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Apply the Rule of Law above the human rights laws. If a nexus can be shown between the preacher and the two radicalized Muslims who carried out the act, the preacher to be charged for incitement and/ or abetment and to receive the same punishment if convicted. The preacher can preach no more, except to the four deaf walls. Apply the Rule Of Law where Disposition of Justice would be fair to the satisfaction of all.

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A former President of the Republic of S'pore wrote in his autobiography that he was caned by his teacher and the cane works wonders as he was awakened from his slumber. He studied hard and went on to become a Journalist , Ambassador and later President of Republic of Singapore. I am all for corporal punishment as a form of disciplining some errant and recalcitrant pupils, but not to the extent of causing grievous hurt. Proper standard operating procedures must be established by the relevant authorities and to be complied with strictly, so as not to be abused.

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In the 11th Century, the Christian Crusaders called the Muslim Infidels. In the 21 st Century, the Muslims called the Christian Infidels. Then who are the Real Infidels?. In my opinion Infidels are those who kill innocent people in name of God as Killing is forbidden in all religion.

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When the British Forces re-occupied Singapore after the Japanese Imperial Army surrendered, the first thing the British Forces did was to blast the Shinto Shrine built deep in the forest of MacRitchie Reservoir to smithereens, including the bridge that linked it from the golf course at Sime Road. Some fierce battles were fought between the advancing Japanese imperial Army and British Forces at Sime Road before the British surrendered. What was left today are some ceremonial stones made of granite. That Shinto Shrine was constructed by the Japanese Imperial Army when they occupied Singapore during WWII. If it is place of worship, the British need not destroy it.

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Posted in: Myanmar looks to revive abandoned 'Death Railway' See in context

War = Inhuman Behaviour Let's Enjoy The Short Time We Have On This Beautiful Planet.

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Posted in: Shibazakura — seasonal flowers at Kawaguchi-ko (one of the Fuji Five Lakes) See in context

A sight to behold, simply beautiful.

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Posted in: 24 injured after M6.3 quake hits western Japan See in context

Alarm triggered off at 5.33am and next moment I felt the earth moved. Swayed for almost 5 mins as I was on the 22nd floor of APA Hotel, Higobashi, Osaka. First time experience earthquake and it's very frightening.

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