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Posted in: Trump congratulates Abe on election win; golf date set for Nov 5 See in context

Trump this round has proven that he loves golf with Abe more than the huge trade deficit US has with Japan. Trump promised to have a much stronger Yen and correct the trade deficit. Trump what doing you? Are you going to talk about the Yen?

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Posted in: Abe says his priorities are N Korea and aging Japan See in context

Abe priorities are to ensure LDP in power, lots of fiscal spending, land, projects & funds to "interested" parties, business as usual, use Kim Jong An as bogeyman, etc. In Japan, LDP and the 60s, 70s & 80s male elders rule.

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Posted in: Nikkei posts longest-ever winning streak See in context

The longest bull run, with the longest serving PM, in the fastest aging & declining population developed nation. What an irony.

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Posted in: Cash-loving Japanese savers opt to play it safe See in context

Without Abenomics housing will be a lot cheaper in Tokyo & Osaka where the young live. With Abenomics young families face the twin blow of stagnant salaries & much high housing costs. Abenomics are for the wealthy who have land & stocks in the big cities.

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Posted in: Cash-loving Japanese savers opt to play it safe See in context

Both JGB & Nikkei markets are rigged by Kuroda BOJ. The moment zero rate is abandoned, both bonds & stocks will crash. It just a matter of time.

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Posted in: Cash-loving Japanese savers opt to play it safe See in context

Rightly so. Why put in banks for negative rates & charges?

Why put in stocks when it will sooner or later crash from 2 decades high, as the domestic economic shrink smaller & smaller?

The savers had been inflicted and will continue to do so since zero rate policy & bigger government spending trend 20 years ago.

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Posted in: Abe: Nationalist blueblood at home, shrewd diplomat abroad See in context

Twisted fear mongering won. Kim Jong Un is Abe best friend.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc wins 2/3 majority in lower house; Abe says he won't become complacent See in context

Buy on rumor, sell on fact.

Higher chance of war, when constitution changed.

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Posted in: Abe's ruling bloc on track for big win: exit polls See in context

Vast majority Japanese know that their LDP politicians are self-interests motivated and will not keep their promises. Its business as usual, and they are willing to go along.

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Posted in: Japan's recovery not felt at street level See in context

Of course the vast majority of citizens will not have any net real benefits. The monetary & fiscal policies are for rich bankers & big landlords & politicians. It has always been this way & proven, except for the political narrative to blur the population. The vast savings of the hardworking citizens have been quietly squandered, the social security funds are grossly inadequate for future liabilities, the government debts continue to grow at unsustainable pace with the LDP government spending like mad as a bigger and bigger government. While Kuroda is pumping them to continue their ill discipline. Enjoy it while it last.

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Posted in: Trump administration again declines to name China as currency manipulator See in context

Kuroda is manipulating the Yen.....hahaha

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Posted in: Nikkei marks longest winning streak in 56 years See in context

Fund managers are saying, Fear Not, this going to last a long time...bull, bull, bull.

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Posted in: Nowhere to hide: N Korean missiles spur anxiety in Hokkaido fishing town See in context

It's exactly because of Abe's hawkish  & very pro-US approach, the probability of N. Korea targeting Japan with missiles increases.

The citizens have fallen for the LDP propaganda.

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Posted in: Japan's trade surplus expands nearly 40% in September See in context

Trump is wrong on many things, but maybe right that Yen is undervalued & US Dollar short USA is not competitive.

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Posted in: Japan Inc wants Abe election win, but with smaller majority See in context

LDP with its political & military direction will move Japan into military conflict with North Korea and then China.

USA later will abandon Japan when the "price" is too high, as with USA consistent behavior in past 20 years, eg Mubarak, Sadam Hussein, Gaddafi, etc.

Japan ignored debt/finance & social security problems will unraveled. There will be a domestic crisis, as Kuroda artificially keep rates at zero for too long. Borrowing costs at zero without proper market adjustment  sustained all kind of rots in the system temporarily, making the problem a lot bigger and worse. Kuroda approach is a myopic short-term fix, as it is near impossible for LDP to really shoot the 3rd arrow of reforms. Real reforms in Japan means the elimination of the LDP system of patronage and parts of Japanese culture/system that Japanese hold so dear to. Japan is likely in a sure slow economic & social decline a- coming, despite the hype of Olympics, etc. Japan is into the winter cycle of its history.

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Posted in: U.S. allies air concerns about Trump's 'Buy American' order See in context

USA cannot compete in Japan, unless Yen is a lot stronger.

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Posted in: Gov't arranging emperor's meeting with Trump See in context

Trump forgot about Japan trade surplus & Yen.

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Posted in: Aso, Pence apart over FTA; Japan to ease rules on U.S. auto imports See in context

US cannot is not competitive in Japan, unless Yen appreciates to about 90 against the Dollar.

