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Posted in: Trump's budget calls for border wall, border prosecutions See in context

"...where are all the Trumpe-lovers..." (sic)

I'd say that most of Trump's supporters see this website has become a bottomless pit of hate against their President, and rightly choose not to provide profit to so biased an "aggregate news" site like the one Japan Today has become.

Besides, while you're busy agreeing with yourselves (and being hopelessly far from the reins of real power politically), most Trump supporters have better things to do (and that certainly does NOT include subsidizing left-leaning artists, programs or policies with their tax dollars.) I'm sure you've all already sent your checks to keep these "precious" programs going, right? Well guess what? They want MORE.

Haters gonna hate, but that doesn't mean Trump's supporters have to wade though these tripe comments (or help financially support the providers of said hatred here at Japan Today.)

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Posted in: After Dutch reject populism, will other Europeans follow? See in context

Yet again, the left-leaning Associated Press and the left-leaning press in general prove why they can't relied upon to provide facts absent of "spin."

The Right is "smashed" in Holland because...Geert's PVV won 5 new seats to become the 2nd largest party by representation?? Voters "reject" populism...when the Prime-Minister's party LOSES 8 seats (PM's VVD) and the center-Left Labor Party (PvdA) lost 29 SEATS and failied to win even a SINGLE municipality for the first time in its history?? The Prime Minister's ruling coalition now doesn't have enough seats to govern, forcing him to expand (and weaken) into a new coalition of even more competing parties? THIS is the victory about which they seek to crow?

Perhaps the media should learn what a "Phyrric Victory" means...cause this election hurt their buddies on the Left WAY more than it helped them. Watch and enjoy the general, broad-based move to the Right all across Europe...

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Posted in: What happened? Oscar host Kimmel was unflappable See in context

"Unflappable?" Try wholly "forgettable."

We "lost our right?" Uh-huh...that's going to work. Good luck with your Safe Space for the next few years, cupcake.

Kimmel was about as crucial to the Final Fiasco or the show in general as the glass of water stashed forgotten under the Awards podium. In other words, not at all. Sad comedy, and even worse production value. Here's a hint: when the most memorable moment of your team's game is the major error you committed in play, you're NOT very good to begin with...

But hey! Viewership dropped by more than 10% compared with just last year...which in La-la-land is termed a "smashing success." Now stand back and watch Donald Trump show the tools in Hollywood how to get proper viewership during his upcoming speech to Congress! LOL

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Posted in: Asia trade talks resume after U.S. exit dashes hopes for TPP deal See in context

"Safer in China's sphere...?" Someone sure hasn't been paying attention the past few years, obviously...

Meanwhile, Reality advances past your dreaming head. Don't look now, or you might spot Japanese and American forces practicing live-fire drills this very week together, practices tasked with removing invaders from far-flung Pacific islands. Hmm...wonder who they're thinking of when they do this? It wouldn't be the Chinese, who promised and promised and then promised again never to weaponize their little artificial islands (now weaponized), would it?

Oh, and don't look over there: that's an America nuclear-powered aircraft carrier force sailing right through the South China Sea, right now.

Yep...America's "stepping out of the world" all right....smh!

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Posted in: 'Moonlight' wins best picture at Academy Awards after 'La La Land' erroneously announced See in context

Look on the bright side...there were fewer people watching this years' over-politicized and gaffe-filled "award show" than there've been in decades!

Falling props, singers getting hit on the head with flags...and a pair or geriatric "actors" awarding Best Picture...to the wrong picture! Yikes.

Can't wait to hear how Meryl Streep spins this hot Hollywood mess. I wonder who she'll blame it on this time: perinnial favorite Trump, newcomer Karl Lagerfeld or Blast-From-The-Past Walt Disney? Oh, the suspense!

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Posted in: Trump's busy Day 1: Scrap Obama orders, deport illegals See in context

Someone here writes "Good luck" to Mr. Trump and the liberals here....vote them down six times. Classy!

Leftists are left with little more to do than speculate on whether or not Trump will "follow through on his promises." Now THAT'S what I call political powerlessness!

Of course, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Liberals have predicted thus far has come true. No convention nomination fight, no trouble with Trump getting the GOP to stay with him, no break from his promises to appoint outsiders to his cabinet, and no Hillary Clinton win. If you really want to have a laugh, try finding one of these liberal posters who keep failing at their prognostications...and read what they wrote during the summer and before the election! It's HILARIOUS! So totally CERTAIN about what turned out to be completely backwards from what actually happened. But hey, Liberals deal with dreams and "hopes," not reality, most of the time. Welp, reality is going to bite you in your whining backsides, so get ready!

