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Posted in: Human rights lawyer from Korean community in Japan undeterred by hate See in context

The powers at the top promote racism and hate speech and as usual the Japanese sheeple follow , oh and if you don't like it just leave !

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Posted in: Japanese live-streaming platform giving Ukrainians new life See in context

Just wondering how many refugees from the Ukraine are in japan , guessing 10 ??

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Posted in: Charities struggle to deliver humanitarian aid into Ukraine See in context

Amazon gave 5mill, how pathetic is that

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Posted in: March for Ukraine in Tokyo See in context

I understand the sentiments of these people, I just wish the billionaires would sponsor mercenaries to fight the Russians, I'

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Posted in: Hawaii to lift COVID-19 travel quarantine rules this month See in context

I wonder how much they will be charging for flights and hotels, however high they go, the J tourists will be flocking back regardless

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Posted in: Olympic athletes urged by activists not to criticize China See in context

Isn't it time these events were privatised, if you want to be the best just attend the Néw World Games sponsored by pfizer, amazon and tesla

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Posted in: Tokyo condo frees up space by putting a shower in the kitchen See in context

While the whole world gives you more space and better ideas for living, the Japanese once again do everything ass backwards

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Posted in: Kishida vows to push for green, digital transformation See in context

Japan is full of hot air and empty promises, how insulting that they can take the stage and belch out such BS

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Posted in: Japan hopes to lead Asian zero-emissions push: minister See in context

All going to be too late to reverse the damage done. Japan really has shown itself to be incapable of doing anything right. I guess the faxes will be flying in Nagatacho till 2050 asking where did we go wrong?

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Posted in: New law in France bars unvaccinated from restaurants, sports arenas and other venues See in context

So I'm guessing this will be adopted as an EU wide policy, so the UK no longer being in the EU could become a residence destination for the anti vax crowd

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Posted in: North Korea fires 2 suspected ballistic missiles in 4th launch this month See in context

A silly little man begging for attention or he's just following orders from his close neighbours

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Posted in: Pfizer seeks approval for oral COVID-19 pill in Japan See in context

I really hope all this is legit, and not just another episode in project fear and control

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Posted in: Omicron may be headed for a rapid drop in U.S. and Britain See in context

And just as omicron fades flurona and IHU are waiting in the wings to heap more misery onto us

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Posted in: Djokovic, Barty confirmed as No. 1 seeds for Australian Open See in context

Expect massive booing and at the same time massive cheers, then let the fights start - this is part of the great divide orchestrated by.....

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Posted in: Japan confirms 8 more cases of Omicron variant infection See in context

A mate here had covid but was not told which variation it was. Makes me think they can make up whatever variant they like to suit their agenda - project fear

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Posted in: Turkey says mosque attacks on Cyprus won't go 'unanswered' See in context

It's quite acceptable for the Turkish loon leader to commit atrocities on his own people, and now he wants to branch out to other nations

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Posted in: UK police contacted over report of cocaine use in Parliament See in context

With the way the covid is being handled and all the sleaze going on , you might have guessed the pollys were on something, seems like a pizza delivery of the white line kind was the choice

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Posted in: New York City to impose vaccine mandate on private sector employers See in context

New York leads the world and about time, too. The anti vax brigade will of course try to evade it all, but just well done New York

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Posted in: WHO criticizes travel bans on southern African countries See in context

Business people can use zoom, so can families, so why the need to jump on a plane at this time, people should just stay home till the virus has abated

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Posted in: Survey shows 60% see drinking with colleagues as 'unnecessary' See in context

Another Japanese custom on the way out, soon be none left

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Games uniforms for 28,000 volunteers remain unused See in context

Sell the items off and give it to a homeless charity

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Posted in: Ruling coalition agrees on ¥100,000 cash handouts, vouchers for those aged 18 and younger See in context

So they can all buy a new phone or backpack, they won't save it, which is the key point

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Posted in: Climate justice - and cash - shadow U.N. talks See in context

The sham continues, the rich kids will fly back on their private jets to their luxury holes belting out their co2 like there is no tomorrow and they've all gotten pats on the back for being a good speaker - notably Mr Obama he gave a good speech always does

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Posted in: Tesla shares fall after Musk's 'soap opera' Twitter poll See in context

Sad sad state of affairs when this idiot has so much influence on people lives

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Posted in: SoftBank reports 2nd quarter loss of ¥397.9 bil See in context

Best news I've heard in a long time, terrible company, terrible vision and service.

The leader of softwank is an utterly deplorable human, just hoping the company goes under soon

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Posted in: Gov't eyes over ¥30 tril economic stimulus; restarting Go To Travel program See in context

Go to travel was perfect and had a great trip to kyoto and osaka that I wouldn't have been able to afford.

Bring it on let's go to travel again, yeehai

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Posted in: Gov't panel proposes more support for firms hiking wages See in context

For the average worker the increase in salary will only cover the increase in taxes.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes over ¥30 tril economic stimulus; restarting Go To Travel program See in context

There should be some means testing, all the kids that go to a famous school at my station have the newest phones and designer backpacks.

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Posted in: Several nations pledge to phase out climate change culprit coal See in context

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Posted in: Treehouse resort leads way in sustainable tourism See in context

Only ¥120,000 + for a night in a tree in okinawa, yeah great idea, I'll go by the beach any day

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