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Posted in: Ex-member of KAT-TUN arrested for marijuana possession See in context

My brother used to consume cannabis and he became a paradite to society. We got rules if youndont want to follow them, then get out to the middle of the sea to consume anything you want to

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Posted in: Toxic substances detected in Tsukiji fish market soil samples See in context

Sometimes I really wobder if they're going to use the soil as a fish seasoning

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Posted in: Kyoto University demonstrates rescue robot See in context

Ithats a nice robot. It has 4 flexible belt wheels and an arm. I think its the best configuration concept for a robot. It could be improved with custom made parts and not off the shelves parts.

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Posted in: Toxicity levels 100 times safety limit detected again at new fish market site See in context

I just want to know if the fish sellers are going to clean these fish with the soil under the market. I mean why is this an issue? There's an above the ground concrete slab, even if they have the fish in the floor there will be no problem

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Posted in: Foreign detainees go on hunger strike at Nagoya immigration facility See in context

well, what about going back to their countries, there's something called dignity and they should keep it

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Posted in: Fukushima village begins sowing rice for 1st time since nuclear disaster See in context

Smithinjapan my attitude towards this topic is at it is. Giving that rice for free to poor countries is the best they can do. That rice is perfectly safe for cobsumption and these people in need will gladly tale them and by the way its not obligatory, now go back to bend pipes for a life.

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Posted in: N Korean missile fell within Japan's air defense zone: Inada See in context

Its time for the USA and CHINA to stop DPRK nuclear weapons or Japan and South Korea should have nuclear weapons too.

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