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Posted in: Lady Gaga world tour to kick off in Seoul See in context

I despise this atrocious eyesore.

And no, I don't believe the stories in the press -- those things are obviously made up to generate some kind of "goth rebel" image. Her publicist invents them and leaks them, and when audiences fail to care, GaGa comes along and denies them, getting more press than she deserves. Two free stories taking up space in the media -- at the expense of our precious brain cells.

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Posted in: AKB48 to do PR for 'Vibrant Japan' campaign in China See in context

If AKB48 says this beach is safe to surf, this beach is safe to surf.

Over in one, plasticmonkey!

Seriously, these plain po-faced girls have killed more erections than they've caused. Take a good look at their Korean competition like Kara and Girls' Generation -- the latter group made a kick-ass appearance on Letterman earlier this month and they are hot, not kawai.

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Posted in: French satirical paper firebombed after publishing Mohammad cartoon See in context

Certain sectors of French society are living up to their reputation. This is in keeping with the arson attack on an Embassy a couple of years ago.

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Posted in: Norika Fujiwara visits evacuees in Fukushima See in context

It must suck for celebrities who actually want to give back to the community, as anyone should. Anytime they do anything good, they get accused of doing it for the publicity. Good for Norika.

^^ THIS.

I completely agree. Norika was on TV and she made some old lady in the Fukushima evac center very happy.

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Posted in: Anti-Korean Wave in Japan turns political See in context

Won't someone PLEASE think of the girls from KARA? Whatever shall become of them!?

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Posted in: Anne Hathaway fearless about aging See in context

So she doesn't fear aging. Great. But she should fear that she's as boring as tapioca pudding.

And compared to the likes of Olivia Wilde, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Meisa Kuroki, she's just plain homely.

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Posted in: Canadian opposition likely to trigger election See in context

Opposition parties also are hammering the prime minister for planning to spend $9 billion on 65 American-made F-35 Joint Strike Fighters—one of the biggest military purchases in Canadian history—plus at least $5 billion more in maintenance costs.

Speaking as a Canadian, it would be nice if Harper transformed our military into something other than a laughing stock. Our Armed Forces deserve better than what they've had over my lifetime.

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Posted in: Cyndi Lauper to go ahead with concerts to lift Japan's spirits See in context

She was the original "J-girl" back in the 80s -- covered in accessories from head to foot -- so it's good of her to help out.

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Posted in: Meisa Kuroki to star alongside Yuji Oda in sequel to 'Amalfi' See in context

Why is her picture so small? JT could double its traffic if it used bigger pictures of these lovely actresses.

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Posted in: Komukai denies drug allegations; says she is not afraid of arrest See in context

So she smokes crack at home. big deal! she doesn't hurt anybody, her crimes have no victims. concentrate on real crimes please!

If she smokes crack at home, she will resort to real crimes soon enough. Granted, she is not charged with possession of crack, but I am shocked that you would equate crack with (say) pot in such a dismissive fashion. I firmly believe crack will turn people into violent criminals.

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Posted in: Namie Amuro's 'Checkmate!' to feature 23 artists See in context

I don't really care if she can sing, but she's built like a figure skater.

Ganbatte, cutie!

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Posted in: Winning move See in context

Talented, lovely and has the best body a man could want.

I would gladly give this lady English lessons.

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Posted in: Tearful Sawajiri confirms plan to divorce, promises to change attitude See in context

Sawajiri tearfully said that if the Japanese public could forgive her recent rebellious behavior, she planned to change her attitude...

I still love you, darling. ;)

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Posted in: Model citizen See in context

The girl looks like she's being devoured by a mutated shower curtain.

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Posted in: Pianist Harumi Hanafusa to make American debut at Carnegie Hall See in context

Another drop-dead gorgeous Japanese beauty!! Where do they find 'em all?

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Posted in: Town in upstate New York honors Capra's 'It's a Wonderful Life' See in context

A big part of the film’s enduring appeal is its joyous closing scenes in which townspeople rally behind Jimmy Stewart’s character

UM, HOLD IT. That scene was recut by studio bigwigs because they didn't feel the original ending was upbeat enough. Capra himself, according to his son, felt that this interference ruined the film's appeal, and the director fell into a serious depression afterwards.