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Posted in: BOJ's delay in inflation target throws Kuroda reappointment in doubt See in context

Japan Inc & the State is one giant octopus entrenched Enterprise; it was, is and will remain big, fat, unproductive sucking up and dampening much of Japanese creativity,  small & medium size enterprises growth & profitability, etc with it business as usual attitude & power structure. Without the recent Asian-fueled tourism boom the demise of small & medium enterprises would have been much faster. BOJ is part of this Enterprise.

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Posted in: Nuclear plant must release contaminated water See in context

Between more money & people's safety plus environmental health, Kawamura has chosen money. Appointing a business capitalist to resolve an environmental crisis is basically getting a Square Peg to fix a Round Hole. Fukushima nuclear crisis Chairman needs to be replaced by an environment/nuclear expert.

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Posted in: Former TV announcer Mao Kobayashi dies of cancer at 34 See in context

Deepest condolences.

Cancer mainstream treatments should be complimented with the following to maximize chances of full recovery:

1. Daily drinking of healthy clean water including slices of organic lemon & lemon grass in them.

Daily breathing of clean healthy air especially in forest or garden areas, with deep breathing methods like 4 sec inhale, 7 sec hold & 8 sec exhale, that expend the lungs & abdominal area. Nose-in, mouth-out western way as well as nose-in, nose-out gentle gigong.

Daily walk of 20 to 40 mins under direct morning sun, consuming vitamin D3 & bone broth to help bone marrow recover to produce healthy blood cells.

Eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables, including bitter gourd, celery, parsley, wheatgrass, either raw or very lightly cooked. Seaweed and fruits like kiwi, soursop, mangosteen, berries, green apples & apricot & bitter almonds (also eat the seeds), etc. Avoid read meat, fried stuff and all processed food. Total ban on refined sugar. 

Adopt a merry heart & joyful attitude. Laugh loud and sing and smile often.

Have a disciplined body clock and good sleep at night.

Be in the company of encouraging prayerful people.

Trust God with all your heart. (most important for those who are believe God).

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan reaches 2.29 mil; record number for May See in context

Big money spending tourists are mainly Chinese, Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, Koreans and South East Asians. But it is still too difficult for Japanese politicians to acknowledge and appreciate them, because of "superiority" complex.

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Posted in: Squeezed at home, Nomura seeks to push into Wall Street's home turf See in context

Nomura had done this at least twice and did not profit; in the 90s with Guy Hand, and 2009/10 buying Lehman operations.

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Posted in: Drugs score big wins against lung, prostate, breast cancers See in context

Patients who can afford these drugs live much longer, most likely because they have more money & updated knowledge & discipline to watch their diet (avoiding sugar & processed food & preservatives laced stuff) taking lots of organic vegetables & seeds & fruits, do deep breathing & other related light regular exercises with some direct morning or evening sunlight in "trees-rich" good-air environment, better emotional (laughing, singing, praising, giving thanks)  & spiritual support (read Bible verses & trust God), watch their body-clock, supplement their diet with traditional Chinese or Indian herbs, drink clean water plus lemon water with peel, & other measures, etc. Technically, oncologists are more experienced and putting less dosage of chemo drugs, plus more accurate & timely monitoring devices...most likely NOT BECAUSE BIG PHARMA has discovered much better drugs or cure (with such profit margins and huge markets, there is absolutely little to no business interests to find a real effective cure). Eat, drink, think, exercise, sleep in natural healthy clean "environment"...we should live better & longer...but again we will surely die.

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Posted in: British police reveal names of London attackers; say one investigated before See in context

Sangetsu03 wrote thoughtfully and well. Strangely got lots of thumbs down. What is happening to law & order? Professed muslims must report on their won radicalized people even family members if indeed it is a religion of peace; for that person, sake, for their family, for the nation, for the society well being. Violence in such extreme form has no place in any civilized society.

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Posted in: 7 killed, 48 hospitalized after London terror attacks; 3 suspects shot dead See in context

Japan very strict screening has worked.

Will "human rights" western nations implement tough draconian laws on such criminals?

Can talkers and violent men live together?

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Posted in: Australia plans to ban pedophiles from traveling overseas See in context

One sensible timely law.

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Posted in: Putin a bigger threat than Islamic State: McCain See in context

Mr. McCain is gripped by his prejudice against Putin & Trump, and lost his head to objective assessment. ISIS hatred & bend on violence for the rest of the world with almost daily killing & violence committed is clearly the biggest threat to people's safety, from any single group of people. Just go to any developed city airport, and ask why are we subject to such necessary stringent checks?

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Posted in: Putin rushes to Trump's defense See in context

Why Western media & US politicians lack the common sense that US & Russia (& China) unity is indeed needed to effectively curb, control and finally incapacitated IS terrorism? And that definitely will entail sharing of intelligence and terrorism information.

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Posted in: Pressure increases on Trump as probes intensify See in context

There is some truth that Trump is the most watched and scrutinized President by American media & Congress. America in a big way is one big Hollywood talk-show. Trump news indeed sell, and sell very well.

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