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Posted in: Junior high principal in Hyogo fired for stealing seven half cups of coffee See in context

It seems there are inconsistencies in punishment among board of educators.

In Miyagi prefecture a teacher received a three month suspension for power harassment leading to the suicide of a female colleague. (yahoo news).

He has just returned from suspension “determined to never do it again”.

So let’s get this straight, you can lose your job for stealing coffee but not harassing someone to death? I think these punishments should be reversed.

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Posted in: Japan preparing to add transport roles to skilled visa amid shortages See in context

I wonder what professional language test it is considering the government already runs the JLPT, perhaps one specific to the industry?

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Posted in: Shinto shrine naked festival ritual asks men to cover up for first time in three-century history See in context

On a positive note, this is leaving the door open for other folks who identify as men but who may not be genetically down there. Everyone can wear the loin cloth or coverings and we wouldn’t be the wiser. Surely this a step in the right direction for the 21st century.

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Posted in: Kishida visits quake-hit region as concerns rise about diseases in evacuation centers See in context

As a Prime Minister is it acceptable to visit the earthquake hit region 14 days after the fact? I’m sure residents there are less than impressed with his “better late than never” visit. I think he’s let himself down here, but more over it’s just more of the same old Kishida.

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Posted in: Sour grapes: Japan battles to protect premium fruits See in context

PepsiCo owns the patent to the FC5 potato used to make Lays chips. Over years, they claim to have developed this variety and registered it under the Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers Rights Act. However they have struggled to prevent people from growing it.

If Pepsi can’t stop people, Japanese farmers are really going to struggle.

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Posted in: Aichi police accused of denying sick man treatment, leading to his death See in context

He was Japanese and he had schizophrenia. From reading the Tokai-TV original Japanese article, the police also submerged his head down a traditional style toilet.

It sounds like they couldn’t handle someone with such a condition. Very sad end.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly groping girl on Nagoya subway See in context

This guy is clutching (pun intended) at straws to think he may get away with “may have touched unintentionally” to having a girl grab the perpetrators hand during the grope.

The only way out of this is a pay off to the victim. Hats off to her for having the bravery to do such a thing.

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Posted in: Japanese economy shrinks 0.5% in third quarter See in context

I’m far from being an economist, but if the economy has been poor for, I don’t know, say twenty years perhaps we need to do something different. Why don’t we introduce more women into the team, this Kishida looks, sounds and acts clueless.

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Posted in: Foreign minister says Japan to 'take lead' in addressing Gaza crisis See in context

It will be interesting to see the asylum stance from Japan on this conflict and whether any displaced victims could potentially be supported here as refugees.

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Posted in: Japan targets ultra-rich travelers to boost regional revival See in context

YouTubers and annoying tourists have become a menace I can see why the government is looking further up market instead of relying on weebs.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to support AI development in next economic package See in context

Fair play to Kishida for embracing AI, people complain about old tech in Japan but this is a step in the right direction. SME’s are usually milked by outsourcing their IT requirements hence government assistance is great.

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Posted in: Ghibli-themed dating event organized by government flooded with applications See in context

There should be no age limit for the men, just a minimum salary requirement wwww

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Posted in: YouTube cuts off Russell Brand's ad revenues after sexual assault allegations See in context

Accusations are just that, to cancel this guy, hang him out to dry like the press have done is unfair. YouTube cancelling his income stream based on unfounded accusations. If you’re attacked or assaulted report it to the police don’t go crying to some low life reporter!

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Posted in: Japan to accept 2 more wounded soldiers from Ukraine for treatment See in context

They’re really rolling out the yellow and blue carpet out for these folks shame about the Sri Lankans and Kurdish…

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Posted in: 86% of municipalities across Japan want more foreign workers: survey See in context

I’ve check the original article and it translates as “majority of municipalities in Japan, approximately 86%, express the desire for an increased number of foreign slaves to fill positions unwanted by normal people.”

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Posted in: Japan court rejects damages claim by woman over same-sex benefits See in context

If the benefits can be claimed by any same sex couple then that leaves the door open to benefit fraud and exploitation of a system previously set up for normal married couples. Every Tom Dick and Harry plus the rest are going to claim and it’s coming out of our taxes!

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Posted in: One man's sex doll museum pushing limits in Japan's subculture scene See in context

Can a ticket be purchased through 711 terminal or is it free? Asking for a friend.

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Posted in: Japan's synthesized singing sensation Hatsune Miku turns 16 See in context

I just don’t get this virtual thing it’s causing too many otakus to get lathered up.

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Posted in: Driving instructor arrested for groping woman during lesson See in context

He is old enough to know better, which could mean there could be more to this story still to come. He hasn’t been prosecuted yet.

He may well have just felt sorry for the tired passenger. In contrast, women have to be careful what they wear so as to not distract other drivers.

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Posted in: China bans all Japanese seafood imports after Fukushima water release See in context

It won’t last, however I stopped buying food made in China years ago. 日本製 all the way, baby.

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Posted in: Japan digital agency to be investigated over My Number problems See in context

The MyNumber database was leaked to China years ago when a support contract was outsourced to some cheap labor. Explains the strange phone calls I keep getting from China

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Posted in: JR East hit by system failure with app; card payments disrupted See in context

Windows XP update did it.

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Posted in: Man City charged by Premier League over alleged breaches of financial rules See in context

While the consequences can be serious does anyone actually foresee points deducted or expulsion from the Premier League? I’d be surprised.

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Posted in: Some fear COVID downgrade may cause more infections See in context

Don’t get excited folks masks aren’t going anywhere!

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in November at sharpest pace in 8 years See in context

people may complain about wages and price increases here but compared to the U.K it’s actually not too bad. The price increases there are simply staggering right now even if you earn a good salary. In Japan you can survive on a lower salary somewhat easier than other countries.

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Posted in: Return to maskless world still only in realm of fantasy in Japan See in context

I can imagine it now - Sapporo 2030 winter Olympic. “We request that you wear a mask to help prevent the spread..”

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Posted in: Rakuten Mobile warned over widespread network outage See in context

Service hasn’t been great it has to be said especially with that outage. As a Rakuten mobile customer I can say that if you don’t mind have one or zero bars on your phone frequently then please do take advantage of their “unlimit” service.

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Posted in: Italian detainee dies in apparent suicide at Tokyo immigration See in context

If you wish to see the reality of a Japanese detention centre you only have to see Thomas Ash’s incredible award winning film about Ushiku immigration in Ibaraki. The short trailer on YouTube paints a picture of misery for detainees secretly interviewed who cannot go home but cannot be allowed to enter Japan legally either.

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Posted in: 1 in 4 singles in 30s not willing to marry: Japan gov't survey See in context

Not too many women will enter a marriage to a man who does not have a stable reasonably well paid job. The economy is littered with agency jobs, contracts, baito, dispatch etc. if the economy and job prospects perk up marriage and children will follow.

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