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Posted in: Man arrested for scalding 8-month-old daughter with boiling water See in context

My tap water has a maximum of 47 C for good reason.

And this is just another example of why domestic violence and abuse should be taken more seriously. If the justice system had punished this man with jail time, he wouldn't be anywhere near his daughter for this to occur.

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Most Japanese companies that already have success don't take their international relations as seriously because it is entirely different to how they made their success in the first place (usually manufacturing and research and development). Being global means making smart connections and creating wider networks to sell your products and services, including taking advantages of niche markets. But many companies don't realize what they have to do differently, and what they have to do the same. Thus many companies will higher more and more people with international skills, yet not give them opportunity to use them efficiently nor effectively.

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Posted in: In my experience, women in Japan don't want to take risks, they don't want, on the whole, to take responsibility, they are less ambitious, less willing to sacrifice. Basically, most Japanese women lac See in context

But why do they lack courage? Because they've been told to be quieter and quieter at every turn at every stage of girlhood so that by the time they are technically adults they still act like children, so that they can be nice and easily controlled by their husbands. Let little girls shout and get their opinions out and stop those adults (especially women who have it self-ingrained that women are 'ladies') who try to tell a girl how should act more feminine and etc. A meek woman is most likely one who's had some part of her spirit constrained since she was young and doesn't know how to release it. Sometimes it takes 'til their 50s and 60s, when these women who've become mothers become competent 'naggers,' to get back their assertive voice.

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It was a childish temper tantrum. My coworkers let boys get away with so many things and rude behavior yet are surprised that there are men like this.

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This makes me believe that Abe only wants the increase in sales tax to build the Olympic stadiums and villages, and not to pay down national debt at all.

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Posted in: Kanebo admits shipping cosmetics after recall decision See in context

What they really wanted was to save profits. Having the call centers set up so that people could call in and ask if a specific product they were using was faulty would save the company from losing customers using 'safe' products since people might be confused about which Kanebo face products were harmful. But it's still unethical to wait so long to notify people that what they are slathering on their face tonight might causing pain and disfiguration while you sit and wait and figure out how to do damage control first.

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It's just another form of the famous trickle down economics. The weak yen benefits large international corporations who export goods so that hopefully the resulting cash flow will spread to the rest of the economy. Except no, there are tons of business that don't run on exports but on service that won't get much benefit out of this new economic strategy.

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