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The NRA did not exist until about 2013.

Then I guess the NRA got set up by the DPJ after Fukushima.

Still, some agency had to act as a watchdog before that (wasn't it METI until then?) and that agency sat on their hands for a decade. Not mentioning that they also sat on their hands (a major conflict of interest of acting as the " Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry" being the most likely reason for that) for decades as far as environmental threats were concerned.

I also agree that natural disasters are much more likely around here than anything, still there is a regulation in place and it has been blatantly ignored by the nuclear lobby as so many times before that.

Since I moved to Japan back in 2004, I learned that the 安全第一 (Anzen Dai-Ichi or "Safety First") mantra is to be taken with a one-ton block of salt around here.

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A nuclear reactor in central Japan's Fukui Prefecture was halted on Saturday, just four months after its restart as it could not meet a deadline set by regulators to implement antiterrorism measures.

I don't know where to start.

World-wide anti-terrorism measures were cranked up after 9/11 (in 2001).

In January 2013 (twelve years later!), the NRA drafts a "Draft New Safety Standards for Nuclear Power Stations"

An in October 2021 (8 years after the NRA drafted their Safety Standards covering for anti-terrorism measures and twenty years after 9/11), do NPP operators still not comply with anti-terrorism measures or concept.

In Europe the law features the concept of "criminal negligence" . Something tells me that the Japanese law does not have anything remotely similar...

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Posted in: What is the U.S. policy of 'strategic ambiguity' towards Taiwan? See in context

When I was a kid did my parents call this "hypocrisy". How times change...

Billy, stop being hypocritical about that!

Mom, that's called "strategic ambiguity".

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Well, color me surprised...Not!

Abe has been ranting on Twitter since, well, pretty much was thrown under the bus. Some of his rants were pretty much "Trumpesque" in style and content.

To an extend it's actually funny how much he still believes he weights in on anything as far as the public goes. As Teslainvestor mentioned, even the net-uyoku have turned against him a 2-3 years before he got his leaving orders as they considered him a sell-out (売国奴) to US/Chinese/Korean interests. This while 99% of the country's population are still waiting for the trickle-down.

I can only guess his videos are for readers of informed (nutcake) publications such as Will or Hanada or possibly some of the readers of Sankei (the comments on Yahoo Japan News under Sankei articles mostly do mock Bocchan, though) who still give him some platform to rant...or possibly the well, ahem, informed voters in Yamaguchi who kept him in office for far too long...

On a side-note, got to love the logo on the upper left. We had Q-Anon, now we got A-Anon.

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Yamaguchi: ...And lightning shall strike the infidels!

Edano: ...No, no, no. It's the economy, stupid! Why don't you get it??

Kishida: And, err...I'll like generate, you know, err, redistribute, emm, the money, err...

Tamaki (in his Karaoke box): ...No time for loooooosers...

Matsui: Sound check: ok.

Shii: ...And I swear on the grave of my dear mamoushka...

Tachibana (in his Karaoke box):...Minatomachi wakaremachi. Miren ni kemuru machi. Ashita ha hanarete iku otoko. Kyo wo kagiri ni nomu onna. Nokoshiteku nagasareteyuku. Minna kono machi namida machi... (apologies to Ishihara Yujiro)

Fukushima: ...And lightning shall strike the infidels!


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Posted in: Trump announces plans to launch new social network 'TRUTH Social' See in context

Trump announces plans to launch new social network 'TRUTH Social'

With Trump, "TRUTH (Social)" will (literally) come at a cost...

Can't skip a chance to make some money off the gullible, can you?

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Posted in: Japanese woman finds wallet with ¥1 mil, does right thing, then something even better See in context

Found a few wallets in train and gave them at the station personal where I got off. Always went away before they could dish our the forms. Amounts were peanuts.

In the neighborhood I guess there are lots of joggers as on Saturday and Sunday mornings I happen to find a lot of smartphones on the ground. Sorry, but I just put them on a wall or something for the owner to find them when walking back his way. (I found a lot of these and frankly have better things than running each time an errand to the Koban which is not exactly close by...)

