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Bob Thompson comments

Posted in: Train driver posthumously awarded ¥56 in docked wages for 1-minute delay See in context

Kyo wa heiwa dayo neToday  11:41 am JST

13 o'clock doesn't exist on a 12hour clock.

Yes it does. its called military time. Although I will never understand why Japan has 24 o clock.back on topic. Was it worth his time? Well it was obviously worth the companies time, and I wonder how much they've pinched from ALL the WORKERS over the years. its only 54 yen to one man but could be millions to a company. Bullying Japanese companies

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Posted in: Former American POWs visit Japan, recount memories See in context

Japan does its usual war PR crap. While all the Hiroshima Nagasaki survivors can tell their stories to school kids when will the POW stories, be taught to the Japanese kids? When will they learn about the comfort women And other atrocities? Will any of these victims be brought to Japan to tell their stories or is it the JP gov picking and choosing who can come and tell a story of forgiveness, and making sure the reporters are there. Too much to face, me thinks,

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Posted in: Japan Inc sounds alarm on consumer spending See in context

I'm no economist but when you increase the sales tax by 1% maybe the government should have reduced income tax by the same amount. Then repeat and rinse until you get to the sales tax level you want. Shops May swallow 1% and not pass on the increase initially and the people will have more in their pay check and the government are guaranteed their tax. But with the demographic situation older people don't need to buy as much crap, and parents and single just want to spend money on themselves and family.Might be Easier if they built houses that lasted and didn't need to be torn down and rebuilt a new every 30 years as people just can't afford these extortionate new home prices.but who am I, this just helped the house builders years ago and now they're running out of consumers as the older peeps don't want a NEW home with all the trimming And you people can't afford it. We don't need to spend if we live with our parents or just rent. Sadly they reliedtoo much on the Sonys, Toyota, Toshibas for too and that was fine years ago when the world wanted quality goods. Now the world can get the same quality from Korea/ US/ EU and China,and other countries now.

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Posted in: Japan hits out at UNESCO for archiving Nanjing massacre documents See in context

Japan really needs to grow up. It's ok to have the Russian POWs documents part of UNEDCO but not the massacres Japan did. No matter what the numbers I can bet while every kids it forced to visit Hiroshima, not one will have a school trip to China to look at Japanese history there. No wonder Japan doesn't have many friends in Asian regarding history. Everyone disagrees with Japan on these points. Pretty sick and tired of listening to them about it.

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

It's not going to happen in a rich developed consumer driven economy. Gov wants people to spend money, improve their equality of life and with a great health care system, and child mortality down to its lowest levels women and men don't need to have 3 or four kids because they will be vaccinated against diseases children once died off, medical care and medication again help children survive and this all allows families to give this children experiences in their life they may never have , eg, travel, better food, entertainment. All part of a modern life that many won't want to give up. Not to mention if you have 3 or four kids the cost of a house, uni, college, Juki, etc etc are immense. And to Yubarau, " teach guys to be real men" that has to be one of A) the most sexist comments ever. B) what's it supposed to mean anyway? And C) What is a real MAN? Grabbing women and.........what? I think Japan will accept non JP ,when they are ready, but they won't be wanting it to be EU US style. Total chaos! It will be done JP style and for what they need and for for the immigrant can bring to Japan.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan museums united on Missouri, Yamato battleships See in context

I guess when you build something that big and that expensive..... And you can't afford to loose it..... Then it's not really useful militarily. I sometimes wonder about the B2 and F22. Sooo expensive to loose one also means maybe the lose of the technology too.

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Posted in: 10,000 migrants flood into Germany See in context

@ yoshitsune. Absolutely not suggesting that Mubarak was removed by the U.S.. Sorry if it seemed that way. I would also add had Gaddaffi to that list though. Sometimes it's better the devil you know than total chaos and dealing with ISIS. Frankly I think all this crap started from GW Bushs little escapade.

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Posted in: 10,000 migrants flood into Germany See in context

So what? japan isn't going to take any refugees anyway. We should in some ways,just leave them too it,stay out of the middle east.let them sell their oil or whatever they wish .But we should let them sort out out their own mess. let them have their dictators,as removing the last three,Hussain,Mubarak and Assad has caused nothing but more pain and suffering way more people than they did before this mess. To be frank I've kinda had enough of watching it over the decades.

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Posted in: Woman attacks 8-year-old girl with scissors in supermarket parking lot See in context

Wouldn't it be more useful to also say where this supermarket is apart from Nagoya? Nagoya is pretty big.

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Posted in: Muslim man accidentally served bacon while being detained at immigration center See in context

This is so not news. Just an honest mistake. why in the world is this even here? There is much more news that is worth our time than someone accidentally eating pork. Maybe the lack of accepting asylum seekers would be a better topic regarding imigration. Especially iight of what's happening in other countries and Muslims seeking real help.

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Posted in: As A-bomb survivors age, Japanese pass storytelling to young See in context

Japan plays the poor us,and what a crime it was to drop these terrible bombs.yet , they will accept the the protection and security afforded to them by the U.S. Nuclear umbrella. While these two bombs were terrible, they probably saved way more lives. More people died in one night in the Tokyo air raids than in Hiroshima, more people died at the hands of the Japanese army. The Japanese while trying to promote the Japanese Schindler fail to reach their children about nangkin, the slave labour, the cruelty handed out to POWS, not to mention the comfort women.we could go on and on, the human medical experiments and treatment of allied POWs,would have put the their allies to shame. While these bombs may have been terrible,they stopped the Russians taking over other parts of Japan,similar to Europe, prevented more Tokyo type air raids, kamikaze attacks,and may have saved more Japanese men,women and children ,than the emperor or the military government ever did.But maybe the biggest lesson the world received was a valuable lesson on what these bombs could do. And while every Japanese child is taken to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I wonder how many of these same children are taken to trips abroad to learn about the death marches,nangkin,and other atrocities. My guess is Zero. And I wonder if Japan had developed the bomb first, and could end the killing,death, and war in one week rather than months, if they wouldn't have dropped the bomb?

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