Trump is WINNING, and all liberals can do is pout (and riot.) Ever feel like you're irrelevant? Perhaps because you are!

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Posted in: China's exports fall for second year as U.S. trade war fears mount See in context

Maglev 101: "I guess lifting the most amount of people out of poverty in the history of humankind..."

Oh, jeez. The Communist Party did that, huh? Really?

Well, they took over 68 years ago...10 years later they starved 30 million plus of their own people to death while ordering the rest to build useless "steel" in backyard furnaces. So there's another record for you: the Communsts in China killed more of their citizens than any other country in the history of humankind...and in just 3 years! Feat after feat!

But there's more. For 10 further years the "Maoists" concerned themselves more with smashing up anything old, reading some stupid Dear Leader's Little Red Book of Nonsense and torturing/murdering anyone who "took the capitalist road"...including their Head of State, Liu Shaoqi, than with "lifting people out of poverty." 'Cause what's the rush? Right? They're just "masses" to the unelected elite of the Uniparty that was and still is the Kleptocratic CCP.

Let's get this straight, shall we?? The Chinese PEOPLE lifted themselves out of poverty, IN SPITE OF, not because of, their idiot Communist masters who spent more than a quarter of a century destroying their country before they finally let their people loose to finally act...well...like people!

(By the way, your last sentence is pretty offensive in what it alludes to...)

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Posted in: Obama says goodbye in emotional speech See in context

Ever heard of a country called "Libya," lostrune2? The UN now officially calls it a "failed state." It certainly wasn't that when Obama took office, quite the opposite.

Any of your facts and figues for the number of Islamists swimming around Libya and northern Africa??

(And by the way, if you think that "ISIS power" = "foreign fighters," then I can't help you with that one...)

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Posted in: Climate change film 'An Inconvenient Truth' gets a sequel See in context

WolfpackDec. 11, 2016 - 09:42AM JST

I wonder if Al still thinks the ice on the north pole will disappear by 2012?

And just like that, Wolfpack wins the Comment Game! Congratulations, and well played, sir!

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Posted in: Europe's refugee crisis simmers despite efforts to solve it See in context

Saudi Arabia has so far refused to take even a single Muslim "refugee." But it's long been on record as having offered Europe funds to build the new Muslim immigrants 20 brand new mosques inside western Europe in which to worship!

Gee...I wonder what Saudi Arabia really wants? To help people in need, or to encourage the spread of its own home-brew of extreme Islam (Salafism) into and across Europe?

This problem has only just begun, made worse by apologists alleging that any hint of resistance to an unending flow of Muslim migrants into western countries smacks of "racism." They're wrong, and it's only right for each nation-state, not immigrant, to decide for itself whether, and if so how many, and under what conditions migrants should be allowed.

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Posted in: Hillary Clinton wins historic nomination See in context

Democrats are in total denial, right now. Just take a look at their petulant down votes on really prescient comments here. It's like they collectively put their fingers in their ears (when they're not talking down to their "inferiors") and scream "Nah-nah-can't-hear-you!" whenever they're threatened by, you know...facts? Run for the Safe Spaces, Triggered-people!

Fact: Liberal CNN's latest poll: Trump is WINNING, while 68% of Americans (before DNC Leaks) decided Clinton was "untrustworthy." 68%!

Fact: Liberal pollster Nate Silver has flipped his predictions on Hillary winning the Presidency from 80% three months ago...to 57% TRUMP!

Fact: Hillary immediately hired humiliated Wasserman to be a part of her own campaign, which proves that Clintons ALWAYS overlook malfeasance...as long as a Clinton is supposed to benefit from the deed! Hello, Hillary Nixon!

Fact: DNC leaks PROVE that it's the Democrats who are really bigots ("I love you...no homo."), racists (referring to Mexican strategy as "Taco Bowl Outreach," anyone??) and much, much more. Hypocrites! (Notice how Liberals never actually refer to any of the leaks or their actual content?? Wonder why? LOL!)

Get your safe spaces ready, Democrats!

