in warehouses somewhere and the utterly dysfunctional logistics are not getting them where they are needed. Or were we lied to and there were never acquired/ordered in the first place? Me think that Suga begging the Pfizer CEO (in vain) for vaccines and to jump the (order) queue may give us a hint of what did happen..

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Corruption and a total opposition to democracy runs in the Abe/Kishi blood. It's practically engraved in their DNA.

Nobusuke Kishi (Abe's maternal grandfather), a war criminal during WW2, and a common-law criminal after that.

During the same period, there were questions about the M-fund, a secret American fund intended to stabilize Japan economically.[4] The American Assistant Attorney General Norbert Schlei alleged, "Beginning with Prime Minister Kishi, the Fund has been treated as a private preserve of the individuals into whose control it has fallen. Those individuals have felt able to appropriate huge sums from the Fund for their own personal and political purposes....The litany of abuses begins with Kishi who, after obtaining control of the fund from (then Vice President Richard) Nixon, helped himself to a fortune of one trillion yen....

The Anpo protests where Kishi was shining as a violent opponent of anything democractic.

After World War II, Kishi was imprisoned for three years as a suspected Class A war criminal. However, the U.S. government did not charge, try, or convict him, and eventually released him as they considered Kishi to be the best man to lead a post-war Japan in a pro-American direction. With U.S. support, he went on to consolidate the Japanese conservative camp against perceived threats from the Japan Socialist Party in the 1950s. Kishi was instrumental in the formation of the powerful Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) through a merger of smaller conservative parties in 1955, and thus is credited with being a key player in the initiation of the "1955 System", the extended period during which the LDP was the overwhelmingly dominant political party in Japan.

The Americans gifted Japan with a poison that it continue to destroy it up to 70 years later.

Abe should have been named Nobusuke Kishi III to make it easier for all.

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- “We need to come up with measures that are effective," Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike told a regular news conference Friday, …

… without elaborating.

Exactly, like all these opinion polls about the Olympics:

Do you want to cancel?

Do you want no spectators?

Do you want "additional measures" being taken? The latter one without ever mentioning what this would actually mean in practice.

If this actually means something, it would also mean that they are not currently doing their best / the most. Why?

If there is nothing to actually add to what they are already doing, then this option is pure BS/spin.

So which one is it, Koike?

Tomin First did not get wiped out during the last Tokyo election, but I actually wonder how Koike herself (who won in a landslide last year!) would fare if the elections would have been this year?

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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context

Yesterday, my fave talk-show (19:30 on BS-TBS) had an interesting take on the differences between "common influenza / bad cold" as some people here put it and the Corona-virus and the criticality rating-system.

Common influenza / bad cold:

1) mild(軽症): you feel unwell, generally wear a mask and self-medicate

2) moderate(中等症 ): you feel bad, generally go to see a doctor and may need a few days off

3) severe(重症): you feel very bad, may end up in hospital for treatment


1) mild(軽症): you feel very bad

2) moderate(中等症 ): pulmonary / lung damage or issues arise, you may need a ventilator

3) severe(重症): your survival can not be guaranteed

Essentially, with the Corona-virus, you skip (1) "mild" of the common influenza / bad cold altogether, slide (2) "moderate" and (3) "severe" it to the left, and at the end to the right, you add a should be a (4) which is the "severe" of the Corona-virus scale which is then a "super-severe" to common influenza / bad cold.

The above, was the take of the Medical Association of Japan on the topic.

The problem being the media reporting mild/moderate/severe but not clearly explaining what it means.

As per the above, "death" case are just that..."death" cases. "Severe" cases are not people "having a hard time", they are people "fighting for their lives"...

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate falls to 2.9% in June See in context

As nothing is indicated, one can only assume that most of most of these jobs are part-timers/temp/(seasonal) contractors...(the omission being a courtesy of Kyodo, of course)

The below casts a shadow over said result anyway, making it pretty much a non-news as it is most likely going to be followed up in 2-3 months by a news telling us that the figures dropped again...

But the capital was put under a state of emergency again in mid-July amid a resurgence of infections and four other prefectures are now expected to be added to the measure, clouding the outlook for the employment environment.

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Posted in: Suga says no link between Olympics and virus surge See in context

A lot of things to weed out here.


"Since we have imposed virus-curbing measures, such as cutting the flow of people (in public) and stricter border controls to prevent the spread of the virus by foreign visitors, I think there is none,"

This is complete BS.

On the night of the opening ceremony, there were hundreds if not thousands of fans outside the stadium. The police was there. What did the police do? Zilts!