It is NOT really indicative of the Capra touch. Capra had more restraint than Wonderful Life would have you believe.

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Posted in: Nozomi Sasaki voted 33rd most beautiful face in the world See in context

80 Melissa Theuriau should move up to the Top 5, at least. 71 Ditto Katherine McPhee. 69 Ditto Andrea Corr. 59 Ditto Ashley Greene. 57 Ditto Kiira Korpi.

I don't think about how "hot" they are in the fame game; beauty is above the hype.


Lady Gaga Emma Roberts Giovanna Mezzogiorno

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Posted in: Norika Fujiwara, Masaaki Sakai to host Japan Record Awards See in context

Lovely as always.

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri in lingerie most watched YouTube video in Japan this year See in context

I still prefer the Takano Yuri commercial, or as I call it, Erika Sawajiri coated in chocolate syrup.

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Posted in: Run for Water See in context

Helllllllooo, Miss Mori! :D

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Posted in: Kylie Minogue to tour Japan in April See in context

Minogue, 42, is remembered in Japan for an all-star performance she gave here in March, 1991, using her sex appeal to beat out Japanese “idol” singers.

I doubt very much whether she's remembered in Australia, let alone Japan. That was nineteen years ago.

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Posted in: Jessica Michibata publishes memoir See in context

She's a gorgeous young woman, but if she thinks I'm going to buy a book based on her life before she's actually done something, she's fooling herself.

Also, she needs to start saying sexier things in interviews:

Q: How will you be spending Christmas?

A: Oh, I'll be at home alone, writhing nude on a bearskin rug by the fire...

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Posted in: Japan hit by 6.9-magnitude earthquake See in context

I was in Meguro near Jiyugaoka when it hit, and it was one of the few times I considered getting up and leaving the apartment for safety. It just didn't want to stop.

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Posted in: Anna Tsuchiya: 'No one could kill someone who looked like me' See in context

If Battle Royale is such a bad film, why is Hollywood trying to do an American remake? They will fail at it just like they did with "Ringu" (and a 1/2 dozen other J-horror films) and "Shall We Dance" ...but the point is, Hollywood copies good ideas, even if they don't get the right.

Hollywood does not copy stories based on the excellence of their narrative!

They copy stories based on the marketability of the subject matter and the value of the title, which can become a world-famous brand if it is backed up by a touring musical (Chicago) or a series of books (James Bond, Harry Potter).

This is why we will never become H'wood executives. Because we keep saying, "don't they have any original ideas?", which means we are thinking of the films in terms of narrative excellence and originality. They just sit through previews of films thinking, what are we going to put into the TV ads?...Is this movie conducive to Happy Meals?...What's the potential for toy-related merchandise?...Is there a cool new watch that kids will buy?... They are thinking about HOW TO SELL IT TO US, not whether it's any good...

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Posted in: Ken Matsudaira's wife found dead in apparent suicide See in context

What a sad-looking beauty. It's too bad she couldn't find a solution to her woes. RIP.

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Posted in: Hiroshi Tachi, Kimiko Yo win 'anti-aging awards' See in context

It's a pretty small photo, but that woman doesn't look anywhere NEAR fifty-four.

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Posted in: Actress Sayuri Kokusho celebrates Y1 mil lottery win See in context

“You’ve never going to believe this but I actually won the lottery!” she exclaimed in the entry.

If you buy me dinner I might believe you. :D

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Posted in: Platinum lady See in context

Her thin lips are fine. Nothing ruins a woman's face more than a poor lip implant. Just ask Meg Ryan. She ruined her lips and now the biggest female star of the 1990s is struggling to find work.

As for the tiara, it seems like a pointless exercise at first, but I believe those people on the upper tiers of the economic pyramid have been completely unaffected by this downtown -- having caused it -- and still continue to shop for things like this.

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Posted in: Olivia Newton-John takes stage with daughter See in context

The young lady in question made the main page of "awfulplasticsurgery-dot-com". Do a GIS for Chloe Lattanzi plastic surgery and you'll see.

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Posted in: Buttoned up See in context

Junnama at 03:56 PM JST - 7th October

I'm always wondering why I have to be subjected to so much coverage of this one WAG.... You'd think she's a national hero or something?!?

She's MY hero, okay? Just look at those heavenly THIGHS fer gosh sakes...

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