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Posted in: Japan fullback Goromaru out for season with shoulder injury See in context

I saw the tackle, he was lucky not to get carded. It was a shoulder charge, no attempt to use his arms. Seems like a smart guy, can't imagine what he was thinking.

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Posted in: 3 killed after small plane crashes into Tokyo residential area See in context

The soccer field is right next to the airport and small aircraft take off and land all through the day. It's no surprise the kids didn't look up.

I live close by, I see planes take off and land almost every day. With the wisdom of knowing what happened next the plane does look quite low, but I don't think we can extend the reactions of kids playing soccer to some kind of thesis on Japan.

I guess there will be quite a few concerned citizens questioning the safety of the airport.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed by stalker despite consulting police 5 times See in context


Apparently most stalkers back off after a warning from the police.

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Posted in: Japan: Business as usual, but not for Olympus whistleblower Michael Woodford See in context

I wonder if he could have handled the situation better?

His chummy chummy letter to "Tom" inquiring about the situation prior to the board room members ganging up on him seems willfully naive to me. If his objective was to resolve the situation he played his hand quite poorly. The entire company paid for the actions of a few.

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Posted in: In trickle-down Abenomics, some Toyota suppliers come up dry See in context

Capitalism eats itself

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Posted in: Mitsubishi UFJ leads Japanese banks' profit surge See in context

So I guess we have to wait for the banks' employees to spend their bonuses and hope some of the money will circulate into the real economy.

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Posted in: Japan asks Netherlands to act against anti-whalers See in context

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Posted in: MSDF admits losing unmanned submersible See in context

inakaRobJan. Its sitting in Kim Jong Un's living room right now.

yeah, but it's ticking

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Posted in: Abe's labor reforms may boost 'disposable' workers, crimp wages See in context

Mr Abe appears to have forgotten Japan has a shrinking labour force. When something is in short supply it has higher value.

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Posted in: Beauty queen tells of harassment by talent agency See in context

John Becker Even if what she is saying is true, she's going to have a very hard time proving her charges, and she'll have a harder time getting work in the entertainment industry after this.

She has recordings of intimidating phone calls and there is footage of Taniguchi harassing her backstage at a studio.

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Posted in: Japan warns of unpredictable events over China's new air zone See in context

China's problem is that their state funded party politicians can't control their state funded military. Pretty soon the "people's party" is going to have to accept they are lackeys of the military and dependent on them. As their demographic time bomb kicks in and their economy stumbles and heads into decline the military will begin to apply this belligerence to protect their slice of the pie, and party members' heads will start to roll.

15 years and China will be a basket case.

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Posted in: What defines the Japanese character? See in context


Really ? I found a wallet on my way to work a couple of years ago, stopped by the local cop shop with it, first question was "Are you in a hurry?" Told the guy I was on my way to work, so he did the paperwork as quickly as possible. Took about 3 minutes.

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to face history; China summons Japan envoy See in context


Today's Wall Street Journal reported that 175,000 visited Yasukuni yesterday on the history of Japan's WWII surrender, significantly more than the 161,000 last year.

More baby boomers retiring with time on their hands

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Posted in: New Chinese video game lets players retake disputed islands See in context

Gradually China's youth turn into overweight fantasists.

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Posted in: 24-hour bus service to begin in Tokyo in December See in context

A bus service for people to travel from one club where it is illegal to dance to another.

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Posted in: 3 arrested for unauthorized disposal of corpse See in context


time "unauthorized disposal of corpse" great name for a death metal band

Also a great way for the police to hold suspects while they put together the murder case

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Posted in: Guilty and never proven innocent – every male train rider's nightmare in Japan See in context

I though the police took samples from the accused person's hands to check for a match in the fibers on the accuser's clothes.

I was once standing in the line waiting for the train late in the evening at Shinjuku, a drunk middle aged women started flicking up the skirt of the woman in front of her (the woman was wearing one of those frilly tutu type skirts). Had the woman noticed it would have been either myself or the salaryman next to me that the woman would have accused. I guess we would have both pointed at the drunk obasan.

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Posted in: Last 'dojunkai' apartments to be demolished in June See in context

@Tom Thompson

Then give them a tax break, they gave the next generation of designers a place to start, to fail, to start again, to succeed.

The price of everything, the value of nothing.

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Posted in: Grammy stars warned not to flash flesh See in context

@DudeDeuce Because everyone has to conform to Gaga's standards?

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Posted in: We believe that what is most urgent is for Japan to stop provocative actions like regularly sending in ships and aircraft into the waters around the Diaoyu Islands ... and seek, via talks with China, See in context

China has a surplus male population to dispose of, so why not have a war?

Their only problem being who with, India, Korea, Vietnam, The Philippines, Russia, Japan, or the USA? Or maybe they can just have a civil war all by themselves.

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Posted in: 30 hostages reported killed after siege ends in Algeria See in context

From the Algerian point of view 600 of their people survived but some foreigners got killed. So for them this is a successful operation.

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

Sounds like NHK were looking for an excuse to dump her anyway, maybe their preferred the substitute.

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Posted in: Noda's ministers blame him for losing their seats in election See in context

@Graham DeShazo

plus one

Noda, and Kan before him were good men at a bad time. I dislike the prospect of paying more tax, but accept the need, to a degree.

Tanaka will probably now defect back to the LDP.

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Posted in: Japanese man, 115, becomes world's oldest person See in context

It is amazing to think of the changes this guy has seen. Within his lifetime humans have gone from planes made of wood and canvas to putting vehicles on Mars.

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Posted in: 8 fighter jets scrambled after Chinese plane flies over disputed islands See in context

grow up China

The Chinese economy is about to go down the tubes, expect more chest thumping to distract the populace from their real problems

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Posted in: au commercial turns Tokyo into nightclub See in context

Seiyu did it first


and cheaper

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Posted in: Police raid highway operator in negligence probe over tunnel collapse See in context

47,000 thousand cars a day, let's assume and average of 3,000 JPY toll per vehicle, that equals 141,000,000 JPY in revenue a day. Nexco certainly isn't short of money.

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Posted in: LDP's Abe pledges to revitalize Japan, strengthen military See in context

Subtext, Abe knows that inflation will erase the value of the savings of elderly voters, who are more likely to vote, so he has added some Ishihara style jingoism, strengthening the military, as a sop.

Once elected he will find himself bogged down in vested interests, and suddenly develop a severe stomach ailment.

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Posted in: Nomura fined Y200 mil for insider trading See in context

Maybe we should just accept the game is rigged and insider trading is just a matter of degree.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says he will no longer answer questions from Asahi reporters See in context

“As a public figure, I might be fair game, but to dig up my family’s past is going over the line. It will have an effect on my children and grandchildren.”

He makes an important point here, Asahi need to raise their standards

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