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Posted in: Name of former Princess Mako's husband not on New York bar exam pass list See in context

Successful people don't give up and they don't have to be classily clever. Plus nobody cares about this first world problem. Good luck to both of them.

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Posted in: French father goes on hunger strike for children 'abducted' by Japanese wife See in context

I remember a few years ago a Japanese mum abducted her kids from the States to Japan. The silly women went back to the States to renew her green card. When she arrived the promptly arrested her. He got his kids back. This always goes on here. Sometimes I feel its the most backward culture I ever come across. Seen mothers ask fathers not to come around as they are remarried and they want their kids only to have one father. Mothers who have make up lies about domestic violence to take away custody from Dad only to have the kid removed to foster care because of the abusive mom and because Dad has a DV order he cannot get custody of his own kids.

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Posted in: Ibaraki health center warns people not to eat with foreigners to prevent spreading COVID See in context

Bah hahahahaha what a tool

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl missing in Kobe See in context

I hope she is found. It happen to me once and I couldn't let my daughter out of my sight for years later. if I was there I would be out looking for her.

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Posted in: Benesse struggling to deal with massive theft of customer data See in context

Sucked in Benesse So many jobs are outsource now. It not fair that people have to live contract to contract for you to make an extra buck. I reckon I would have don't the same thing. I yes Benesse brought out my company and not long after that my department was close down. That after they took away holidays

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Posted in: Vietnam shaken by worst anti-China unrest in decades See in context

Yep everybody around the world is doing the land grab. Wars are only fought over resources. Thats why nobody does anything over North Korea China new trick over suing Japan for war crimes. Let see if Vietnam pull this one out of the hat somehow.

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Posted in: Fiat-Chrysler to produce iconic Jeep in China from 2015 See in context

Yep they are closing all the car factories in Australia. So guess where we are going to be sourcing our cars. Jeeps were carp anyway

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Posted in: World's longest-serving death row inmate freed in Japan See in context

They probably didn't kill him because deep down everybody new he didn't do it. But the System couldn't do anything about it until the corrupt cops and prosecutors involve in the case died. This way nobody loses face.

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy collapses during judo practice in Okinawa See in context

over 100 kids Thats right kids have die doing supervised Judo and Karate in the last 10 years

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Posted in: Thyroid examination See in context

That poor little girl looks like she going to have nightmares about this Kids in Modern Wealthy countries shouldn't be living in fear of their environment

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Posted in: Japan to halve tuna catch in northern Pacific See in context

House Atreides Yes Australia isn't a poorer nation But At least they recognised way back in the eighties that we had issue with Tuna stocks I recall There was a lot of trouble with japan coming down and raiding our fish. Japan is on its way out the population is decreasing it will lose 20 million people in the next ten years so Lucky for the Tuna that Japanese couples have stop having babies.

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Posted in: Japan to halve tuna catch in northern Pacific See in context

No other poorer nations will catch more and sell to Japan. If only the could do something about the whale now.

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Posted in: China angered by Japan's U.N. bid for kamikaze pilot letters See in context

I usually love to Japan bash but I got to say that. The poilet were the victims here and they should and we should be able to see there state of mind. I would love to be able to read those letter. In regard to China. I think they should have a look at the war crimes the are continuing to get away with and how they treat there own people.

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Posted in: Japan gives final approval to child abduction treaty See in context

So sad that this loophole was put in by Japan but its not unexpected, I had an argument over this with my wife years ago can't remember the outcome But the cause was when that Jap mother went back to America to renew her greencard and the authorities arrested her at the air port for child abduction.

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Posted in: China concerned at Japan's history textbook revisions See in context

Japan should rewrite history The kids don't need to know why the rest of Asia hates them. My son would be devastated to find out that his Great Grand Father might have been caught up in all that. War is ugly and the victor writes the history books. I guess the special thing is that Hiroshima and Nagasaki gave Japan a get out of war crimes free card. Thousands of people innocent people died and continue to this day. a lot more devastating in many peoples eyes than what happen in China and other events that Japan was involve in.

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Posted in: Homeless recruited by yakuza for Fukushima clean-up See in context

Yep Japan Gov, corps, and Yaks are working to together. What's new. Everybody is getting there kick backs. Sadly Damon many poor people in Japan will never be able to afford an Education. You need to be exceptional to be offered a place at a public university. and if your parents haven't got the dosh you not going to be going to even a crappy one. And unlike Many other countries you can't go university as an adult. It is very difficult to change jobs and if you lose you job. If is extremely difficult to get another one. But I think that starting to change a little bit. I knew a man you was a shoe designer for 30 years company lost contracts and he lost his job he in his 50s. He a security guard now. 800 yen an hour down from 600,000 a month Hes doesn't have a choice. You are lucky you have choices and education.