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Posted in: Attacking Trump, Democrat VP candidate Kaine makes campaign-trail debut See in context

Meanwhile....the Chairperson of the Democratic Party....is BANNED from speaking...at her own party's convention??

Uh-huh. Everything's going smoothly! Sure, sure, thousands of Bernie's supporters warned Hillary NOT to pick this very person as her running mate, and sure, 1,890 of them will be delegates ON the convention floor...but hey, Happy Days Are Here Again? Right? LOL!

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Posted in: Amazon's Jeff Bezos gets cameo in new 'Star Trek' film See in context

Sounds like a commercial for the new movie, or Amazon, or both!

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Posted in: Emperor has expressed desire to abdicate in a few years, NHK reports See in context

If I remember correctly, more than half of the 120 plus Emperors of Japan have abdicated, for one reason or another.

It's Tenno Heika's life, let him do what he wants. It would be interesting to shake things up a bit. If the Crown Prince were to then become Emperor, then his brother would become next in line, but he wouldn't be "the" Crown Prince in the traditional sense.

While we're at it, I'd heartily support a farewell message from Akihito stating, "let women reign again!" (aka Aiko-sama, the rightful heredity heir, regardless what the anachronistically misogynistic Meiji-era interpretations say!)

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Posted in: Japan's ruling bloc wins landslide in upper house: exit polls See in context

I'd like to take this moment to reflect on the "coverage" provided here by the "aggregate" news site, Japan Today.

Every single one of their reports was from Abe or his party's perspective. Every single one.

I never heard a peep from the opposition here-if that's going on nationwide, they why expect anyone but Abe to win?! It's not like there's another perspective to be had out there, now, is there?

It's a shame...right now on TV they feel the need to have voice character "artists" read the canned "news reports" about Koizumi's son, Koizumi Jr. What a hero! What a charisma guy! Throw some background music on his reports, guys, the youth vote put this thing over the top! Sure, only 1 in 3 people actually voted, but that pathetically small voting bloc gave Abe-san his 2/3 support for erasing "peace" from the Peace Constitution! Yeah?

Enjoy the military, young'uns! I'm sure they'll have plenty of hair wax and eyebrow-shaving facilities for you "men" in your next forward post! Smh!

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Posted in: Destination Jupiter: What to expect during the Juno mission See in context

lostrune2: Thank goodness some people still going where no man has gone before, figuratively.

I do think you mean, "literally." As in man has literally NEVER gone to Jupiter before! Because it's true, mankind has never been anywhere close to such a distance. (Unless you're counting the fictional Captain Kirk, that is!)

My "mind blowing" topic I've seen recently about the solar system is: "If the Sun-Neptune distance were scaled down to the length of an (American) football field (100 yards from goal line to goal line, or about 94.5 meters), then the sun would be two-thirds the diameter of a GOLF BALL, and the gas giants would ALL be smaller than a BB-gun PELLET, with the terrestrial planets each smaller than the ball contained at the tip of a ball-point pen. The planets (with the Sun located at the goal line of one end) would be at the 1, 2, 3, 5, 17, 32, 64 and 100 yard lines!"

How about them apples! Think about how tiny we and insignificant we all are, and how much space there is out there! And still, NASA finds a way of getting to that BB Pellet out there on the 32 yard line! WOW!

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Posted in: Britain's ruling party defends linking Muslim London mayor to extremism See in context

It's amazing that PC articles such as this one make sure to mention Goldsmith's sister's comments criticizing her brother's campaign...yet somehow fail to mention that she's a converted Muslim married to a Pakistani! Context, people.

It's amazing that nowhere in this article are the comments Khan made during the campaign (for which he had to apologize, by the way) using the race-loaded term "Uncle Toms" to describe moderate Muslims who might consider voting for the Torries. It's as if he's insinuating Muslims who don't automatically vote for a Muslim candidate are "not true Muslims!" Does anyone here know about these comments, and if not, why do you think this article fails to mention such facts? Certainly they would suggest the new mayor tends to have feelings for the more conservative Muslim community if he'd bash free-thinkers as not really being true Muslims by calling them, "Uncle Toms," no?

Such absence of crucial facts (clearly contrived and premeditated to provide a skewed reality at that) make it clear the public is regularly being misled into concluding what the journalists responsible for such unbalanced portrayals want you to conclude...not only through the sin of outright revision but also through the more insidious sin of willful omission.

