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Posted in: U.S. serviceman held for breaking into woman’s apartment in Kanagawa See in context

U.S. Servicepeople in Japan receive a dispropportionate amount of negative press (and most of them are good men and women)

"dispropportionate"? Those are true facts, not personal opinions. There is nothing "dispropportionate" in letting people know. Of course most of U.S. Servicepeople are good men and women but the problem is that the number of crimes is TOO HIGH for beeing committed by ORDER PROTECTORS who are such a FEW people.

Do you want us to leave and put Japan at the Mercy of China, Korea and our old pals the Russians?

I`ll tell you one secret that nobody can image: maybe, but maybe, Japanese people can survive without "US protecion". Maybe there is very very little chance they could survive with their own forces, looking for collaboration in the way they want at the condition they want, not under the forced US presence.

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