I also occasionally go to take a copy at a convenience store and am never disappointed. Copies, originals, prints or pretty much everything, you name it. As far as originals go: one passport, several bank books, tons of juminhyo and koseki tohon, one set of divorce papers (only one sign lol), photos (mostly family pics but one set of kinky ones did stand out with the cash register girl went scarlet when I gave them to her LOL) and not later than last week did I find the original of a 2-shot COVID vaccination certificate. The convenience staff get everything, I want nothing to do with that.

On 2 occasions did I go to a Koban to report I picked up...a cat (you have to know that cats are to be reported as "lost property"). One because I had reasons to believe she had been abandoned (nobody claimed her and a friend took her in) and one with a serious case of cancer in her mouth (her owner was so happy to get her back and told me she passed away at home 2 months later). In the second case, I refused any reward but the owner literally put a 10,000 JPY bill in the pocket of my jacket when I went to give her the cat and was given a cup to tea. I used the money for our stray cat volunteer work.

Essentially, I have not problem handing in the stuff, just don't want the paperwork or reward for that matters.

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Posted in: Chinese, Russian warships pass through Tsugaru Strait for 1st time See in context

*Chinese and Russian naval vessels** on Monday passed together through the Tsugaru Strait, located between Japan's main island of Honshu and Hokkaido to the north, *


*for unknown reasons**, the Defense Ministry said.*

Super scary...

*It is the first time the Japanese ministry has confirmed Chinese and Russian warships going through the strait, *


*with its narrowest point only 18.7 kilometers.*

Super scary...

*A total of 10 vessels belonging to their navies sailed from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean, the ministry said, adding Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force found destroyers and frigates at around 8 a.m. in waters about 110 km southwest of Okushiri Island in Hokkaido.*

Super duper scary...

The narrow strait is nonterritorial and used for international navigation so the passage of foreign ships will not be unlawful.

Soooo...A complete non-story/non-event, courtesy of Kyodo then?

But the ministry said it is analyzing the two countries' intent.

Err, by doing what exactly? Send a fax with a tick-box questionnaire to their Chinese and Russian counterparts...?

So, Kyodo is spinning a complete non-event into a wannabe Tom Clancy novel while the boyz at the relevant Ministry are to pretend they care about said non-event, eh?

Your taxes at work...

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You simply can't believe anything Kishida says. He has already contradicted almost everything he said during his leadership drive.

Here a fun and so true reading of Kishida's "Moonwalk Government". Hillarious and sad.

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Posted in: Reduced splash, easier smartphone operation among reasons more guys prefer to pee while seated See in context

Slightly different topic: I'm always amazed to see (well, "hear" is more like it) people taking phone-calls while taking a dump or having other people doing their thing while in the mens' room. Some actually even call while at it...

Genuine question: I haven't been out of Japan for a few years; this now a thing abroad as well?

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Posted in: Police crackdowns fast making hot-rodder spectacles a fading memory See in context

But as Nikkan Gendai (Oct 13) reports, the gangs, particularly those in Kansai, are only a vestige of their once-noisy glory, and last year might have seen their dying gasp.

Remember having seen a small piece on the Bosozoku (暴走族) on NHK 3-5 years ago.

The "historical/original" Bosozoku's fading away from public view had hardly anything to do with a police crackdown but age kicking in. The Bosozoku phenomenon is decades old and their members simply reached their 60s.

Some were still riding in small group on week-ends as tourists (with gentrification being a major factor), others simply changed their lifestyle completely and stopped riding once finding the "right one", settling down and having kids. Other, well, never changed and ended up in jail for good, I guess. I think the keyword for that generation was "lifestyle", a lifestyle they would spend every Yen on.

*Their 2-wheeled vehicles included only one with 250cc engine displacement and another with 125cc displacement, with the remainder made up of scooters and mini-bikes having smaller engine sizes. Out of the 53 detained, 46 were males. Of the seven girls, one drove her own vehicle and the remaining six rode along as pillion passengers.*

The "current" Bosozoku are possibly a different type of youngsters, possibly with less money to spend on what is less of a "lifestyle" to them. I would be interested in seeing a piece on the current generation of riders.