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force plane intercepted by Russian jet in 'unsafe' manner See in context

Ah, that's just Putin's just throwing another tantrum. He's upset now that most of the "Former Soviet Satellites" (ie formerly un-free puppet states long-crushed under the USSR's thumb) are now free and under the NATO umbrella, while Ukrainians are bent on gaining EU membership-thus throwing off the yoke of Moscow Vlad's long list of diktats (remember when Putin's puppet Viktor Yanukovich refused to sign the EU agreement the Ukrainian people wanted? By the way, how's Moscow and Russian citizenship working out, Viktor?)

No more Russian domination for Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic/Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia.) Hey, even parts of former Yugoslavia are now in NATO, too (Croatia and Slovenia), while former communists Albania also made the cut in 2009.

That's a lot of free people in a lot of countries crying out in unison, "Never again, Russia!" Now, about the Ukraine....

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Posted in: China limits coverage of 'Panama Papers' tax haven revelations See in context

Relax, President Xi. Everyone already knows you and your unelected cronies are all corrupt anyway. What's that they say about "absolute power," again?

And besides, according to the democrat Putin, everyone involved in producing this story are "ex-CIA." So there.

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Posted in: Makers of frozen snack apologize for Y10 price increase See in context

Yuck. Nothing screams "phony" more than a Japanese corporate "apology." I'm sure it really comes from the heart...sorry, I meant to say, " za haato."

And why apologize when this is exactly what your Dear Leader demands?! We've got an inflation target to meet, you hard working Hundred Million! Higher prices and higher taxes are GOOD for the masses! Because? Er...Because! So do your duty to the "Kokutai," jack up prices on the yen-pinching citizenry and be done with it.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan unleashing Giga Big Mac, with 2.8 times the beef of a regular Big Mac See in context

"Isn't everyone tired of McD's?"

Well, they're opening up 1,500 new stores across Asia....so to answer your question: no, not really, just you, apparently.


The best Big Mac I ever saw was in Alaska, the "McKinley Mac," appropriately named for the tallest mountain in North America (and in Alaska). Instead of doubling up the regular (and rather dry) hamburger patties like the Mega, they used two juicy Quarter Pounder patties.

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Posted in: Japan's inflation unchanged at zero in February See in context

Gee, Dear Leader Abe! So, four years into your promise of 2% steady inflation rate, you're only....2% away from getting a 2% inflation rate!!

Keep up the good work! Signed: Nobody who has a brain!

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Posted in: Latest data show Japan's economy shrank 1.1% in Oct-Dec See in context

I wish it weren't so, but it is. Basically, Japan and the Japanese need to understand that, as has been happening for the past 25-plus years, slightly positive, near zero or negative growth rates are the New Normal. You can't negative-interest-rate or borrow and spend your country out of such systemically-caused stagnation without also doing some serious restructuring of the entire economic structure and government-business relationship. But what is clear is that this just isn't going to happen under Dear Leader Abe or the LDP's watch.

It's only going to get worse, since so many major Japanese firms and even average Japanese investors now rely on stock prices to determine if they're succeeding or failing: we'll see short-term thinking hasten the demise of Japan's long-term economic position as a lot more companies ship their manufacturing overseas to SE Asia or further afield, while those huge profits earned abroad in foreign markets won't be coming home to be taxed anytime soon. And if you think the Japanese people are serious penny-pinchers now, you ain't seen NOTHING yet!

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan miss out on Rio soccer as Australia, China go through See in context

It is too bad what happened to Nadeshiko and it can happen to any sports team, but:

". . . who cares its soccer, not NBA, MLB or NFL." So why did you get all patriotic about it? Bandwagon jumping?

I'm wondering why Jimizo would knee-jerkedly assume that someone who likes watching American league sports is..."getting all patriotic" about it? Because if I'm not the first to do it, I'm sorry to break it to you, but liking the NBA, MLB or NFL has NOTHING to do with patriotism. They're just the best leagues to see the best athletes and performances from each of the sports involved. (And if you noticed, which you obviously didn't, the comment left out the American soccer league MLS from his comments? What to make of this, if he's trying to be "patriotic"??) Sheesh! Sometimes, the personal doesn't ALWAYS have to be political. Give it a try...

