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blunderbuss comments

Posted in: Hamasaki achieves dream of appearing alongside canine father in Softbank ads See in context

Hamasaki achieves dream of appearing alongside canine father in Softbank ads

Um, is that really your dream? I hope that's just some nonsense dreamed up by her agent or something. "My dream is to play second fiddle in a commercial with an Akita..."

OTOH, when she appears in the commercial, it's a breath of fresh air. She's lovely.

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Posted in: Legs, legs, legs See in context

It's kind of unfair to put those other two women in competition with Meisa Kuroki and her fantastic legs.

That said, I would've picked Izumi Mori. That girl has legs for MILES...:D

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Posted in: Orlando Bloom to appear in new Uniqlo ads See in context

Orlando Bloom to appear in new Uniqlo ads

Another reason to go on living.

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Posted in: Actor Tony Curtis dead at 85 See in context

He first attracted critical notice as Sidney Falco, the press agent seeking favor with a sadistic columnist, played by Burt Lancaster, in the 1957 classic “Sweet Smell of Success.”

A thoroughly awesome movie. It makes one yearn for the New York of 1957, even with J. J. Hunsecker's self-consciously poetic dialogue: My left hand hasn't seen my right hand in over 30 years. Fantastic, acidic wit.

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Posted in: What books or movies would you recommend to anyone wanting to gain an understanding of Japanese people's way of thinking and culture? See in context

Tokyo Underground by Robert Whiting (no, NOT the guy who played Romeo in that 1968 Zeffirelli movie)

The Woman in the Dunes by Kobo Abe

Diary of a Mad Old Man by Tanizaki

The Pearl by Yukio Mishima

Tampopo directed by Juuzo Itami

...I could go on...

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Posted in: Arthur Penn, director of 'Bonnie and Clyde' dies See in context

Bonnie and Clyde was a milestone when it first came out. It was reviled by critics in the summer, but by November, many of them suddenly "got it" and changed their minds. It created a sensation and there were countless imitators in its wake, making "good-ol'-boys-in-trouble-with-the-law" movies left right and center.

Missouri Breaks is also a cliche-shattering Western that is by turns horrifying and hilarious.


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Posted in: 'Titanic' co-star Gloria Stuart dies at 100 See in context

RIP, grandma. You deserved a little attention after all those years in the movies...

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Posted in: Let's stick together See in context

Thanks to the 3 out of 18 people who made positive and/or constructive comments. If you cannot be positive or at least constructive why say anything?

Because these people expect to be worshiped at the cinemas for 2000 yen a pop, and most of us came to Japan to escape their damned movies in the first place.

I don't want any more H'wood no-talent modeling school dropouts washing up on Japan's shores to prolong their careers.

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Posted in: Michiko Kichise requests Twitter, 2 Channel reviews of her movie See in context

The original soundtrack was by Miles Davis; I have to wonder who's going to defile the soundtrack of this film.

Kichise-chan is charming, though.

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri cancels product launch appearance at last minute See in context

Darling Erika, please don't get yourself exiled from the Japanese media, because let's face it, you don't have a lot of other places to go.

It's true you're a supple young sex goddess, but so are a lot of other Japanese beauties, and they're stranded here because their English isn't as good as Penelope Cruz's. Capiche?

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Posted in: Check-out time See in context

Hilton was denied entry into Japan due to her conviction for possessing cocaine

This is the first time the phrase denied entry has appeared in the same sentence as her name.

And I say great. I'm getting sick of this smug little whore's face grinning at me through this Depression.

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Posted in: What date spots do you really hate? See in context

MEN (in no particular order)

The back of a yellow cab Between the stacks in the library Supply room closet The parking lot at a strip joint in Lock-up


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Posted in: Big night for tea party: O'Donnell wins Delaware See in context

So this Tea Party thing is for real? I thought it was a joke.

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Posted in: Kano sisters keep it behind closed doors See in context

“There are no taboos or limits when it comes to what we are prepared to do in the name of love,” explained Kyoko.

Let me just set up this tripod...

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Posted in: Harajuku style See in context

The ones on the ends are obviously hot....the others we won't know about until they can dress themselves.

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Posted in: Emotional Kanye West closes VMAs; meat-clad Gaga wins 8 See in context

"How could a figure so calculated and artificial, so clinical and strangely antiseptic, so stripped of genuine eroticism have become the icon of her generation? Can it be that Gaga represents the exhausted end of the sexual revolution?"