In '97, I stayed in a hotel on the outskirts of Kyoto and every single night the Bosozoku ran down the main road with police cars (with sirens) in tow. They would do that 2-3 times and only then, you would be able to sleep. These days, I doubt kids with scooters and mini-bikes would keep me awake...

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Kishida says Fukushima wastewater release can't be delayed

I'm actually surprised that Suga was not the fall guy for that one as he was on his way out. That would leave Kishida as clean and virginal as they come.

Did they flunk it with Suga or are they already thinking about tossing Kishida under the proverbial bus?

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Posted in: Do you believe China will try to retake Taiwan by force one day? See in context

No, not by direct military force.

Still, China has enough means and cash to be more than an annoyance to Taiwan. They could try to build artificial islands all around it, establish a sea blockade or some economic blockade of sorts. It would then depend on how other nations react.

The unknown (and scary) factor is that on either side, the pilot of a jet fighter or the captain of a vessel may lose his temper, in which case things could turn very nasty very quickly.

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Posted in: How do you feel about targeted advertising online that shows ads for products and services that presumably meet your interests, based on your online search history and viewing habits? See in context

How do I feel? Annoyed (to remain polite)

I also feel that privacy on the internet is non-starter or has died out ages ago.

These days, for some reason I am bombarded by an ad warning me that Kono has businesses in China and is in Cahoots with the Chinese and other Japanese right-wing propaganda. WTF?

I think it may be because I read Yahoo Japan News.

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Posted in: How members of Japan's House of Representatives are elected See in context

Even if such a candidate loses in the constituency, he or she could still secure a seat by the proportional representation vote, if the candidate's party wins enough votes, in what is known as a consolation round.

Political parties and groups, which have five or more Diet members or gained 2 percent or more of the total valid votes in the previous national election, can submit lists of their candidates for the proportional representation vote beforehand and will be given seats in line with their share of regional block votes.

They will then grant the block seats to candidates based on the order in which the lists are drawn up.

The infamous 比例 (hirei)-system so full of ex-idols, ex-celebrities and other useless wannabe politicians so shoddy (with some way over their expiry-date) and who even if they loose, voters may still get stuck with them...(sigh)

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Former President of the Republic of China Lee Teng-hui visited on October 27, 2007.

To be more specific, Wiki gives the following account:

In June 2007, former Taiwanese president Lee Teng-hui visited the shrine to pay his respects to his elder brother Lee Teng-ching (李登欽, or Lí Teng-khim in Taiwanese POJ), also known as Takenori Iwasato (岩里武則) in Japanese, who is among the 27,863 Taiwanese honored there.

As to why his older brother was enshrined in Japan, the article on Lee Teng-Hui sheds some more light on topic.

Growing up under Japanese colonial rule, he (Lee Teng-hui ) developed a strong interest for Japan. His father was a middle-level Japanese police aide, and his elder brother, Lee Teng-chin (李登欽) joined the colony's police academy and soon volunteered for the Imperial Japanese Navy and died in Manila.

Here the full article for everybody to get a more complete picture and a who's who of those who visited the shrine and when.

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blue Today 06:42 am JST

During the Tokyo Games, the German women's gymnastics team wore body-covering unitards instead of the customary bikini-cut leotards in a move that the German Gymnastics Federation said was a stand against sexualization.

Well, if it means "sexy clothing", then they either have athletes change their wardrobe or ban taking photographs in general...

Why is it that it's always suggested (by men) that it is women who need to change their behavior in order to avoid men abusing them? Why is it not suggested that men be taught not to abuse women?

I allowed myself to put back the part (in bold) that you omitted to copy-paste when quoting me as it clarifies the context of what I was saying, namely that the German women's team seemed to have deemed the clothing or the design of their clothing as "problematic" or making their members feeling uneasy in some way. Women should also be allowed to wear in public. what makes them feel more comfortable. Don't you think so?

