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Posted in: Top beer makers to join forces to face industry challenges See in context

The beers mentioned taste like some one has already drunk them before they reach the can.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward to begin legally recognizing same-sex partnerships See in context

I fail to see why anyone who is not gay should be against gay marriage. It's not going to have any impact on your life at all , unless that is all the people who are anti gay marriage are scared they might turn gay. As for me, I'm happily married and if two fellows want to be so too, good luck to them. None of my business.Everyone should be free to find their own happiness, as long as it doesn't harm others.

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Posted in: Japanese butter on the table in Pacific trade talks See in context

I'm no fan of TPP, but protectionism has failed Japan's agriculture, rationed butter is just the first step, how long before milk and rice is "one per customer"? A radical overhaul is needed before it gets too late.

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Posted in: Universities asked to raise flag, sing national anthem at ceremonies See in context

Haven't they got better things to worry about than making people stand in front of a bit of cloth and mumble their way through a dirge?

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Posted in: Fox renews 'The Simpsons' for 2 more seasons See in context

It's not funny anymore, and what is worse, anytime I see a new episode, it taints my memory of the old episodes. Anything past the tenth series and I have to turn it off.

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Posted in: World's first 'otaku' summit opens in Japan See in context

They want to try reading a book without pictures in it.

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Posted in: Auditors say billions of yen wasted in Fukushima cleanup See in context

Who are the bigger clowns? TEPCO, the government, or joe public for putting up with this and footing the bill? I dispair.

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Posted in: Project kicks off to promote Japanese idol culture See in context

So how does having concerts in Japan help promote idol culture abroad? I know they are available on the Internet, but wouldn't it make more sense to have concerts abroad? Not that they would get any interest, apart from nerdy types and dirty old men.

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Posted in: Two years on, BOJ chief says war on deflation 'very challenging' See in context

He's lost the battle, and he knows it. What next for Abe, if the experiment bearing his name fails?

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Posted in: AKB Theater celebrates 4,000 performances, 1 million visitors See in context

Steady on there. It's only a girl group we're talking about, not Gandhi.

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Posted in: Gov't adviser not worried about temporary slowdown in inflation See in context

What was the point of stating a timeframe if its not important to adhere to it. I don't remember anyone saying as such two years ago.

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Posted in: Flu epidemic alert issued for all 47 prefectures See in context

Garlic and herbs. Probably better than smelling buboes. Last year I saw people wearing a sterilization pack dangling from a neck strap. It was supposed to form a protective shield around the wearer. Voodoo!

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Posted in: Crown prince to visit Saudi Arabia to offer condolences See in context

They've got the oil, so they're all right by us. Terrible.

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Posted in: Flu epidemic alert issued for all 47 prefectures See in context

Chips have nothing to do with it. Masks may only have any effect if the wearer is careful not to touch the mask, wear it only once, and dispose of it carefully. This must also be accompanied with regular hand washing.i frequently see people yank their mask down by pulling on the front of it, fold up a used mask, putting it in their pocket to be retrieved for further use, and perhaps the most baffling, pulling a mask down to allow them to sneeze or cough freely. They look good, but do diddly zip.just like those funny long nose masks used in Europe during the Black Death. As pointed out if they were of any use there wouldn't be an epidemic every year.

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Posted in: 税 chosen as kanji character best representing 2014 See in context

Praak many countries have a word of the year. The Uk's was "vape", not very inspiring, whereas Australia chose "shirtfront", which was what the PM threatened to do to Putin. Not quite sure what it means though.

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Posted in: Minami Takahashi to graduate from AKB48 in Dec 2015 See in context

The day the muzak died.

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Posted in: Japan's war on deflation faces its toughest battle See in context

Wish I had some money to save in the first place, let alone being talked into spending it instead.

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Posted in: Dollar breaks 110 yen for first time in six years See in context

Sorry, I didn't realize you were only allowed to make positive comments on the news. I'll remember in future.

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Posted in: Dollar breaks 110 yen for first time in six years See in context

No industry coming back. Ever. Pipe dream of those who still think its the eighties. This country is moribund.

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Posted in: Seiko Matsuda hears no evil, speaks no evil, sees no evil in new Toyota ad See in context

She looks OK under strong lights, but check out her neck. The neck never lies. Good for 52, but she doesn't look much younger than that.

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Posted in: Abe's stance on next tax hike 'utterly neutral,' says Amari See in context

The money from that next tax rise has been earmarked and spent already I reckon. A couple of roads in the sticks and a new whaling fleet.

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Posted in: U.S. comedian Joan Rivers dead at 81 See in context

Not so funny if you are a Palestinian. Nasty.

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Posted in: Girolamo Panzetta wins place in Guinness World Records for LEON magazine covers See in context

That means he's on the cover almost every month. Why not just have done and name the magazine after him.

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Posted in: World War I: Japan's ill-fated 'gift from the heavens' See in context

Don't think Thailand was ever colonized by Europeans.

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Posted in: Police hold event to publicize danger of loophole drugs See in context

Don't need Babylon telling me what to do. Tobacco and alcohol are the worst drugs. Bringing in money for the man though. Don't criticize it.

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Posted in: Pink Floyd to release first album in 20 years See in context

Wow! Outtakes from The Division Bell? It's hardly going to be much cop, is it? A great band, but when they are good they are fantastic and when they are bad they are awful. Haven't done a good album since Animals.

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Posted in: Cabinet adopts resolution dropping ban on collective self-defense See in context

This is Abe's way of somehow halting Japan's decline in standing in the world. In Asia too Japan is being eclipsed by the rise of China. Getting involved in Americas wars isn't going to help the country any.

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Posted in: Eggs pelted at Suzuki's office after he apologizes for sexist jeers See in context

Police investigating? Narrow the suspect down to the female population of Tokyo, and probably a fair proportion of the men too.

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Posted in: U.S. dairy farmers threaten to oppose TPP trade deal See in context

I don't give a monkey's about the farmers in Japan. I'm fed up of paying through the nose for butter and having to buy tasteless cheese. Don't get me started on how much cream costs!

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Posted in: Japan's fertility rate rises to 1.43 in 2013 See in context

I'd say this is a big driver in the stagnation of the economy, and goes to show the massive task of stimulating demand as one that is probably out of Abe's hands. Also doesn't bode we'll for anyone counting on a Japanese pension.

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