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Posted in: 241 civil servants file suit over salary cuts See in context

Yes I haven't had a payrise in years but I guess that the way it is for foreigners

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Posted in: Woman kills three children and herself in charcoal-burning murder-suicide See in context

I wonder what happen Divorce depression debt?

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

I thought the old fart was gay

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Posted in: AIJ pension scandal shakes trust in system See in context

God to these people actually believe themselves. I bet he paid himself a hefty bonus every year. And I am pretty sure he put everything he owns into some sort of trust so the people that he rip off have no chance of recovering anything. he is a lying maggot

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of 5-month-old son in Kobe See in context

I guess it all goes back to cultural no no of seeking help for a mental illness for fear of having a label put on you, Its a sad place to be sick. Anyway RIP little one I guess the Mother will have a life sentence as well. Once her hormones settle down and she has 8 hours of sleep..

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Posted in: 5-yr-old boy may lose sight after man adds battery acid to eye drops See in context

Wow I have never heard of anything so evil. This guy is a psychopath. Who else is he secretly abusing? I don't think kids should go to foster care. But, I think if that kid is allowed to go back to his mother, his days a definitely numbered.

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Posted in: No. of suicides surpasses 30,000 for 14th year in a row in 2011 See in context

Yep we live in a country where we let people with issues struggle and then when they top themselves the Japanese government rub there hands together and say " that's another pension fund we don't have to pay out" What the hell happens to all the money this government collects. Yes it all comes down to economics. Eg In my neighbourhood local government have ripped out small parks. because they don't want to spend the money to maintain green spaces. not these little bits of green to break up concrete grinds away at the neighbourhood well being. Now all we got is a chicken wire fence and scorched earth that we can't even get into. I had my rant

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Posted in: Osaka to accept tsunami debris See in context

The problem is that some organisations involved with this disaster have proven untrustworthy in the past. What's to say some of the Yaks don't make a deal up there to send some contaminated material here to Osaka. They let contaminated rice, meat and leafy vegetables leave the area already. So I hardly think a few hundred tons of contaminated rubble is going to make any moral difference. I say No way

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Posted in: Former Daio chairman gambling debt increases to 15 billion yen See in context

No in the US the actually called the money they steal a bonus therefore its legal. Look at Wall Street..

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Posted in: Judo instructor found guilty over child’s death during training See in context

Hell Japan allows child exploitation by way of its child porn laws. So how much impact are 100 dead kids going to make on the national sport and its esteem instructors. I wonder how civil suit will go with this sadist and his cronies. I bet hes got a lot of them guarding his back with the Japan Judo federation

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Posted in: Boy jumps to death after telling teacher, police he was bullied See in context

My 7 year old son was getting bullied being the white boy in a Japanese school. He came home with bruises on his back where he had been repeatedly attacked. When we asked him to tell us what happen he started tell us then stopped as I think the expressions on my face [Probably the look I get in my eyes when I want to kill someone and not necessary the bullies but the teacher at the school whose letting it happen] He was horrified that we would talk to the school. We took some photos of the bruises while he was sleeping to show the teacher. They ask him about it. He told him who it was. When those boys were questioned their response was we are only playing. Bruises on the back is not play usually it means he was attacked from behind. They the teachers call my son a liar. trouble maker. Who in the school can he talk to now? That how they do things in Japan. So we got photos, dates, teachers names, we let them know everything in writing, and we figure out the school is completely useless. We asked the parents of the boys around for dinner. and of course the came. We told them about about our son getting bullied by some boys. we didn't mention it was their boys doing the bulling. Then we ask as there boys were so popular could the possibly look out for my son.' Of course' they said 'we hate bullies'. 'its a big problem'. So I guess they went home and ask their children who was doing the bulling. Guess what the bullies stop. Who knows for how long?? I don't think Japan works on Threats. But when the teachers see me coming now they scatter.

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Posted in: Top Australian court rules refugees can't be sent to Malaysia See in context

Really I think 800 for 4000 is a good Idea. NOT I can see what will happen next. At the moment Queensland has 4500 vacant mining jobs so I pretty sure I know where these guys are going for $100,000 a year plus jobs. I guess the Government and Mining's plan is to use these guys to first bust unions then lower wages finally destroy conditions. We had our jobs outsource. We're bringing them here because we can't send these jobs overseas.

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Posted in: Noda becomes Japan's 6th prime minister in 5 years See in context

what a joke. Is this a new scam to get a better golden handshake?

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