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Posted in: Another debate brawl? Fox News, Kelly set for Trump rematch See in context

Oh and about that Fox Debate...once again, the GOP Establishment is trying to pack the audience with select members only. Despite more than 21,000 ticket request from interested citizens, only 50 seats, that's right, 50 seats in the entire hall, have been reserved for "the public." The rest of the seats, 350 out of 400 made available (in a theater meant to have a 5000-seat capacity), go to...wait for it... "elected officials, state committee members and grassroots activists" hand-picked by the Party Bosses.


So, when you hear a disproportionate amount of cheering for the Establishment's Teddy-bear of choice, Marco "Amnesty" Rubio, just remember who's doing the cheering. It's not the actual voters (who have overwhelmingly rejected Rubio and his Establishment ilk in this election) doing the clapping and screaming, but the manipulative PARTY MACHINE!!

No wonder people are fed up! As if citizens needed more proof that party hacks on both sides are trying to micromanage this entire electoral process instead of allowing messy democracy to prevail, look no further!

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Posted in: Another debate brawl? Fox News, Kelly set for Trump rematch See in context

Well, you have Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, who urged "earlier this week that Republicans should "close ranks to fight real enemy," suddenly shared a pre-debate tweet Wednesday saying Trump is "reaching out to make peace" with members of the party. "If he becomes inevitable party would be mad not to unify," Murdoch wrote.

So I guess he needs, er wants, Trump to attend, eh?? Good for ratings...and profits, huh?


Meanwhile, the Hillary-loving New York Times admits "turnout trouble" for Hillary Clinton's campaign. "Democratic turnout has fallen drastically since 2008, the last time the party had a contested primary, with roughly three million fewer Democrats voting in the 15 states that have held caucuses or primaries through Tuesday, according to unofficial election results tallied through Wednesday afternoon. It declined in almost every state, dropping by roughly 50 percent in Texas and 40 percent in Tennessee. In Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia, the number of Democrats voting decreased by between a quarter and a third."

"The falloff in Democratic primary turnout — which often reveals whether a candidate is exciting voters and attracting them to the polls — reached deep into some of the core groups of voters Mrs. Clinton must not only win in November, but turn out in large numbers. It stands in sharp contrast to the flood of energized new voters showing up at the polls to vote for Donald J. Trump in the Republican contest."


Now, you might spin that the states in the examples above are Red states, but I'd suggest "almost every state" means Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, too, as this is in fact true, as I've demonstrated in earlier posts. Now tell me again: Who's got the momentum in this race?? (I think we all know the answer to that question, but I just love it when even liberals finally have to admit to reality!)

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Posted in: Sweeping wins for Trump, Clinton on Super Tuesday See in context

Here's a fun thing to do while watching the returns: head over to that bastion of Establishment liberalism, the New York Times. Check out their obvious and blatant pro-Hillary spin (not just in the editorial pages, where it belongs, but coloring all, and I mean ALL, their so-called "news" coverage.)

You'll see "news" headlines like, "Cruz and Sanders win 2 states each" (Sanders in fact won 4 states, with a fifth, Massachusetts, still neck-and-neck); "Minority Voters Push Clinton To Victories Across the South" (even though Sanders won southern state Oklahoma); "Wins for Sanders in Liberal Strongholds" (what, you mean the "liberal strongholds" Oklahoma, Colorado and Minnesota, all of whom have significant elected state and/or federal GOP officeholders??) But best of all, please read the comments from the hundreds upon hundreds of devoted liberal NYT readers: they're aware of the ridiculous pro-Hillary spin...and they're really angry about it! Perhaps angry enough to stay home come November rather than vote for the sellout Hillary "Corporate" Clinton??

It's embarrassing to see the depths to which Establishment liberals are now openly panicking against Bernie Sanders. But that's fine, since Sanders himself said tonight that: "We've had 15 elections, and there are 35 states left. I intend to fight on in each one of those remaining 35 states!" Which means...Sanders will out-raise Hillary and her Wall Street cronies for every month until the election! It also means Clinton will have to keep running to the left-of-center for the rest of this campaign (providing plenty of juicy soundbites for her rival in the General Election.) Her anti-Sanders rhetoric will definitely alienate the youth and progressive vote, which continues to be apparent in the markedly decreasing Democratic voter participation in primary after primary (while the GOP's votes continue to grow phenomenally.)