The articles have expired but by googling "beach volley sexualization 2021 japantoday", you will still be able to see the some headlines and snippets of text on how female gymnastics teams chose to wear unitards and female beach volley teams to choose shorts over bikini bottoms for (I assume) the same reasons.

Sexualization is not only about how people see you or perceive you, it may also be about how you are expected to present yourself (whether this expectation is social, in your company, etc). On a non-sexualized topic, there was the Kutoo movement where female company workers were protesting against being required (by company regulation) to wear high heels as a part of their employee uniforms which they disliked or caused them pain/discomfort.

Did it not occur to you that society learns, changes, and grows?

Well, and societal changes do not only sometimes go both ways but also sometimes swing back. As far as high heels go, here is an interesting topic on them (courtesy of Wiki).

There is a little bit to learn in this for all of us, don't you think so?

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Posted in: 2,500 cases reported of sexually exploitative photos of athletes See in context

I will probably look insensitive, but I am really on the fence on this one.

Around 2,500 cases of nonconsensual sexualized images objectifying athletes... 

...having photographs of a sexual nature taken of them while they competed.

I mean, in a non-sexual context, what does sexualized images mean...Like, err, a hunky rugby guy rolling on the ground is a key shot of the game and a female gymnastic athlete falling on the ground is a salacious sexy shot?

During the Tokyo Games, the German women's gymnastics team wore body-covering unitards instead of the customary bikini-cut leotards in a move that the German Gymnastics Federation said was a stand against sexualization.

...Well, if it means "sexy clothing", then they either have athletes change their wardrobe or ban taking photographs in general...

Don't get me wrong, I kind of get the idea, but you need to be very clear as to what you mean and how you want to solve it (read: suggest concrete solutions and not only ranting about you know, "stuff").

In May, the Metropolitan Police Department arrested a 37-year-old man for alleged copyright infringement after he posted images of several female athletes without permission on a porn website he operates, their first arrest based on information gathered by the JOC.

Also in June, a 57-year-old man in nearby Chiba Prefecture was arrested on suspicion of damaging the reputation of a female athlete by posting a video he secretly took of her in a sexualized context on a porn site.

Again, are we talking about pictures / film as they were taken during a non-sexual context or a guy who played with the cut/past function on Adobe and cut out athletes' heads to paste them on porn actresses' bodies?

On a side-note, I am looking forward to the Japanese idol-business taking a strong stance against sexualized exploitation of minors in the industry...(sarcasm inside)

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Posted in: Kishida visits areas hit by 2011 disaster for 1st time as PM See in context

Kishida visits areas hit by 2011 disaster for 1st time as PM

Translation: Kishida didn't up to now, now he has to pretend. (You know, general election and such...)

...on his visit to the region to also hold discussions with local people....

I wonder if we will see the full interactions or only snippets? It may turn out to be difficult to find somebody who has anything "nice" to tell Kishida.

"Without reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, there will be no revival of Japan,"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like the "reconstruction Olympics" and such, eh?

Fukushima, Tohoku, abductees and their families and many other victims have only a pin-point use to these people, elections being one of these uses.

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Posted in: First and foremost, politicians must abandon the unrealistic and optimistic premise of Abenomics that Japan can cure all ills just by reflating nominal growth. See in context

It seems Nagai-san is definitely not a fan of Abenomics.

Less recent, but another take on the matter.

One thing that I would like to know more about it the "...calling instead for reforms in areas such as Japan's rigid labor system."-bit. This one could be read both ways (i.e. trash workers or trash the current wage-slave system).

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Posted in: Komeito chief casts doubt on LDP's plan to increase defense spending See in context

"As the birth rate declines and the population ages, we will need to put more resources toward social security and education," Natsuo Yamaguchi said in a group interview. "The public will not accept it if only defense spending suddenly doubles."

Funny like Komeito finds itself a political conscience just before a general election...After losing it in face of an endless lines of LDP-scandals, lost JSDF reports, Moritomo & Kakei Gakuen, Sakurai no Kai, pushes to change the peace constitution, pushes to legalize casinos, cuts in social spending, cozy ties with the yakuza and overall moral bankruptcy of the ruling party, etc, etc.