The government has not "imposed" anything, it has been "urging" quick-fixes for over a year, passing on the bucket to companies and population. These quick-fixes start to bite on those they are applied to over the time, time which has been too long for not enough results (e.g. the 20 hour closure thing. I mean WTF??) .

The only times anything got "imposed" it was on foreigners who could not enter (or return!) to Japan. Of course, the athletes are exempted...(you know, "priorities"...)

But beyond that and in general, these last weeks I started to feeling that it was not the Olympics who would be create a super-spreader event in Japan anymore. The reason: the figures had started to skyrocket weeks before the games.

Yes, there are evidenced cases (on the rise as well) linked to the staff and athletes, but the mean worries are actually outside the so-called "bubble" and stadiums...

I tend to now believe that there is a higher chance that athletes may get infected in Japan and bring back a strain that may become a super-spreader event outside of Japan. But again, I'm no specialist.

The real link between the Olympics and the virus surge is the complete mismanagement of: (1) the corona virus crisis, (2) the vaccination roll-out and that (3) god-damn infatuation with those so badly-timed Olympics. Ignoring the virus and denying the need for vaccination hit the government's credibility with the last straw being the sole focus on the Olympics which completely undermined the government's authority.

It's all about semantics: did we lose control over the virus in Japan? I don't know, I'm not a specialist. But, I know for sure that the government has lost hand over the population and how to handle them/what to ask from them/getting them to cooperate and if only this, may take us in a pretty bad place...

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Posted in: With so much media coverage of the coronavirus and medical professionals and governments sometimes giving conflicting advice, what advice would you give to people suffering anxiety and depression? What are you doing in your daily life to get through this crisis? See in context

With so much media coverage of the coronavirus and medical professionals and governments sometimes giving conflicting advice, what advice would you give to people suffering anxiety and depression? What are you doing in your daily life to get through this crisis?

My 2 cents:

To understand where we / you are: use your brain. It's there to solve problems. It's not using it that creates problems to you and other.

Media coverage: general media are to give the rough data infodump. There is a pandemic, there are the Olympics, they are to cover both: it's their job.

Now, media have their allegiances: Asahi / Mainichi support the opposition, Yomiuri/(Fuji) Sankei the government. This is reflected on TV Asahi vs Fuji TV. NHK / Kyodo / Jiji either are the government or have (historical) ties to the government. Keep this in mind when differences in information treatment occur.

When people start to give advice on TV, look at who they are, what their credentials are and what their (political) agendas may be. Example: a politician has no scientific credentials, just an agenda, a politician with a scientific agenda has both (make of this what you want), a scientific should only have his credentials, a professional opinion and the public's best interests in mind. Beware of people pretending to have credentials or have been (repeatedly) discredited.

In case of doubt, Google search is your friend, but invest a little more than 5 minutes and: take the time to read what you will find and try to see if there are any adverse results.

To deal with the situation:

the 3 Cs to start with:

wash your hands when you come home. Take your time when doing it (no cheating).

masks (even if summer and, yes, I know it sucks BIG TIME) and even vaccinated, continue to wear a mask for the time being (we are not all vaccinated yet)

get vaccinated. Understand it is not a magic bullet or force-field to deal with the virus, it enhances your chances not to get sick and if you do, to suffer from milder symptoms.

To deal with anxiety / depression: no clear-cut answer, we're all different.

A few of the things I do:

friends (over Line, phone or in person but outside and with masks)

my cats ( I appreciate them interrupting the news when the news is bad)

switch off from the news storm sometime

go out (with a mask and in the open), preferably where there is a lot of space or where/when there are not too many people (parks, wood, forest, beach-side or even your neighborhood or go for cycling or a drive)

your family

a good book/movie/TV show/hobby/whatever changes your mind. Try to avoid bad habits: food/drinks (I plead guilty on the first account)

talk to people about your anxieties/fears, do not keep them to yourself.

Essentially, the same as the above posters: you are on your own, but you are not alone. This is a sh.tstorm, but the end of the world or the end of your world, this is not. We had rough times in the past, our parents and grand-parents have seen as bad or worse (WW2 and WW1 anyone?), with cool heads and warm hearts we will prevail.

Godspeed to all. We will make it through.

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Posted in: The Olympics are being held, and the summer vacation period is beginning in earnest. The delta variant of the coronavirus has also played a part, and it means a range of factors conducive to infections have come together. See in context

Tetsuya Matsumoto, an expert in infectious diseases and a professor at the International University of Health and Welfare, suggesting reasons why coronavirus infection numbers haven't fallen.

