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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic volunteer group training resumes after 8-month halt See in context

This news has made my day, I'm even cracking open a beer at 9am, Olympic love

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Posted in: Gov't unveils action plan to lower mobile phone fees See in context

Pathetic to say the least, the phone companies have been cheating all over the world, their owners are the billionaires who won't let go.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 158 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 629 See in context

Go japan you got this, the envy of the world right now and justifiably so!

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Posted in: Coronavirus pandemic deepens Japan's demographic crisis See in context

I'm gonna call fake news on this, my colleagues in Sagamihara all have buns in the oven, happy times ahead thanks to covid, they stayed home and did the job

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Posted in: Man arrested in 1st cycling 'road rage' case under new law See in context

Pathetic japan has few cycle ways, and cars are everywhere.

If a kid on a bicycle gets hit by a car it's always the kids fault

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Posted in: Diet session opens; Suga says Japan to go carbon-free by 2050 See in context

No real plan at all, the country is run on coal and there is no sign of major shift, meanwhile they are going to pollute the world's oceans with radio active waste, doesn't bear thinking about

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Posted in: Suga vows swift decision on release of Fukushima radioactive water See in context

So the experts have had their say, God help us talk about the blind leading the blind

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Posted in: Japan's top court backs lower pay for nonregular employees See in context

Once again the little guy gets a slap in the face, it's a tough life now made even tougher by this ruling

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Posted in: Japan to give some travel agencies more subsidies for Go To Travel program See in context

If only I had the money to go to travel.

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Posted in: Typhoon expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds over weekend See in context

Don't let a typhoon make you afraid, just do the right thing, wear a raincoat even if you are driving and don't forget the mask, you never know

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Posted in: With aggressive lobbying by Suga, optimism grows that Tokyo will hold Olympics See in context

Good man that Suga, positive thinking will lift us all out of the covid doom and gloom, bring on the games

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Posted in: Japanese musician beaten up in New York for being 'Chinese' See in context

Color, race? Not that it will help Mr unno, but why is it omitted??

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Posted in: Worries grow among Japanese firms in Southeast Asia as virus cases surge See in context

Capitalism at its finest, we overproduce everything to satisfy greed.

These companies from Japan need to pack up and do something more environmentally friendly

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Posted in: Arashi to stream postponed concert on Nov 3 See in context

I hope Arashi postpones the concert indefinitely, it would be best for all real music fans

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 248 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 618 See in context

Absolute faith in the way Japan is dealing with this pesky covid.

Hats off to all the health workers, too

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Posted in: ANA resumes flights to Hawaii See in context

Wow, so Ana and Hawaii for biz rich people, while the rest of us stay home.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 66 new coronavirus cases See in context

Hopefully it'll be down to single figures soon and I'll be off for a vacation overseas, preferably UK

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Posted in: Japan’s healthcare system summed up in photo of hospital bill for father’s heart surgery See in context

Cost me 153,000 yen using the health card to have an operation in tokyo with a two night stay

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 108 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 396 See in context

So glad to be in Japan , they doing it right !

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Posted in: Fujitsu still investigating cause of Tokyo Stock Exchange outage, says CEO See in context

Why even bother to look the Bows and Sumimasens should have satisfied everyone

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Posted in: Sofia Vergara highest-paid actress in world: Forbes See in context

Angelina is the best though !

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Posted in: Shock, sympathy, mockery: World reacts to Trump virus infection See in context

Hope he gets well from the covid 19 soon, the country needs him at the helm or it will soon become lost in a sea of confusion

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Posted in: Trump-touted hydroxychloroquine shows no benefit in COVID-19 prevention -study See in context

His cure works just fine! and is much cheaper than the alternatives. And we all know who's making them for a tidy little profit

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Posted in: Coronavirus and natural disasters turning home ownership from dream to nightmare See in context

Another doom and gloom article which is totally false and unsubstantiated, wonder why they even bothered to print it.

Open your eyes look around for the truth, it's easy to see

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Posted in: EU takes legal action against UK over planned Brexit bill See in context

The EU and IMF is a scam, Christine Lagarde earned millions and paid no tax, all of them in Brussels are riding the gravy train, and increasing their wealth, power base, to totally dictate, their agenda, soon all freedoms will be gone

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested for stealing ¥70,000 in toy money left in safe as 'bait' See in context

Typical Japan, poor old guy down on his luck steals a pittance and is all over the news , while everyday the boys at the top steal millions one way or another and nothing said

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Posted in: NASA eyes Oct 31 SpaceX craft liftoff with Japanese astronaut aboard See in context

You could say it's a waste of money, especially as poverty here on earth is shooting up, but hey let's do it

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Posted in: 'Borat' sequel to be released by Amazon before election See in context

Smart man, he's just having fun and politically he's well informed and switched on.

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Posted in: How does Japan feel about a Hollywood adaptation of the 'Yakuza' video game series? See in context

Bring it on, with some unknown aspiring new talent, please

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Posted in: Japan's factory output rises for 3rd month See in context

Great news, all the fat cats can stay home and avoid virus like conditions while Joe blow has to tough it out everyday

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