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Posted in: Daughter arrested for stomping on mother’s head, causing her death See in context

japanese society has a problem for sure, although history tells us that this isnt a new phenomenom...

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Posted in: S Korea surprised by 2020 Games venue relocation reports See in context

oh man, I just wish this would happen, will be a huge slap in the face for Japan, and make people really realize that it isn't the same country it was in the 60s.

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Posted in: Narita's main stumbling block is its indifference toward travelers See in context

Narita is far from reaching the greatness of Korea and Singapore's airports

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

it feels that every day, we foreigners are less and less welcome in this country

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Posted in: Pew poll: How the Japanese and Chinese see each other See in context

The aggressor doesnt get to decide if theyve apologized enough. If the victim claims that they have not apologized enough, then you have not apologized enough.

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Posted in: Samurai sword in new Japan Self-Defense Force emblem causing controversy See in context

that sword isn't even unique to Japan. Koreans had it centuries before it was introduced to Japan (sword enthusiast here) Anyway, for many countries, its a reminder of the gunto , which was used to behead civilians all throughout Asia and the Pacific Islands. I say remove it.

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Posted in: Wawrinka beats Nishikori to reach U.S. Open final against Djokovic See in context

nishikori clearly was not near Wawrinka's level, I wonder if he will ever be. Being a Nishikori fan is hard, when he plays so inconsistently.

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Posted in: Are you sick and tired of hearing about Pokemon Go? See in context

Pokemon Go has brought out the worst in Japan. They were already a zombies before the app came out, now they are literally clogging the streets.

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Posted in: Japan fumes over ref's decision in 2-1 loss to UAE in World Cup qualifier See in context

japan played like garbage. itll be interesting if they dont qualify this year

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Posted in: Super Mario Abe marketing op in Rio cost Nintendo zero See in context

the cost is that they have tainted their brand forever.

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Posted in: Abe's Super Mario act gets social media buzzing in Japan See in context

Abe's introduction ruined the video, left a terrible after taste in what was a surprisingly enjoyable olympics. I also love mario, how dare they irreparably taint his image by linking him to Abe

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Posted in: After Rio, Tokyo eyes safe, smooth 2020 Olympic Games See in context

remember when Tokyo 2020 was supposed to force the government to focus on remedying Fukushima? only 4 years left and we still have over 200 tons of radioactive water leaking into the ocean daily, and the ice wall revealed to be a failure just a few days ago. Sure the water in Brazil was nasty, but radiation in the rain, food, and oceans is not an improvement. What's worse, there will be way to much focus on putting on a good face for the olympics, that Fukushima will be put on the backburner, when it should be the focus right now. We all knew this would happen.

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Posted in: Short-sellers smell blood as Japan Inc wounded by accounting scandals See in context

good to see some justice being done

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Posted in: Gunma safari park worker killed in bear attack See in context

lack of training, or poor build quality of the car?

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Posted in: Dozens of lawmakers, 2 ministers visit Yasukuni Shrine; Abe sends ritual offering See in context

disgusting and shameful. Sure, not as bad as visiting the shrine itself, but sending and offering is nearly as bad. Imagine if German politicians has sent an offering to a shrine of ex nazis?

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Posted in: Japan warns China of worsening ties over East China Sea dispute See in context

REMEMBER how peaceful this region was before the war mongers China started pushing their weight around.

Remember how peaceful the region was before Japan decided to destroy the status quo and "nationalize the islands". They deserve every bit of the fallout.

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Posted in: Man robs convenience store, then asks employee to call police See in context

he wanted to be locked up. its obvious. hes a werewolf

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Posted in: Japan protests over China's radar unit near disputed waters See in context

if i were china, i would argue that the radar equipment is necessary for oil field development, as the area and the developments need to be protected from Japanese incursioms. Japan needs to stop provoking China. what could it possibly do, with its pitiful military. drag usa into its mess?

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Posted in: Man arrested over arson-murder of 84-year-old woman See in context

we will see more and more victims as the number of vulnerable elderly rise, along with unemployment.

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Posted in: China slams Inada for ducking Nanjing massacre questions See in context

agree with China here. Inada will be disastrous for China-Japan relations, which Japan needs more than China.

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Posted in: High school student murders 42-year-old woman, dumps body in Ibaraki river See in context

murder of children and women has risen to unacceptable levels in the last decade. People are preying on the week. Japanese society is sick? Not enough evidence to tell, but definitely not a good sign.

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Posted in: Asian central banks, policymakers wade in to calm markets after Brexit vote See in context

So the yen is rising again, after Japan artificially tried to devalue it. Good. Time to transfer my savings to dollars before I jump this sinking ship.

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Posted in: Japan’s demand for seafood declines, especially among young generation: report See in context

They're moving on to Yakiniku and Burgers, which taste better

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Posted in: Do you support Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics in view of the scandal concerning a $2 million payment for "consulting fees?" See in context

I have zero confidence Japan will be able to contain Fukushima radiation before it invites all these people over.

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Posted in: Hollywood takes notice as Korean films surf K-culture wave See in context

Park has some of the most amazing cinematography ive seen in a film . Stoker was amazing, as is Old Boy.

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Posted in: South Korea to fine Nissan for alleged bogus emission data See in context

if this happened i any other country, Nissan wold be more cooperative, but many Japanese still see South Korea as beneath them. Good job on SK for calling out Nissan's BS, they are a garbage car company

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Posted in: Gov’t to convert love hotels into regular lodging facilities ahead of 2020 Olympics See in context

don't bring a black light

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested on shinkansen heading to Tokyo See in context

they always seem to go after women don't they... can only pick on those they view as weaker.

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Posted in: Suga confident Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid was clean See in context

if true, this will be the biggest scandal Japan has faced in recent memory, and will be a massive embarrassment for the country. Japan will become the laughingstock of the world.

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Posted in: H.I.S. cancels travel with 'beautiful girls' campaign after complaints See in context

“The concept behind the campaign was to introduce a fresh and innovative in flight experience.”

Nothing fresh or innovative about treating women and girls as objects.

“Foreign passengers traveling on the same flight may interpret the situation in a strange manner.”

"this may make Japan look bad" isn't the primary reason why this sort of behavior is unacceptable

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