Matsumoto-san (profile as below)

is pretty much a (remote) "regular" on BS-TBS' 19:30 program where he debunks the invited LDP stooge's nonsense. (Not that difficult actually).

Especially juicy was how he called out the so-called "Olympic village bubble" for what it was: essentially an ineffective non-bubble.

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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context

Japan has kept its cases and deaths lower than many other countries

I call BS.

I recall a medical adviser (I think it was Omi?) saying during a hearing in spring this year that because the government's testing efforts were so abysmal it was not possible to say how many people were indeed infected: 10 times more, 15 times more, 30 times more, we do not know (I quote from memory, but this gives an idea of what he was fearing would happen)

Allocating deaths to Covid may prove tricky without autopsies, especially in the case of elderly people and people with chronical diseases, and Japan does not have a "tradition" to practice autopsies when no foul play (crime) is suspected. Also, I had seen a documentary (I think on NHK BS) last year about the chronical lack of medical examiners in Japan. So technically, it may be tricky to have a person able / allowed to proceed to an autopsy to start with...

Again, if you consider a crime to be the trigger for requesting an autopsy, then yes, not many are needed. The problem being that in the current demographic situation, the generation of M.E.s was heading for retirement with no replacements in sight...

And the most infuriating in this statement being that "Japan kept its cases lower..." suggesting that actually something was actually done to obtain that result. Yamaguchi-san may see this one to be a really tough sale to the public.

In short: Japan did not "dodge" the bullet. It was the bullet which missed. The government took this as a cue to continue to dance in the shooting range dragging us into their dance routine...

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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context


Yes, the government has done miserably. But if your boss is awful at his job, does it mean you can do your job badly as well? I think in that situation you should actually try to be even better.

Now, that's what I call "commitment" (大和魂) or Yamato-damashi. Your choice.

As for me, having been several times in completely disfunctional work environments due to defective management, I can tell you out of (my own) experience that you can try as much as you like, but things will continue to go south as there is only so much you can do (by yourself) and that from one point onwards you need to be able to rely on somebody/your management.

On one occasion I quit after having been over the 過労死ライン (Karoshi-line) or death by overwork for too long and ultimately needed 3 years to fully recover.

Long story short, wasting yourself, your health and your mind for so-called leaders is something that you can do (it's your choice), but definitely not something I would recommend you doing.

So, 頑張れ〜〜 (ganbare). I will encourage you (remotely) from my (safe) living-room.

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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context

Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs

Sounds like we went full circle after having been able to say for one year and a half: Population in Japan alarmed at lack of sense of crisis (in government) as virus cases hit (back then) record highs.

“We have never experienced the expansion of the infections of this magnitude,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato told reporters. He said the new cases were soaring not only in the Tokyo area but across the country.

It's not that you were not warned though. Again and again and again for more than one year...

BTW, whatever happened to the 安全安心 (anzenanshin) safe and secure mantra? Running out of saliva? Be careful, it may be Covid.

People are still roaming the streets despite stay-at-home requests, making the measures largely ineffective at a time the more infectious delta strain is spreading, he said. “We have never seen the infections spread so rapidly."

Well, you got to understand the plebs. They were "urged" to "refrain" for more than a year to save a glorified sports festival (運動会) and got fed up to be the ones to do all the sacrifices for something that even a comatose monkey would understand to be completely irresponsible. Maybe that is their way to return the bucket to Kasumigaseki and Tokyo-to. Now, tough guys: deal with it!

Tokyo officials said Thursday that two foreign Olympic athletes are currently hospitalized and 38 others are self-isolating at designated hotels in the city. Gov Yuriko Koike urged the organizers to make sure not to burden Tokyo's hospitals.

Koike-san, you're like really late to the party, eh?

Well, it seems that after having the band continue playing on the upper decks to entertain the plebs, the captain and crew seem to get a little bit worried about the water reaching their kneecaps...

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Posted in: Tokyo governor urges young people to get vaccinated to slow virus surge See in context

Tokyo governor urges young people to get vaccinated to slow virus surge

Yeah, as usual blame the plebs, eh?

2 major routines here:

a) the plebs got it wrong, also know as the 誤解を招く(gokai wo maneku) routine

b) the plebs don't get it, also known as the 理解を得る (rikai wo eru) routine

What about Koike, Suga and the government admitting for a change, that (as usual) they effed up massively and that it is:

a) the plebs who helped to manage it on their own for so long, despite a staggering level of incompetence at the higher echelons

b) the plebs who (as usual) are going to take the hit while the brass is running scared searching for excuses / scapegoats

One can only dream at the idea of the next election tossing this rabble into the trashcans of history.

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