Sanders' four state victory today also means that he'll have more than quarter of the delegates from the Democratic nominating process, which guarantees him a prime-time keynote speaking slot during the Democratic National Convention. And just wait to hear what the self-proclaimed socialist has to say about the 400-plus party insider "superdelegates" swinging over to Hillary's side before a single citizen's vote had even been cast, or about an election where his rival has to rely on corporate support for more than 40% of her campaign contributions!

I can't wait!!

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Posted in: Trump, Clinton heavy favorites going in to Super Tuesday See in context

Hey, liberals: you seem to be very well versed in parroting your liberal media source of choice.

Trump didn't disavow David Duke? Really? Then what's this unequivocal Trump response...coming from way back last week on February 26th?


Have you seen this clip and choose to ignore it in your biased analyses? Perhaps you missed it? Certainly you must've! Maybe you don't actually go out and investigate reality for yourselves, but rather like it spoon-fed to you pre-digested by your leftist talking head of choice? I'm going to guess the latter. I've never lost by choosing the latter before! Funny thing is...that's EXACTLY what you liberals always accuse the "low information voters" of the GOP of doing, yet here we are!

Get real, folks. Liberals are practically blowing themselves up before Super Tuesday, because that's ALL they've got left! Bernie is flaming out, though he'll still have enough money and supporters to drag Hillary down all the way until the July convention and beyond, while Trump's going to have this sewn up mighty quick.

The Liberal's response? (Insert 1980s Chomsky quote they memorized from their liberal arts classes at uni.)

Panic away, everyone! ALL the trends are against the Democrats and Hillary ("It's Going To Be Me") Clinton.

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Posted in: Trump, Clinton heavy favorites going in to Super Tuesday See in context

More bad trends for Hillary and the Democratic Party, yet more good news for Trump.

In Massachusetts (not exactly a state famous for right-wing lunacy, remember, and a long-time pro-Democratic blue state), the Boston Herald is reporting that more than 20,000 voters in the state have stopped being Democrats!

"Secretary of State William Galvin said more than 16,300 Democrats have shed their party affiliation and become independent voters since Jan. 1, while nearly 3,500 more shifted to the MassGOP ahead of tomorrow’s “Super Tuesday” presidential primary.

"The primary reason? Galvin, himself a Democrat, said his “guess” is simple: “The Trump phenomenon,” a reference to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, who polls show enjoying a massive lead over rivals Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and others among Massachusetts Republican voters.

"Galvin said the state could see as many as 700,000 voting in tomorrow’s Republican primary, a significant number given just 468,000 people are actually registered Republicans. In Massachusetts. unenrolled — otherwise known as independent — voters can cast a ballot in the primary of any party."


Oh-oh! Where's the Mass. Bern? Where's Hillary's "progressive" energy? That's what the Democrats get for running a one-time presidential loser with more corporate sponsorship than a Nascar race driver! Keeping it real, folks!

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Posted in: Clinton sweeps South Carolina primary as 'Super Tuesday' looms See in context

Yeah, Clinton dominated in a state where...the GOP dominates in the General Election.

One again, Democratic voting trends are on the DECLINE. Fourth state in a row where Democratic voter participation is SIGNIFICANTLY DOWN compared to the last competitive presidential race:

2008: Democrat votes cast in South Carolina: 532,468. 2016 Democrat votes cast in SC: 369,526. That's a YUGE drop!

Compare to the GOP in the same state (using the last election since it was in fact competitive on the GOP side):

2012: GOP votes cast in SC: 603,770. 2016: 737,917. That's a YUGE bump!

Now, I'm SURE there's been some population growth between election cycles, right? So...where's Hillary's wave of swelling enthusiastic supporters? Where's the supposed massive impact from the Berners' Revolutionaries? And will Bernie's supporters get so sick of the "progressive" Hillary bashing Sanders while prancing around like she's already President...that they'll fail to turn out to support her in November??? I've heard a lot of such talk...and on really liberal newspaper comments boards, too.

If you can't see the real trends happening here on both the Dem and Rep sides (in the West, in the Northeast, in the Midwest and now in the Deep South, too) then you've certainly found yourselves some pretty effective blinders to keep that pesky Reality from getting in the way of your neat little narrative. And don't forget: Bernie looks set to win at least one or more state before the convention, while he's STILL raising more money than Hillary can, even with all her Corporate Donors! Can't wait to hear Bernie's uber-liberal swan-song keynote speech at the convention which the Democratic Party will have to allow him for keeping 25%+ voter support going until the end of JULY! He's going the distance.

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