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That dog makes me smile.

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Their service used to be the best but they now only care about money. I threw my platinum card in the trash bin this year and will never fly them again.

From what others have said (and recent reviews) their service has not become lower in recent years, and the fact a business is caring about making money and protecting its share holders is a good thing. I think they set a great example for airlines, an industry where a 2% profit margin is considered fantastic.

I think it is going to be interesting to see how these new LCC's effect profits for the big 2. Once the LCC revolution begins is rarely goes away, look at (almost) every other aviation market in the world.

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It's amazing how some people on here live their lives in such negativity. This is a positive article, about citizens doing something nice to help out those effected by disaster. I think this is great that a community banded together to help out children. Wonderful job!

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It seems the Japanese Gov't needs to be working around the clock to tackle the recent Yen issues, or face more export of jobs and technology.

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While you may not think the taunting is harmful, what about the 20,000+ deceased or missing Japanese? Talk to their families and see what they have to say about their loved ones loss being used as a taunt in a soccer.... o wait "football" match. These fans taunts were done in very bad taste.

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This is for anyone that thinks this woman "deserves" it.

Yes she may have not used the best judgement in this case, but I do not think under any circumstances did she DESERVE to get robbed. Think about what you are saying before you say it.

People really can be mean spirited sometimes, and that is what is sad. Wishing, or thinking someone "deserved" harm because they might have been a little too trusting, makes you just as pitiful as the man who committed this crime in my book. Grow a heart people.

I hope this woman can get her money back.

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It would be wonderful if some kind of Toy Drive was held at other Toys R Us stores nationwide as donations for Toys R Us to give out for free at this upcoming festival. I think it would be a nice gesture and build positive brand image in Sendai.

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