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Oh wow, so you have to sleep on a mat made of grass.

woopdie doo.

I'm used to sleeping on hard wood floors, so I wouldn't be bothered. (Its too hot during the summer to sleep on anything but.)

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Can't wait for the lawsuits after dozens of toddlers nationwide try to "eat" these things ! Bad idea !

They aren't meant for toddlers, so the parents would be at fault.

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I don't know why people are so opposed to the kid leash.

If people would just smack their kids when they wandered off, they wouldn't need a leash and the kids wouldn't die/get napped by pedos/etc.

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Plus, you've got to remember that her grandfather has left all his fortune to charity, so this poor child has to get out and earn a nickel however she can.

Um what? he's only donating 97 percent of 2.3BILLION USD. dollars. That means Paris still gets about 100MILLION USD.

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Posted in: TV announcer Ako Kawada found dead in car in apparent suicide See in context

i have no idea, but if financial problems was not her modus vivendi, then the cause may be something else.

Do you mean modus operandi? Modus Vivendi is when you "agree to disagree".

I wonder if she had a boyfriend.

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