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Posted in: South Korea chooses site of THAAD U.S. missile system amid protests See in context

Kim may act and waffle like a clown, but he is, in fact a great danger, and one that needs a state of readiness to cripple if he ever attacks any of the more intelligent countries around his enclave of fear and paranoia.

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Posted in: U.S. sanctions North Korean leader over rights abuses See in context

These measures are over-due. Let's hope that there's a strengthening of the drive to curb the abuses of human rights that this repulsive regime inflicts on its people. The North Korean master - as a pure Communist state - is now growing-up and entering the more human world of democracy. Nothing;s perfect in this human world but that's as near as we get to fairness and respect for human life. North Korea should respect that the old days of armed bullying are over, and respect enhances life - domination cheapens it.

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Posted in: Japan succeeds in test flight of first stealth fighter jet See in context

Nice one, Japan. Your technical expertise has never been in doubt. I write as an Englishman.

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Posted in: Most Japanese firms say Trump presidency would hurt trade ties, security aliance: poll See in context

Scaremongering headlines are all pert of the media. Many are proved to have been immature nonsense.. Presidents don't mess with the trade of America. The balance of trade is dictated by top businessmen. All countries try hard to work in harmoney for the benefit of ALL.

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Posted in: Nagoya woman arrested for setting boyfriend on fire See in context

Hell hath no fury like female arsonist. She carries a torch for her bruised ego with no equal.

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Posted in: Divorce among elderly couples surging See in context

When this situation occurs, there so much criticism and cheapness thrown at the man. The fact that a man can mature into a defined entity and may find his wife boring and not needed in his life is often nearer to the truth than women can face.

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Posted in: For some diseases, 'genetic destiny' can be averted: study See in context

Of course 'nature' can be retuned. Recent discoveries have shown amazing potential to change genetic weaknesses, bodily weaknesses, even mental weaknesses by subtle means. This progress will expand and become more progressive each day until there will be wonderful results concerning health, longevity and mental well-being. Viva the scientists!!.

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Posted in: G-7 foreign ministers call for nuclear disarmament in Hiroshima declaration See in context

Nuclear disarmament? Sheer madness. Even utter stupidity. Leave all the Democratic nations vulnerable to those of Communist and terrorist mentalities? Where do these wimps and covert Communists get the gall to act like mentally deficient fools?

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Posted in: Japan speed queen guns for Formula One See in context

Sorry, not impressed. There's always, somewhere, a girl/woman who thinks she can handles an F1 car and beat the big boys. It;s this Feminism rubbish which helps females to believe that anything a man can do, a woman can. If this girl really tries to beat all the guys she will either be humiliated or will kill herself. I know this comment is not "politically correct". Neither am I. I am a realist., not a puppet.

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Posted in: Japan opens radar station close to disputed East China Sea islands See in context

These measures are imperative; a way of showing Chiba that it's greedy, imperialistic attitude will not be ignored or accepted without a fierce backlash. Nothing must be allowed which would make it easy for China to expand into sensitive areas already controlled by other countries. In America, Trump is spouting on about the cost of America's policing of the world including the South China Sea area, and would hope that certain nations woukd contribute more. This desire does make sense. Hiw do the Japanese feel about that?

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Posted in: Man slashes ex-wife’s face in front of Saitama District Court See in context

More of the human ape's emotional explosions.. We patronize animals, and yet behave in a worse manner. Strange.

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Posted in: Trump candidacy continues to stir angst in Japan See in context

There is some justification for Japan's unease with Trump, but he only reflects on a more general feeling among Americans that policing the world has become a burden which has created large debts and a drain on resources. The worls is in a terribkl state in actual fact with so many countries and ideologues full of hatreds, greed and treachery. America cannot continue to be the bulwark against madness and greed.

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Posted in: 2 dead, 70 injured after 12-vehicle accident in Hiroshima tunnel See in context

Accidents like this one are usually caused by a combination of over-confidence and speeding. Reactions are never fast enough from the majority of drivers; they think they are, but too many people over-estimate their skills and so these horrific tragedies occur.

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Posted in: Friction between working moms, working non-moms can get complicated See in context

Strange, according to women problems arise from men.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested over murder of mother See in context

The 37 -year age difference does have a bearing on this case, in that he is emotionally on a tight-rope as his hormones are running wild at that age, while she is mature and emotionally well sorted. Very different entities.

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Posted in: 4 police officers shot in New Zealand See in context

If certain people need weed to live a "normal" ,life then they deserve to be removed from society. We have 'natural' highs and lows, and people of character deal with it. Once you mess with thise life rhythms you get the neurotic idiots who cause so much aggro.

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Posted in: Russia, Philippines have most female business leaders; Japan ranks lowest See in context

These figures may actually represent the differential in male and female potential. Russian men are very unsophisticated. Japan's males are not just macho, but highly intelligent. There is a myth that women are man;s "equal". In many areas this is a fallacy adopted by modern media outlets which concentrates far too much on female "assets". Adverts are female mad, and take a delight in diminishing the male far too much.Female football plkayers whinge and whine that there is 'sexism' in their aspect of the game. Of COURSE there is, it's really a man;'s game if the simple truth is told. The ;Sex War' is destructive and ridiculous, and the ones who oay an unfair price is the men.

