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Posted in: Paralympians share their experiences working at a UK firm See in context

Brilliant. Sounds like GSK could teach Japanese firms a thing or two.

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Posted in: ANA says profit soars on international business See in context

Profit would soar for your domestic business too if you were allowed to book flights more than two months in advance. Seriously, what is that rule all about? I have never heard of it in any other country but Japan!

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Posted in: What is the most environmentally friendly way to keep cool in summer? See in context

Set the aircon at home to 23 degrees from May and leave it on for summer - I would rather throw money at the problem and fail to understand why there is anything to be gained from feeling lethargic, sweaty and uncomfortable for five months out of every 12.

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Posted in: New data reveals which approach to helping the poor actually works See in context

I think it's better to look at relative poverty. Of course 1 dollar 25 a day isn't much, but then in those areas rent doesn't cost £600/month, or oranges 300 yen each!

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Posted in: Mega-important debate: Do you shower before work or before bed? See in context

Just because you might shower at night doesn't mean you won't sweat overnight. I personally think it's more grimy not to shower in the morning - you are going to work dirty - nice!

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Posted in: Police to begin 'patrolling' Internet to crack down on child porn See in context

I wish people would stop calling it 'child porn'. It is not child porn, it is child abuse.

Porn implies consent on behalf of the person being filmed.

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Posted in: Japanese people aren’t happy with their looks: survey See in context

I am astonished by this. I think Japanese people here are uniformly underdressed for everything. Even at a wedding I went to, I was the smartest, most well-dressed person there. As Paul says above, the ridiculous baggy, shapeless layering of Japanese women's clothes, in insipid, washed out colours, would make them look homeless anywhere else in the world.

Japanese people's skin is pretty awful too, and of course the teeth, thanks to a reluctance to eat copious fresh fruit and vegetables, and an aversion to dairy. High prices of these foodstuffs, and a commitment to brushing off all their enamel five minutes after finishing eating (a practice that would never be endorsed anywhere else) won't encourage a better diet any time soon.

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Posted in: Consultant urges 'one-of-a-kind' immigration policy for Japan See in context

Japan doesn't need more immigration; it needs a feminist revolution. Japan has a huge, talented workforce in the shape of its women, and yet they are not being encouraged to go back to work after having children. My solution?

End the casual sexism in workplaces, so that the 10% of women who are fired for being pregnant are better protected in law. Extend maternity leave from 8 weeks (too short for women who are still suffering from lochia) and then make affordable childcare easier to find and easier to enrol. Give mothers and fathers a protected right to apply for flexible working after having children.

Japan also needs to make more babies... So, make pregnancy and birth free on the NHI (not reimbursed). Allow pain relief in labour (I know many women who have stopped at one child simply because labour pain is too great).

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Posted in: What we learned from the BlackBerry era See in context

I loved my Blackberry when I was in the UK, I only wish they were available in Japan. The iPhone is useless in comparison, and unreliable. A two-hour battery life is no good to me.

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