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Posted in: Pelé, Brazil’s mighty king of ‘beautiful game,’ dies at 82 See in context

RIP Pelé.

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Posted in: Public faces ¥1 bil annual maintenance bill for privatized National Stadium See in context

You can be sure that Mr Bach is double plus furious how this has all unfolded. 

I’m sure he’s enduring many, many sleepless nights, tossing and turning with unfettered outrage.


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Posted in: Japan reports 177,622 new coronavirus cases See in context

Calling COVID a ‘lark’ is far, far from being ‘positive minded.’ It’s dismissing a disease that had untold effect on the world and its people for the past two years. I’d like you to step up, in person, to my colleague who lost his mother to COVID and, to his face, call it a ‘lark’ and tell him to be more ‘positive minded.’

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Posted in: Japan reports 177,622 new coronavirus cases See in context

Time to get over the Covid lark now…

I’ve been asking the staff at Japan Today to remove posts that refer to this disease, a disease that taken the lives of loved ones, as a ‘lark.’ It’s offensive and insensitive, not to mention immature and regressive.

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Posted in: House passes $1.7 trillion spending bill with Ukraine aid See in context

No, you just want to hear one-sided liberal talking points and nod and agree with the socialist masses, sorry to disappoint.

“Unless I’m one of those guys with saliva dribbling out of his mouth who wanders into a cafeteria with a shopping bag screaming about socialism.”

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Posted in: The Christmas tree is a tradition older than Christmas See in context

Christmas trees do have a global message. 

What, in all you have written after this sentence, illustrates that “Christmas trees do have a global message”?

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Posted in: Thousands of UK ambulance staff strike as public urged to avoid risks See in context

This is a ghastly time of year for this to happen, Christmas period is always terribly busy and this strike makes me concerned for the vulnerable, especially the elderly and the children.

Would a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) help?

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Posted in: Return to maskless world still only in realm of fantasy in Japan See in context

Interesting article.

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Posted in: About one-third of the food Americans buy is wasted, hurting the climate and their wallets See in context

Q. What do Americans who use two shopping carts at CostCo wear?

A. Depends.

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Posted in: A decade after Sandy Hook, grief remains but hope grows See in context

What do incontinent gun rights wear?


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Posted in: IOC postpones 2030 Winter Games host selection See in context

“Will no one think of the kiddies, their hopes, their dreams???” /s

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Posted in: Musk's free speech absolutism 'a fantasy' See in context

We shall see. Will he be successful, no one knows, but I think this is definitely a good start, let’s see how it unfolds.

What’s the point in citing a satirical website?

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Posted in: Mother of late 'Terrace House' star sues TV broadcaster See in context

Leo Today  01:58 am JST

I never watch reality shows. Cant stand them. I have a real life to live.

I have to agree. My life is dramatic enough.

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Posted in: What do you think of bicycling etiquette in Japan? See in context

Is there any?

Good point. What is ‘bicycling etiquette?’ Does that mean following traffic laws and rules of the road, and the more stringent bicycle regulations that were introduced a few years ago?

I like the fact that so many people cycle here. However, how they cycle is another matter completely - on narrow sidewalks, on roads riding against traffic, ignoring traffic signals, without headgear, lights, or high-visibility clothing. No, those things I don’t like.

And like issues with cycling in Japan, another major issue with country’s aging population is ‘motorized mobility scooter’ etiquette.

In my neck of the woods, more and more seniors are using which is great for their lives. However, they are ridden/driven like bicycles are here, with those riding/driving going against traffic, ignoring signals, and - worst of all - having no extra high-visibility equipment. In many countries where people use such scooters, they have tall flags alerting others - especially drivers - to their presence on or around road traffic. I’ve never seen a flag once on these devices in Japan. I have, however seen them coasting on country roads, much to my surprise, especially as they simply can’t be seen well until you draw close to them.

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Posted in: Japanese folk dances approved as UNESCO intangible heritage See in context

Back patted!

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Posted in: Australian parliament censures former PM Morrison See in context

You know what would work in the comments section? Honesty. Apologies.

*”Sorry. I didn’t know what ‘censure’ meant when I first posted.”*

That’d be a lot better and engender more respect for posters if we read statements like that more often, rather than people desperately trying to prove they are right even when they’re wrong.

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Posted in: Crown prince says there is a need for accurate updates on imperial family See in context

Prince Hisahito is so handsome in his blue pants and blazer with gold buttons. His father Prince Akishino too in grey pants and navy blazer with a tiny moustash and Princess Kiko in her grey elegantly belted coat and navy skirt. And Princess Kako in her fine grey dress surely designed by a French fashion house.

And the point of this appearance and fashion review in relation to this article is…?

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Posted in: IOC apparently knew how to pick Tokyo Games operators before bidding began See in context

But…but…but…Mr. Bach is a kind, gentle, honorable man who would never have been involved in an organization that would stoop to such low behavior!!!

Think of the kiddies! Their hopes! Their dreams!


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Posted in: Maskless World Cup scenes spark anger in zero-Covid China See in context

I’ve just read that in China they’re going to digitally place masks over everyone’s faces for the broadcasts…spectators, players, coaches, commentators…everyone. They can do that, don’t you know?


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Posted in: 'My Favorite Year,' comic salute to TV's golden age, hits 40 See in context

Wonderful film. So good, I have it on DVD.

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Posted in: What is the Unification Church, and how will Japan's probe affect it? See in context

South Koreans back home are waiting for their 4th payment installment to begin, and their 58th apology given, While Korean hands are all over the Unification Church Disaster! And Assassination!

Interesting ‘logic’ that you use here to fuel your anti-Korean sentiment, i.e. “Koreans assassinated Abe!”

You neglect to see how long politicians from the mainstay ruling political party of Japan have been heavily invested in and profiting from such a dubious pseudo-religious organization.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for taking online job recruitment test for money See in context

What is the actual charge the police have made? We can see the guy “has been arrested on suspicion of taking an online job recruitment test for another person in exchange for payment” but as some have mentioned in other comments, what’s the crime itself?

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Posted in: Kishida picks former Foreign Minister Matsumoto as new internal affairs head See in context

Closer…closer…closer…almost there…closer…

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Posted in: G20 declaration deplores Russian aggression against Ukraine See in context

That's a big bunch of hoes.

hoe: a long-handled gardening tool with a thin metal blade, used mainly for weeding.

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Posted in: Gov't seeks power to turn down private home air conditioners remotely, report says See in context

They’ll have to pry my a/c remote 'From my cold, dead, sweaty hands!'

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Posted in: N Korea fires more missiles as U.S. flies bombers over South See in context

“I woke up this morning asleep on the seed bed, just like this. Been asleep for eight hours, like that. Got up, went back the palace, straight to the palace, had breakfast, didn’t even wash my hands, because I’m a bloody bloke!”

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Posted in: Japan reports 74,170 new coronavirus cases See in context

Good low numbers

According to what you’ve written before, this is double plus wrong! All the numbers are up from yesterday, Dobby.

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Posted in: Tokyo police create public service warning about kids obsessing over their favorite male idols See in context

Yes. This is dangerous. Happen to me. I was in love with Marsha of the Brady Bunch. I travelled all over America and Canada to see her. Took many pictures with her. Neglected my school work, dropped out of university, homeless. No money. A common story worldwide.

No love for Jan?

”Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!! I’m tired of being in Marsha’s shadow all the time!”

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic graft case reveals how Dentsu controls Japan ad industry See in context


“Mr Bach will be so upset because he is such a kind man who only thinks of others.”


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