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Posted in: I couldn’t care less about the worst ranking. I would like local residents to be proud of Ibaraki and speak out about its wonderfulness. See in context

When I came to Japan back in 2004 I lived in Koga-shi (古河市) in Ibaragi-ken and loved the place. There are good places and lousy/boring places in Ibaragi, so what gives?

Less of a fan of Saitama though and pretty much agree with the 埼玉県のうた(Saitama Prefecture Song from 翔んで埼玉(Fly me to the Saitama) movie. lol

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend to meet her parents ahead of marriage See in context

The agency also revealed the princess has been diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder caused by what she described as psychological abuse the couple and their families received.

According to Wiki: *Post-traumatic stress disorder** (PTSD) is a mental and behavioral disorder[6] that can develop because of exposure to a traumatic event, such as sexual assault, warfare, traffic collisions, child abuse, domestic violence or other threats on a person's life.*

Well, in my first job in Japan I ended up way above the work-hour limits for Karoshi and needed 3 years to fully physically and mentally recover after leaving said job. I was "shellshocked" but until reading the "threats on a person's life"-bit above, not have deemed myself falling under PTSD.

Seems like for rich people born with a silver spoon in their mouths the bar is pretty low for such diagnostic. Would also really like to know who those are who gave "...the couple and their families psychological abuse...".

Nothing beats a poor little rich girl's sad love story when it comes to sell headlines.

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Posted in: Gov't to boost hospital capacity to treat more COVID patients See in context

*In an outline of countermeasures presented at a panel meeting, the government of new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said it will seek to increase the utilization rate of hospital beds secured for COVID-19 patients, in addition to designating more beds at public hospitals for exclusive use by sufferers of the respiratory disease.*

*It said that it plans to have about 80 percent of hospital beds allocated for COVID-19 utilized and require public hospitals to secure more beds under the law.*

Long story short: public hospitals which are in lower numbers and therefore were overrun by COVID are still to take the blunt of the pandemic while private hospitals which are not even mentioned in the article get a free-out-of-jail card.

Frankly, if this does not make the LDP lose the public hospital staff votes I don't know what will.

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Posted in: Japanese businesses urge active policy debate in run-up to election See in context

@Sven AsaiToday  

highly value Mr Kishida's vision of a 'new Japanese capitalism…

look forward to the continuation of stable politics led by the LDP

Sounds quite contradicting, doesn’t it.

You beat me to it. That's indeed an oxymoron.

How highly J-inc. valued was Kishida's vision of a "new Japanese capitalism" showed when the market tanked.

J-inc. wants to insure that it will be the plebs that will get shafted and that their own rears are sitting in the same cushy seats (courtesy the LDP) as they always did, nothing more.

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Posted in: Nationwide system failure hits NTT Docomo; disruption continues See in context

Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Yasushi Kaneko said Friday the ministry has requested Docomo investigate the cause of the massive service disruption in detail and report the scope of users affected.

"It is very regrettable that the (system) failure occurred to significantly affect the mobile phone service, important infrastructure for people's lives," Kaneko told reporters.

The ministry intends to confirm whether the problem falls under "a serious incident" stipulated in the law on telecommunications business based on the carrier's report, Kaneko said.

If it does, the carrier may be instructed to improve its operational response and ensure a similar issue does not repeat.

Memories of the (current) issues Mizuho has do come to mind.

Let's see whether (like Mizuho) issues are going to repeat over the next months.

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Posted in: Japan's vaccine minister visits infectious diseases institute See in context


Ex-PM Suga ordered 500,000 doses of the antibody cocktail Ronapreve for covid-19 treatment from the Chugai Pharmaceutical Company.

It costs ¥310,000 per dose. ¥155 billion.

Ex-PM Suga disclosed this information at an internet meeting on Oct. 12.

The government's contract with the company contains non-disclosure clauses that deem the purchase price and quantity confidential.

The infamous so-called "cocktail"-thingy?

