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Posted in: Should saying thanks at a Japanese convenience store go without saying? See in context

I always say thank you, without fail. And as I frequent the same stores so regularly and encounter the same staff, it’s even more important. These people are part of my community.

Honor the dignity of labor.

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Posted in: 86% of go-kart accidents in Tokyo involve foreigners: NPA See in context

Foreign drivers were involved in 86 percent of go-kart accidents on public roads in Tokyo over an 11-month period...

i would like to know the percentage of foreigners vs ‘not-foreingers’ who are actually driving the go-karts. The headline by itself is quite incendiary.

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Posted in: Parents attend matchmaking parties to find partners for their children See in context

And then there’s Google Translate...

Don't recomend African culture. They don't know the corporation representative is female. One of lady said confusions. The country was presenting a wife. Stick to your culture.


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Posted in: Line to launch cryptocurrency exchange See in context

“Line to launch cryptocurrency exchange”

...with accompanying cute stickers!!!


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Posted in: Japan to greet New Year with prayers, shopping and 'Kohaku' See in context

It's trying to be it's not be what it's been in the past. .. and it's still stunningly dull.

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Posted in: Top carbon-fiber maker Toray says tire parts unit falsified inspection data See in context

Another official shoe inspection!!!

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Posted in: Wedding ceremony of Princess Mako to be held on Nov 4 next year See in context

A genuinely sweet picture.

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Posted in: Why is politics, which should be a profession conducted in service of the people, carried out so badly? See in context

which should be a profession conducted in service of the people

The problem is that assumption.

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Posted in: Abe, Trump, Turnbull affirm unity on N Korea on ASEAN sidelines See in context

The look that Turnbull is receiving - classic!

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Posted in: Subaru admits uncertified staff checked vehicles for more than 30 years See in context

More dirty shoes being inspected.

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Posted in: 83-year-old man drives 1.2 kms along railway tracks in Hokkaido See in context

“Gosh, this road is so bumpy!”

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Posted in: Poodle runs loose at Haneda airport, disrupting 14 flights See in context

Cue "Yakkety Sax" ("Benny Hill Show" chase music).

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Posted in: Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner dies at 91 See in context

Apparently he had large shares in Kleenex as well.

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Posted in: Identity checks are not tight at some overseas virtual currency exchanges and virtual currencies are targeted because their transfers are easy but are difficult to track. See in context

I think it's 'Police' not 'Policer'.

Moderator: That has been corrected, thank you.

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Posted in: Why a few drops of water make whisky taste better See in context

This is research I can get into!

And it's a pressing concern...further experiments will be conducted tonight in my lab.

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Posted in: Trump insists both sides to blame for Virginia violence See in context

50 years ago, the same arguments about counter protesters were being made in the US about Martin Luther King and his followers, the Freedom Riders, and those protesting school integration.

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Posted in: Japan protests Chinese gas field activity in East China Sea See in context

Xi always looks like he cant be bothered to me.

I see that 'Why do I bother?' look on BOTH their faces!

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Posted in: Spate of violence targets people walking while looking at their phones in train stations See in context

After exiting the shinkansen bullet train ticket gate, she stopped to check the map on her phone when a man came directly at her and knocked her off her feet.

Not excusing the behavior the man who bowled her over, but I would be curious as to how far this victim was beyond the gate before stopping to check her. As noted by a poster above, the tendency for some to stop in high traffic places (just exiting ticket gates, reaching the top of an escalator or flight of stairs) without taking into consideration anyone around them (behind them being more of an issue) beggars belief. I intentionally move as far away from traffic as possible before stopping (not always easy, I know). I even look over the my shoulder when walking along busy thoroughfares. A higher awareness of one's surroundings and those around you is always in order.

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Posted in: 3 former high school baseball team members arrested for forcing girl into prostitution See in context

boys will be boys

'boys will be pimps' is more like it

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Posted in: According to a survey of 1,882 workers by the Japan Productivity Center this year, when asked if overtime takes priority over a date, 71% said yes. What do you think of that result? See in context

Unsurprising, really.

And 'overtime' in Japan usually just means working longer WITHOUT extra pay.

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Posted in: Embroiled in controversies, Trump seeks boost on foreign trip See in context

National Security Council officials have strategically included Trump's name in "as many paragraphs as we can because he keeps reading if he's mentioned," according to one source, who relayed conversations he had with NSC officials.

Reminds me of those customizable books for children where a child's name could be inserted into the text to make him/her a protagonist.

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Posted in: Bathhouse reformed as library showcasing 20,000 used comic books See in context

Why not 'renovated' rather than 'reformed'?

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Posted in: G7 finance chiefs warn U.S. not to upset global growth See in context

No, with that hat Aso has really turned into Rocky from old Warner Brothers cartoons

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Posted in: Rare whale meat barbecue restaurant in Osaka spreads food culture See in context

@ OssanAmericaAPR. 17, 2017 - 09:04AM JST

notagainApr. 17, 2017 - 07:46AM JST My husband was given whale meat for his school dinners and he says it was disgusting, in fact no one liked it.

They don't serve school dinners. Never have.

British English. 'School dinner' is what is often eaten at lunchtime.

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Posted in: Japanese high school students fail to meet English proficiency target See in context

@ CH3CHO (Apr. 06, 2017 - 12:12PM JST)

I do not like how Australians pronounce "Cairns". It is so confusing.

You don't like how the people of a country pronounce the name of a city in their own country???

Aren't you one of those folk who keeps complaining about non-Japanese telling Japanese what they should do?

Oh, the irony!!!

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Posted in: Plug and drive See in context

Which one requires the higher maintenance?

Also, do you take trade-ins? ;)

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Posted in: Alanis Morissette loses $2 million in jewelry in burglary See in context


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Posted in: Which jobs will be made obsolete by driverless cars? See in context

Some husbands and boyfriends... ;)

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Posted in: Muslims, Latinos unify over Trump's immigration, border plan See in context

@Mr. Noidall (!!!)

the fact that the USA is the only country that guarantees you citizenship simply by virtue of being born on US dirt

Um, not a 'fact' - Wikipedia lists 30 countries (a figure which includes the USA) as having 'Unrestricted jus soli'

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