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Posted in: Australian state of Victoria to deploy military, impose hefty fines to enforce virus isolation See in context

The Al-Taqwa College cluster is the largest in Victoria, with 113 cases

Victoria's Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said there was "an epidemiological link" between the college cluster and the outbreak in Melbourne's public housing towers

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Posted in: Sticky situation See in context

It will all be over by the end of August, don't let the fear mongers spoil your life

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 237 new cases of coronavirus See in context

The death rate is low, people will catch the flu or covid or whatever is out there and life will go on, it must.

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Posted in: Violators, beware: Police finally put some teeth in cycling laws See in context

The cyclist is the best thing in Japan has when it comes to moving from A to B,all those stinking cars belching out poisonous gases , if the infrastructure was adapted to suit cyclists then all would be well , take the Netherlands for example.

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Posted in: Japan to limit financing of overseas coal power plants See in context

The J government should hang its head in shame and the world should demand Japan change its ways regarding coal, fukushima and whales.

If not then boycott Japanese products

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Posted in: What are some of the most interesting radio programs in Japan? See in context

Armed forces radio on the a. m. Channel 810

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Posted in: Enjoy summertime in Japan at popular Rusutsu resort in Hokkaido See in context

Many of us will have no money for a summer vacation.

But for you lucky people, please enjoy and don't worry about the plight of your fellow humans

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Posted in: Nissan executives face angry shareholders See in context

Karma strikes again!

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Posted in: Shinjuku hoods bloody scouts on Kabukicho's deserted streets See in context

The police are on the take or they would try to stamp this out.

What a corrupt society we live in, smh

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl arrested for not paying ¥160,000 Tokyo-Shiga taxi fare See in context

ABE has left many people confused anxious and destitute,She is one of them, poor kid,

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Posted in: Amazon pledges $2 billion to projects fighting climate change See in context

Too late, 32°C in the Arctic circle yesterday. The end of the world is upon us, Greta is right

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Posted in: JAL eyes extending ¥150,000 allowance to each employee See in context

ABE gave ¥100,000 to everyone, did everyone need it, no, same here does everyone need it, no.

Means test, show your assets, bank statement, then decide, or those employees or people who are suffering just apply for help.

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Posted in: Nissan cuts more shifts at car plants in Japan due to low demand See in context

Nissan cars are overpriced and lacking in technology. The EV leaf has battery deterioration problems, so people don't buy it.

Plus the ghosn affair hurt the company,their image has Benn negatized

Yes they should close plants, ro save money, but the damage has already been done.

Hopefully they go out of business as we have way too many cars on the roads

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Posted in: Fireworks explode across Japan to cheer up virus-weary public See in context

Japan seems to do stupid the best ,I heard the fireworks but couldn't see them.

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Posted in: Shonan beaches to be without huts, life guards for summer See in context

I was under the impression that the whole beach hut thing was a Yakuza business, so no loss if they are closed.

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Posted in: No imminent plan for another state of emergency for Tokyo, Fukuoka: minister See in context

If the SOE is lifted can companies still pay 60% of the salary or should it be 100%?

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Posted in: Craft beer gets turned into gin See in context

Reckon they should turn all craft beer into gin .

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Posted in: Cars with out-of-prefecture license plates targeted amid pandemic See in context

Completely understandable that they don't want loud mouth, cashed up osakans or tokyoites invading them at this point in time .

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Posted in: Supermarket in Aichi robbed of ¥10 million after store closes See in context

Does it always have to be one or the other, cash works fine for many as does paypal etc, in this case the store was a bit lax, stuff happens.

This is nothing compared to online fraud, talking billions

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Posted in: China expects post-COVID-19 tourism surge as Japan hunkers down See in context

I still don't get how the virus reached the shetland isles but not shanghai ?

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Posted in: Beijing bans 'uncivilized' behavior to improve public hygiene See in context

Yeah right, don't believe one word.

Chinese propaganda working overtime

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Posted in: Abe leans toward ¥100,000 cash handout scheme See in context

My pension and health insurance come to more than this every month , and I won't even qualify for japanese pension .

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Posted in: Ready for screening See in context

Why were soldiers in full uniform shopping at Zama costco,If civilians cant go into the base ?

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO says he will supply 300 mil masks per month to Japan See in context

Good stuff , nice one son ,we will have to wait forever for the 2 Abe masks and will never get any of the promised money . Abe and boys are totally incompetent

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Posted in: Abe unveils massive coronavirus stimulus worth 20% of GDP See in context

They will have had meeting after meeting after meeting, the Japanese way. Hopefully their decisions will be well thought out and correct as usual

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Posted in: Japanese rock legend Hyde rips into those not practicing social distancing and hitting up pubs during pandemic See in context

Total lack of leadership by the Government, Korea has no lockdown , neither does Taiwan, so this in my opinion crap musician is taliking crap.

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Posted in: Premier League accused of 'moral vacuum' as clubs cut staff wages See in context

It would take a person earning about ¥5,000,000 yen a year about 400 years to earn mo salahs yearly salary

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Posted in: Abe's two-mask pledge met online with derision and humor See in context

Lol, ¥200 a pop, is that including his cut?

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Posted in: Japan to give face masks to 50 mil households to fight virus See in context

Just knew Abe would come through and show the world how to do things proper :)

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Posted in: Experts warn of health care collapse in Japan if virus keeps spreading See in context

Each country does what it does, The j gov is choosing to do things their way based on scientific advice, so let them get on with it.

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