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bluefrog comments

Posted in: Proposal to resume commercial whaling hits snag at IWC meeting See in context

That would be this article:


"And since the international moratorium on commercial hunting (1986), there has been no other known source of sei whales available commercially other than in Japan,"

Oooh, somebody got owned!!

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Posted in: Japan may quit whaling commission if ban stays put See in context

The IWC has held back Japan's whale research long enough. By unilaterally researching whales Japan will be able to find ways of studying more whales and research them more efficiently. Their research will have more credibility as well.

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Posted in: Dolphin hunt film canceled in Tokyo after protests See in context

What? No obstruction of business charge? (snicker). Better check them for knives too! LOL!

Good one MistWizard.

This movie shines the light on a terrible situation. How many defenders of this "tradition" would also defend killing tigers for penis soup?

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Posted in: American man accused of grabbing own kids released See in context

This is great news. She just wants the kids to herself and all of the money Mr. Savoie paid her. Mrs. Savoie is obviously a liar and very selfish. She cannot be a good mother. The children would be much happier growing up in America. Being a bi-cultural child is nothing to be ashamed of in America.

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