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Posted in: Couple claims child care allowance for dead daughter over 6 years See in context

I have two children and have never been visited by a social worker. My feeling is that these people were already on the Radar for some other reason. Nearly 20 years difference between the couple is another red flag. Osaka social workers have an appalling record in regards to this sort of thing.  

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Posted in: Japan's radiation monitoring unreliable: Greenpeace See in context

Basrlol What are the other causes of hotspots in and around Fukushima ????

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Posted in: Mother, son found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Another one through the cracks. I feel for both of them the poor little boy probably had to witness for yearsthe downward spiral of his mother. RIP

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Posted in: Student abducts 12-yr-old girl, confines her in travel bag in taxi trunk in Hiroshima See in context

This guy is a psychopath he should be locked up forever. Next time he will use his own car.

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Posted in: Japan resumes U.S. beef exports after two-year halt See in context

Wow thats all we need. Just eat Australian beef

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Posted in: Hashimoto admits cosplay affair with night club hostess in 2006 See in context

Who Cares Hes a mover and shaker and likes to play up this fits in with his personality I don't agree with everything this guy does. But, I feel he is one of the few people who has a enough balls buck the system that is failing so many in Japan. In regards to sex in my experience the more clever the person the kinkier they are. yee haa

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Posted in: Boy's suicide over bullying sparks death threats at Shiga school See in context

My 2 bob I can't help think that bulling is entrenched in Japanese society I work at a school and I am amaze how the Japanese school systems deals with this problem. Actually they don't. I was not surprised when a 7 year old's parents reported to the school that there child had been attacked again at school and this time instead of the insults they the bullies had left sizable bruises on the boys back. The school said it would ask questions and sort out the bullies. They ask the boy, didn't want to say anything in fear of making his situation worse. Eventually he broke and gave up the boys. Then was promptly told that he was a liar and that he probably fell over to get the bruises as all of the bruises on his back. I rang a school counselor in Australia who said only way she knows for a kid to get bruises on their back is by someone hitting them. Then she gave me suggestions on how to make it stop. Which i was able to pass onto the parents. This poor little boy had some learning issues and couldn't speak properly but wasn't dumb. the situation is better now but not because of the school. I don't know how these so call educators sleep at night.

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Posted in: More women in their 40s dating younger men See in context

Older Japanese women and younger Japanese men have both learnt to accept a lot less. Less money less responsibility less morals less social justice. So they are a perfect match. Again so sad again for the great Japan. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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Posted in: What to do if someone on the street goes berserk See in context

Yep pretty sure I like the idea of not walking in the middle of the road.. Keeping aware of your surrounding. I have never seen any Japanese aware of their surrounding. Yesterday, my mate and I were sitting in a coffee shop totally amazed at how many Japanese crash into each other while crossing the street, 100% using phones at the time. On a side note, I do Aikido we do Tanto training that's using a fake knife, about the size of a large kitchen knife to stab and to disarm each other. Backing away not running is a good option I guess. But if the guy has got it in for you, from what I see in the class room, you haven't got a chance unless you had some serious training and then the chances low

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Posted in: Tom Cruise under fire at 50 See in context

Who give a rats patootii

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Ghosn earned Y987 mil in fiscal 2011 See in context

How much did his predecessor earn ??

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Posted in: 2 children, aged 4 and 3, die after falling into irrigation canal See in context

Like everybody else I don't know the actual circumstances of the tragic event. But as a child who grew up surrounded by cliffs water and beaches in Australia and my parents use to let us explore from a very early age younger than five. And i have no problems letting my children do the same here in Osaka. I don't think we should restrict kids because some other kids got hurt being kids. I wouldn't like it to happen to anyone but I wouldn't like my kids to be lock in a room for most days. My injures as a kid included broken arms legs teeth and many many stitches so I am fully aware of the risks. God bless the little ones and I would hate to be the future children of these parents now because any kids they do have are going to lock down like in Alcatraz for the rest of their lives RIP little ones

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Posted in: Radioactive bluefin tuna crossed Pacific to U.S. See in context

I wonder what my level of ceisum-134 and cesium-137 is

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Posted in: 241 civil servants file suit over salary cuts See in context

Civil Servants are a very closed bunch. Usually their fathers were civil servants I like to see how General public go in a job interview against the son of a civil servant for the same public position. So cut their salary most of them haven't done the work to get the position they are in. And don't forget about the community centre and the bridge building scam our public servants were pulling a few years ago. Also the pension scam where the lose 20,000,000 pension accounts Where did the money go????? Some should be fired most should have there salaries cut they are half the reason Japan is in the mess thats its in

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