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Posted in: 7 things Japanese people in int'l marriages wish they’d known before tying the knot See in context

This may sound terribly ignorant, but I rarely read stuff by women. Or call every female a "Lady" - having been so often totally disillusioned, but there is some sense in this article. Of course homesickness occurs, but that's a given to anyone with a brain which can look ahead even a little. Cultural differences can sometimes jar, but hey! Love conquers all, they say. Depending on the extremes of racial differences, the children may not come out of the union with a happy future - inherent cruelty in the human will out. So maybe the attraction between two different races just could be a selfish syndrome.

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Posted in: Abe suspends work on U.S. base relocation on Okinawa See in context

With tension mounting in that area - disputes about territory and China becoming more aggressive, the American base should be left alone for a few years to act as a stabilizing influence. The nutters of North Korea may just commit a few acts which demands QUICK responses, not angry posturing, and not a hasty act with no regard for the future. The Americans would act intelligently.

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Posted in: Japan's porn industry preys on young women, say rights advocates See in context

What else would it prey on? Turtles? Most young girls are not naive fools, but very sexually enlightened. Far more than men are aware.

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Posted in: 14-year-old student opens fire in Ohio school cafeteria See in context

America seems to have a real problem with two issues - a country flooded with guns, and troubled young men. The first is a quit obvious one - no intelligent gun control. The second is due to many factors, not the least the power of the female which has created too much stress among young men in many countries. Feminism is a poison, and men are weak and silly in their feeble backlash. Young men need an open field of intellectual and emotional growth or many powerful emotions of the wrong kind are stirred up, leading to violent repercussions.

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Posted in: Damning study finds a 'whitewashed' Hollywood See in context

Why do women whinge and whine so much about being left behind? They're always telling men how dumb we are and how smart they are - yet they cannot invent their own cameras, lighting sets etc to make a film.. We men DESERVE the lion's share because withour brilliance there would be nothing in our lives but trees and fleas.

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Posted in: Damning study finds a 'whitewashed' Hollywood See in context

Most countries outside Africa are white. And in spite of ceaseless work by arrogant 'feminists', men are still more interesting and versatile than women. Hollywood deal with a more intense reality - it has to be that way, it's all about escapism. I'm a man, proud to be, and I don't give away my identity for anyone who is 'different'.

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Posted in: 7 dead, several wounded in random Michigan shootings See in context

I'm afraid we do get inured against the actual shock when these events take place. More in America than anywhere else - and all the psychologists in the world cannot give out a definitive answer. Even Feminist ones.

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Posted in: Man creates garden of scented flowers to make his blind wife smile again See in context

A lovely story - and a trulky nice guy. I couldn't help but think of other ways to make a woman smile...........

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Posted in: Concussion boosts risk of suicide by 3 times: study See in context

This news story is not a surprise to me. The human brain is not a 'muscle', which can absorb punishment and return to its former strength, it is a collection of highly sensitive cells and nerves which produce amazing imaginations, thoughts and emotions; can be constructive and inventive, can produce feelings of euphoria that are deeper than any drug. Of course there are 'lows', but that only enhances the opposite. A human brain is unique among the Earth's creatures, but its exceptional powers makes it vulnerable - to blows and concussions. Cells which die from shock do not regenerate, they die. Other cells take their place in thought processes, but too many times and the diminishing numbers of available cells called upon cannot do the same job as those initial and 'trained;' cells, and so the brain diminishes in potential and abilities. This leads to depressions and quality of thought - a reduced person, an inadequate person, and ultimately to suicidal thoughts. It's all a logical process, but not fully appreciated by people. More education about the brain;'s vulnerability should be taught at every school and media outlet.

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Posted in: N Korea fires rocket; no debris falls on Japan See in context

There has been a lot of assistance from China, and maybe even Russia. Communist countries enjoy causing stress and problems in 'free' countries. America may be as phony as a concrete tennis ball, but she's trhe best hope we've got to keep the Commies at bay.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing girlfriend to death in Ibaraki See in context

The usual stupid comments abound. Men and women are by nature almost incompatible. Only mutual respect and decency of values can support a long and strong relationship. If a furious row breaks-out, and let;s just say that the woman has been too argumentative or cheap in actions - as an example - then he might blow a fuse, grab a knife and kill her in a blind rage. These situation DO occur in human life. The perfect woman exists only in the minds of authors and film makers. That man will now spend the rest of his life, or most of it, in a depressing prison regretting bitterly that fateful day.

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Posted in: Toyota, Suzuki shares soar on reports of emerging market tie-up See in context

Good news. I am an admire of both companies. Long may they survive.

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Posted in: Patient dies after ambulance delayed due to dispatcher getting address wrong See in context

Here in England we get mistakes of this nature. They will always crop-up simply because of human error above all else. 14 minutes is not much of a time period compared to the delays we get here. In fact, our record of mistakes leading to deaths are quite common, making our National Health Service a blundering mess.

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