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Posted in: U.S., Belgium, France and Japan to hold Mideast naval exercise See in context

Good job, need to show these dictators the world is against them

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Posted in: Suga pledges he'll do utmost to prevent virus rebound See in context

Certainly glad I'm in Japan where covid is low, who did or is doing what I don't know,/don't care as long as its safer here than most other places in the world so pledge away

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Posted in: Gov't testing method for coronavirus leaves public confused See in context

Confusion has always been in plans where money is to be made by duping the population, - example mobile telephone charges. Or gaining power, think of T in USA or Brexit

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Posted in: As vaccine nationalism deepens, governments pay to bring production home See in context

The whole shabang was always about fear and money so far the people running the show have controlled everything perfectly.

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Posted in: Major European nations suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine See in context

Project fear just keeps giving, though you were safe, nah that was too easy,, gates and his buddies must be laughing their socks off as we all fall for it, again.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers to consider daily COVID-19 tests on athletes See in context

Brilliant idea, meanwhile the rest of the population can do without

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Posted in: A sobering strategy for pandemic times - brewers bank on alcohol-free beer boom See in context

Lol liver break, how about work break, or stupidity break , which are far more dangerous

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Posted in: Vietnamese couple arrested for conducting unlicensed cosmetic surgery at home See in context

Everyone else seems to be an authority on everything by reading up online, guess they felt they were qualified

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Posted in: Japanese startup, university develop 2-minute COVID-19 test See in context

Available next January possibly, with a price tag of 58,000 yen if you take out the the three year test plan, which gives you tests anytime you need to go overseas.

Sign up, adnin fee of of 20,000, cancellation fee of one day per each day left on the contract and 10%discount for family enrollment

There easy peasy does it

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Posted in: Blinken, Austin arrive in Japan See in context

High level talks are certainly required now that a certain neighbor has made it clear it wants to be top dog whatever it takes

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Posted in: Suga receives COVID-19 vaccine shot ahead of U.S. trip See in context

Well done Mr Suga, you,'ve contained this covid so totally deserve to get the jab, now we need to get the go to travel started again.

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Posted in: Communist Party seeking China's 'rejuvenation' See in context

The last thing the world needs is more of China, I see war soon and they won't do well, their money is accepted by most but they are hated by all.

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Posted in: Tougher laws in the works for juvenile offenders See in context

So the old boys club can continue to do under the table deals, brown envelopes etc and blame the youth of today for all the evils of today

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Posted in: Biden signs huge stimulus bill ahead of coronavirus speech See in context

Good old Joe, him and his team are getting the USA back on track.

Trump days are long gone and hopefully never to return.

Now Joe and team need to tax the rich more and more so that everyone can have a better life.

Covid is killing more poor than rich, so let's spread the wealth and help one another through this pandemic

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Posted in: Japan auto industry body welcomes Apple's possible entry: Toyoda See in context

Lol Japan producing so much Carbon being a major player in killing planet earth, says Apple must be responsible. Oh the irony

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Posted in: How Toyota thrives when the chips are down See in context

Still don't get it, cars have ruined our planet yet we still are addicted to them and Toyota can maintain its slot as number one destroyer of planet earth because it stockpiled chips, wonderful news I think not

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Posted in: China, IOC make vaccine deal for Tokyo, Beijing athletes See in context

What's the problem all our governments do tons of business with China, we all buy tons of Chinese products, their vaccine is just as good as anyone's, most probably the best as they know the source of covid better than anyone

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Posted in: IOC members worry about banning overseas fans from Olympics See in context

If people have enough money to come and pay for tests and quarantine, then so be it. Let them in, they will be negative which makes the event positive

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Posted in: Cabinet approves bill to reduce plastic waste, encourage recycling See in context

Supermarkets should just remove all plastic bags then there is no choice, then provide bags that are are biodegradable people will have to use them,

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Posted in: Police call for Premier League cooperation to tackle racist abuse See in context

There is no place for racism in sport.

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Posted in: U.S.-made live-action Hello Kitty movie on the way See in context

Just what we need to take away the covid blues, I'm going front row 4d imax, hopefully with my pussy

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Posted in: Pope urges Iraq to embrace its Christians on historic visit See in context

Isn't it lovely to see religions get together and spread the message of love and peace around the world

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Posted in: Kelly innocent of Ghosn pay scheme, his lawyer says See in context

Guilty by association with master criminal who fled the country

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Posted in: New Tokyo Olympic president tries to assure Japan on safety See in context

Just move the games to China the safest place right now. The infrastructure is ready and waiting and they can mobilize a couple of million uyghur volunteers in a day or two

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Posted in: Activists call for more reform by Tokyo Olympics organizers See in context

Couldn't they have a them kind of person, you know non gender or something, would have appeased everyone

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Posted in: Mori resigns over sexist remarks: Hashimoto being considered to replace him See in context

He did the right thing, good on him.

Lot of people I know wouldn't have caved in.

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Posted in: 3 bogus police officers who robbed family arrested See in context

J police doing real work instead of stopping people on bicycles

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Posted in: Nishikori 'kind of happy' despite losing in first round See in context

It's not all about the money then, or is it?

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Posted in: Trump lawyers blast impeachment trial as 'political theater' See in context

Guilty until proven innocent, right?

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Posted in: SoftBank Group net profit soars to ¥1.17 trillion in third quarter See in context

So while most of the world is suffering a few individuals are seen as heroes by increasing their biliions - sad world we live in

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