I agree. I look at this homely chick in her stupid outfits and think, I can't fap to this!

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Posted in: 'Confessions' to be Japan's candidate for foreign-language film Oscar See in context

I'm sure it's an intriguing film though.

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Posted in: 'Confessions' to be Japan's candidate for foreign-language film Oscar See in context

It was released in Japan before the summer blockbusters and is still playing on 35 screens around the world.

It sounds better if you leave that out. "35 screens" is nothing.

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri takes top spot for most TV air time See in context

With a recent divorce announcement adding to her play time, the actress came in with over 10 hours of footage.

That's not nearly enough for our supple young sex goddess, IMO.

congrats japan you have your own version of Paris Hilton

Not really. Sawajiri-chan apologized for her bad behavior. Paris Hilton is still a waste of space -- with HERPES.

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Posted in: Just right for a headache See in context

She has the figure of a college lifeguard, and even though she isn't a head-turning beauty, I'll bet she's very adventurous in private. ;)

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Posted in: Artistry on Ice See in context

Little Mao-chan looks very sexy in that outfit! Some of the pundits on this board would be lucky to get her phone number...

Junnama at 11:48 AM JST - 6th September Really, I think the dress is an effort to project sex appeal. Hmmm... She still seems virginal though..,

Great! "Sauce for the goose," I say!

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Posted in: What are some of your candidates for the worst movie of all time? See in context

Quoting Roger Ebert's praise for Pulp Fiction -- he takes a nice swipe in passing at Pearl Harbor(2001):

Watching many movies, I realize that all of the dialogue is entirely devoted to explaining or furthering the plot, and no joy is taken in the style of language and idiom for its own sake. There is not a single line in ``Pearl Harbor'' you would want to quote with anything but derision.

And I would like to dump the third Bourne movie on this list. It was bereft of characterization and blissfully ignorant of the extent of CIA influence in the atrocities around the world. The characters repeat the name "Bourne" every thirty seconds as if they're trying to program us to buy it on Netflix instead of telling a story.

They spent millions of dollars on the film and it amounts to nothing but noise, scenes that erupt into kung-fu for no reason and Bourne penetrating his old headquarters like a ghost. It is insulting, and I haven't paid for a movie ticket since.

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Posted in: Victory See in context

KaptainKichigai at 09:26 AM JST - 9th September

Hitomi s got a nice athletic body.

...if you're a yeti.

Give me Erika Sawajiri anytime!

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Posted in: Tough day See in context

susano at 08:44 AM JST - 8th September

greedy people gambling with others' money rather than doing something useful


Speaking as an amateur FX trader, I think that this would be an ideal way to fill your pensions while you're out here teaching at a job with dubious pension benefits. It is by no means a sure thing, but then, neither was the housing market in 2008.

You can trade anywhere there's a relatively fast connection and the market runs for 24 hours a day, from Monday morning in Japan to Friday afternoon in New York.

And a lot of us are gambling with our OWN money, thank you.

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Posted in: Rinko Kikuchi dating director Spike Jonze See in context

So we have Kikuchi's age (29), Coppola's age (39) and, er, Jonze is...?

According to the imdb, Jonze was born in October of 1969, so that makes him almost 41.


Not that I care.

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Posted in: Tokyo Girls Collection See in context

My two favorite supple young sex goddesses are gracing the pages of JT in the same day -- Meisa and Erika here. Keep it up, JT!

And since I was young in the eighties, a beautiful young thing like Erika wearing an 80s hairstyle is fine by me.

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe to appear in Docomo ad with Darth Vader See in context

“It should be encouraging to women all over the world that one can wear a wedding dress at 46,” My respect for one of Japan's great actors of today has diminished a bit - what a ridiculous and sexist thing to say!

And yet, it is true.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite examples of the way English is misused in products, advertising and pop culture in Japan? See in context

My Japanese is poor and we foreigners get a lot of dumbass Chinese tattoos in order to look mystical and such, but if I hear any of these one more time...

safety driver... Can you price down?... Almost of people...Get!

...there's going to be trouble.

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Posted in: Lots of legs See in context

Now that's hot! And it's a good-sized picture too. Woo-hoo!

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Posted in: Jessica Michibata shows her form at Levi's promotion See in context

The more she shows off her form, the better I will like it.

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