It kind of makes you wonder what the heck is going on?

500,000 doses while the J-population is (as of Reiwa January 1st) 126,654,244 citizens.

So, why 500K only? Who are these 500K? What is the plan? How, where, when, etc.

If you procure 126 Mio doses, this would cost 39.262 Trillion JPY compared to which 155 Bio is peanuts which conveniently may be possible to hide in a less-than-detailed budget.

On a side-note why is Suga disclosing something that most likely the J-gov didn't want to disclose. Something's fishy here...Would love the press to look into that one (Bunshun maybe?).

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Posted in: Kishida says only LDP capable of protecting Japan from security threats See in context

Kishida says only LDP capable of protecting Japan from security threats

Yeah right.

My job is internal controls, internal audit, risk control and management. If I would to set up a risk-threat matrix for Japan as a country, I would not put on top of the list: China, NK or Russia. I would not even put on the list Mount Fuji blowing its top and splitting the island in two or sinking it, neither would I put the Tokyo "Big One", earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, torrential rainfall, landslides or floods on top of it.

Nope, I would put keeping the LDP in charge on top of it as the highest likely/impacting risk: to Japan's economic and financial welfare, to its social net and welfare, to its manufacturing infrastructure and network, to its very future.

Every election enabling the LDP to remain in power is time lost, welfare lost, financial/economic/manufactural capacity being wasted on high-cost low-return fluff, nonsense, time-wasters which will make any adjusting back in the future much more painful than it already would now. One day, down the lane, there is going to be an adjustment (the idea of a house of cards falling comes to mind), and frankly, I sincerely do hope I am not longer here to go through with it because it will very nasty to both go through with or witness.

In simple words: the LDP is a threat to the very existence of Japan, its economy, its society and, of course, its people. The LDP has to be weeded out and, behind the shed in the back of the garden, to be burned out of existence once and for all.

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Posted in: Japan's vaccine minister visits infectious diseases institute See in context

Speaking to reporters after her first visit to the institute in Tokyo since assuming the post, Horiuchi stressed the importance of listening to the voices of people working in the field of virology to reflect their views in policymaking.

Yeah, right. That didn't exactly play out that way over the last two years, did it...

Omi told reporters after the meeting that the prime minister plans to strengthen the medical system, which had been strained due to a fifth wave of infections this summer, and enhance the virus testing system.

Omi-san, and if you buy into that, I got the map to a treasure buried in downtown Tokyo to sell to you, really cheap.

Long story short: more of the same nonsense as the prior nonsense to come...

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Posted in: In Tokyo court, 5 ask N Korea to pay for false 'paradise on Earth' promise See in context

A symbolic trial maybe, but a silly (and useless) one certainly.

North Korea had promised free health care, education, jobs and other benefits, but none was available and the returnees were mostly assigned manual work at mines, forests or farms, one of the plaintiffs, Eiko Kawasaki, 79, a Korean who was born and raised in Japan, said last month.

Essentially, suing NK over false advertisement, I guess?

But Fukuda hopes the case can set a precedent for the Japanese government to negotiate with North Korea in the future on seeking the North's responsibility and normalizing diplomatic ties.

The Japanese government, viewing Koreans as outsiders, also welcomed the resettlement program and helped arrange for participants to travel to North Korea. About 93,000 ethnic Korean residents of Japan and their family members went to North Korea.

Today, about half a million ethnic Koreans live in Japan and still face discrimination in school, work and daily lives.

Dream on. The J-government does not even care about the abductee more than using them as a cheap and quick vote-grab. Why would they care more about former Koreans they (Japan) abducted themselves and were happy to see leaving back 60 years ago and most likely less happy to see come back a few decades later.

BTW, there had been a war between the 2 Koreas and the whole world was in the middle of the Cold War. It looks like those who chose (late) side with NK didn't bother to read the fine print which was actually in pretty bold fonts, me think.

I will probably sound like a cold heartless SOB, but frankly the naivety of all the victims (both Japanese and Koreans) of NK (but also Japan to an extend) is just staggering...and to be frank, tiring as well.

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